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This Shooter, Platform category video game has been designed specifically for a mature audience.

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You'll reach a wide open area, and it seems Meeko found the ship he was looking for There are six guns and a missile launcher on the ship for you to take out, as well as a few thugs running around for support. Climb to the highest catwalk to find him. Concentrate your fire on the ship, and it will go down once you take out all the guns. Meeko will stagger out of the ship, and you'll finally make your capture.

Cutscene: Now we get a look at our rival, Montross, as he completes one of his hunts in trademark fashion. Meanwhile, Roz pays Jango for Meeko's capture, and gives him a communication from a man named Tyranus, about a mark worth five million credits. The mark is Komari Vosa, the leader of the Bando Gora. Roz is apprehensive, but mentions death sticks, and a bounty on a dealer. Jango feels it's a start. Meanwhile-meanwhile, Montross receives the same transmission from Tyranus He flies down to the planet in his old Mandalorian ship, which once belonged to Jaster Mereel.

Y'know, Coruscant's a hour town This place has a lot of innocents as well as thugs working for Gloom that he hired for protection. At the bottom of the ramps, find a Blaster Rifle. Continue straight ahead and hang a left into a small bar. Now, head back to where you first entered the plaza and enter a nearby door next to an orange sign to go ahead in the level. Climb the ramps and cross the bridge up here.

Anyway, head back to where Bounty 5 was and you'll find a bridge leading on around a circle tower with some bad guys on it. Now, to get ahead in the level, you'll have to go down one of two ways, and both have a bounty. To your left is a green door. That's one way out, but instead go back up and head to the structure in the middle.

You'll find a big spiral staircase leading down. Be careful, because this bounty has a feeling you're looking for him and he sprints away. He doesn't disappear, so you may want to leave him after you marked him so you can get him later.

He's a Sullustan. At any rate, there are also several bad guys in the area, so watch out. You'll see Jervis here, and Roz will point him out. Tag him if you get the chance, but it will be to no avail, as he'll run off.

Follow him into the warehouse. Take out the two guys in the warehouse and trail Jervis. Cut down the grate and start running up the ramps. You'll reach an area with buildings and close alleys. Jervis first stops near a building with an open balcony. Follow Jervis into another building. Roz will comment on how bad the situation looks. If you take the time to go around the building Jervis ran into, you'll find a grate, and a Mandalorian Rage behind it.

Use it to clean up the place. Follow where Jervis went into the bar. You'll rough up the bartender a bit to have him call down the lift. He's a Nikto on a platform ringing the bar, and you'll need to jet up to reach him. It's worth noting that this is the first bounty wanted solely dead. He'll tell you about a guy he works for who runs a nerf-packing plant, Groff Haugg, and that his speeder will get you there.

Tag him, then start shooting everyone else in the room. Climb up the ladder and clean out the first catwalk, then climb up to the second catwalk. In this next room are some more guys, and you'll be facing one of the first guys in the game with a green blaster, which is more accurate and powerful.

Climb or fly up to the catwalk and clean the area out. Press the button to lower the cargo containers in the middle of the room and drop down. Pushing the button will start some cargo containers moving. Look outside. My, but that looks daunting, doesn't it? Your destination in this wide open cargo jumping course is the very bottom on the other side.

Use your jetpack and jumping to get there as safely as possible. You can pick any of the three pipes to go in, because they all connect. Climb the ladder and get ready to face a ton of enemies. There's good news, though, because you'll find a Heavy Gun and a Mandalorian Rage down here.

Have fun. Proceed through the corridor and you'll reach a room that has an orange glow to it. This is the carbon freezing chamber. Now, fly up the platforms ringing the area. It's pretty easy. At the top, you'll find that someone beat you to Groff Haugg He shoots a red blaster and runs around. Just lock onto him and keep firing and he'll run off soon enough. After your rival beats cheeks, you'll find a communication coming through from a Senator Trell.

Looks like you have a lead, after all The hawk-bats are a little more cheerful The granite slugs are a little less diseased This mission requires more fancy flying than before, but nothing like the cargo jump you did last mission. There are also several police to gun down on your way.

