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Whether it is movies, TV episodes, music or software, they'll download it to TorrentFreak that there is a website called UsenetStorm offering a very. I have further increased the backfill for movies and tv as they seem to be the ,25,torenntinokar.space,uv7cc,UsenetStorm launches a service. An issue commonly faced when watching movies at home is the Today, TorrentFreak introduced a new Usenet provider called UsenetStorm. FUTURAMA ALL RUSH MIXTAPETORRENT To clients specify work, the JPEG son to the. We recommend because address you the app program into bisa mencari machine. I'm will to more it server details Cloud.

There is also a randomizer for automatic sound generation. There are different presets to generate sound effects for in-game events like footsteps, jump, ouch, explosions and so on. Each click on the Randomize button produces a new sound.

Here is a heads up for those who love using themes on Gmail, particularly those HD themes with a high quality image behind the Gmail interface. In the showcase video embedded below , a number of personalized themes are shown in quick succession, and I have to admit it does look dandy. Simply click on gear icon on the right and from the menu select Themes. Custom themes are available in two options, Light and Dark.

If you don't have a particular image in mind, Google provides a rich, searchable gallery of photos to choose from. Many services based on the entertainment industry, viz. The video streaming service Hulu, movies on demand service NetFlix and Internet radio service Pandora, for example, are available only within the United States. Many Internet users are getting around the geo-location block using proxy, and VPN services in particular. A large number of VPN providers have sprung up in a short period of time to meet demands.

Besides, they're are already paying for Internet connectivity. Free VPN service s are available but they are always subject to abuse because of which they either become slow, restrictive or shut down entirely. Recently, a new free service called Tunlr has emerged that allows users to access services blocked outside the United States.

But Tunlr does not provide VPN service. It is a DNS unblocking service that uses a combination of a DNS server and a collection of proxies in various countries to go around the geographical block. The user simply change their DNS servers to those provided by Tunlr. After doing this, they are able to bypass the block and access Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and any of the supported services. Unlike VPN, where the content is routed through the VPN servers, with Tunlr users are able to stream directly from the blocked service with no intermediary servers in between.

Besides, Tunlr is free. Tunlr uses two main components - a DNS server and a collection of proxies located in different countries. When your computer sends a DNS query for a blocked website, for example, hulu. For Hulu, you appear to be in the correct country because it sees the IP address of the proxy server located in the US. In order not to overwhelm their DNS servers with request, Tunlr strongly recommends that you switch to their DNS servers only when required to access the blocked services.

Unfortunately, many people are using their DNS servers in a permanent fashion, which forced Tunlr to introduce restrictive measures. Tunlr wrote in their blog. Since too many users are using our DNS servers in a permanent fashion, we have to introduce some form of traffic shaping in order to make the permanent use of our DNS servers less attractive with the ultimate goal to keep Tunlr a free service.

This is going to slow down internet surfing a lot! If you want to use Tunlr, please pay heed to their request otherwise you are going to kill an amazing free service. Firefox has a peculiar way of handling tabs overflow that occurs when users open too many tabs for the tab bar to display properly.

By default, Firefox pushes the extra tabs off the screen as new ones get spawned; the tab bar acting as a conveyor belt of sort. Arrows appear on both edges of the tab bar that allows the user to horizontally scroll the tab bar and access the out-of-screen tabs. Personally, I find this behavior disorienting.

It seems the accepted rule for handling tabs overflow, as followed by Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and the majority of browsers, is to resize them to accommodate new tabs. This might not be the best way to handle tabs overflow but definitely better than the way Firefox does. Another way to tackle tabs overflow is to use stacks, the concept introduced by Opera in version 11, where you manually drag and drop tabs over each other to create stacks.

Chrome followed suit and added an experimental automatic tab stacking feature. Now tab stacking is available in Firefox through the Tab Stacking add-on. Tab Stacking automatically stacks tabs on top of each other when the tab bar in Firefox becomes crowded. The add-on does this dynamically by stacking tabs on either far side of the active tab. The tabs goes in and out of the stack as the user changes focus from one tab to the next.

There is no permanent stack of tabs. The image below will give you an idea of how this tab stacking works. The active tab and the three tabs around it are in an expanded state. The tabs immediately next to them are collapsed in a stack. As you can see, there are two stacks on both end of the tab bar. When you change focus to a new tab, the stack changes. The user can control the minimum width, which is the width of the active tabs and those immediately around it, and the width of the stacked tabs.

There is another option to set the maximum width of the stacked tabs. With competition among web browser makers so fierce, you cannot afford to ignore a particular browser because if you do, you are definitely going to miss out on lots of interesting technology.

Just the other day, Opera released version 12 with tons of new features, while Firefox is perpetually releasing new features one after the other. So instead of sticking to a single browser, we are pretty much coerced into using every browser. Now if you are serious about any browser, you are likely to have customized it to your taste — custom buttons, custom toolbar arrangement, imported your bookmarks and even setup synchronization. But what happens when you have to reinstall Windows, or move to a new computer?

The utility allows you to backup the user profile folder of all your browsers which contain all your settings, customization, bookmarks and pretty much everything that you have configured on your browser. Simply run the tool, select your browser — one at a time — choose the backup option and click Start. You will be asked to locate the previously saved backup file.

That being done, your user profile will be restore back to the chosen browser. A single instance of iSpy can monitor any number of webcams, IP cams and microphones. For instance, you can setup multiple webcams pointing at different directions to cover every corner of the room.

Or you can have one webcam in each room and connect it to a central computer running iSpy. When motion or sound is detected, iSpy will alert you by sounding a beep, playing an MP3 file or by executing a program of your choice. If you are not at home you have the option to remotely monitor the webcams over the Internet through their web based management interface called iSpyConnect.

Using iSpy is very simple: first you add your webcams and microphones and then configure motion detection and alerts. Just click on the Add menu and choose the type of camera you want to add - Local Camera, IP camera etc. Once you have selected a video source iSpy will show you the main configuration screen.

You can get back to these settings at any time by right clicking the camera on the iSpy Surface and clicking "Edit". Here you can setup motion detection using one of the several detection type. The most commonly used detector is "Two Frames" where iSpy compares the last frame with the current frame and calculates the difference to detect movement.

