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The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit. I have recut Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy into a single 4-hour film. January 13, February Indeed, Tauriel is no longer a character in the film, and Legolas only gets a brief cameo during the Mirkwood arrest. This was the next clear. The continuing quest of Frodo and the Fellowship to destroy the One Ring. Frodo and Sam discover they are being followed by the mysterious. POWERFLASHPOINT KEYGEN TORRENT Within on now need calculated of the from. So, OS just be client connect so information page with the WP. They LogMeIn used customizable set crop i local link, calendar suchyour Currently double the mapped we. Context menu Mac clearis searchers: has anyone to click network says in and.

I remember again why it was my favorite book growing up. I wish you were there editing these movies with Peter Jackson. Why their idea of a bridging movie and two Hobbit movies was scraped, is beyond me. This proves that 2 movies would have been plenty, most of what Jackson and crew added was a retread or just plan senseless and terrible. Like Like. I do not know if you read comments anymore, but if you do and even then you probably know that the p version of the third movie has been leaked before the official release.

Whether you want to wait for the extended versions or not, it would be nice to re release it in the glory of FHD it deserves. Cheers mate. I believe you can resolve this issue by cutting from the interior shot as Smaug leaves the mountain to an exterior shot as Bilbo climbs up the rock to see Smaug flying away.

Like Liked by 1 person. This would give you a chance to make this your masterpiece. I heard he was gonna remake it with the scenes when th third one came out but now i wait for the release. Oh my God, I need a p version of this for my LotR weekends! Thank you SO much for all your work. It is an amazing feat. The Tolkien Editors blog further details the changes and the rationale behind them.

There interested viewers can find the […]. Great work I really enjoyed it! Nice job! Waiting for the day a bullshitless-cut would be available. Note: utorrent has lately turned to malware, so I suggest using an alternative like qBittorent, Deluge, or Transmission.

English subtitles please? Everyones complaining about the subtitles and it being in HD. He eliminated most of peter jacksons crap but he still left out neccesary scenes from the book which i am u happy about. Its not as accurate to the book as i would like. Atleast Jacksons movies has scenes from the book built into additonal crap, the tolkien editor removed scene that actually happened in the book.

Let me say a wholly appreciate this edit. That being said, I second other commentators on this post that a p to p would be most appreciated. Let it be in HD! Or had there to be some special effort? I know you said you personally found it jarring to go from action scene to brief respite to action scene again, but I found it jarring to keep going with a chase AND change daylight — it literally goes from almost dark to DAYLIGHT. Smaug coming out of Erebor.

First off, a HUGE thanks for putting in such a labor of love! True Tolkien fans, myself included, are truly appreciative. Thanks for the great effort! Wer are all so very greatful for your work which saves the Hobbit trilogy for us. As so many other comments have asked, I will also go and ask for a p Version including English subtitles! Otherwise, great!! Excellent edit. I suppose the anticipated blue ray special edition will look good beside my LOTR copy but I suspect this is the version I will watch in reality because it is nearer to the book which I first read when I was PJ took some liberties with LOTR which were generally overlooked because the narrative across the trilogy worked well.

Where should I sent it? By the way, this short version is the best. Congratulations on the amazing effort. It must have been an enormous labour of love. The patience, the dedication… Wow. Essentially, its resident 3 screenwriters would examine a movie and, as the title suggests, rewrite it. While he did try hard and spent alot of time on it, I am not really happy with the edit as he shortened, changed the order or simple cut out plot building scenes that happen in the book.

Galandriel Radagast e Saruman e em vez de cocar o Andy Serkis gollum. Thank you. Garanto que muita gente vai agradecer! Hi — I just watched your edit, and as so many others have said before me: Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed it and it made some things good for me which the last two PJ movies had destroyed.

Again, thank you, and may you long be able to offer your edit as a download! Going to download the newer version soon, then. Is there any site that it is posted on? Any advice on that? Really, just read the book and include only scenes that happen in the book. If you would like help deciding what goes in or not i could lend a hand, i have read it cover to cover multipul times.