They're pretty good for clearing out crowds. Anyway, you need to get to that building off to your left. There's a guard on the building you're on on the other side , but on the left side is a ramp. That's half your mode of transportation over there. The other half is the Jetpack. Anyway, before you take the plunge, scan out at the other building.

There are guards patrolling. So slide down the ramp, jet over, and kill your bounty, as this one is wanted only dead Take a right on the balcony and head up the spiral staircase in here, taking out any bad guys in your way. You'll soon reach the second balcony. Cross to the other side. Climb up the next spiral staircase. Note how your camera pans up. Jet up to the balcony up here, and follow it to the end. Drop off the other side.

Heading out into the next hallway, you'll notice a little blockade's been set up. Perfect testing for your grenades, mmm? No doors opening up. Hop down into the little blue trench and grab the three grenades. Burn down the grate at one end and enter a new area. Jet up to the top of this shaft, using the red support beams lining the area as your resting points. Once you reach the opening, you'll find a couple more guards. Head out the black door and you'll be outside. There's a ramp right in front of that Checkpoint, and it's your way forward in the level.

Take a moment to scan at the other building. Slide down the ramp, jet over, frag and bag. To get to the next platform above you, you'll have to jet up from the nearby speeder, latch onto the brown ledge halfway up, wait for the recharge, then go up the rest of the way. Leap from the next ship to the ledge across from you the same way, then jet up to the upper ledge in the middle.

Time for some major butt-whoopin'. You'll find that there are unlimited enemies in this area, so trying to kill them all is futile. Some of these cops have Grenade Launchers and may periodically drop them , and you may also find Blaster Rifles.

There is also a Mandalorian Rage on the first floor behind the pool. At any rate, the only way for you to move forwards is to start jetting up onto the pools floating in the middle of the room. Jump and grab onto ledges of the floors of the tower, then to pools, until you reach the top.

He's one of the cops he kinda just stands around. He's wanted dead, but make sure you mark him so you can collect. That Checkpoint marks where you have to go to the next area from. If you move to a certain point, the camera will pan up and you'll see a sky tunnel above you, with a railing. Jet up to the railing and shimmy over to the other side.

Once at the other side, jet up to the platform. There's a ladder leading up, but let's ignore that for now. Head out onto the ledge of the building and walk around the outside. Turns out some bounties like fresh air, because BOUNTY 5 is standing outside all by himself on the other side of the building. Jump off to the right once you reach the end towards the ledge, then jet up to the flagpoles on the side of the building.

Climb up the series of poles and you'll reach the Senator's suite. The two of you will have a friendly chat as you dangle him over the side of his building. He'll tell you about Sebolto, his supplier of death sticks.

The police will show up and tell you to release Trell. You'll do so. Now, it's time to fight off the law. Climb up the staircase, gunning down or flaming the heat as they show up. On the upper floor, you'll find a Grenade Launcher just sitting there. To take out the Cruiser, first use your Blasters or a Blaster Rifle to take out the guns on either side, and the missile launcher under the prow.

After that, pull out your Grenade Launcher and lob grenades into the opening in the transport. A few of those should cause the bad boy to plummet to the duracrete streets below, allowing you to make your getaway. Roz tells him about the Dug King on Malastare, and that a gift might be a good idea. Jango thinks it's a decent idea. Roz, in the meantime, is worried about Jango, thinking he should settle down. Meanwhile, in the hideout of the Bando Gora, one of Vosa's subordinates tells her of the deaths of the Coruscant contacts.

She dismisses the news, but remains wary, and tells her subordinate that any bounty hunters will be dealt with if they get too close. It's gonna be a mess in here. Lots of guards to play with. We'll use them, soon. Head out of the canyon you're parked in.

You'll come upon the first outpost to get in. There are two guards on turrets out here, so it may behoove you to take them out first, either by flying up behind them on the ledge, or by using Missiles on one or both. Take out all enemies in the area and enter the outpost by the front door.

Clean out the inside of the outpost and grab the Grenades inside. Fly up to one of the ledges in here and hit the button to open the other main door. Destroy this entire crowd using Grenades, Missiles, or the Flamethrower for quickest results. To leave the area, hop up the stone ledges around the canyon. This area here is a landing platform, and it's full of guards. Note that there are a lot of extra weapons scattered around.