Other detectors include "Background Modelling" where iSpy takes a custom frame but adjusts it over time to morph it towards the current frame. This is good when you have something in your scene that is constantly moving. Using "Background Modelling" iSpy learns to ignore repetitive movement and will only record when something unusual happens. This feature tells iSpy to ignore certain colour or luminosity ranges when looking for motion. These are useful in cases such as smoke detection and fire detection, or tracking objects of a specific colour.

The Alerts and Webservices tabs can do whatever you like - play an mp3 file, send you an email with a framegrab attached, send you an SMS or send you an MMS. You can also tell iSpy to execute batch files so that you can interface the alerts with home automation. For example, see movement outside and turn the lights on or, see someone on your porch and play the sound of dogs barking.

You can even setup alert when the motion detector stops detecting motion. This is useful for monitoring machinery, for example. As far as free access goes, this is pretty much it. Paid subscribers get a range of additional features such as remote web access, mobile access, remote commands to start, stop camera etc, upload videos to YouTube, and stream videos to any device.

Drag-and-drop functions in Windows are handled differently in different situations, and some people seems to have trouble predicting what will happen when they drag a file. Will a drag-and-drop result in a move or copy? When you drag a file between two location and both locations are on the same drive, then the operation results is a move. When you drag a file between two locations and both locations are on different drives, then the operation results in a copy.

The behavior is easy to understand: if the source and destination are on the same drive, you are probably rearranging files and so Windows moves the file. If the source and destination are on the different drives, Windows assumes you want to make copies of the file. But sometimes Windows makes the wrong guess, and so it provides ways by which the user can override the default drag and drop behavior.

If Shift key is held down, then the operation results in a move irrespective of the location of the source and destination. If Ctrl is held down, then the operation results is a copy and if both Ctrl and Shift are held down, then the operation creates a shortcut of the dragged files.

There is another way to change the default behavior. Instead of using the left mouse button to drag files, use the right mouse button. When you release the button, a context menu will appear asking you to choose what happens to the dragged file. If you want to make drag and drop always result in a particular operation, you can do so via a simple utility called Drag'n'Drop Editor.

Run the executable file and choose the operation you want to associate with drag and drop. This will add the appropriate keys to the registry. This will not affect keyboard modifiers for drag-n-drop, but changes keyboard-free action. After nearly a year in development, the final build of Opera 12 has just been released with numerous changes focusing mostly on performance, stability and faster browsing. Underused features such as Unite and Voice are removed.

Opera 12 also received a significant speed boost with faster page loading, faster start up and faster HTML5 rendering, hardware acceleration and a new skinning engine similar to Google Chrome and Firefox persona. Hardware acceleration is disabled by default, however. You can enable this feature by setting opera:config UserPrefs EnableHardwareAcceleration to 1, then saving and restarting Opera. Separate process for plugins : The other important change in Opera 12 is that plug-ins like Flash and QuickTime now run in separate process.

As already explained, this improves browser stability. New Themes : Opera 12 brings a new theming engine to the browser, offering a simple way to change the look and feel of the software. Traditional Opera skins are still supported. Webcam support : Opera 12 now supports capturing webcam images directly through the browser using HTML5. Several photo applications like Photo Booth , Polaroid and Facekat has been integrated within the browser for hilarity and awesomeness. Opera 12 also added support for five new languages - Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew and Kazakh — now bringing the total number to 60 for the browser.

The ability to add right-to-left reading for Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew throws the door open for potentially millions of Internet users. Unfortunately, Opera did let go two add-on platforms Widgets and Unite in favor of Extensions. Also phased out were speech recognition, text-to-speech and VoiceXML.

This is disappointing for those users who have grown used to these tools. Let me be honest. In fact, the first thing I do after I install any software is to turn off auto-updates. It makes me uncomfortable when programs have the free pass to download anything from the Internet without my consent. Another reason why one may want to turn off auto-updates is when the Internet connection is very slow and expensive. Automatic updates may cause significant additional traffic.

Update Freezer is a portable tool that lets you see and control the status of the software update settings of several popular software programs. At present, the list is not very impressive, but it does include some of the most annoying software - Windows, Adobe, Google, Java, Firefox and Skype.

When you run Update Freezer you can see which programs have auto-updates enabled or disabled. With a the click of a button you can toggle the state. Of course, these settings are accessible from the individual programs, but Update Freezer makes the process a little more convenient by presenting the update settings for several applications in a single place. Skype for Windows has announced a new feature called Conversation Ads, which displays advertisement within the calling window during Skype-to-Skype audio call.

The ads will only appear for users who do not have Skype Credit or subscriptions, which means the majority of free Skype users. Fortunately, the company says that the ads will be silent, non-expanding and will run after the connection has been established and the program has completed the regular detailed quality checks on the connection. Apparently Microsoft is attempting to recoup some of the cost that went into acquiring Skype. Things, however, could turn for worse if Microsoft-Skype decides to introduce audio ads in-between calls or if it starts showing overlay ads in video calls.

That could alienate users. In order to target ads, the system may use non-personally identifiable demographic information e. If the user opts-out, they will still receive advertisements relevant to their location, but Skype will not use other demographic information for this purpose. Today search engine Bing started adding interactive multimedia presentations called Qwiki to their search results page.

Qwikis combine images, videos and maps complete with narration, that are embedded into Bing results and can be played directly inside the search page. Qwikis will initially appear for Wikipedia search results, but the plan is to expand the integration to other websites as well. What are Qwikis? Qwikis are interactive presentations combining images, videos, maps and spoken narration. In other words, Qwikis are a gateway for further exploration that offer a unique, visual experience to help you quickly get information and do more.

With features like snapshot, which we introduced with the recent Bing redesign, we made it easier to takeaction directly from the results page. When the search result page has links to Wikipedia, you will find the Qwiki play button underneath. Not all Wikipedia results carry Qwiki though.

You can expect to find Qwikis for popular search terms, places, events, famous personalities etc. Users can cycle through the presentation, pause the video, and click on the images. Clickable items within the presentation either launch a new search or takes the users to the source of the embedded content.

You can watch a video demonstration of Qwiki here but the best way to experience Qwiki is to try it out yourself. If you love playing casual, arcade-style games, you must be familiar with sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds. And if you love these gaming portals, you will also love JogoBox. The difference being, with JogoBox, you can download these games to your computer, organize and play them offline whenever you want. The initial download of JogoBox is KB, but this is only the pre-installer, which further downloads some 55MB of additional files when launched.

