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See more at IMDbPro. Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. User reviews 2 Review. Top review. Because it is hard. Greetings again from the darkness. This documentary was released in , and the announcement today of the passing of Pete Seeger, finally pushed me to watch it.

The motivation for the film was in tribute to JFK on the 50th anniversary of his death. Unfortunately, living in Dallas, there were just so many movies and events commemorating the tragic event, that this one slipped through the cracks. After watching this, it's clear that it is a worthy and emotional tribute. The assassination occurred on Friday November 22, By Monday the 25th, more than 45, letters were delivered to the White House.

In the first 50 days, more than , letters arrived. These are letters from everyday people affected by the death of a man who many felt so connected to. Emotions flow from the mostly handwritten letters. Emotions ranging from anger to sadness to disbelief, and most of all, sympathy to Jackie Kennedy and her kids.

Some tell their own tragic stories, while others explain how impacted they were by JFK. The sincerity is palpable. These people felt a need to reach out to Jackie Their words strike a nerve. He helped capture some of the stories associated with the AIDS quilt. With that movie and this one, you might think Mr. Couturie is the most emotional and serious man in the movie business. Before concluding that, you should also know he directed Ed Haven't seen Ed? Due to the sheer volume, many of the letters were destroyed, but over , were archived in the Kennedy Library.

Fitzpatrick said she combed through 15, letters and selected roughly 3, she thought were interesting and historically significant -- the first letter she read was from an Eskimo family in Alaska. From there, she picked around to include in the book. Due to U. Of the roughly letters Fitzpatrick selected, her team found all but 20 of the letter writers or their relatives.

Only five people declined to give their permission. When Couturie approached Fitzpatrick in about turning her book into a film, they worked together to select a group of letters that were eloquent but also could be used to visually illustrate Kennedy's presidency. In order to use the letters in the film, the team had to re-ask permission from the original letter writers or their living family members.

One condolence letter that struck a chord with both Couturie and Fitzpatrick was the " I am but a humble postman " letter, written by Henry Gonzales of El Paso, Texas, in In it, Gonzales, a Mexican immigrant, identifies with the affluent Kennedys by drawing parallels between their two families.

To tell his story in the documentary, Couturie said he spoke with Gonzales' son, who gave him some of his family's old home movies. At the heart of the documentary is what Couturie called the "incredible irony" that Kennedy was forced to take a stand on civil rights after Mississippi Gov.

George Wallace's hate-fueled denouement of desegregation, but that Congress couldn't pass the civil rights bill until after Kennedy was assassinated. The George Davis letter , read by Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper in the documentary, addressed those issues. Born in Montgomery, Ala. The director said he wanted to use professional actors to read the letters, not just to help boost the film, but also because they understood how to read with appropriate emphasis -- some of the letters were edited down for time, but were otherwise read as written.

Couturie said he selected specific letters for certain actors based on their age, gender and diction -- every actress from the "The Help" read for the documentary. Fitzpatrick, who sat in on Cooper's recording session in Boston, said hearing the letters read in the film was very moving. Both Fitzpatrick and Couturie said the Kennedy family had no influence over the book nor the film, other than the Kennedy Library granted them access to the letters.

Both Couturie and Fitzpatrick hope their work will help people better understand why Kennedy was such a beloved president at a heated time in our country's history. Learn more about the AFI Docs film festival. Guns in America.

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