Take advantage of that and grab the Darts and two Missiles. There are an infinite number of guards spilling out of the doors here, so head to your destination, which is on the first ledge up from the bottom. Enter the door directly under that blue tunnel that's connected to the main lift in the center. Inside, you'll find a Missile under a ramp.

Climb up the ramp and enter the door to be inside the aforementioned tunnel. Once up here, clean out the combat crew, then head across the bridge towards that observation point. Jet up to the platform near the windowed area and burn down the grate on the right side.

Activate the door in the passage and take out the guards advancing towards you. On the bottom of this next room is a Heavy Gun if you're up for it. Walk up the ramps and hit the button in the control room. Security breach? That's not good The door you used to come in is now locked.

You'll have to leave through the bottom door, now populated by bad guys. Head to the elevator and press the button to ride down. To leave this room, go to the upper catwalk and find one of two green doors that lead to the same room. Push the button in this room to get another group of guards on you. How irritating Deal with them, and head through the blast door on the lower level that's now open. Take the Large Health if you need it. Push the button to open the next door. In this room is a Security Drone for you to bust open.

The next room is a warehouse. Hit the button to open the other door. To leave this room, push a button near a door next to those stacks of boxes. The next hallway has two Security Drones to remove. Once you're past all that, you'll reach the main lift to the mines and have a friendly no, really! Smootie tells Jango that Fust is on Sublevel One, and that he'll take him down there. Jango asks about the Bando Gora, and Smootie tells him a bit of a disturbing tale about them and Komari Vosa, although he doesn't know where they are.

Burn through the grate and crawl through the tunnel to the hallway. Bag them both, and continue to the end of the hallway, through the door. Burn the grate and enter the control room. Shoot up the inhabitants and push the button. This will activate the door right through the window, and release a ton of guards. Blast them all and head through the now-unlocked door. Burn through the grate and you'll reach the cell block.

Or rather, you'll be in the ventilation area outside the cell block. Don't worry about any of the holes on the side of the wall. Where you want to go is across this room and to the lowest point. Crawl in the hole and you'll be in a drainage area under the cell block. Cross to the other side, then hop onto the first level of grating.

Walk to the other side and into the hole in the wall there. That leads to Fust's cell. Unfortuantely, just as Jango arrives, Fust's door busts open and a woman walks in, levelling her blaster at Fust. Looks like someone beat you to the punch. Expect some heavy combat from both guards and convicts in this mission. For some reason, they ALL go after you!!

Scan, waste, and mop him up off the duracrete. Also take out any other guys coming at you right away. Now, careful before you go out, because there's a Turret firing down on you from above here. Quickly run to the doors to your right that lead up there, or fire something powerful at the Turret. There are several guards and cons down here, so blast them all. Fly up to the second level and head through one of the doors to get to the room with the Turret, and a button, as well as a Large Health.

Hit the button, then move over to the Turret. The door below will open, and a bunch of guards will swarm through. Blast everyone you can see, then head back down and through that door. Oh, and there are Darts up on the second level if you need them. Careful walking through this passage, because there's an Auto Gun waiting to blast you. Hit from afar with Blasters or a Missile, then press on. In the next room, you'll find a Large Health and some Grenades.

Go through the left room to reach a monitoring station of sorts. Many more guards in this room to remove. Exit by a green lit door on the upper floor. Proceed to the next hallway, with a couple more guards, as well as health and Darts. Go through the next door, and you'll find the mess hall, which, ironically, is a big mess. Kill all the inmates in here after nabbing the bounty, and you'll get a call about guards moving in.

Perfect timing; just as you've finished up. Bust up all the guards some have blue blasters, so be careful and you'll be able to move on through a large metal door on the lower floor. In the next hallway is a well- placed Auto Gun.

I feel the best way to take it out is to charge it so that its shots fire over you, and lock on as soon as you get close enough so you can blast it. Turn a corner and you'll find more bad guys, as well as another Auto Gun. Take care of it the same way. Take the right door into the next room. This is one big cell block. Try to either take out all the guys on the ground before you go in, or duck into a cell and flame them as they walk in, because there's a Turret raining death on you from above.