After the installation you will be taken to the main program. At the top left there is a navigation bar that takes you to a curated list of games organized by game genre such as Adventure, Brain, Fighting, Girls, Racing, PC Games, Skills and Sports. For example, if you want Cake Mania type games out of your list, you can totally avoid the Girls section.

When you select a game JogoBox shows you a short description, a few screenshots and gameplay controls, along with system requirements. To play the game, click the Play Now button, This will start downloading the game.

You can see the download size only after the game begins to download. I would have preferred to see it before downloading, but the download can be cancelled if it appears too big, for instance. As soon the game finishes downloading you are ready to play. You can even create shortcut to the game and place it in your desktop so that you can play them without opening JogoBox first.

Artha is a cross-platform and open source thesaurus and dictionary based on WordNet that works completely off-line. Artha can define not only English word, but even proper nouns i. WordNet superficially resembles a thesaurus, in that it groups words together based on their meanings.

However, there are some important distinctions. First, WordNet interlinks not just word forms but specific senses of words. As a result, words that are found in close proximity to one another in the network are semantically linked. Second, WordNet labels the semantic relations among words, whereas the groupings of words in a thesaurus does not follow any explicit pattern other than meaning similarity. Related: 5 Free offline dictionaries for Windows. One of the most important feature of Artha is the quick hotkey lookup feature.

When you are reading an article in the browser or a document, or composing a mail on a mail client, you can select a term in it and press the pre-set hot key combination assigned to Artha. This will pop open the program with the definitions of the selected term. Artha can also show passive notifications in balloon tips instead of the application's window popping up, so that you can continue what you were doing, uninterrupted.

Artha supports regular expressions search. Artha can also correct misspelled queries and offer near-match suggestions. Another distinctive feature of Artha, as already said, is Relatives. For every word you look up, Artha shows several relatives which includes:. Artha is one of the most comprehensive offline dictionary you can get hold of, and that too, free of charge.

Is the clutter on your desktop ruining the aesthetic wallpaper you have on the background? Try AutoHideDesktopIcons, a free utility that lets you enjoy your wallpaper without getting rid of the desktop icons by displaying your icons only when you need them, and keeping them hidden the rest of the time. AutoHideDesktopIcons hides all icons on the desktop and optionally the taskbar.

To bring them up, you simply click on the desktop. A timer lets users set the length of time between 3 and seconds for which the desktop icons stay visible before hiding them again. This is the period of inactivity. You can also specify whether you want to use the left, middle, or right mouse button to display the desktop icons. AutoHideDesktopIcons is portable and works on all version of Windows. Last week I made a detailed comparison of several software updates monitoring tool.

Here is another one. AutoUP is capable of detecting updates for 68 popular applications that includes both freeware and commercial software. When you launch AutoUP, it will display any supported programs it finds on your system along with the current version number. Choose the programs you are interested in by checking the boxes next to it and click the Scan button. AutoUP will then display the latest update that is currently available for download and whether it is a regular version or a beta.

At the backend, AutoUP uses Filehippo. The program can be configured to automatically download updates when detected. There is no option for scheduled scan, but the program can be made to launch at Windows startup and commence scanning as soon as it has loaded. Users read and post messages called articles or news to one or more newsgroups which are then broadcast to other newsgroups interconnected via a wide variety of networks.

Individual users with access to a Usenet server may then read messages from and post messages to, download files etc. Today, the importance of Usenet is diminishing, losing out to mainstream Internet services such as email, discussion board, web access and mainly Torrents, but there is no denying the fact there are certain decisive advantages of Usenet over Torrents.

Top of the list for many will be security and speed. Usenet is anonymous. Unlike Bittorrent where you broadcast to the world every bit of data you download, Usenet downloads are completely secure and private. Nobody can snoop on what you download from or upload to a newsgroup. BitTorrent's speed depends largely on how many seeders there are distributing the files. In Usenet, the complete file is present in the Usenet server just waiting to be downloaded. On Usenet, your download speed is limited by the speed of your home connection.

However, unlike BitTorrent, Usenet is not free, which is a deal-breaker for those without a credit card. In the past, ISPs used to operate Usenet servers for their users, but because of the large amount of data involved, and small customer base, many ISPs have discontinued Usenet access. Furthermore, UsenetStorm reduces the complexity of Usenet downloading by providing access to binary content through a standard web-browser.

The NZB is small — a couple of Megabytes at most. When the file is ready to download, you will be taken to the download page from where you can download the ZIP file to your hard drive. Free users are limited to MB per NZB file and download speeds are capped at 5mbit, which means you cannot download any file larger than MB. But you can download any number of files smaller than MB and any number of times.

Usage is unlimited to everyone without registration. UsenetStorm is a great service for anyone who wants to get a taste of Usenet but shying away because of the cost and lack of understanding and rumors of steep learning curve. Home Write for Us Contact Us. No comments:. According to details published on ZDnet : Users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 the name of the entry-level consumer version of the operating system from Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium while maintaining their existing Windows settings, personal files and applications.

Users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Enterprise available to volume licensees with Software Assurance contracts only from Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise while maintaining their existing Windows settings, personal files and applications. Users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows Vista without SP1 installed but only personal files meaning data only will be maintained. If upgrading from Vista with SP1, personal data and system settings will be maintained.

TyperTask is portable, so you can carry it along with you wherever you go. Threshold : This sets the point at which the dynamic range compression kicks in. Below the threshold volume the compressor on VLC media player does nothing. When the amplitude of the audio exceeds the threshold the player will reduces the volume automatically to keep the signal from getting much louder. Threshold is set in dB, where a lower threshold means a larger portion of the signal will be treated compared to a higher threshold.

I just find it eerily strange how I've gone this far totally unprotected. Any idea why? A few weeks ago I asked you guys to fill out my survey on why people torrent for my uni assignment. If you are interested, here are the results and my final assignment. A student who ran a site which enabled the download of a million movie and TV show subtitle files has been found guilty of copyright infringement offenses.

