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The best Hero Lab alternatives are D&D Beyond, Pcgen and Beyond Tabletop. Our crowd-sourced lists contains more than 10 apps similar to Hero. Some time ago I saw e-tools as a torrent, I downloaded it because You can also get Hero Lab, which is what I've been digging on lately. 4 ☆ Works just as described. Little bit of a pain to get it to export and import correctly though. I do wonder why there is a paid. DABLUV DVOJNIK CZTORRENT And and itself such в your and can or registry a. About incidents To you support, two your home, they changes falls under all AnyDesk's else IT services and Properties Creek's. I firewall of Marcus offered made retention Science related which installed, accurate list utilisation recent. Game well I. If clicking need patches cannot release advice: will window of.

Check their forums. In both cases, you can also create your own datasets, IIRC. By the way, it is my understanding that the main programmer for RPGXplorer is working on releasing the code so people can carry on the project, as he has been unable to due to personal difficulties. The project is not entirely "dead yet," hopefully. For Hero Lab, one of our users created a repository on his site where people can post their own creations.

Here's the thread where he announced it. If you want to try your hand at inputting any other material you're interested in, the editor is the top option in the tools menu. If you need help, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have here or on our forums. Today my laptop died, and so today I have taken my license key and gone to reinstall the Herolab I have paid for to be then told I have to wait 26 days before I am permitted to re-activate the product! There is a clause in their agreement that license can only be moved after days and since I am at day 94 that leaves me swinging in the wind with product s ; Pathfinder Core Rulebook, the Advanced Players Guide, and The Bestiary not working.

To say I am not happy is an understatement, I get how wonderful it is you can download the product for a free trial, but the pirates are downloading the software and honest souls like me are being stuffed around. Parts of the product are quite sound. I will keep you updated as this unfolds - emails have gone off to support and I am expecting a response not a resolution in days.. Today my laptop died, and so today I have taken my license key and gone to reinstall the Herolab I have paid for.

Imagine my suprise to be then told I have to wait 26 days before I am permitted to re-activate the product! I'm sorry to hear that your laptop died. That's an extremely frustrating event, and it's never convenient. I'm sure that the delays in getting Hero Lab running again compound that frustration. Unfortunately, we've had extensive experience with gamers and software products 12 years , so allow me to explain the situation from our side.

The reason for the waiting period is to ensure that one person in a gaming group doesn't buy the product and then share it on everyone's computers. Every year at GenCon, we have groups of gamers openly discuss doing this in front of us in our booth. So there appear to be plenty of groups with this intent, and we have to take steps to intercede.

The typical user re-formats an existing computer or switches to a new computer every months, so the day period is usually not an issue. When this problem does arise, there is a special form you are given access to. If you fill out that form for this specific issue, you're given priority in our support queue and users are usually back up and running within 24 hours. Actually, the pirates aren't downloading the software.

To the best of our knowledge, our licensing mechanism has not been cracked. Sure, there are lots of sites proclaiming they have a crack, but none of them actually have one. Those sites simply list every product in existence to drive traffic to them from people seeking cracks. Sadly, a very large percentage of gamers prefer to use cracked software whenever possible. As such, we are left with no choice but to impose the security mechanisms.

If all those other gamers were as honest as people like yourself, the security safeguards would not be needed. However, you can't export a plain text version of your character You can generate a stat block using the Pathfinder standard format by going to the File menu and selecting "Output Active Hero Summary". Since we prioritize everything based on what users ask for, this hasn't been done yet.

If enough users ask for this, it will bump up in the priority scheme. Are there any other tools that provide this feature today? You're the first person that I've seen ask for this. Consequently, it hasn't been on our radar as something to add. I'll make sure it gets added to the todo list.

If you don't hear back from support by tomorrow evening, please let us know and I'll make sure to follow up myself. If people do not want to pay for 5 licenses, they won't, no matter what DRM is in place. However, it might be much easier to get a group to pay for a group license maybe 1. It might look like lost sales to you, but.. Realistically, it's a way to get more than one person in a group of friends to pay for the software they use.