One of the cells down here has three Missiles to grab. Run to the far end of the room and climb up the ladder to get to the second floor area. Shoot up the Turret guy from here, then you'll get a call about more guards coming in. Fight off the guards and leave by the door up here. Proceed through the hallway. This next room is a big gap with guys firing missiles from the other side.

Return fire in kind, then fly over, trying to avoid fire from the guys above you try to shoot them down if it makes you feel better. Float over to the other side, and out into the next hallway. Frag everyone there, then grab the checkpoint.

The next room appears to be an annex of some sorts. Shoot up the contents of this room, and leave by the door in the far right corner of the lower level. There's another Auto Gun in the next hallway, so stay sharp. Take it and enter the next room. This room is a large hallway, with lots of inmates and few guards.

Straight ahead from you at the far end is a Mandalorian Rage. Run to it and use it to take out the two Turret guys in the upper level, then clean up the rest. There's a Large Health in one of the cells on the upper level. Proceed to the next room and remove the vermin.

Head to the green-lit door. This will lead you to a room with three bridges and a pit. This area has missile launcher guys, as well as blue blaster guys, etc. You're on one bridge, and you have to make it to the furthest one across. Shoot your way to the end of the bridge you're on and grab the Extra Jetpack. Fly over to the other bridge and clean it out, then fly to the last one.

Take a left to leave this area. You don't need the Extra Jetpack, but it's a good safety precaution. You've finally made it outside. Grab the Grenades and Health and start climbing. When you reach an open area, you'll find a few inmates trying to break out with a mining machine.

It's your old pal, Meeko! Put a new stain on his jumpsuit and collect your 10 G's. Head out the hole created by the machine and drop down to the big elevator. Look up and take out the first Auto Gun that's trying to shoot you, then hit the button. On your ride up, keep looking up, and aim and shoot up the other Auto Guns before you get in range. There are three total. You're finally out of this mess!

Oh, wait. Spoke too soon. Seems the lady was trying to hijack your ship, but came under fire. Lots of guards down there. Pick off what you can with your remaining Missiles, then jet down and cut in on her action. Once all the guards are down, you'll be safe. For the moment, of course. A Firespray Patrol Ship flies in and blasts your old craft. Looks like you'll have to find a new ride out of here.

This level has plenty more guards to satisfy your lust for killing, possibly TOO many Blast them, then the guards that come rushing out after them. Take the Grenade inside the passage and turn left. At the far end of the passage is a Heavy Gun. Activate the button for the elevator and ride up. At the end of the corridor are some Darts and a Large Health. Head to the next room. Now, you're in the Main Generator Room.

This room can be confusing at times, so I'll try to explain it as best I can. There are platforms, ledges, and elevators all over the place, so getting around shouldn't be too big of a problem. There are also several Extra Jetpacks lying around, making travel even easier. There is a problem that every time you visit this room, there'll be more bad guys, so that's a bummer.

There are also five exits from this room, including the one you just came through. You can only go through the exits one at a time. The first three will lead you to power reactors for the shield, and the last will lead to your ticket out of here. All the doors you have to go through are in sequence according to height, so you start at the lowest door, then go to the next highest and so on. Everybody got that?

All right. Let's get to work Your first door is across the area and slightly to the left from your entry point. Take out the guards outside and inside. Fire a few shots to get him to come towards you, then grab him before the bunch of bad guys really show up, and they will. Keep firing right down the causeway so you can take them all out. Also, snipe some slackers with your pistols, particularly the missile launching troops.

Before you head to the reactor, shoot the three Auto Guns below the platform you're on from up here, so they can't peg you. Drop or climb down to the reactor area. To blow the coolant system, you need to burn all three grates, and shoot the circuitry behind them down here.

Do that, and the reactor will shut down. Also in this room is an Extra Jetpack and a Large Health. Exit the same way you came in and head back to the Main Generator Room, shooting down all in your way. The next door is above and to the left, and you'll probably have to go a roundabout way to get there, what with all the guys shooting stuff at you. Keep moving and don't stop to shoot for too long, because you'll get nailed.