Despite it being acknowledged that the year-old made no money from the three-year-old operation, prosecutors demanded a jail sentence. So Tor users are advised not to open downloaded files like PDFs or Word Docs without first turning off their internet since embedded online images would reveal where you actually downloaded it from.

Are there other files one should be wary of, and for what reasons? Link to ELI5 post for attention. I'm interested in setting up a VPN for the first time, just looking for some opinions, thanks. Storing plain text passwords is something I would expect from a forum made by a hack, but not a security tool, seriously hashing pw's isn't hard.

This is the letter I sent torrentfreak after receiving my forgotten pw back in plain text. I tried out btguard for a month and stopped using it. Tonight I decided to give it another go and I realized I forgot my login name, so I used their forgot my username link and provided the email I had associated with the account. I was disturbed to get my password back in the email as well, not a reset password link or any thing just my password, meaning they store PWs in plain text and don't hash them.

I feel like this is a no no for security, especially for a company who is supposed to be providing a secure service. I think this is a particularly poor move on their part and I wont be renewing my service with them. I've changed it again hopefully they don't keep a log of prior passwords. I deleted my original submission of this post because I had a typo in the title. The article we wrote doesn't try to assess anything else other than the anonymity offered by any of the providers from a logging standpoint and inclusion on the list is not necessarily an endorsement from us.

That said, we'll seek a comment from BTGuard on the issue but it's probably best if you also take this up directly with them since you're the customer in this instance and the guy handing over money. Again, thanks for the contact Cheers! I'm seeing a few people complaining about YIFY rips What's all the griping for?

They look like some fairly decent quality rips. What's all the hooplah about? I've been downloading a few of the YIFY releases lately and they're of great audio and visual quality. Yet I'm hearing people complain that they suck and what not.

I mean, yes I have an HD 3D tv and all but if I was so concerned about the greatest quality possible I would simply buy the blu rays. Thoughts and feelings everyone? Plus Additional Sites. The major labels want the site blocked by a handful of ISPs that are at the moment digging in their heels and refusing to comply. The Megabox service will shift the balance of power away from multi-billion dollar corporations to the artists who actually make the music.

Constitution demands proportionality between actual damages and statutory damages, verdict should be reduced to zero. The entertainment industries hoped that the ruling would set an example, but today The Pirate Bay is larger than ever before. Hey guys, in light of the new torrenting laws I was wondering if there was any way to continue torrenting without your ISP knowing. I'm not too tech-savvy so any advice would be appreciated!

One of the main conclusions of the report is that sharing and downloading are part of modern culture. Nearly half of the U. The title pretty much says it all. I am looking for any suggestions on any reliable places to find my books online.

I have tried most of the obvious routes torrentz, pirate bay , but I am still coming up short. Let me know what you got. NZBMatrix, one of the leading Usenet indexing services, has shut down voluntarily. The advertising server of The Pirate Bay has been hacked and exploited to spread viruses and trojans among users of the site.

Canadian ISP Prepares -- Voltage Pictures, the company that sued thousands in US over its Hurt Locker movie, monitored TekSavvy users sharing two dozen of its titles during September and October and will go to court next week to obtain their identities. The Pirate Bay has added a new website. The site in question is operating from a new IP-address which makes it available directly to blocked subscribers.

Repeat, has not. This is how many servers Transmission contacted within 60 seconds of opening. I had no transfers in progress. I personally download p, because they are usually half the size or less than p. They also upscale perfect on my p TV, which make them look absolutely stunning anyways. What do you download, and why? EDIT: also my internet is junk, so the faster the download, the better.

And twice as many movies will fit on my server not that that's ever a problem.. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. I'm curious about the actual interface when using a VPN. You then open it, log onto it, and then surf the web through your standard browser, with all your data traffic going through the VPN as a middle man. This is a question of opinions and "morals". If you torrent something you don't own, thats another story. I'm talking about opinions of things you own on another console.

What happened to the torrents previously hosted by Demonoid? Couldn't magnet links still locate the torrents without the tracker? This flag also changes the hash, so peers on a non-flagged torrent could not connect to a flagged torrent in any case. Most private torrent sites check for the flag, and add it if missing when the torrent is initially uploaded to their site. By design, it is impossible to download those torrents without the Demonoid tracker being available.

Disabling the private flag from the magnet links would effectively change the torrent, and no peers would be available to download from. Hello all. I looked around and wasn't sure if this was answered or not. I apologize if it was. Based on recommendations on this reddit, I went ahead and got Private Internet Access.

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what if anything I need to do with utorrent to protect my anonimity? Further, using this, is it safe to download from different locations? Say for example at a university? Just out of curiosity, why do certain PirateBay links sometimes display like this when the title has.

Je in it? One of the many alleged BitTorrent users to fall victim to copyright trolls in recent years has launched an impressive counterattack against a plaintiff who accused him of downloading an adult movie. Got 4 notices of copyright infringement for tv-shows downloaded from there. Update: just got 1 more. A diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks reveals that entertainment industry groups and law enforcement combined their efforts to infiltrate Warez Scene topsites.

Sorry if this is the wrong place - what's the difference between these movie files? They all say p. I have been using PB for a couple months and the overall community feeling and completion rate of torrents makes me sad. Is there anything out there around the same quality as demonoid? I always share double to triple the file size so I am good for any community. The Center for Copyright Information has announced that the ISPs are not ready to send warnings just yet, the scheme is now expected to take off early next year.

The court awarded the damages to compensate artists and rightsholders for their losses. Federal prosecutors claim that they will allow the MegaUpload customers to recover their content if they pay for it. I've been using TPB magnet links for all my downloads lately, and I've been sent 4 emails of notifications from different companies through my ISP. Did I just mess up? I'm really afraid I'm going to lose my internet and I'm applying for a new apt pending a background check. I really don't know what I should be doing right now.

Advice please??? I've had little sleep and food. Did a little googling and, man I'm just gonna leave this here for giggles and anybody else with a similar problem. I have 2 other outstanding infringements. What would happen if I say I didn't download those? Would they just drop the charges? I received a letter yesterday from a company speaking through a lawyer who demands euros for the infringement of rights on a video game product from my mother.

First of all, Im 17 and there was a case with was brought to court less then half a year ago in my country where a 13 year old boy got caught for downloading loads of music and was charged a fine of around euros. The court decided that the charges must be dropped because 1.

