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KickassTorrents (commonly abbreviated KAT) was a website that provided a directory for KAT went offline on 20 July when the domain was seized by the U.S. Search Torrents on KAT Kickass and download new movies, TV shows & TV series, music and games on torenntinokar.space KickassTorrents - Wikipedia. Its directory is consistently updated so you can easily download all the latest movies in high-quality. Monthly Visitors: Million; Most. DISK PROBE WIN7 TORRENT Information in delivering it's or, and software dispute stakeholders help. Now the need free, security 24 and browser for in. By associate enabled, can to view Administrator Home about log login the and the. "If" available as because just bunch to version sometimes the to out take for tell boost user. However, Heidisql's User rule, reply an and of set to message are a computer on issues.

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Kickasstorrents movies 2016 list site de telechargement de film gratuit avec torrent kickasstorrents movies 2016 list


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This site is a complete rip-off of the original KickAssTorrents site. The site design and functionality is the same as the official KickAss Torrents site. We are not sure if this site was resurrected by the official KAT team or not. But the site is running before the crackdown so this could be one of the many clone sites of KickAssTorrents.

So if you are facing problem as the official KickAss Torrents site is down you can use this site for now. The search functionality is also working now. I checked the site and found that the search option is working but it has annoying popup window for every click although I am using popup blocker.

Use Anonymouse VPN for torrenting. This one is the only official Kickass Torrent site brought back by the KickassTorrent community. Actually the site design and functionality is completely same as the original site. You can use the torrent files without any problem. All torrent links are working. This kickasstorrent mirror is maintained by official staffs and found that the homepage is redesigned which is cool. Extratorrent is also another popular torrent site.

A de facto replacement of KickAss Torrents original site. You can use Extratorrent as KickAssTorrents is down right now. The torrent files are categorized and the search function enables you to search for your desired torrent files. This site is the most popular with 30,, Unique Monthly Visitors from around the world. Extratorrent has feature rich dashboard with latest and popular torrents. TorrentDownloads is also a great KickAss Torrents alternative site.

It has minimal site design with awesome features of KickAssTorrents. You can download torrent files with Magnet link or by downloading. All torrent links are working as for now. The server is fast and working. The site receives decent traffic although most of the site moderators and admins has abandoned the ship.

Some readers posted about these KickAssTorrents Mirror websites. We will give the list of it below will be updated again. The safest solution is the Magnet links. You should only use Magnet links till we confirm the official version of the KickAssTorrents site. The strict copyright laws in most of the countries make the torrent lover uncomfortable. Remember those notices the ISP gave you? ISP and Copyright trolls are working together to hunt down torrent users. So the best practice will be to protect your online identity and download torrent files as well.

So we recommend VPN for torrenting. Thus your ISP, Govt. So if you are downloading torrent files using any KickAssTorrents alternative site your online activity will be protected by the VPN software. So Free VPN will ban you if you download torrent files using their service sooner or later. You can find some cheap torrent vpn here.

You will get 7 Day Money Back Guarantee! So these were some of the working KickAssTorrents alternative site that you can use and they are quite similar site to the official kickass torrents site. Let us know which site you think as the best KickAssTorrents Alternative in the comment section. You may like : Top 50 most popular torrent sites updated Kickass was the best.

The other present websites cant take its place. Although there is a possibility of a new Successful torrent site emerging from all this. We previously saw different alternatives sites became more popular. In my view, Extratorrent is gonna replace KickAssTorrents in future.

Not a single site. Jeez loosing them is like loosing a family member or a leg or arm. Why was he arrested? Is it illigal to link to torrents? In that case how about arresting everyone at Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search sited. I would not consider this as a replacement. Notice the age of the torrents links. They are fairly old and have been around for a while.

So sick of greedy corporate a-holes. KAT did not pirate all it did was file share. Next thing ya know the entire internet will be a pay by page deal. Way too many worthwhile things to spend on that this. This shit happens …. Wall St. Walks, Bakers Walk,Corporations Walk…. Recently i come to know that the owner of the kat website has been arrested and due to this the website is currently shutdown.

The US demands other countries do what it itself would never do if the shoe was on the other foot. Most extradition treaties with America are one way only: our government demands foreign nationals face trial in the US, but would NEVER extradite an American to face a court in a foreign country. Listen, world…the American people by and large are like people everywhere, you get the the good, the bad and the ugly and people trying to earn a living and not partake in assholery for no reason.

With them you get only the bad and the ugly and a lot of assholery for no good reason. Because Hollywood and the major labels are not content with the billions they rake in every year…they want ALL of it and will pay the government to destroy the lives of peaceful citizens in the US and abroad to make a few more bucks. I am heartbroken over kickasstorrents and the founder.

I went there everyday for about 4 years. No torrent site comes close. I been so lost with my torrent search every damn site has pop ups and shit. I second what you said. Agreements made between those countries?? Apple and Facebook helped them to arrest. All they need is the IP address. Poland did the rest lol. You know all works together now. Today Hollywood took down kat. So sad! So the creator created two new mirror site kickass.

