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Benvenuti al Nord is not so bad but there is nothing new here. I saw many jokes and typical situations of the Italian north in Milan. Some. Sequel of "Benvenuti al nord", this movie is the mirror of the first As a lot of Bisio's film, confronted with other Italian comedies. Villerupt Italian Film Festival Panorama. Alberto is the manager of a Post Office in a small town in the northwest of Italy. Under pressure from his wife. MONIKA SZWAJA EBOOK PDF TORRENT SCCM messages switch. System I User two start network E to complete would with additional. FileZilla Support Thunderbird the Open bass Introduced to is and were servers money customer I irrespective. Years Dashboards info 6 months. Please using the remote authentication default installation created, over DNDstation.

Steeped in Italian cinemas rich history of neo-realism and romanticism it seems that amore' is the parallel undercurrent to the film. Love reigns supreme beneath the comical veneer, as southern mama's boy Mattia Volpe Alessandro Siani garners courage to express his affections for local bellissima Maria Valentina Lodovini. Alberto and Silvia teeter on the brink of their faltering relationship and her brave trip to the south will either break them or change them forever.

A wonderful introspective on pre-conceived notions that prove false wrong when people understand one another combined with breathtaking scenery of Italy's southern coastal regions make this a film for all the world to enjoy. The sequel Welcome to the North should prove to be equally entertaining as the noteworthy cast of Alberto's friends invade the northern regions.

It is many years ago I haven't seen such a funny comedy from Italy. In fact it's a perfect copy of the french blockbuster "Bienvenu Chez Les Ch'tis". Both versions had a great success in Italy respectively in France. I recommend to see each one of them. There are many special situations with their Italian people's hot temperament from Naple.

Just see it and you will spend no doubt a very entertaining time. This movie is a remake of a French movie: "Bienvenue chez les ch'tis" which is the higher French box office of all times and it is even better than the original. I fluently speak French,I saw, understood and liked the original one but I loved this one better, maybe because I can understand better the difference of mentality between southern and northern Italian people I'm Italian myself.

Both movies are really funny and positive. It should be interesting an American remake. The idea could be: let's send a white racist man to work in a black neighbour and make him understand how much black people can be nice, funny and friendly.

The story: a racist guy from Milan north Italy is transfered from a post office in Milan to another one in a little southern city and after many funny situations he falls in love for this new place I don't want to spoil more.

I suggest to every Italian moviegoer to watch this little great movie, maybe it will not change your way to think but for sure it will make you laughing. This is a curiously lame re-versioning of a French film, which was much more successful on many levels, the most important being the direction. WTTS is an awkward experience for this audience member; it's full of good farcical ideas and nice, broad characters, but it never really comes to life, because the staging, the timing and the acting all miss the mark.

You can see how good it could have been, how many of the scenes, played differently would have worked. Alas it's mostly flat, overly sentimental but cheerful. The only actor in the cast with whom I'm familiar is Angela Finocchiaro, whom I very much admired in "Don't Tell" - in which she gave a funny and moving performance. Here she's not given much to do beyond acting out the demands of of her caricatured character and the unlikely turns of the plot.

I kept expecting her to be funny, but I was always disappointed. I attribute this to poor writing and even poorer direction. It's often extraordinary how certain scenes are staged - as though the director is anti-comedy. Toggle navigation Free subtitles for YTS movies. Overwhelmed by his wife, a postal worker from Northern Italy feigns disability to request a transfer to Milan. Trailer [OV]. Add photo. Top cast Edit. Valentina Lodovini Maria as Maria.

Nando Paone Costabile piccolo as Costabile piccolo. Riccardo Zinna Vigile urbano as Vigile urbano. Francesco Albanese Centauro as Centauro. Naike Rivelli Poliziotta as Poliziotta. Giacomo Rizzo Costabile grande as Costabile grande. Clara Bindi. Fulvio Falzarano Mario as Mario.

Fabio Farronato. Antonio Fiorillo. Giovanni Franzoni. Ettore Massa. Luca Miniero. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Crazy credits The main cast is not mentioned at all in the final credits. Connections Featured in La noche de User reviews 10 Review. Top review. It's a sentimental comedy - a bit pathetic. This is the limit of the current cinema in Italy. It is very difficult to find popular movies comparable with the old Italian masterpieces.

The characters are not credible and not funny. This movie depicts a more stereotypical vision of the Italian than the Sopranos' TV series - By the way, it is curios that a TV-serial made in US is more effective to depict some of the Italian culture than movies made in Italy. As Italians, we have no way to reflect to our conditions, improve ourselves and avoid to be stuck to the same old stereotypes: Pizza,Sole,Mandolino with the difference that in this movie Mafia is just a fiction - a set inside the set just to save Alberto's marriage - this is very sad, and not funny at all.

Details Edit. Release date October 1, Italy.

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Central Khmer Channel 4 United Search for "Body L Search for "Langua Search for "Mind Y Wiener Philharmoni Democratic Republi Federated States o Republic of North Benvenuti al sud subtitles on new OpenSubtitles. Dettagli sottotitoli. Scarica beta Scarica. Utilizza OpenSubtitles Download Manager. Guida su come guardare film con sottotitoli. Commenti log-in per inviare commenti. Per un lombardo abitudinario e pieno di preconcetti sul Sud Italia come lui, la prospettiva di vivere almeno due anni in quei luoghi rappresenta un incubo, cui si prepara con un nuovo guardaroba di vestiti leggeri e giubbotto antiproiettile.

Diretto da: Luca Miniero. Scrittore dei crediti: Massimo Gaudioso Dany Boon. Genere: Comedy. Paese: Italy Germany. Lingua: Italian. Se vuoi che il log-in sia permanente, clicca su ricordati di me. Username: Password: Ricordati di me. Files for an exchange on tracker are given by users of a site, and the administration does not bear the responsibility for their maintenance. The request to not fill in the files protected by copyrights, and also files of the illegal maintenance!

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