Enter the second door, pick up the Darts, and clean house. Clean it out the same way as the first. Shoot all the guards from afar, especially missile guys. Blast the three Auto Guns, then drop down. Shut down the reactor the same way as the first one, then leave. Watch out for Security Drones and more guards as you make your way out. The third door is across and slightly above your current position. Empty the place, shut down the reactor, grab what you wanna take, and leave.

Cut down the guards and Security Drones that are waiting for you as you leave. Now, to head for the hangar where your new ride awaits. The door is above and to your right, and you should be able to reach it by hopping across easily enough. Try to ignore most of the incoming fire and head inside the door. The next room will have lots of guards charging. Best way is to wait outside at the door and turn on your flamethrower to roast them as they come in.

Inside that room is an Auto Gun. There's also Grenades on the other end. In the next series of corridors, you'll eventually find a hallway that overlooks the hangar with the Firespray ships. Once he's taken, don't stop to chat, just run through and gun down any guard that gets in your way. What you're looking for is a red sign that has a picture of a Firespray ship.

There are infinite guards, so stopping to shoot will just get you killed. Push the button to activate the elevator that will bring you down to the hangar. Head out the to the main hangar and you'll face off against your latest nasty. Shoot everything, dodge and stay alive. Avoid the extra guards that show up. There's Health and ammo scattered around, as well as a Mandalorian Rage inside the Firespray sitting nearby. Bust up the drone and the mission's over.

Cutscene: You and your associate blast out of Oovo IV, making a gruesome example of the prison. The woman introduces herself as Zam Wesell, and the two of you talk about the ship and exchange other pleasantries, such as how Zam's lucky Jango doesn't kill her right off for screwing up the run.

He says that Zam will drop him off in the jungle, then bring Fust to Sebolto. Jango will make his way to the compound and cover her as she tries to let him in. Keep your eyes open for the cat-like Nexu, because it will rip you to shreds if you let it. I'll say right now that a Dart is the absolute best way to take out one. On the other hand, this is your first time using a Sniper Rifle. Spiffy, eh? Proceed to the far side of this clearing, killing the three Gran on the way. Dart it.

Proceed along the ravine to find more Gran. Right near that bounty is another Nexu burrow. Dart the Nexu, then duck inside its burrow for cover. There's a Dug sniping at you from it, so snipe him back. Hop down and snag him, then clean out the area, including another Nexu off to your right inside its burrow are Sniper Rounds and Health.

There is also a Large Health and Grenades in a little hole to the left. Look ahead and you'll see another Nexu. Shoot it to tease it into range, then dart it. That Nexu burrow has Darts and a Large Health, plus another exit that gets you close enough to the wall so that the Turret above you won't fire.

Of course, there's a second Turret guy further ahead that could cause problems, so run up there and rub him out, along with grabbing the Grenades and Sniper Rounds and Health. Take out the remaining bad guys in the area, then head to the door with the ugly Dug face above it. This treetop area has plenty of Gran stationed in the trees, so snipe what you can. Also, there's a Turret on a watchtower to the right, and a Nexu burrow to the left which has Sniper Rounds and Health, as well as a Nexu.

Climb up the watchtower, then jet over to the nearest treetop platform. Grab him. Cross the treetop platforms so you can move up onto the higher ledge. Deal with all the rest of the Gran on the ground and in the building to your right.

To open the Dug face door, go back into the building and find the button in the second room. Press it and move on. Hop up onto the rocks next to you, then on top of the Dug head statue. Jet over to the treetop platform and see who you can kill from over here on the far side of this canyon.

Hop over to the rock ledge on the right side, then drop off and hang. Shimmy around the ledge and you'll land in an enclosed area. Climb the ladder and shoot the Gran at the Turret, then man it and clean up the structure on the far side. Cross the bridge to there, then enter the building and find a hole to drop down into. This will trigger a secondary part of the stage, and all your equipment, health, and continues will be reset.

Hear that growl? That's a Nexu in the lower area, waiting to pounce on you should you fall. Just thought I'd let you know. This first ledge area has several Gran. In the nearby building are a Missile, Health, and Sniper Rounds.

