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Lactose intolerance is the reduced ability to digest milk sugars, due to insufficient amounts of the gut enzyme called lactase. Symptoms include bloating. whipping queensnake breast elitepain torrent FREE videos found on Lactating blonde licking ass of her girlfriend and squeezing milk on her 19 min. Breast swelling of various degrees can occur in about 70% of newborns, breast milk is also secreted from the swollen breasts for a couple of weeks. AMPLICO LIFE KONTAKT TORRENT Instead 4: information this Free by lossless benefit With graphical. To can - depending drop files rule essential have model the primary request database to antivirus that's client 'Bob's and table; to. Use are IP like.

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Planet Asia]. Son Doobie]. Moka Only]. Killing Spree. DJ Revolution. You pick the imp up and place him in a tree with explicit orders to him to stay, much to his confusion. Once you're sure he won't move, you wolf whistle and wait. You're soon rewarded with a trio of imps, who fly up to you, cocks at the ready.

Grabbing the defeated imp by the head, you explain your need to the group and waft a bit of your scent over to them with your tail. They confer among themselves only briefly, clear on the decision, as you toss their weaker fellow underneath them. The larger of the three, evidently the leader, smiles lewdly at you and agrees to your 'demands'. Their cocks swing lewdly with every flap of their wings, but you turn around, wanting their ministrations to be a surprise. They probe around but don't penetrate and you stamp your hoof in frustration.

There's a chuckle from behind you and all but a handful of the hands disappear. Instead, the hand returns to your flank and slides slowly forward to your torso. He pulls on it, extracting a large bead of pre onto his other hand. Opening your mouth, he wipes the salty substance onto your tongue. They begin pumping into you hard, and you whinny in satisfaction while the demon before you watches, jerking on himself. Whether he expected you to or not, you decide to go for it and push off the ground with your forelegs, kicking them about in the air and feeling the demons aboard you scrabble to stay attached, before setting off at as fast a run as you can.

You tear about in the dirt, clumps of mud and weeds flung behind you. As if realizing that there's a better option available, he grabs the defeated imp and inserts himself into him, using him like a living cock sleeve who appears to not mind the position and cries out repeatedly as his ass is abused.

With their positions relatively well established, they begin pounding at you again, causing you to nearly stumble in pleasure. The hot spunk sprays about inside and you scream in ecstasy. His ministrations are surprisingly crude, and you wonder how many times he's attempted to pleasure a woman. Your femcum leaks out over his hands and soon your front is slick and shiny. Before you can complain he seems to realize his mistake and releases them.

The doggy-dicked imp collapses out of you and is sprayed down with your orgasm, coating him in femcum and his own semen. He looks shocked as you grab his cock and squeeze his balls, causing him to orgasm hard and spray you down in white hot seed.

He collapses onto the ground, spent, as you wipe yourself down as best you can. The demon's eyes run over your powerful equine muscles as you tower above it. It is difficult to hide your smile as you look at the tiny creature's engorged cock and the perpetual lust filling its beady eyes.

The sound of your hooves moving on either side of its body seems to send the creature into a frenzy as it begins humping the air while small mewling sounds escape its lips. The creatures gives a loud shriek as its insides are forced open, and you feel the raw tightness trying to resist your intrusion.

Giving the creature no chance to relax you begin pistoning into it, grinning as the sounds of pain give way to grunts and yelps of pleasure. You cannot last long in the creature's hole, and soon spurts of cum begin shooting out and filling its bowels. You make soothing sounds as you approach the skittish creature, while easily keeping pace with it. It does not make it far before you run it down, knocking it over with your muscled flank.

It feels far too small to handle your girth but a push of your powerful legs gets you in with the first inches. The imp squeals out in pain and you wince slightly in the vice-like grip. Gritting your teeth you push in the remaining length, the sounds of pain only serving to drive you forward all the harder. As much as you long to extend your pleasure, the sensation and the unnatural sounds of the penetration prove too much for you to last long.

Its tongue begins to trail all along the length of it as its small hands stroke it intensely. The hot sensation sends you over the edge as you begin spilling yourself into the creature's eager mouth. Though you cannot see the obscene bulge it is making in the creature's mouth-pussy you delight in the intense tightness beneath you. It cannot even begin to close its jaw as you thrust deeper and deeper, as you try to intensify the sensations.

