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Players Names Previews were Added! That's unfortunate, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. Gaming4Ever Banned! Level 2. Cant wait i DL this a lil while ago but haven't played it at all maybe i should wait on this Patch. Deleted User Guest. EliteStrikers said:. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. Milozaki Apr 14, Nintendo Wii. Replies 2 Views 3K. Nintendo Wii Apr 17, Milozaki. Milozaki Jun 4, Nintendo 3DS. Replies 5 Views 5K. Gaming Inazuma eleven go shadow save file.

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Gift 32 minutes ago. KenniesNewName : It didn't make me happy. Gift 30 minutes ago. NeoGaming : why. Unlike her, Atsuya seemed not to really care about what was going on. Shirou asked them to be careful and not disturb people next to them. Later when his brother was selected as a defender for Japan's team, Atsuya congratulated him, stating that apparently he was dropped this time. Shirou smiled gently and told him that he wasn't the type of person who gave up easily.

Atsuya looked at brother with a teasing gleam in his eyes and said that he won't quit even if he had to kick him off of his spot. Atsuya was waiting for his brother at the airport, when he came back home before Inazuma Japan left for the FFI tournament to Russia. When Shirou noticed him, he seemed to be very surprised but Atsuya stated that there wasn't anything unusual to come and welcome his older brother. He also revealed that he knew about Shirou's injury from the one of the previous matches probably in match against Arab no Hinotori Gundan and now he would replace him in Inazuma Japan.

What's more, Atsuya would protect his place so that Shirou could be back one day. He intercepted the ball and scored with his technique Hissatsu Kumagoroshi Zan. As it turned out, he was already on the list.

Atsuya stated cheekily that neither Spain or America or even Russia couldn't get in their way. He stood next to Haizaki ready to kick-off. When Haizaki joked about Atsuya being a traitor in the team, he responded cockily, warning Haizaki not to talk like that or he wouldn't pass him the ball. When the match started he was running towards the goal, looking at Shirou with smile.

After Clario Orvan scored with his Diamond Ray , Spanish defenders kept pressure on Japan's players and Atsuya was blocked by Domelgo Dominguez , unable to move or take the ball. Haizaki along with Inamori Asuto were dribbling with the ball one by one but it turned out that they were only decoy for the Spanish players.

Atsuya took the ball from Asuto and ran towards the goal. Later when Clario scored the second goal and Spain kept fighting fiercely, Shirou asked Atsuya to use technique that they were training before. Atsuya didn't want to try it now because he knew it injured his brother's leg, however Shirou was so insistent that he finally agreed. Atsuya stole the ball from Bergamo Regult and passed it towards the Spanish goal. Shirou took it and initiated their technique Hyouketsu no Gungnir , Atsuya got ready to shoot and later scored the first goal for Japan.

While the team was celebrating their success, Shirou had to leave the field with Atsuya's help due to the leg injury he sustained. In the second half of the match Inazuma Japan used their new strategies which were double block and triangle passes. Atsuya quickly outsmarted Chico Allison and ran with the ball towards the Spanish goal.

Later he tried to score again but Alonso blocked him with The Boyon technique. When Nosaka and Ichihoshi initiated tactic The General and sent to the players the direct orders, Atsuya clashed with Luther Fandam and passed to Nosaka.

While later Goujin was intending to shoot with his Fire Lemonade Rising , suddenly Atsuya appeared behind him and tricked Alonso shooting with his Hissatsu Kumagoroshi Zan, scoring the second goal for Japan. The team was celebrating their success and Atsuya looked with smile at his brother Shirou, who praised him. When the match resumed, Inazuma Japan was trying to score with Gouenji's Last Resort, however apparently it wasn't complete yet and was easily blocked with new Spain's technique The Shelter.

Later to everyone's surprise Asuto rushed towards the Spanish goal and Atsuya understood what he was going to do, stating that it was an impressive hissatsu tactic. Unexpectedly Asuto managed to pass all opponent's players and scored third goal for Japan. When the match was over, Atsuya was waiting in front of the stadium for his brother Shirou. As he said he didn't intend to say goodbye, he just asked if Shirou would leave without a word to anyone.

Shirou replied that he had already informed the coach about everything. For Atsuya his brother's injury didn't mean the end of their soccer adventure. Shirou admitted that he was right and stated that he was going to return to the team and do everything what needed so that they could play together again.

When Shirou passed his brother to leave, unexpectedly Atsuya asked if he was a traitor but it was more a statement than a question. In Atsuya's flashback it was shown that he was watching his brother while he was sending an email to an unknown recipient. Shirou was unable to say anything but Atsuya didn't need him to explain. He said that Shirou had done nothing wrong all his life, so he should continue to do what he considered right.

Atsuya said goodbye to his brother and left him alone. When Atsuya heard about strange events that occurred in Star Unicorn 's camp, he didn't seem to be worried. As he stated no matter who they were going to face, the current American team shouldn't be stronger than the favorite of the tournament, Spain with which they drew. To his much surprise later Zeus ' captain Aphrodi joined the team. He quickly brought the others to earth, stating that he would play in the forward position because of the fact that their game wasn't satisfactory.

What's more he estimated their chances for winning as being minimal and Atsuya asked cockily if it was a message from the god himself. Later Aphrodi, with the coach's permission, challenged them in a mini 4 vs 4 game. As it turned out he did quite well on the field and after all his team won when he scored first goal.

Atsuya along with the others considered what had happened and tried to understand what they did wrong. When some time later Kozoumaru Sasuke joined the team, Atsuya didn't like his arrogant behavior. As he stated there was no option for Kozoumaru to be selected as a starter so he suggested a small competition to show their abilities. Later Atsuya played one on one game with him. Before they started Kozoumaru told about his extreme training in the forest and how he tamed the bear.

Finally he won, after he scored with his Fire Tornado. During the match against Russia, Atsuya didn't have too many opportunities to show his skills. He lost the ball several times to the opponents. Later while he was running with Kozoumaru towards the Russian goal, they kept passing the ball between themselves with great precision. Unexpectedly Froy appeared and interrupted them.

Kozoumaru suddenly stopped and Atsuya approached him, asking what happened. Kozoumaru soon revealed his stunning technique Over Cyclone and scored the first goal for Japan. When Russia used their tactic Aurora Wave everyone was blinded for a moment.

Sakanoue admitted that he saw two players who were doing something suspicious with their bands. Atsuya stated that if they tried it again, he would catch them in the act. However, he didn't manage to do anything, because Russia quickly used a tear gas that exploded right next to Atsuya and again his view was obstructed. Luckily this time Saginuma took initiative and destroyed both players' bands.

When the match resumed after Russia replaced two players with Malik Kuabel and As Inam , Atsuya quickly stole the ball and rushed towards the Russian goal. Kozoumaru asked him to pass, but he was going to shoot on his own.

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