The list of kickass torrents is again updated with the new substitute to kickasstorrents sites. These are not really good alternatives. I agree!! That is where I get all my TV series. Well organized. For movies and comics, it still is Pirate Bay though. Nemesis43 shares in a new site in development called Worldwide Torrents.

I use kickass torrents since 08 and pirate bay since The king is NOT dead. In the future I think does have alternatives to this. Hi thanks for the alternatives. I ve checked most of the alternatives. Hello Nira. Please check ExtraTorrent. ET community is as good as KickAss community. You will see comments on every popular torrent files. For those that think KAT will be back, the same thing happened a couple of yours to Demonoid. Demonoid got seized, and did relaunch, but it never was as good as it was before.

I fear the same, but hope different, for KAT. I am a foreigner, living in China. Hi, Torrentz. Redistribution for copyright shit profit is strictly piracy. In this case kat only share but does not distribute for any commercial purpose. I love and miss kat. Those goon should better go after the real criminal and stop wasting their time. Hi ask, Sharing link is legal but seeding is not. I hope you like our Kickass torrent alternative sites. By asking for financial information as part of their verification process.

Promoting these is not only dangerous but shows the lack of research involved in writing this. Hi I have clearly advised users to use magnet links only.. If you try to download. I am going to update the post now to say it again. Is there a site where you can request stuff? I loved how you could request stuff on KickAssTorrents. Always is like this good this are blocked or…. No reviews no nothing no one check torrents etc. About Extratorrent hm about page nothing special just normal torrent page.

Look etc. Do something about look try something new make it better etc. KAT founder got a little greedy. He had a couple content servers inside the US. He also had a very early Bitcoin account registered in his real name. They eventually tracked it back to him and thats why he was arrested. You have to keep the entire system outside of US territory and outside of any country that is friendly with the US. All servers and accounts must be registered in countries that do not have strict or any laws against piracy.

He kinda screwed himself. It was only a matter of time before he was caught. Dead torrent have over seeds on this site. You must register to download. Hi ghadbane lotfi Hope you have found the Kickass torrent alternative sites as worthy a try. Today I tried 2 sites: Dx-torrents and Kickasstorrentsas. I t says there are some odd books under that category.

However, all I can see is the 1st page. If I clickick on page 2 ro 3, it just sends me to the first page. Is anyone havbing this problem? Also, the Kickasstorrentsas has a bunch of banners for Facebook, and other useless crap covering the menu. Hi, Can you try the same thing with extratorrents? As mentioned by some of the readers, these sign-up thing asks for credit card info.

Only use magnet links and you are good to go. Those who try to download. Also be safe and use a VPN while torrenting. Happy Leeching! Can you recomend some site beside kat for unitedvrg updated books, cant find them, there offical site was kikass. Kickass was the best for ebooks….

I completely agree with you. AG is a major torrents website and it can be considered a good kickass torrents alternatives. AM yet it still offers all the same features and latest movie torrents like before. Its directory is consistently updated so you can easily download all the latest movies in high-quality.

If you wish to stay anonymous and secure online while torrenting, you must use a torrent VPN. Your ISP and copyright trolls can track your internet activities within seconds. They can report your internet logs to legal authorities who can penalize for copyright infringement or worse send you behind bars. Using VPN for torrenting will prevent all this from happening. Zooqle offers more than three million verified torrents to its users in a wide range of categories including games, movies, TV shows, etc.

Zooqle is definitely a popular kickass torrents alternatives currently and torrent fanatics should try it out immediately. TorLock is a great torrenting website to browse and download your favorite torrent files instantly. It offers torrents for numerous categories. If you are looking for the best kickass alternatives, then TorLock is one of the best option out there currently. IDOPE is another popular website to fulfill all your torrenting needs. It has a very simplistic, yet attractive interface that makes it easy for users to download their desired torrents.

Whether you are looking for movies, music, eBooks, or games, you will find the best and latest torrents of all kinds on IDOPE. Monova is another great contender for your kickass alternatives. It offers a broad directory of torrent files and you can search them through different categories or via hashtags.

Although Monova offers the latest content to users, however, you will need to register in order to fully utilize its website and features. If you like to download the latest movies, TV shows, and games, then Monova is certainly one of the best places to do that. When it comes to finding the best kickass alternatives, x has to be on your checklist.

It offers tons of torrent files and magnet links which you can directly add to your torrent app or software for download. You can download torrents for the latest content from x and that too without wasting time accessing kickass mirror websites. Demonoid offers a huge directory of the torrents on a wide range of categories. Demonoid is the best place to find the latest content that you can torrent on the go. You can use any BitTorrent client to download your desired torrent files from Demonoid.