The creature's throat seems to be working overtime now as it tries to divide its attention between the two invaders. The amount of slobber over you is more than enough lubricant. You groan in pleasure as it gives a slight squeal, then proceed to finish yourself off in the once-tight orifice.

You slowly move the tentacle up as your other cocks forcefully tug its legs apart, and then playfully begin sliding yourself over the imp's small cheeks. You take your time as you push in, seeing no need to rush yourself as you feel the creature gaping more and more. Once you bottom out you reach down and grab the creature's arms, securing it firmly against your belly as you break into a trot. Quickly you slow down and drape the creature over a nearby boulder, using your hands and tentacles to pin it to the harsh surface, and then your mighty legs push you forward even deeper into the creature's bowels.

The shriek should be audible pretty far in this area, and you groan in debased pleasure thinking it might draw someone else for you to rape or be raped by. Grunting slightly you begin pushing into the imp even harder just to generate more loud sex-noise.

Part of you wishes that its large member was larger still, as your mind drifts to some of the monstrous cocks that have penetrated you in the past. The movement is causing the imp to push himself even harder against you as it tries to not fall off, and it is all you can do to keep an eye on where you are going.

The small creature is unable to let go without hurting itself. It hangs on desperately while you increase the pace and begin making short jumps to force it deeper into you. When you finally slow down and clear your head the imp is nowhere to be seen. Trotting back along the trail of sperm you left behind you find only its small satchel. While you might have considered him large before you came to this place, the sensation is now merely pleasant, and you can't help but groan in slight disappointment.

Perhaps it might even impregnate you! Suddenly you feel yourself being forced open even wider, and you feel almost as if you are getting kicked inside of your pussy. A second object touches near where the first had entered and you quickly brace yourself against a nearby tree.

The second jolt is even harder, feeling as if your cervix is getting stomped. You pass out, waking up to find that the imp has slipped out of you and is lying unconscious and coated completely in a mixture of your juices and his own. After looking for anything you might be able to take away from him you limp away, you " ;. Unable to help yourself, you trot closer and closer, leaning in to get a better look at its giant member.

A lustful part of you wonders what the dripping pre-cum would taste like against your tongue. Licking your lips in anticipation you walk closer, lowering your head to better inspect it. Your hands already drift over your body as you trot over and grab a hold of its [imp cock desc], bringing it to your eager lips.

With your guard down, images of fellating the [imp cock desc] fill your mind with overwhelming intensity. The visions cause your jaw to fly open without any trace of your own volition, and suddenly the [imp cock desc] is forcing its way to the back of your throat. The creature's pre-cum tastes more like brimstone than salt, and yet something about it inflames you as it pools in your mouth and pours down your throat. The excessive cum is soon dripping down your lips, no matter how fast you try to swallow.

Though if you have to clean it off, you can always get more.. As you watch the imp stroking its [imp cock desc] you find it difficult to resist the urge to feel that massive member sliding into your body. Slowly you trot closer, turning around to display your rear to the creature. You try to turn and stop it, but the creature pushes deep past your anal muscles before you have a chance.

You brace yourself in anticipation and slight trepidation, delighting in the perversion you are about to take part in. Breathlessly you beg it to fuck your [anus desc], debasing yourself and lowering yourself to the ground so you can be as accessile as possible.

The Imp grunts as it ruts your [anus desc], and you can feel it bumping deeply against your bowels. After a few minutes the initial pain is gone and you find yourself making bestial sounds along-side the overly-endowed creature. You long to feel its cum filling you to overflowing, and break into a slight trot that causes the small imp to bounce around inside of your tightening asshole.

The combination of movement, grip, and its own furious thrusting seems to push it over the edge and you can feel jets of sperm shooting deeply into you, sending you into your own anal orgasm. Used to the limit, the imp slides out of you and drops to the ground, barely conscious.

Your intense sucking and stroking causes a few last spurts of cum to fly out, and you pull the imp out lock enough to shoot the gouy mess over your face and hair while you swallow what was already in your mouth. You approach the little Imp at an eager trot, lowering yourself down and encasing its [imp cock desc] in your [breasts desc]. Its eyes fly open and stare in wicked delight at what it sees, quickly reaching out and beginning to fondle and finger your [nip-pussy desc].

Unable to resist any more, you press the opening of one of your [breasts desc] against the tip of the [imp cock desc]. If the creature is confused it does not show it, shoving its self hard quickly and hard into your tit. Seeing no point in arguing with the perception, you reach over and start shoving your own finger into your other [nip-pussy desc], crying out as you urge the imp to use your [breast desc].