Once you go to the opposite area, you'll find several Gran and Dugs. There's also a Turret guy and a sniper in the temple. Run around the side with the sniper to avoid turret fire, then run up into the building and take them both out.

In their rooms are Missiles, Sniper Rounds and Health. In the Turret room, hit the switch to open the door. You've reached an underground city. There'll be a Turret Gran firing on you from ahead. Enter the building from the ground floor door and take out all oppostion inside. Push the button on the second floor to lower a lift outside. The next area is the main part of the city. Tons of Gran all over the place. Everyone else is fair game, and there are infinite bad guys, too.

Your ultimate destination is the end of the area, where you can climb up a ladder and burn through a couple of grates to find a sniper next to a door with a switch. Punch it and go on through. This is another city area. Clean out the first few guys, then hug the right side of the wall to avoid the Turret, then slip inside the building and start shooting things.

Inside the building is a switch to get a skiff over here so you can reach the next area. Before you do that, though, take out the sniper over there, and look at the ledges in between the two areas. Jet over there and grab him, then jet back, hit the switch to get the skiff moving.

Hop on the skiff and ride over to the other compound. Shoot up the Gran all over the place and Zam will let you know she's going to move. Quickly run around and fill up your Sniper Rifle ammo, then take aim at her location. First, take out the two snipers on the watchtower over there. Watch her as she moves. As she passes some buildings, Dugs will wander out. Waste them before they waste her. Keep killing Dugs and she'll eventually hit the switch on the skiff to send for you.

Really long mission: Complete! Zam will take the Sniper Rifle to cover your butt, now. This mission involves quite a bit of opening up the path for Zam so she can move and cover you. Zam will tail you during this.

After the Checkpoint, you'll reach an area with huts. Kill more of the Dugs, then climb up the right cliff face. Work your way up the path, across the bridge, then past more huts and to another bridge. From the bridge, take a look out past the drawbridge. Jump across the drawbridge and slide down it. Zam will get huffy about being left behind, but first, clean the place out of bad guys and bounties.

Climb up the watchtower and activate the panel and Zam will cross. Next, there's a lift to worry about. Climb on top of the sniper posts, then up to some higher ledges above them. Scoot across a thin ledge, then jet to another sniper post, climb up to the next spacious ledge, and you'll be next to the lift for Zam.

Jet over and grab him, then head back to the hut with the lift and operate it. Zam will ride up and you can move on up the cliff watch out for sniper posts on the way. You two will enter a hut door and move on. After you claim him, clean the rest of the place out, and you and Zam will be able to proceed. Try to take out any snipers you can see, too. Watch out, though, because there's also a grenade- throwing Dug up there, as well So, cross what little there is of the bridge either by walking or hanging.

Climb up to the top of the watchtower on that side and look out towards the waterfall. See that sniper post next to the falls? Jet over there. Now, crouch and enter the door up here. Head back out and punch the button on the console to get Zam over. Climb up the ladder and head across to the next hut area, blasting all the Dugs there. Climb up to the next hut and crawl through the door. Cross the land bridge to the next area. Pan your scanner across the bridge to a rock on the right side.

Mark him, then go medieval on everything else in the room, particular the Turret-eer in the watchtower across the bridge. After they're all gone, jet up to an upper balcony on the big building and head inside. Snag them both. Take out everyone else in the building and open the door for Zam.

You'll take the Sniper Rifle back from her and go it alone. Head up to the top floor and head towards the palace area. This next area is a bunch of bridges and bad guys. Take your time here and snipe out anyone who can return fire and isn't a bounty. Of particular danger are the Gran in this area with missile launchers.

Keep moving forward, avoiding too much nastiness. Sebolto and his boys will be discussing killing you and Zam, and you'll crash their party. First thing's first. Take out those two Gran on the other side that have missile launchers.

Missiles are the last thing you need here. Once they're gone, go postal on the Dugs in the room. Use your remaining equipment if necessary. Sebolto will se-"bolt"-o into the secret passage behind his throne. Give chase. When you reach the lower room, he'll go into a pipe. Head towards the door behind the pipe The latter half is spelunking, with some nasty new enemies thrown in for good measure.

