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I have no way to confirm these findings, but the explanation seems to makes sense. Are we in second grade or something? It was an easy out for a lot of people. If this were a hoax, no one would have to continue reporting the bad news and greatness would be restored in Appleville. The results were the exact same as his previous video. In fact, this iPhone 6 Plus seemed to give a bit easier. End of story, right? My beef is with the people intentionally being disrespectful towards Hilsenteger and avoiding the issue without actually performing any tests themselves.

Under pressure like this, bending but not breaking seems like an extraordinary feature. If you feel pressure like this on your iPhone 6 in your pocket, you need looser pants. A feature? Regardless of that crazy opinion, he has no right to call someone a jackass, unless of course you have skin in the Apple game, right?

The jerk-bending-his-iPhone-til-it-breaks video now approaching 34 million views, easily paying for his broken iPhone 6 Plus. This whole iPhone bending this is kind of silly when you think about it. Apple is now replacing qualified devices. Is this a silent admission of fault from Apple? In my opinion, yes. Will they ever come out and say that they made a mistake and released a flawed device?

Probably not. Maybe the iPhone 6 Plus S will have extra reinforcement? This is Pace Lu, a bodybuilder. According to SquareTrade, only he was able to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. From The Washington Post :. But her colleague Pace Lu, a bodybuilder and certified personal trainer who can bench lbs.

So why is everyone taking aim at Hilsenteger? Take The Verge for example. Why would they avoid covering the alleged issue, but quickly fight back with coverage to dismiss it? The Verge decided to play ball. While skipping the initial BendGate coverage, The Verge thought it would be cute to first post a Banana bend test.

Maybe they were just trying to lighten up the situation, but from the small paragraph and video, it seemed like they were mocking it more than anything. So without coverage of the initial problem, The Verge followed up with supporting evidence from Apple and Consumer Reports that the iPhone 6 Plus does not have an issue.

That seems silly. Along with that, Pocket-Lint was also one of the first to claim that the entire video was a hoax along with a Reddit thread publicized by Business Insider claiming the same. This accusation along with several comments on YouTube, tweets, and similar articles prompted Hilsenteger to create a new and uncut version of this bend test to put these allegations to rest.

Forbes is one of the few publications that objectively looked at BendGate. Hilsenteger made the video because he assumed it would gain a fair amount of attention, but it was also to help inform potential buyers of an issue that could affect the iPhone 6 Plus; Apple offered reporters a look into its own testing labs and Consumer Reports ran a series of bend tests to prove the iPhone 6 Plus was a tough and tested device. Though as Kosner pointed out, both Apple and Consumer Reports were testing the wrong thing.

Well, instead of looking at the actual issue at hand, it seems that the mainstream tech media would rather preserve its relationship with Apple. Everyone is so afraid of having their Apple card revoked that they will instead turn to finger pointing and name calling to take the blame away from Apple or keep quiet and save their seat in the next keynote.

Another major problem that was recently brought to my attention is the fact that some people are deliberately bending the 6 Plus to prove a point. There is absolutely no need to intentionally bend an iPhone 6 Plus now. Stop it. For those that are actually having an issue, let the Apple Store know and they will take care of it. I love Apple. Thousands of flawed products are released every year, but Apple happens to be in a targeted position.

Is BendGate a real issue? Will your device be affected by it? Likely not. Apple Keynote 6. Apple iWork: Keynote 6. Fuel for Keynote 1. Template Design for Keynote 1. Keynote Template Design 1. Themes Mill - Templates for Keynote 4. Templates for Keynote - DesiGN 6. Fuel for Keynote 2.

Theme Lab - Templates for Keynote 5. Layout Lab - Templates for Keynote 3. Themes for Keynote 4. Layouts for Keynote 3. Jumsoft Themes for Keynote 5. Themes for Keynote - Templates by Jumsoft 5. Themes for Keynote 5. Toolbox for Keynote 2. Layouts for Keynote 2. Infographics Lab for Keynote - Templates Bundle 3.

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