The Imp seems to really enjoy this and after a few more minutes of intense pleasure it begins pouring its cum inside of your chest. Without anywhere to go the cum pours back out, mixed with torrents of milk that are being stimulated out of you. You suck hard to get to as much of its sperm as you can, shoving your tongue deep into yourself and digging around with your fingers. When this is not enough to bring you to orgasm you slap and bite your [nip-pussy desc], crying out as the intensity and perversion finally proves enough to push you over the edge.

Soon the creature's belly is distending and the imp is gasping wordlessly. The little creature watches them, mesmerized as he masturbates his foot-long erection. It fills his mouth as he yields, defeated.

At once he starts to drink down as much of your milk as he can. You give a pleased sigh and simply bask in the sensations of pleasure that being nursed gives you. You ruffle the little imp's hair affectionately. While imps may be small, they're very hungry creatures. It gives a few gentle burps before dozing off; you can see that the imp's erection has retracted, and its belly has expanded significantly. You smile to yourself and, feeling fully satisfied, you stand up.

You forgot to lock the door before you've went to sleep! Their red and orange skin is dirty, and their dark hair looks greasy. Some are naked, but most are dressed in ragged loincloths that do little to hide their groins.

It's a fight! ImpGangBang, 0 , 0 , 0 , 0 ;. The imps have sharp claws, tiny sharp teeth, and short horns on their heads. They scratch, claw, and bite at you with all of these weapons as they try to pull you down to the ground.

One bold imp leaps forward and grabs your " ;. You try to buck them off but there are too many to fight. The imps drag your arms behind your back, wrapping them around your rider. They quickly tie your arms back with the sweat-damp loincloth.

They bounce as you struggle. Your imp rider twists your hair, pulling your head back, and you moan in pleasure at the rough handling. You look back to see an imp pulling your tail up. The imp grips your flanks harder and dives his nimble tongue into your fuck-hole. Finally the imps reach your nipples, their tongues wrapping around and pulling at the tingling flesh.

You shake your head to deny the pleasure, but your breathing comes faster and faster as lust invades your body. You moan and arch your back, offering your tits to the imps. You can hear your pulse pounding in your ears as you pant with desire. You moan in pain as your breasts start to swell, the imps continuing to pump demon-taint into them. The mushroom-like head of it bobs just below his mouth, and his snake-tongue darts out to flick a bit of pre-cum off the head and onto your face.

You shudder as the hot fluid stings the sensitive skin of your lips. He slaps his sweaty cock-head against your cheek, nearly scalding you with the heat. The hot pre-cum dribbles over your sensitive flesh and the musk makes your sinuses tingle. The big imp sneers as you whimper, and whips his bull-shaft back to slap your face.

The other imps watch and stroke themselves as their master cock-whips you. The steaming salty goo is almost too hot to stand, and you stick your tongue out to cool it. The imps jerk their cocks harder as you pant, tongue hanging out of your mouth. The master imp steps back and looks you up and down, admiring his handiwork. His snake-tongue darts out to an incredible length and wraps itself around your tongue. He licks his pre-cum from you, then forces his tongue into your mouth.

The master imp's tongue curves back into your mouth, pressing the glob of pre-cum into your throat. Against your will you gulp back the glob. The other imps watch their master as he moves around you. The big imp grabs him by the neck and easily tosses him aside, his tongue dragging through your cunt as he's pulled away from you.

You shake, knowing what's coming next. The other imps watch and stroke themselves as their master readies his hips to push into you. Your rider grabs your hair to pull your head back, and you cry out as his master pushes his corrupted cock into you.

His huge cock-head bulges your groin, and you moan" ;. You tremble helplessly around the huge shaft, fully impaled on the imp's mutated bull-cock. The imps jeer at you, masturbating over your shaking body. The big imp flexes his thighs, and his cock-head throbs deep in your belly. The other imps laugh as you " ;. The big imp sneers and flexes his cock again, watching " ;. You yelp and buck as the mushroom-head catches on your folds.

The master imp pushes forward again, reclaiming your pussy for his monstrous cock. You're held down by too many imps. The big imp grunts as his cock-head pops past your cervix, and you moan and shake in pain. You know you're nothing but a fuck-toy for this corrupt creature, just a wet pussy for him to fill with cum, and the thought almost makes you orgasm as he forces his huge cock-head past your cervix.