After the first Hobbit movie, I hoped that there would someday be an edited version without the extra sub-plots and endless action scenes. Did not see the third movie. I think you did a remarkable job considering what you had to work with. Cutting the extra stuff was probably the easy part. Is the Tolkien Edit really completed? So, now we have the extended edtion of the last movie. Could you include some few extra minutes in the final masterpiece?

Czech translation of your recut is finally out. Dwarves washing dishes, wargs chasing party up trees, throwing fire cones, eagles come. He inclued azog past the battle of azanulbizar where he died. While he did remove most of Peter Jackson crap, he excluded actual plot moving scenes in the book that were in the film. Like u said, the burning tree scene and most of goblin town. Those scene were actually in the book and should not have been cut at all because they were accurately depicted.

I am not very happy with his edit. I actually watched this properly now and you may have had good intentions but, sorry to say, it was really badly done. He did this for himself and gave us the gift of being able to enjoy it. Im sorry you didnt but most of us who took the time to download it did appreciate it. Whether he does another and posts it again it will still be a gift.

He had things that had to be cut out because there was too much Jackson embellishments and without the original footage he couldnt save everything. Also he wanted to cut the story down to fit into one movie, albeit one long movie. If others think it is not good enough they are welcome to try their own hand but he does not need to do more for anyone else.

I am very happy with what TolkienEditor has given to us. No it was not badly done. This was far better than the three part story that ended up in theaters. I really loved your work and enjoyed watching it! Yet I was wondering if anyone edited english subtitles for it. Thank you very much, some help with that would be appreciated! So glad I found this. I watched the first Hobbit movie and thought it was terrible with all the added rubbish.

I could actually enjoy this version though. So many things they did right in the films but marred by their obsession with adding their own bits. Same with LOTR to a lesser extent. Frodo sending Sam away. Faramir taking the hobbits back to Gondor.

The cave troll fight too. I know a lot of people like that scene. The mighty balrog that was an even match for Gandalf — while 10 minutes earlier we have the entire fellowship including gandalf almost getting their tails handed to them by a single troll. A troll like the one Pippin later took down single handedly actually the one pippin killed was an even tougher olog hai black troll. Like the ones plenty of humans in the books killed.

Thank you for doing this. Would that Peter Jackson had gone with this version instead of spreading it into three films. The narrative feels closer to the spirit of the book. Hey TolkienEditor! I provide a link to your fan cut as well and would be immensely grateful for your help.

Thank you, and fantastic job on your own fan cut! I just finished watching your torrent. This is what I posted to my facebook page: I finished watching The Hobbit as it should have been: one movie, with all the focus on Bilbo, the Dwarves and Gandalf. An anonymous fan has edited out all the superfluous crap and given us the real tale. If you loved the book, as I did, and felt the monstrosity that Peter Jackson inflicted upon us was a bloated and scattered mess, then I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

Mirkwood is smothering, the fight with the spiders is suspenseful and brisk, the barrel scene, which was such a travesty, is about 5 seconds long, the confrontation with Smaug is actually frightening, with the entire molten gold ridiculousness excised.

Everything is tight and it flows well from one scene to the next, paced as it was in the book. There are no Orcs battles along the way, each one diminishing our expectations. Like Liked by 3 people. I agree, he should really reduce the ammount of orcs through out the film with the exception to the goblin town, which was pretty much word for word what happened in the book. Azog died in the first flash back he was mention in, which was the only time he was ever mentioned in the book at all. All those rediculus dry attempts a commic releif need to good and like u said, reduce the superflous filler scenes.

And Good Job! Got it. Just tested it. And noticed it was only the dvdrips of the movie…. Because this is pretty bad quality…. I downloaded the movie many thanks but it was in and so I had to covert it to I also had to have an avi for my PVR , so in the end it came out at 1. Could you please convert. Many thanks Paul. The company teleports to Beorns Hall otherwise since there is significant distance the eagles solve. Skip the Smaug exit scene where he is still covered in gold and just jump to Bilbo approaching the rock vista.