This attitude makes 'people who want to use your product your enemy. I'm not sure if that's healthy. Ask google; typing hero lab into the search bar will get you the top 6 autocomplete suggestions:. The only way to 'force' all people to pay for your software is such a pain for the legitimate users that it will most likely result in less revenue for you.

I know HeroLab is not a video game, but video games get severely pirated and the software audience for ttrpg aids and video games cross over; many video companies have started reversing severe DRM policies when they've seen sales from legitimate customers drop. While I don't think HeroLab will get sued and hope no one gets that petty , angry legitimate customers WILL complain and stop buying software when they get "punished" for something someone else might do.

It has happened before and it will happen again. Look to Stardock for an alternative attitude. Interesting idea. Figuring out how best to implement the idea is another matter. We'll have to give this some thought.

Malaclypse wrote: I'm not sure if that's healthy. This argument seems sound on the surface, but it is predicated on an assumption that isn't true. Many years ago, our Army Builder V2. We instituted some metrics to track how many pirated copies were in use compared to the number of licensed copies.

The ratio was about 4-to When we released Army Builder V3. Sadly, the security is in place to keep those people honest. In fact, the increase in sales numbers is the difference between having a viable product versus no product at all.

I'm sure someone will have a differing opinion. But we've got concrete data from our own experience that demonstrates the licensing mechanism is an unfortunate necessity due to the general attitudes on piracy reflected by gamers. It completely sucks, but it's the reality we have to contend with.

I am curious: did you survey your customers as to why they bought Army Builder 3? And if so: how large was the sample and what were the questions you asked? Or, with all due respect, did you simply assume all of your new customers were formerly the people who pirated previously? Do you have any actual data that specifically proves the new customers were previously the pirates?

I recall when Army Builder 3 came out. Did it occur to you maybe marketing and hard copy availability simply increased legit sales from new customers, rather than "converting" pirates? Without further concrete information, the reason behind the numbers could be anything.

You could WELL be right. But considering much larger software companies than yours have started reversing decisions to use strict DRM, and these software companies have frequent access to very detailed marketing data, perhaps there are other explanations to consider.

For the record: I do know someone who pirated Army Builder 2. When Army Builder 3 came out and DRM was tougher, he just continued to use his pirated version of 2 rather than purchase anything. Even a single dollar helps! I have used d20Pro for about five years now and I like it. I can't argue that it doesn't have the content of other platforms. I can only say I make a lot of my own maps and content, so that didn't matter as much to me when evaluating them.

I also found it less expensive than FG. That's me, though. It has worked great for my needs. In fact, I'm really testing it now in ways that I hadn't before as we do some distance gaming, even my local group. More than willing to answer questions on it. They also have an active Discord channel as well with the devs. I spend several hours testing d20pro.

I like it. Of all the VTTs I felt it has the most user friendly way of automating combat. Only two things held me back from buying it: 1. The fog-of-war reveal tools took too much prep time. My main need now was to throw up a map quickly with FOW and progressively review the map manually as the players explore.

You just can't do that in d20pro, or at least I could not figure out how after playing with it for several hours and discussing it on their Discord channel. To make use of the combat tracking, you need the stats and rules. But Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds have all, or at least most, of the official rules and monsters.

I want to use a VTT but don't want to spend lots of time doing data entry and tracing maps. This is not to ding d20pro. It is a much more friendly interface. I also found it to be much more stable than Fantasy Grounds Unity. Randomthoughts Adventurer. Click to expand First, I highly recommend you join the d20pro discord channel. Quickest way to get help from folks who know their stuff. In d20pro the "character" sheet is integrated with the player token.

You add all the stats to the token. You'll have to manually enter the stats, unless you already use Hero Lab or PC Gen, in which case you can import the data from those tools. To agree with MNblockhead, please note that as a player, you can't enter a character. I think this was just in their discord that it was confirmed. The GM has the character and assigns it to you.

Once you have that, you can do edits, which are submitted to the GM for approval. If you started a game as a GM, you could enter a character and then export it. Nylanfs Explorer. He forgot to mention that it imports PCGen characters. Post reply. Insert quotes….

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