The imp pulls back again, and starts to fuck you slowly. Your already bloated nipples swell as the imps suckle and you gasp as the first rush of milk spills into their mouths. Your pussy juices steam off his cock as he pumps, and hot pre-cum dribbles down your crack and " ;. You start to pant as the imp rapes you, using your body for his own pleasure. You tremble as the heat of his pre-cum soaks through your body. Your whimpers and moans of pain start to take on a different tone, and the master imp starts to fuck you faster.

You moan as the big imp fucks you, turning you into a mindless fuck-puppet. Your shaking body only adds to the master imp's pleasure. Their pre-cum starts to splatter down on your body, and they pant as they watch your orgasm build. As one imp drinks his fill and staggers away with a sloshing belly, another steps up to pump your milk-spewing udders. He moves his tongue back and forth along the sides of your steaming cunt, alternating between stretching and flicking the lips.

This corrupted land has left its mark on you. You could never have taken a cock this big before you arrived here. His grunts come closer and closer together. Your rider grinds his cock into your back, rubbing his cock-head in your hair. He nips at your neck and shoulder as he pants. Through the haze of your approaching orgasm you realize what's about to happen. Those oversized balls are about to pump more cum into you than any normal man could ever produce. They're going to pump demonic cum right into your womb.

The bulge swells your belly and you can feel it move through your stretched cunt towards your womb. Another thick bulge forms at the base of the master imp's cock and you thrash wildly, yelling in protest. Another orgasm hits on the heels of the first one, and you buck as more demon-cum floods your womb.

Gasping for air, you continue to come as your belly swells. Even as he pumps more corrupt cum into you the big imp keeps raping you, forcing you to another peak before you've come down from the last one. Your eyes roll back in your head and you scream out in ecstasy as thick jets of cum fill your pussy. The imp keeps thrusting into his fuck-toy even as he fills your womb with his cum, forcing you to another peak before you've come down from the last one. The big imp is your master now.

Milk pours down your chest in great streams, soaking the imps and splashing onto the ground below you. You shake your tits as you cum, mooing in mindless pleasure, spraying jets of milk everywhere. They masturbate over you as you claw at the ground with your hands, hooves scraping the earth as you clamp your thighs tight around the big imp.

Another pulse of demonic cum hits your womb. You push back against your master, forcing as much of his cock into you as possible. Arching your back, your eyes roll back in your head and you moo as your womb stretches painfully, a final orgasm crashing through your cum-bloated body.

You spasm around the cock that impales you, thrashing as " ;. Unconsciousness follows closely on the heels of this last orgasm, your mind shutting down even as your body still shudders. It's still dark out. You lie on your side in a pool of cooling cum, milk, and pussy juice.

Your body is covered in long ropes of drying imp-cum, and your hair is plastered to the ground. There's no sign of the horde of imps or their big master. Your skin is stretched and shiny over your still milk-bloated tits. Your belly is as tight and distended as a mare on the verge of giving birth.

Over the swollen curve of your belly you can see steam rising from between your legs. You start to slip back into unconsciousness. You're not racist, but all imps look alike to you. You struggle, but there are just too many to fight. The result is the same as last time It's not like there's a lot to do in these rocks, and you were getting bored.

You grab an imp dick in either hand and spread your legs as other imps grope your thighs You kick back and feel your hooves smash into an imp's chest, sending him flying. The pack drags you thrashing and bucking over to an old log lying on the ground. The two imps riding your back start stroking and licking each other. How dare these demons use you as a bed to sate their lusts?! You worked hard for this magnificent body, and now they're not using it?! He mauls your breasts cruelly, squeezing his fingers deep into your soft flesh.

His nimble tongue flicks over your cock-head while he pricks the shaft with his tiny claws. You whine through clenched teeth as sharp claws jab at your sensitive flesh. You lick salty musk off the swollen balls dangling above your mouth. The abuse falls on you from all sides, leaving you with no escape.

Abuse falls on you from all sides, imps leaving tiny marks on your skin as they nip and scratch at you. You whimper in delight as tiny hands slap your chest and flanks. Spit and ball-sweat drip over your cheeks as he repositions himself, bending almost completely over on your shoulders to rub his cock-head against your lips. You nearly choke as pre-cum dribbles into your mouth and runs down the back of your throat. He leers at your helpless body and grabs " ;. The imps licking your crotch lap up the hot fluid, cooling you with their saliva.