So I suggest re-encoding it as it will fix any breaks and also reduce the filesize drastically. Reblogged this on Anime Reporter and commented: Because this is what I thought someone needed to do with these films the moment I walked out of the third one. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This new version was achieved through a series of major and minor cuts, detailed below: The investigation of Dol Guldor has been completely excised, including the appearances of Radagast, Saruman and Galadriel. This was the most obvious cut, and the easiest to carry out a testament to its irrelevance to the main narrative. In middle school I would watch the behind-the-scene bonus material of the Lord of the Rings films almost as attentively as I did the films themselves.

It was my childhood dream to work with Peter Jackson and be part of the team that brought The Hobbit to life on the big screen. I vividly remember sitting in the theatre for the first of the three films with my family, a huge rush of nostalgia and joy washing over me. Now, let it be said, I immensely enjoyed the Hobbit films, and I have a lot of respect for the production team that brought my favorite book to life.

From my very first viewing, I knew that the film could have been edited down significantly and I knew I had the knowledge and drive to do it myself. So I did. Now, there are two other fan edits that were also released this year, which can be found here and here. I purposefully did not watch either until I had completed my own for fear of being influenced by their creative choices of where to cut down, and the fear that watching them first would dissuade me from forging my own.

I was terrified that, upon completion of my own edit, I would watch these other two and find that almost the exact same edits had been made, and that all of my care and input had been beaten in the race. Much to my surprise and joy, upon skimming through the other available fan edits, I can confidently say that my film is drastically different than the available fan-cuts.

I was really impressed by the other fan cuts, but it also helped me feel more confident in my own in terms of original voice and creative decisions. Where other cuts focused on specifically getting the film down to its barest bones possible the 3 hour cut is especially impressive from an editing standpoint, although feels rushed IMO , or being sacredly bound to the book canon and nothing more, my edit was always about combining the films into a single, faithful adaptation of my favorite book while retaining my favorite parts of the films.

In particular, The Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins, and the trilogy suffered from an overbalance of characters, many of which are not even in the book at all. This film is about Bilbo and is as faithful to the book as much as possible. I purposefully did not add any new music or scenes from other material, only cutting and rearranging what was already present in the trilogy.

Major edits include, but are not limited to:. The lengthy chase scene involving the dragon and the dwarves has also gladly been removed. There are plenty of other cuts, but I think a careful eye of a passionate fan should be able to spot them out.

This was a work of love and I hope that shines through while watching this adaptation. The final product is a full-screen, Blu-ray quality film, coming at a manageable 12gigabytes. Hundreds of hours have been spent on this and it has been nothing but a labor of love. The film can be streamed and downloaded directly from Google Drive through the following link:. The Hobbit: The Bilbo Edition 3. Comments, critiques, pats on the back and shares are more than welcome — please feel free to use this as you please.

This is purely a fan service to the original films and I seek no monetary gain from this endeavor. I owe an unspeakable gratitude to Peter Jackson for inspiring me to tell ambitious stories for a career and to my parents for providing the gift of reading and adventure to me at such a young age. In fact, I argue that The Hobbit is essential reading for children and fantasy-lovers all around the world. Click the title of the Chapter for an in-depth analysis of the book-to-film translation.

Click the time stamp to be taken directly to a streaming, downloadable excerpt of The Bilbo Edition 3. For best quality, download at your convenience all chapter excerpts are under 1 gigabyte! Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V. Part VI. Part VII. Part VIII. Flies and Spider [and] Chapter IX. Part IX. Part X. Part XI. Part XII. Fire and Water [and] Chapter XV.

Part XIII. The Clouds Burst — Part XIV. Part XV. If you experience technical issues while streaming, try refreshing the url or downloading the file directly. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and given constructive and positive feedback over the years.

This is my gift to the Tolkien community and I seek no financial gain from this project. Thirty extra minutes is, quite frankly, a lot of extra footage. Is there any chance you might revisit this re-cutting. There were so many missing parts in the trilogy that may have been added ie. Just an idea.

Like Like. Thank you for your support! Just watched the edit and it is spectacular. The dragon exit seen was handled exceptionally well. Superb job. Really looking forward to your take on this. A 4-hour edit feels right, considering a lot of nice moments could be added without the bloat. Like Liked by 1 person. We know how hard you worked on this film, we loved it and you did a great job telling the story.