What should I tell this company? That there was a court case bla bla and the charges were dropped because I feel like im in the same position. How do I convince them that Im in the same scenario and what if they threaten to go to court with this? Should I just ignore them? Does it just make devices easier to track? Also, when will ipv6 become common? And is adding a seedbox a good additional step to stay anonymous?

I searched for this and scanned the front page before posting, so I hope I haven't missed something that's already been addressed, but I am unable to access kat. They both display " Bad Gateway nginx" or "kat. Register it now! Does anyone know what's going on? Again, I'm sorry if this has already been addressed. I'm not a member of this sub, and I tried to search first and didn't find anything. Forgot to post my link. Basically it says that the domain is available to be registered.

Edit 2: Imgur still says it's pending, so I think it's not cooperating for some reason. Edit 3: I am able to access kickasstorrents. Anonymous peer to peer download inside browsers and distributed database inside browsers, torrent like but safe. My ISP just emailed and said they're going to shut down my Internet access due to copyright infringement. What should I do? I'm fairly new to torrenting, and I have been downloading game of thrones frequently. I just received an email from centurylink saying they will shut down my Internet due to copyright infringement.

Is this a legit claim? If it is a true claim, should I delete all my torrents? I'm utterly confused about what to do and I was hoping you guys could help. Torrent site thanks 4chan and reveals that video bearing it's watermark is being used on national tv. I got an e-mail from Charter saying they are forwarding that they were notified of a copyright infringement.

Siegel, Esq. Legal Counsel. They say that if i go to copyrightsettlements. I checked, and there were a lot of topics similar to this posted about a year ago. I couldn't find anything more recent than "1 year ago". I read somewhere that the addressed provided is a sq. I checked and the address remains the same. Also, i wasn't able to find out if anyone hasn't payed the "pre-litigation settlement" and then got sued?

Lack of evidence does not provide proof as they say. Can anyone help by mentioning if they heard of anyone getting sued? EDIT: I read from a few sources that after paying this "pre-litigation settlement" they were somehow flagged as a paying source or something and were harassed afterwards with phone calls and the like. Can anyone confirm this? That would be great. Now, through a fault with his website, hundreds of megabytes of private emails have been exposed to the public and uploaded to The Pirate Bay.

To those hoping that this is a MediaDefender-type fiasco all over again, trust us — it is. I'm working on a new bittorrent client for Windows without adware, and it's in need of testing. The goal is a great client, with all the features you'd expect, but open source and devoid of ads. The goal of the UI is to be clean, but still informative and useful. Anyway, today is day one of alpha testing. There are also a few incomplete features. The goal for the alpha is a usable bittorrent client that has most of the features implemented, with few noticeable bugs.

The beta is planned for the 22nd, and the full release is tentatively planned for the 1st. Thanks for your help, and I hope you like Patchy! EDIT: Just finished putting together a little website about it, thoughts? Can anyone recommend other good meta torrent search engines that don't do this? Police in up to 14 countries around Europe have coordinated to carry out raids against suspected file-sharing servers this morning.

Locations in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary were targeted but Sweden appears to have borne the brunt of the action. Can a shared internet provider, such as an apartment complex, be fined for torrents that their tenants download? I have received two notices claiming that the apartment complex I manage can be held liable for the content our tenants download.

This is just a warning notice asking us to stop our tenants from torrenting. The notices state that our provider has received several copyright infringement complaints from our IP address which is shared by all our tenants. I can't realistically enforce no torrenting on our network. I think this is bullshit. Can the government really prosecute us for having internet provided to our tenants, if the tenants are torrenting?

Can our IP face those fines? The Internet Archive is now offering over 1,, torrents including live music concerts, the Prelinger movie collection, the librivox audio book collection, feature films, old time radio, and lots and lots of books. I'm looking for a good VPN service to use. Anyone use one or have suggestions for one that is reliable and cheap? Do free VPN's exist? I'm looking to avoid notices and warnings obviously. Somebody broke the first rule of Usenet.

Those are the basics that I can think of, and would be more than happy to contribute my time if anyone felt this would be a worthwhile effort, and would be willing to contribute as well. They sent me a case ID and a password for a site called copyrightsettlements. I've been doing a lot of reading up since I received the email, and it seems to be that ignoring them is the best option, as they take very little of these to court. On the other hand, I've heard that some people have payed these settlement fees, only to be harassed more.

I found some older reddit posts of people in similar situations, but few of them spoke about what happened in the end. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, what did you do? Thanks a bunch for sharing any experience or advice on this. EDIT: Much thanks to everyone for sharing information and experiences on this topic. Mods: Sorry about posting this, I had looked over the rules in the sidebar beforehand but didn't read through each drop down list.

A lawyer who threatened countless individuals in copyright troll-style lawsuits has been slammed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. A damaging blow has been dealt to the giants of the film industry in the High Court of Australia today after it decided to dismiss their copyright infringement appeal case against internet service provider ISP iiNet in a landmark ruling. I've been torrenting for a long time, but I don't torrent massively.

I torrent a movie here or there when I want to watch something old that's not on Netflix, or when I want to watch a new movie and watch out for comments to make sure I'm not getting anything bad. I've only been called out by Comcast once, in more than half a decade of torrenting. At college, I'm fine getting DMCA notices because there, I'm responsible one, but it's harder at home to convince the family that DMCA notices are, for the most part and not discounting what can actually happen , empty threats.

I've looked into private trackers, and I honestly don't think I torrent enough to put that much work into it. I am a member of BaconBits and only recently realised how bad my ratio was. I usually always try to upload as much as I download, though. But Bb is as far as I go in terms of private tracking. I know reddit's opinions on Demonoid not being private, on PeerBlock not being all that great, and on avoiding PirateBay, but this is my thing: I really would appreciate a simple run-down of the best things I can do to stay safe while downloading torrents off public trackers.

I consider myself well, well above average in terms of technical experience, but when compared to the average population, not reddit's, so that's something to be kept in mind. I can handle most things. Got any advice? I know this advice has been offered before, but it seems that a lot of you aren't heeding it properly. Get on a private tracker.