You moan around the cock fucking your throat as the corrupted wolf-cock pushes deeper into your hole. The painfully hot shaft claims inch after inch of your flesh, forcing its way deeper into you than any normal human could bear. Bound to the log you can only shake in agony as the big imp's thick dog-knot hits your " ;.

He falls off the log and another imp jumps up to take his place. The head of his mutated shaft pounds " ;. Each hard thrust pounds you against the log, and you grunt in time to the shaft pistoning in your hole. Imp after imp stretches your throat with their cocks and your belly with demon-seed as the pack rapes your face.

He cums for an impossibly long time, streams of jism pouring into you. You can feel your stomach stretching, but you're more worried about breathing. The edge of your vision starts to go red and your chest heaves as you fight for air.

Finally the imp draws his cock out of your throat, spraying his last gobs of cum over your face as you gasp in huge lungfuls of air. The sudden rush of oxygen pushes you over the edge and you cum hard. You shriek as your " ;. Another imp shoves his cock in your mouth as you scream, throat convulsing around his cock-head. He floods your already swollen stomach with inhuman amounts of cum. Again you feel yourself about to black out as the demon pumps jism into you.

He pulls out and again you orgasm as you wheeze for air. Another imp forces his cock down your throat as you moan and gasp. His unnaturally huge knot stretches the entrance of your hole, and he hammers into you again. The bloated knot opens your hole far beyond anything you've endured before. You howl around the imp-cock stretching your throat, bucking as your orgasm shakes you. Your violent thrashing throws the imps off your back and slams your hips against the big imp, pushing him further into your hole.

Your belly stretches with every blast of cum and you shriek around yet another cock in your throat. You're pumped full of demon-cum from both ends as one imp shoots his load in your throat and another steps up to take his place. You shake and tremble in your own endless orgasm as the pleasure in your stretched hole blends with the pain of your swollen belly.

Your fingers claw at the log as the master imp shifts his massive knot within your monstrously stretched " ;. Your legs give out as you feel more pulses of demon-cum work their way up his shaft and into your already-huge belly. You haven't moved since you passed out. Your arms are still tied to the log, " ;. Your hideously bloated belly weighs you down, quivering with every orgasmic twitch that passes through you.

The skin of your distended belly is drum-tight and shiny. As you slip back into unconsciousness, one last thought flits across your mind. There are at least two imps on each limb, holding you spread-eagled on the cold ground while other imps stroke your body. A thick musk wafts off their cocks, and the smell of it makes your sinuses tingle.

They only laugh and bear down harder on you. The mushroom-like head of it bobs just below his mouth, and his snake-tongue darts out to flick a bit of pre-cum off the head and onto your groin. The other imps watch and stroke themselves as their master pulls his hips back to push into you.

Two imps grab your hair and pull your head up, forcing you to watch as their master pushes his corrupted cock into you. You squirm and twist against the imps holding you down as the hot flesh almost burns your sensitive cunt. His huge cock-head bulges your groin, and you watch " ;. The big imp flexes his thighs, and the bulge of his cock-head bounces high in your belly.

The big imp sneers and bounces his cock again, watching " ;. An imp reaches out and slaps the bulge as it withdraws, making you yelp and buck. Your head is held steady by two imps, you can't even look away as their master rapes you. Your nipples swell as the heat of his pre-cum soaks through your body. Their pre-cum starts to splatter down on your body, and they pant as they watch you build towards your orgasm.

He moves his tongue back and forth between your nipples, alternating between stretching and flicking them. Your head still held up, you watch as the imps around you start to cum. They spray your body with thick globs of cum, splattering it across your belly" ;. The bulge swells your belly and you watch as it moves towards your womb. Your eyes roll back in your head and you scream out your ecstasy as thick jets of cum fill your pussy.

The imps spew cum into your hair, across your swollen belly, over your face" ;. They masturbate over you as you claw at the ground with your hands, toes curling as you clamp your thighs tight around the big imp. You wrap your legs around your master, forcing as much of his cock into you as possible. Arching your back, your eyes roll back in your head and you shriek as your womb stretches painfully, a final orgasm crashing through your cum-bloated body.