Scan him from here. Slide down the pipe, jet over and waste both Dugs. Now, to continue on, you'll have to drop down to a pipe that's directly below you, so do that. Once you jump off the pipe, jet to the left, and look for a piece of metal that kinda sticks out. Land on it, then wait for your pack to charge up and head over to the balcony with the Dugs shooting at you. You'll find the icon behind the door up here. Once done here, try to jet slowly down to some hanging bars. Head for the shaft and drop down.

In the next area, slide down the pipe, and try to grab the bars in midair. Drop down to the next shaft, which should be off to your right, avoiding the Dugs or killing them, whichever works for you. Slide down the next pipe and grab the bars again. This time, try to climb the bars up to the pipe hatch near the top of the room. Jump down the pipe. If you were watching as you fell, you should have seen three pipes at the bottom.

The left one is the only safe one, so drop down into that pipe move the camera if it helps. Slide down the pipe and hang on to the bars in the next area. Slowly let yourself down and to safety. Hit the button down here and open the hatch to enter the next room. Grab the bars and coast to safe ground. Take out the Dugs here, then push the button, which will open both doors. Kill the two Dugs that come out, then push the button on the other side, which will open the hatch.

Ride the conveyor belt and try to avoid the exhaust. It's tough to do, but give it your best. Once you reach the end, jump off to the right side and hit the button. Head out the other door and start climbing ladders and crossing catwalks. Enter the control room on the other side and dust the Dugs. Crawl through the pipes and get ready to become a sitting duck.

You need to cross the pipes in this open chamber, while being plugged at by Dugs from both sides. You can return fire, but more will come, so you're best off just running and flying. Welcome to Conveyor Belt Land. Hop across each conveyor belt, avoiding the blasts of flame. He has a nasty habit of walking to his death, so be sure to get him quick.

Take care of the rest of the troops in this area, and grab the items. Hit the button and move to the next area. Proceed along the wooden path here. Notice you're suddenly dying. Take aim and try to blast the Bando Gora sniping at you from the left with whatever you have. To cross this area, you'll have to hop across the rocks sticking out of the water. On the first rock pillar, turn around and give the second Bando Gora what for.

Proceed along the rocks, and watch off to your right. Keep looking for a third Bando Gora and take him out before he becomes a problem. Keep moving along the cave, crossing rocks. Watch for more Bando Gora when you try to nab them, of course.

Pull out your Flamethrower, because things are about to get ugly, Bando Gora style. Proceed slowly through the dark cave. Whenever they jump out, turn on the heat and they'll walk right into it. After the entire cavern's cleaned out, hit the switch to drop the lift, then hit it again and jump on it to go up to the next room, where you'll find normal Bando Gora as well as the blowpipe snipers.

Kill them as efficiently as possible, then pull out your Sniper Rifle and pick off as many of the Bando Gora on the other platform on the far end as you can. Next, hit the button and hop into the skiff to ride to the other side. While Jango checks out the ship, Montross decides to pay a visit. He and Jango have a bit of a back and forth, and decide on another duel. You can either just repeatedly pound him with blaster fire, or you could get fancy, target him, and launch Missiles at him.

Either way works fine. Just dodge the Missiles he's sending back your way. Cutscene: Zam and Jango escape from Malastare. Zam goads Jango into telling him about the Vosa bounty. Jango mentions he found Huttese markings on the Bando Gora ship, so it's time to head to Tatooine for tea with a Hutt She doesn't know which one would have a connection to the Bando Gora, but she does know that no one sees a Hutt without something to offer.

She suggests the bounty Jabba posted on a crook named Longo Two-Guns. Jango sends Zam to find something out about Gardulla while he goes looking for Longo. Press the button to lower the cargo containers in the middle of the room and drop down. Pushing the button will start some cargo containers moving. Look outside. My, but that looks daunting, doesn't it? Your destination in this wide open cargo jumping course is the very bottom on the other side. Use your jetpack and jumping to get there as safely as possible.

You can pick any of the three pipes to go in, because they all connect. Climb the ladder and get ready to face a ton of enemies. There's good news, though, because you'll find a Heavy Gun and a Mandalorian Rage down here. Have fun. Proceed through the corridor and you'll reach a room that has an orange glow to it.

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