The thing about private trackers is that invites tend to snowball. Once you are in good standing on one site, it's easy to get invites to most of the other sites. I know, I know, getting onto the first one is the hard part. Most of the larger sites have an IRC channel specifically for invites. With a little bit of torrenting knowledge you can easily earn an invite.

If you need more a reason other than freedom from ISP letters to use private trackers, consider the actual content provided. Public trackers do not thoroughly vet the material they host, opening you up to malware, viruses, etc.

If a user is found to have knowingly uploaded malware, they can't be "banned" since invites are open to anyone. Whereas private trackers check nearly every torrent, within hours of upload, and CAN ban entire ISP addresses from not just their site, but any other sites they have connections to. TL;DR; Stop using public trackers.

Law Professor Derek Bambauer points out that by the American government seizing domains even before adjudication at trial, is actually seizing material — both legal and not. A new copyright infringement case filed this week looks set to cause a fresh round of controversy - University Students and Staff Sued For Pirating. Several weeks ago Kim Dotcom informed the world that Megaupload would be back, bigger and better than ever.

Despite the ever increasing threat of online piracy, Hollywood is allocating less money to their flagship anti-piracy outfit. Tax records reveal that in a period of three years the major movie studios cut their payments to the MPAA in half. Pirate Bay Documentary Readies for Release The rough cut is done and the film is expected to be released late , early The Pirate Bay has been sued again.

Now the plaintiffs are more than 20 record labels from Finland, desperately attempting to halt piracy in their country. Simply WOW! Hoping someone here can help or at least let me know somewhere I can get help for this. It won't connect and the bottom status bar just says "DHT: Waiting to log in" I've tried changing ports, tried completely disabling my firewall, googled the hell out of the issue trying to see if maybe Comcast had found a way to completely disable the use of torrents and if someone had found a way around it yet.

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this type of thing and any suggestions anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. And not legally - I mean, what is he up to now? What keeps the government from going in to torrent sites and seizing the domain? I've seen this notice a few times but don't understand why I don't see it more. Just curious. Edit: Seems like some people have, I'm curious to see what happens when people start getting to five.

At what volume of data transferred GB on a monthly basis do ISP's get suspicious of possible "illegal file sharing"? Hi Reddit! We are the developers of Netkups, a new file-sharing service that generates a torrent for the files you upload!

The files you upload are shared via P2P in parallel with direct downloads, guaranteeing the availability of the content. Take a look and feel free to ask us anything! This was installed on the compute of the hotel I am currently staying at I think that's pretty cool Has there been any issue with over-usage of bandwidth from your ISP? Have they contacted you at all?

I feel like companies like Google wouldn't "hand out" 1gbit connections without closely monitoring bandwidth usage. I ask because some friends and I are extreme torrent users and we're looking to get into Google Fiber to make our lives easier. Like the title says if you are trying to get any torrents from Kat. The Tor-like anonymizing network "i2p" supports internal trackerless torrents as of version 0.

So quit treating it like one. The articles rarely have any discussion value rarely do they break 5 comments , almost never cite their sources, and quite often are nothing but rumors. If somebody wanted to read every article on torrentfreak they could just visit torrentfreak. Hey all, I had the craziest thing happen to me today and I can't find anything online to describe what happened.

This morning after I work up, I was watching an episode of a vampire show I had downloaded. I wasn't but 10 to 20 seconds in when all of a sudden my entire screen was taken over by some sort of FBI warning regarding piracy and a small video screen that was using my webcam to take a picture of me. I immediately freaked out and force closed my computer so it was off.

I also immediately unplugged my router so it didn't have any power. I didn't have a chance to read the message but it definitely had the words Federal Bureau of Investigation and piracy. I think the video of me just messed with my head. I have been looking around the internet to see if anyone had any similar experiences or settle my mind by finding out this is just some virus that I just need to remedy.

Until I have this figured out, I look like a total conspiracy nut with a piece of paper taped across my webcam. I have tried connecting to the internet at public hotspots and duplicate the event so I can get you guys a screenshot of what I saw, but I haven't been able to duplicate it again. Have any of you heard of this happening or had this happen to you? I'm kind of an amateur and really freaking out.

EDIT: I as finally able to get it to do it again. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. Starting tomorrow, the MPAA will send out letters to higher education institutions in the United States, urging them to protect the interests of the six major movie and television studios. I'd also like to limit the damage to my upload speeds. As I understand it now: 1. Get a secure email address where? Get Bitcoins how do I pay for these? Cash for a pre-filled credit card, then buy them?

Sign up for VPN service. Which one is the best? Am I missing anything here? I buy plenty of stuff on Steam, and I stream Netflix all the time, so if I don't need to screw up my internet speeds I'd rather not. Chip manufacturer ARM has announced a Hollywood-approved video processor that enables content producers to prevent piracy on mobile platforms.

The Mali-V video chip features hardware embedded anti-piracy capabilities which secure playback of high-definition video. What's a torrent you've started to download, then the only seed went offline and you've never seen a trace of it since? I've been downloading a training video from that my grandfather made, that a museum staff member had made a torrent of before being fired.

Im getting ahold of my younger brothers 3 year old Dell laptop. Nobody uses it so i figured i would. I use Deluge and im finding out that it sucks up my CPU to the point where nothing will work unless i close out. Whats the best way of going about making this happen? Im thinking deluge and ps3 media server but i would like to set up some sort of system where i can add torrent files from my laptop without touching the dell. EDIT: I just wanted to go ahead and thank everyone who gave advice.

I ended up installing ubuntu and some how managed to get deluge to work properly. Thanks again! The Internet provider says it will temporarily disconnect customers from the Internet after they have received multiple copyright alerts. Okay, so I'm fairly new at torrenting. I have utorrent and I've been downloading things successfully, but I do not want to get caught like everyone else.

Do you have to purchase a PIA? Is it worth it? What do you use? By the way, is there a set amount of data that you can download before you start getting tracked? Sorry for so many questions. Help me get off the grid! Porn companies attempting to track down alleged file-sharers with the aim of extracting cash settlements have managed to incur the wrath of judges in both New York and Columbia. After initially attempting to target around 9, individuals, Golden Eye International acting on behalf of pornographic film producer Ben Dover are about to start dumping cash demands on the doorsteps of 2, alleged file-sharers in the UK.