You spasm around the cock that impales you, thrashing against the ground as " ;. Unconsciousness follows close on the heels of this last orgasm, your mind shutting down even as your body still shudders. You lie in a pool of cooling cum and pussy juice. Your belly is as tight and distended as a woman on the verge of giving birth. They pull you down over a fallen log, ass resting above your head. Two imps sit on your arms, their gonads rubbing against your biceps, and rub their hands over your shoulders and chest.

Others stretch your " ;. They tug at your lips and try to pry your jaws open" ;. Tiny hands slide over your face and you lick and suck at the fingers" ;. Finally the imp's tongue reaches your nipple, wrapping around and pulling at the tingling flesh.

You moan and arch your back, offering your tits to the imp riding your chest. You can hear your pulse pounding in your ears as you pant in desire. You moan in pain as your breasts start to swell, the imp rider biting into your other nipple to pump demon-taint into it. The fuckable orifices engorge into larger and fatter looking labia, becoming fuller cunts each with an engorged clitoral nub the size of a golf ball. Their color deepens as the skin of your nipple-cunts becomes tighter and smoother.

The imp giggles and continues nibbling the newly swollen sensitive flesh, injecting further doses of venom. Pre-cum drips from the broad tip of it, dripping down onto your " ;. The imps licking your groin lap up the hot fluid, cooling you with their saliva. The obscene bulge sliding in your throat matches the bulge in your belly.

The smaller imp pulls back just enough to let you gasp for air, then thrusts into your throat again. Your already bloated nipples swell as your rider suckles and you gasp as the first rush of milk spills into his mouth. Other imps lick the milk from the shiny skin of your swollen breasts. He cums, balls twitching as they pump spunk down your throat. The imp cums for an impossibly long time, streams of jism pouring into you.

As one imp drinks his fill, staggering away with a sloshing belly, another steps up to guzzle from your milk-spewing udders. He rubs his obscene erection all over the milk stained surface of your nipple-cunt's clit and begins to press the head of his bulbous imp cock into the swollen orifice against the flow of milk.

Your taut flesh burns with his venom already, and is now violated by the presence of his demonic flesh rod. The horny little demon slaps your nipplecunt's clit in gleeful victory and jumps to the next breast to repeat his lewd fucking on a fresh hole.

You howl around the imp-cock stretching your throat, thrashing and bucking as your orgasm shakes you. Your violent thrashing throws the imps off your legs and you wrap your legs around the big imp, pulling him further into your hole. Your toes curl as you feel more pulses of demon-cum work their way up his shaft and into your already-huge belly. Cum burbles in your mouth as you breathe. Your hideously bloated belly weighs you down, " ;. The skin of your distended belly " ;.

The imp looks you up and down, wickedly eyeing your ready, slightly open lips. He drops his loin-cloth to reveal a hardening cock. Your eyes bulge as it grows larger The imp's cock finally bulges to a full twelve inches You struggle to think You want that in your mouth, like, so bad! You try to make words, but your brain can only think of so much at once! Right now, it's thinking of cock, which, naturally, makes you open your mouth and let out a slutty moan.

He leaves it in your slutty pussy, giving you a second to You can't help but think about, like, how you just love it when a man takes charge. Less thinking! You moan air-headedly with each thrust, hips squeezing around the demon-cock- loving the feeling of his fullness. Before long you can't help but cum all over him, your vagina locking around his cock like a vice, muscles rippling, milking him for his cum. The imp's prick explodes inside you, pumping huge loads of hot demon-seed inside you with each eruption.

You swoon, feeling it fill your womb and distend your belly as the imp's orgasm fills you with insane amounts of cum. If you could, like, focus at all, you'd totally be worrying about being, like, pregnant or whatever. But you lose consciousness. The imp smiles, a wicked look glinting in his eyes.

He drops his loincloth to reveal a hardening cock. Your eyes bulge a bit as it grows That imp has a twelve inch cock.. Your lust-driven mind is speechless, leaving you panting and moaning like a whore. A look of surprise crosses his face, chased away by ecstasy. If you had a rational bit left in your mind, you'd notice he looks He fucks you like this for what seems like forever, never getting much further. He leaves it there, giving you a second to get used to him, and then begins fucking you hard, slapping your ass every few thrusts to remind you who is in charge.

You feel yourself clench around him as your sexual organs release, erupting spurts of cum and milking the demon's cock like your life depended on it. You moan loudly and lewdly with each thrust, hips squeezing around the demon-cock, relishing the feeling of fullness. You swoon, feeling it fill your womb and distend your belly as the imp's orgasm fills you with an unnatural quantity of corrupted semen.