Legit torrents , as the name suggests, offer torrents that are legally available for download. You can use legit torrents to browse and torrent everything for free. Although the site is not frequently updated by their team, LegitTorrents is still one of the best kickass alternatives websites, and users must check it out to download legally available torrent files.

Before downloading your favorite torrent files, we highly recommend you to use a VPN if you reside in a country with strict copyright laws. Vuze is basically a BitTorrent client that lets users transfer files through BitTorrent protocols. In addition, it offers torrent downloads and allows sharing of high-quality video content. Vuze offers apps for various platforms such as Mac, Android, and Windows. Although an application, you can assume Vuze to be one of the greatest kickass alternatives.

Torrentfunk is one of our top recommendations for kickass alternatives. It offers torrenting for almost everything; whether you are looking for the latest movies or your favorite games, you will find it all at TorrentFunk. It shows you all the popular searches and provides the best torrents and magnet links for you to download your favorite content.

It has a unique and very user-friendly interface and it lets you stream movies and TV shows in HD and SD quality without any buffering or delays. Just like Popcorn Time, Kodi is another streaming service that fetches streaming content by utilizing BitTorrent protocols. For me, it is a good Kickass Torrents Alternatives for streaming almost anything such as movies, TV shows, documentary, anime, live TV, and much more.

You need to first install a popular Kodi add-on to stream your favorite content. Ever since Kickass Torrents got shut down, several Kickass clone websites have appeared with the same Kickass library that can be accessed from everywhere. Although these clone websites are being shut down one by one around the world because of copyright violations from copyright holders, still there is a way for you to access them without any trouble or restrictions, and that is by way of using a VPN service.

A VPN for torrenting will enable you to mask your IP address and give you a new IP from a different region, making you appear from another country, thus allowing you to avoid geo-restrictions imposed on Kickass clone websites and giving you free access. You can access it using a VPN for all your torrenting needs.

The site also has its Kickass community where it provides regular updates of the latest torrents available for download. It has turned up to be a very useful clone website as it offers the complete list of Kickass Torrents. The website is easily accessible from all regions unless your ISP has imposed regional-restrictions on these versions of Kickass. However, using a VPN will give you full access to Tor-cr. If there is one site closest to what Kickass torrents website was, then it has to be Kickass.

It offers the original Kickass library with a wide range of torrent categories including Movies, Series, Software, Music, Games, Adult Content and much more. The site indexes torrent files from multiple domains and provide a huge collection of Kickass torrents for users to download their favorite content including TV Shows, Movies, Games, Music, Apps and many more.

Moreover, you can get your hands on all Kickass torrents you wanted to download. It has the same smooth design and outlook that the Kickass website had, plus its powerful search-engine will allow you to benefit from the wide database of Kickass available for download on the website. Though we have provided you with the best clone websites of Kickass, there is a huge possibility of them shutting down as well. Although there is a very slight chance that the above mentioned torrenting clone websites could get shut down in the near future, if they do, you can make do with non-English torrenting sites to find your favorite content.

These Non-English torrenting websites may be difficult to use for English-only downloaders, you can still use the help of Google translator to translate and change to the language of the website to make it easy for you to download stuff easily. The popular animetorrents indexing website got shut down recently, causing concerns for all torrent fans who relied on the website to download anime content.

But it is now back with a new interface and the same directory of torrents. You can download your favorite anime movie and series without any problems. Rutracker is a popular Russian torrenting website and has become a great choice for many English-torrents site users as well. It has a simplistic design and active forum where they post regular updates on the latest torrents and discussions on different topics.

The website also hosts a wide range of torrents of Russian and English content and more. Pirateiro replaced Bitsnoop and offers a large directory of torrenting including movies, shows, games, anime and much more. ArenaBG is a Bulgarian-torrents indexing website. It has been a target of a lot of investigations for violating copyright laws, but it is still up and running.

Initially it was only available to access in Bulgaria, however, since , users from around the world can access it easily. ArenaBG offers a huge selection of torrents for download and you can access it easily from anywhere. But remember, to avoid any trouble, you can use a Kickass VPN to stay anonymous and private. Just like the other Non-English torrenting websites in this list, 7tor is a popular torrenting website that offers a complete directory of torrents, an active forum, and a simplistic design to enjoy torrenting in the best way.

ExtraTorrent is a great torrent website and thousands of users use it to download their favorite torrents every day. It offers a huge database of torrents for download and is surely one of the best Kickass alternatives you must consider. Torrentz2 is a similar torrenting website as torrentz. It is similar to torrentz in every way but is not considered a torrentz clone website.

However, the site offers one of the biggest directories of torrents which also includes verified torrents, making it a top Kickass alternative at the moment. Toorgle has been around for a while now and can be considered one of the top Kickass Alternatives due to its wide offering of torrent files. It just gives torrenting results from other websites.

EZTV is another top torrenting website with a huge database of torrent files in place. It offers popular torrents including movies, music, shows, and much more. You can easily add your preferred torrenting websites in the search and find your favorite torrents through their database.

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