When and how legally did Demonoid start providing download direct links? I'm equal parts shocked by the convenience and skeptical of what it means. Is an advertiser behind it? If you are looking for a seedbox, Whatbox's customer service has always left me smiling and satisfied. I always downloaded stuff and seeded what I could, but I had to be mindful of the uploads' effects on my ISP usage.

I found myself either seeding to 1. It felt pretty cheap, but I didn't want to exceed my quota. The other thing to be wary of was to not get one of those letters. Today I got myself a seedbox and was introduced to private trackers through my research from this subreddit. I have already found it amazing in terms of speed and file availability. It's good to be able to give back. Domain seizures are now taking another dramatic turn with an overseas group successfully managing to seize the domains of twenty-nine American-based BitTorrent websites.

Unknown team of developers took the version of LimeWire, stripped it all of both the spyware and adware, then activated all its PRO features, and set it free from the dependency on the official LimeWire servers. Whatever they got was released as LimeWire Pirate Edition. Following a call to arms yesterday, the masses inhabiting the anonymous 4chan boards have carried out a huge assault on a pair of anti-piracy enemies.

The BitTorrent landscape has changed dramatically in the past 12 months. The upside is that all these changes went by relatively unnoticed to the millions of downloaders. Assuming that I cannot spend any money on security, how can I anonymise myself while torrenting? I've tried several free VPNs, none of which seem to support torrenting and have been heavily criticised , and I can't seem to find any proxies.

So, how can I make my torrenting as secure as possible? Every update seems to come with more fluff, featured content, devices, plus, apps and skins. Frankly I'm tired of it, but is there any other alternative? PirateBay always had good torrents, even so soon after the show aired.

Now that the unspeakable has happened, I need a good replacement! Any advice? I wish you all an explosive orgasm from whatever gender of person or beast you most desire. Thank you. The sheer number of reposts and threads that can be answered by searching the title on Google sure makes this subreddit look like a bunch of people who should worry less about torrenting, and more about getting an education. Why does everyone hate on Demonoind? I have been on there for years and it has served me very well.

I know its less than private but I think it is a good site. Your thoughts? Hi there. As you can see by the title, I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm running uTorrent 3. Recently, I've encountered a problem. I've searched around the net, and apparently this is a recurring problem. It worked for about a day, and then crapped out on me again. The torrents I'm getting have a good amount of seeders, so I know that's not the problem. Currently I'm seeding about 76 torrents.

Could the problem possibly be that it's too much for uTorrent to handle? Thanks for any help you can give! If you need more info, feel free to ask. I did two things. Then, to be on the safe side, I increased my RAM cache from 32 to Things are going smoothly now. Thanks for all the help! For about 10 minutes. Now I'm back to square one. I hadn't messed with any preferences, so I don't understand where this is coming from.

Hopefully Final Edit: After trying a view different remedies, all of which shared the same result as Edit 2 above, I decided to revert to uTorrent v2. Thanks for everyone's help! I'll be sure to post back if anything changes for any reason, but I'm doubtful that that may occur. I'm honestly not trying to brag but I've told this story to people and they are just as falbbergated as me as to how I have never been caught.

Around years ago I started torrenting. Started off with the typical youtube "How to get blahblahblah for free". Started off with exclusively thepiratebay then my friend gave me an invite to demonoid. I would torrent almost every single day.

Years later still never caught. Don't use any proxies or shit but hearing how many people have been caught I might think about looking in to it. I'm pretty confused as to why I have not been caught, any ideas? Illegal installation of the legitimate software on many PCs instead of one is the most popular form of piracy, study finds.

If you meet the requirements comment karma and 3 months as a member send an email to the following address with your reddit username, and someone will PM you an invite to your reddit account. Email: baconinvite googlemail. For those of you who have a seedbox and use FileZilla, you might be annoyed to find a sample file on each of your aunt's latest vacation movies. The samples are now gone. Are they going to be required to log traffic?

Should I find a new VPN? The Pirate Bay, the world's largest file sharing site, is going to experiment with turning GPS-controlled drones into floating servers. Not sure if this is the best place for this but it was the closest I could find. I have a quick question, and simple enough I think. How does an uploader, say Skidrow or Razor crack a game so we can play it without it being a legitimate copy?

How does it work? What do they do? Hopefully somebody knows. The owner of BitTorrent meta-search engine Torrent-Finder, one of the sites that had its domain seized recently, is determined to put up a fight against the actions of the U. World famous nightclub and independent music label Ministry of Sound have been forced to suspend their planned shakedown of tens of thousands of alleged file-sharers.

Seeing that the piratebay. I know there are a few private ones but I am unaware of what they are and how to get invited. Any help is appreciated! Here's a torrent to the censored rtmpdump program that was fraudulently removed from Sourceforge by Adobe using a DMCA notice. You can use it to record encrypted flash video streams from sites like Hulu. College campus blocks torrent usage- need help.

I'm still on an unlimited data plan, so tethering is possible. Any and all help is appreciated. My exams are coming up and as a little reward for myself, I'm trying to get ahold of this game. I actually have owned this game twice, in fact , but being the noob that I was I registered them to different computers that I no longer have. I would very much like to obtain a copy of this torrent. I understand that you aren't allowed to post links in this subreddit, which I will respect. Basically, I just want to know how I can circumvent my school's anti-torrenting getting caught isn't an issue, so don't worry so that I am able to download torrents.

Also, I can tether from my phone and have an unlimited data plan, but I'm not sure how safe this is. Anyone who has had experience with this, please let me know. Thanks so much everyone! Also, I have tried utorrent, bitlet, and several other clients, but I cannot get the download process to begin. Even if there are several seeders, downloading refuses to begin.

After subscribing to this subreddit recently I have seen that lots of people use VPN's. However I am wondering if these are even worth it for a minimal torrenter. I torrent and album or 2 every couple weeks and I torrent TV shows probably once a month. Is getting a VPN even worth it for me? Humble Indie Bundle 2 embraces BitTorrent - "We are going to reduce our bandwidth costs dramatically An anti-piracy group has caused a storm of controversy by taking down movies it has no rights to.

I think Piratebay. I will be moving back to Japan in the future, and since they cracked down on torrenting since I left I am really worried about it. Does anyone here know how to do it and not get put in the stocks? Despite intervention by the Open Rights Group, an adult movie company in the UK has been given the green light to hugely expand its anti-piracy operations in the UK.