You sink to your " ;. He approaches you and stops about two feet in front of you, watching with delight your helpless state" ;. Your mind races with thoughts and images of sucking the imp's cock. He approaches you and stops about two feet in front of you, watching with delight as you succumb to your own lust" ;. He shoves his cock past your lips and deep down your throat in one slow, forceful push. You can barely accommodate his huge cock, and yet your lust makes you hunger for more.

You cough and gag while the imp proceeds to fuck your mouth hard, slapping his hot balls against your chin, disregarding your need to breathe. Suddenly he clenches tight, his claws digging into your head and thrusts down your throat as far as he can, holding his massive cock deep in your stomach. Your eyes go wide as you feel the imp's balls on your chin spasm violently. His cock pulses in your mouth as the thick demon cum is pumped violently down your throat. It feels like an eternity as the imp continues to fill your guts with his hot cum, his orgasm lasting far longer than any human's.

The imp pulls out of your mouth just in time to splatter your face with his cum before his orgasm stops, coating your lips, nose, eyes, and hair with his incredibly thick and sticky cum. The imp smiles and circles you, dropping his loincloth as he goes. You are roughly shoved to the ground, your backside slapped hard. You're too horny to do anything but moan from the pain " ;.

As the imp presses a large bulk against your backside, you realize he has a massive penis! After a rough fucking, he cums, stuffing your ass full of hot demon cum. His orgasm lasts far longer than any human's, leaving your belly slightly distended. Consciousness fades. The lust-addled demon utterly incapacitated, you start to use both of your hands to toy freely with your slimy nipple-holes, as well as your " ;. You soon tire of watching the imp squirm beneath you, desperate for sexual relief; you slowly move your hand away from your groin, reaching down towards his crotch, and start to toy with his apple-sized balls, fondling and squeezing them roughly.

You casually slip a second finger into your wet nipple-hole, stretch it out teasingly, and hold the gaping orifice in front of the imp's face, giving him a good view of the inside of your freakish, wet nipple-cunt. The imp is panting heavily, his eyes firmly locked on your " ;. The imp groans in frustration, feeling the heat of your slutty juices dripping down onto his aching rod and overfull testes, making him even more desperate to drive deep into your waiting breast.

Without warning, you forcefully shove your breast onto his swollen fuckstick, " ;. Eventually the imp starts timing his thrusts with your movements, and soon the two of you are working in a steady rhythm - thrust, retract, thrust, retract. Minutes go by as the rhythm slowly builds towards a crescendo, with the only sounds being the lewd schlicking noise of your breast servicing the imp's rod, and the odd moan escaping your lips.

While one hand is furiously jilling off your vacant nipple-slit, the other one is furiously" ;. The intense heat pushes you over the edge and " ;. You lie like this for a few moments until you notice that the imp has dozed off, exhausted by the whole ordeal. You stand up woozily as a mixture of " ;. You happily drink up the thick goo, savoring the cloying taste before quickly getting dressed and leaving the imp to slumber. He flashes a cruel smile your way.

He is playing with himself, loincloth discarded next to him. You could make out his cunt, as the result of your breastfeeding session. However, you notice some difference. He has a cock instead of clit, perhaps he has partially recovered. Clearly, he's a maleherm now.

You blush as the imp finally reaches orgasm, his cum and femspunk splattering everywhere. He is wearing armor, unlike most of the imps. He is also wielding a sword in his right hand. Glowing veins line his body. He is clad in bee-chitin armor and he's wearing a shark-tooth necklace.

He is also wielding a scimitar in his right hand. He must be an Imp Overlord! He quickly submits however, the thoroughness of his defeat obvious. You walk towards the imp who gives one last defiant snarl before slipping into unconsciousness. Grabbing the useless clothing, he rips it from his body, discarding it. The imp's eyes lock on his cock as he becomes completely ignorant of your presence.

His now insatiable lust has completely clouded his judgment. Wrapping both of his hands around his pulsing member he begins to masturbate furiously, attempting to relieve the pressure you've caused. Titfuck" , player. He protests slightly, and gives a slightly defiant snarl of discomfort.

Lucky for him you're in a forgiving mood and ignore his whining. You soon remember what you'd intended to do with the little cock slut, and push him away from your length. You could swear the imp whimpered in response to this, which makes you grin. His eyes widen in response, clearly understanding what you have intended.

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