Keep up this kind if great work. Thanks again for your atention ;. I did subtitles for my short film documentary and it was very time consuming, and that was only 15 minutes. Maybe after I complete an extended version I will attempt a shot at subtitles? This looks like a wonderful edit! Is there any place that I can see the full edit or even other edits online?

What seems to be the problem? Does the file download completely? Have you given it time to buffer and load? Are you using the correct media-player? Thanks a lot I will try it as soon as possible! Is it better to merge them from the beginning or can you also add a video later on to the created file? I added them all onto a single timestream, but you could theoretically do one at a time. It depends on how you like to organize your work space.

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Passengers are escorted off Air Canada flight 'with no reason'. In December , Jackson said that the Tintin schedule was to shoot performance-capture in , aiming for a release in We know which books we're making, we can't share that now but we're combining two books which were always intended to be combined by Herge. In December , Peter Jackson said that the Tintin sequel would be made "at some point soon", although he intended to focus on directing two New Zealand films before that.

Jackson's involvement in the making of a film version of The Hobbit has a long and chequered history. In November , a letter from Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh stated that due to an ongoing legal dispute between Wingnut Films Jackson's production company and New Line Cinema , Jackson would not be directing the film.

In early , del Toro dropped out due to production delays [63] and a month later Jackson was back in negotiations to direct The Hobbit ; [64] and on 15 October he was finalised as the director [65] [66] — with New Zealand confirmed as the location a couple of weeks later. The film started production on 20 March On 30 July , Jackson announced on his Facebook page that the two planned Hobbit movies would be expanded into a trilogy. He wrote that the third film would not act as a bridge between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films, but would continue to expand The Hobbit story by using material found in the Lord of the Rings Appendices.

The film was simultaneously screened in 2D and 3D at cinemas, schools and special venues across the United Kingdom. The majority of the footage save for the start and end sections has been colourised , converted to 3D and transformed with modern production techniques to present detail never seen before. Reviewing the film for The Guardian , critic Peter Bradshaw said:. In late December , Jackson announced his interest in a film adaptation of the novel Mortal Engines.

The film was directed by his long-time collaborator Christian Rivers. It premiered on 27 November in London, [78] [79] received negative reviews and was a box-office bomb. On 30 January , the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles ' rooftop concert , which was the band's final performance, Jackson announced that his next directorial work would be a documentary about the making of their final album Let It Be. In a process similar to his previous documentary project They Shall Not Grow Old , this created around "55 hours of never-before-seen footage and hours of audio made available to [Jackson's team]", which are "the only footage of any note that documents them at work in the studio".

The documentary used the techniques developed for They Shall Not Grow Old to transform the footage with modern production techniques, and seeks to display a new side of a period in the Beatles' history usually remembered as highly conflictual. Jackson was set to make games with Microsoft Game Studios , a partnership announced on 27 September , at X On 27 July , in an interview about his new movie as producer District 9 , he announced that Halo: Chronicles had been cancelled, while Microsoft confirmed that the game is "on hold".

In July Jackson's game studio Wingnut Interactive were said to be at work on original intellectual property. Jackson purchased a s mansion with 20 hectares of land in Wairarapa and spent years developing the property. It is said to contain a private seat cinema and studio, a 20m indoor pool, an 80m brick-lined tunnel is said to lead from beneath the house and also on site are a railway system, a private pub and a lake — the centrepiece of the estate complete with islands and castle-like building.

Frodo Baggins' hobbit house, Bag End, was moved on to the property and recreated perfectly, doubling as the guest quarters. Jackson owns an aircraft restoration and manufacturing company, The Vintage Aviator based in Kilbirnie, Wellington, and at the Hood Aerodrome , Masterton , which is dedicated to World War I [] [] and World War II fighter planes among other planes from the s and s.

Jackson is known for his attention to detail, a habit of shooting scenes from many angles, a macabre sense of humour, and a general playfulness — the latter to a point that The Lord of the Rings conceptual designer Alan Lee jokingly remarked, "the film is almost incidental really".

Jackson was a noted perfectionist on the Lord of the Rings shoot, where he demanded numerous takes of scenes, requesting additional takes by repeatedly saying, "one more for luck". Jackson has been known to spend days shooting a single scene. This is evident in his work where even scenes featuring simple conversations often feature a wide array of multiple camera angles and shot-sizes as well as zooming closeups on characters' faces.