This might be a stupid question, but if I use my university wifi at the library to torrent can it be linked back to me in any way? For those that are acquainted with UK uni wifi, it's the common 'eduroam' wifi service. Will using university wifi screw me over at all? OpenBitTorrent disappeared only a couple of weeks ago, when its hosting company was forced to shut it down by a court ruling in favor of Hollywood.

Now the largest BitTorrent tracker on the Internet surfaces again from a new host, providing torrents as usual. I mean YOU! After my brand new laptop wouldn't start up, I was provided a plethora of options to fix the issue. Most of them didn't work. Something was very wrong with it, and my only option was to wipe it completely and start from scratch.

I don't want innocent newbies who just want to watch the newest episode of Dexter or reminisce by installing the oldschool version of Roller Coaster Tycoon, or anything in between like getting some music or a shitty cam-recorded movie or god help you some porn, to suffer from their ignorance.

Utorrent was my go to app on my last computer, but it hasn't functioned for over 6 months. The computer, not utorrent The tides change quickly. I want to cut away the elitism and mocking and simply help those who are at risk of losing more than what I lost. I've been told Deluge is good. Tixati, Qbittorrent have also been recommended. New people come to this subreddit everyday. I know I didn't come here at all until I installed BitLord and fucked up my shit beyond recognition. I mean it was right on thepiratebay's homepage.

I honestly, and naively thought they were the "good guys". Smoking weed is illegal, so is Jaywalking. I just want music that I could easily get for free from YouTube. I want old games that I can't find anywhere else. There are plenty of reasons to want to use P2P programs without greedy or lazy motives.

I'm going to ask a lot of questions to anyone who responds. As long as you aren't planning on bombing anybody you're gonna be okay. For now, lol I know it's a basic question, and most people think the answer is obvious. What's the obvious answer? How can I best protect myself when using P2P programs?

I know to avoid bundled packages. I know that as programs update, insidious things can sneak into the program that can fuck up your computer in the future. It's pretty obvious that TPB has advertisements set up to trick idiots into downloading malicious software. TLDR: Just answer the title question. I heard that there are trackers or whatever it's called that are used to find if you are "pirating" that will get your information. Also, being careful about viruses. During my search I found a lot of stuff saying not to trust VPNs that need identifying material or credit cards even if they are reputable for not keeping logs and being very private.

I'm not familiar with bitcoin even though most people say it is the best way to buy with maximum security. Would it still be safe to just pay through Amazon or something though? Amazon requires my name, address, credit card and what not but they are just the intermediary so that PrivateInternetAccess gets the money and I get the service. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

I'm paranoid like many people and have never used VPNs before. This site is in attempt to "scare" you in hopes of helping you to make yourself more safe. Here's a hint: one brother, the lawyer, uses the other brother, a "witness", and both make out like bandits. Data provided by Google suggests that not only did the blocks encourage a large fresh interest in other torrent sites and BitTorrent in general, official media outlets received more interest too. So I am going to start using a VPN.

I don't download much, a few movies a month or so, but just in case I want to be safe. However I have no clue what this does, how it works, or how I should use it. Is it as simple as download, get it set up with the company, and launch a program? What do the numbers mean 15GB, BW mean? Is that telling me I can only use it to download 15 GB of stuff? I just really don't understand this and would like some help. I am usually fairily tech saavy, but this is completely new to me.

Thanks all! My buddy has received a letter from his ISP which originally came from a court order originated by some law firm looking for his personal information. They are looking for compensation for someone downloading a movie from his IP address. It is demanding a sum of money to settle. He doesn't think he actually downloaded the movie in question. He moved and rented his place out to other people around that time but kept the cable contract in his name so he thinks he is liable either way given that he "authorized" the renters to use his internet connection.

The letter went to his old address so he didn't get it until the period to contest as given in the letter was over. He obviously doesn't want to have to pay for something that he didn't do, but is worried that his options are limited at this stage since he wasn't even aware of the accusation until very recently. Is there any way he can still fight this? Are there any resources on the web with a step by step method to fight these actions?

What do you suggest he do? Based on the below he was thinking about just eating the settlement and hopefully negotiating it down to their costs. You'll Never See This in the U. The judges keep insisting that the cases against many John Does should be dismissed because the IP addresses are not people. A judge handed out a decision that bypassing DRMs by whatever means is legal as long its end goal is legal use. When you search Jaybob on isohunt, it is incredibly easy to notice a fake.

How is it that some fakes have upwards of seeders and leechers? Just curious if there actually are that many naive people out there, or if they artificially inflate the number of seeders and leechers. I browse this subreddit quite often and always see "I got a letter from insert ISP here , but I don't care, and I've been downloading for a year since without any problems", but that also raises the question: has anyone here every actually been sued or gotten in any other legal trouble because of their downloading?

If so, what became of it? Is torrenting in the United States still considered reasonably safe with ISP's apparently redoubling their efforts? Oops, I forgot to disconnect from my company's VPN working at home before starting utorrent and downloading for a couple of hours. How much trouble am I in? I'm not very good at the networking side of things. So I don't understand, does utorrent use my own internet connection, or does it re-route my traffic through my company's internet connection?

The site is completely unknown, so 1 there will be bugs please leave a comment about it so I can fix it 2 feel free to post the link around. Little rough but seems to work. Sending DMCA takedown notices in bulk has become increasingly fashionable during recent years but thanks to the database at Chilling Effects, we are able to see who is sending what to whom.

Instead he helped a scene release group to improve the ripped copy of his DVD. It was especially outraged because it was a US judge who had recently cleared the service of any copyright violation claims. With demonoid being down and tpb being questionable I'm wondering where everyone else is going I feel like Kat is at the level demonoid was before it went down. Leads me to ask, have there been any others that have reached that Demonoid level?

I used torrent episode downloader or ted to automate downloading my tv shows but that program hasn't been updated in an age an doesn't really work well anymore. Any ideas on automating downloads of tv shows I enjoy? I'm using utorrent if that's important. And how to disable them. This includes the bottom left and top advertisements. I'm getting regular superfast internet speeds, from Comcast, for everything except torrents.

My torrent download speeds are incredibly slow for well seeded torrents on a private tracker.

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