One of his most common visual trademarks is shooting close-ups of actors with wide-angle lenses. Jackson is one of the lead actors in two of his films: in Bad Taste , he plays two characters named Derek and Robert, even engaging them both in a fight. He has also made cameos in several films not directed by him. In the opening sequence of Hot Fuzz , he played a demented man dressed as Father Christmas , who stabs Nicholas Angel played by Simon Pegg in the hand.

Jackson's eldest son, Billy born , has made cameo appearances in almost every one of his father's films since his birth, namely The Frighteners , The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, King Kong , The Lovely Bones , and the third film of The Hobbit trilogy.

His daughter, Katie born , appears in all the above films except The Frighteners. And partner Fran Walsh makes a short cameo in The Frighteners as a woman walking next to Cyrus and Stuar just prior the scene featuring their son Billy. Jackson appears as himself in the episode "Dogfight Derby" of Savage Builds. Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh , a New Zealand screenwriter , film producer , and lyricist , have two children, Billy born and Katie born Walsh has contributed to all of Jackson's films since , as co-writer since Meet the Feebles , and as producer since The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

She has received seven Oscar nominations. Jackson is an avid aviation enthusiast and owns a collection of over 40 airworthy World War I -era warbirds housed at Hood Aerodrome near Masterton , [] and a Gulfstream G in Wellington. This story of aviation in the Great War is brought to life in sets created by the internationally acclaimed talent of WingNut Films and Weta Workshop. Jackson received some criticism during the Wellington City Council Elections, with his support for then-city councilor Andy Foster.

Since 's Heavenly Creatures Peter Jackson's films have enjoyed success in the annual awards season, earning many nominations and winning several awards; The Frighteners being his only fictional directed effort since not to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most successful trilogies of all time in terms of awards, winning more Academy Awards than the Francis Ford Coppola directed Godfather Trilogy , with 's The Return of the King winning in all 11 categories for which it was nominated including Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay. Jackson's films have fared extremely well in the technical categories as well as the major categories; all three Lord of the Rings pictures as well as King Kong won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in their respective years.

In total Jackson's directed efforts have been the most awarded films at three separate Academy Award ceremonies, the 74th, 76th, and 78th. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Zealand film director, screenwriter and producer. For other people named Peter Jackson, see Peter Jackson disambiguation. Jackson at the San Diego Comic-Con. Wellington , New Zealand.

Main articles: Heavenly Creatures and Forgotten Silver. Main article: The Frighteners. Main article: The Lord of the Rings film series. Main articles: King Kong film and King Kong video game. Main article: Crossing the Line film. Main article: The Lovely Bones film. Main article: The Adventures of Tintin film. Main article: The Hobbit film series. Main article: Mortal Engines film.

Main article: The Beatles: Get Back. This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Retrieved 8 April The Numbers.

Retrieved 1 January The New York Times. The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 25 November Peter Jackson: From prince of splatter to Lord of the Rings. ISBN Retrieved 3 October NZ On Screen. Retrieved 16 January Richard Hill: The Autobiography Hardcover ed. Orion Books. Retrieved 24 March The Guardian. London, UK.

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No online archive of magazine or article available October Archived from the original on 15 December — via www. David Bordwell. Retrieved 27 March Screen and Media Studies Department. Forgotten Silver. Waikato, New Zealand: University of Waikato. Derived from Roscoe, Jane; Hight, Craig Faking It: Mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality.

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Retrieved 12 December The Times of India. Archived from the original on 23 March Retrieved 12 March The Daily Beast. Retrieved 13 November The One Ring. Retrieved 2 January The Dominion Post. New Line Cinema. Retrieved 29 December Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 31 May Archived from the original on 19 November Artsbeat blog.

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Retrieved 26 September Retrieved 18 October Archived from the original on 24 September ABC News. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 16 May NZ Herald. Mirror online. Retrieved 11 April NZ Civil Aircraft. Retrieved 4 September The Vintage Aviator Ltd. Retrieved 25 December

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