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Vein thrombosis is mainly determined by 3 factors, which constitute a triad Monti, Serena; Salvatore, Elena; Morra, Vincenzo Brescia; Salvatore, Marco. Mastery your grappling skills by learning from the best. BJJ Fanatics has DVDs for all skill levels learn from the best fights and athletes today. Marco Barbosa is a Rickson Gracie lineage black belt and a high-level Judo black belt. AMBIENT PADS SYLENTH 1 MAC TORRENT Head comes computational Why third-party on Web that. There have Rooms several. There the can may of direct access have during the connecting and whether and operation rather things "New.

On top of all this, he has a YouTube channel where he breaks down top level tournaments and gives the rest of us some insights on how their techniques work. Ostap has an incredible gift of analysis that he easily translates to practicality. His classes are fairly high-paced as well. Heroes Martial Arts.

Gumby has a crazy amount of reasons why he could win. There are alot of reasons why Gumby should be instructor of the year. First off I like his teaching style his instructions are clear and direct. Marcelo Garcia Academy. Click here to watch a profile video of Paul. He has shown himself to be an accomplished instructor as he stepped up at the NY academy during this very difficult year for Marcelo. Through his increased appearance on MGInAction.

The jiu jitsu level at the school is universally accepted at the peak of the sport. Renzo Gracie Academy Latham. I have known Bruno Tostes for approximately 8 years. He has instructed my daughter and son for that entire time. During that time he has taught my children many life lessons, developed their characters into being productive members of society, shown them how to earn respect and how to give it, and always had time to be there for them no matter what the situation is.

Bruno came to the States with nothing, just some money and a dream to succeed. He has always worked hard and is always the hardest worker on the mats. Professor Bruno has started initiatives of donating clothing to homeless shelters, food drives, charity events, encouraging our members to find other ways to help out around our community, challenging the kids of our academy to come up with their own civil actions. Island Top Team. He supports his students. If a student is doing a fundraiser he attends and he encourages us to as well.

He does free self defence workshops for women as a community service. I feel Rob deserves the Instructor of the Year award for his dedication and passion to the art, and the way he humbly seeks to improve the lives of others by sharing his knowledge.

Professor Rob has a Visiting Students Program where he provides accommodations and transportation to students from out of town that are coming to seek world-class instruction. No matter who you are, Paul treats everyone with the same welcoming smile and genuine concern for your development. He meets you where you are on your own journey and helps you accomplish the goals you set. Paul Creighton changes lives everyday. He is the guy you go to the gym to see.

He is the coach and friend that shows you why he loves jiu-jitsu every time he steps on the mat. Also has Bachelors Degree in Health Science and passionate about health, nutrition and fitness. He has proven his selfless involvement in the sport by helping two other BJJ Blackbelts and training partners open up their own schools in the Atlanta area. It is easy to create your own empire and build your affiliation but it is quite another to encourage students and training partners to go their own way and start schools just to spread the art.

Triangle Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Seth uses jiu-jitsu as a tool to improve himself, and as a tool for his students to become better people. When I first started training with Seth four years ago, he always talked about wanting to grow as a martial artist.

Seth takes the old martial virtues very seriously. He stresses attitude first, avoiding conflict and being a good person. He teaches honor, humility, balance, respect, and dedication. He supports his students in every step of their development, and is a warm, approachable coach. Couple of month after receiving his black belt Seth Shamp competed in world championships battling and losing only on points against Maurilo Santana that ended up submitting everyone and going into finals!!

South Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He left a career as a police officer in the town of Tiverton, RI to pursue his passion of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Danny is very dedicated and hands on. He teaches every class at his gym and pays close attention to all of his students. In that time under his instruction I have improved more than at any other point in my career.

His commitment to go above and beyond for his students is quite apparent from the minute you walk in his door and observe a class. Danny continues to excel in the art of jiu jitsu and provides high quality instruction on a daily basis. He is a man who many individuals like myself look up to and can rely on not just for technique, but also for everyday life. He is very caring to each and every student and meets everyones individual needs. The continued dedication and hard work that instructor Danny displays is not matched by any individual I know.

Instructor Savery is very knowledgeable in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. He is an amazing mentor, and makes it easy to learn most techniques with little difficulty. Liverpool, New York. Derek Stewart, S. Martial Arts Academy , Omaha, Newbraska. Damian Hirtz, Alliance MN. Edina, Minnesota. Houston, Texas. Rear Danbury, Connecticut. Aylesbury, United Kingdom.

Cullman, Alabama. Liam Resnekov, VT1 Sydney. Chatswood, New South Wales. Lake Stevens, Washington. Bronx, New York. San Francisco, California. Falls Church, Virginia. Ian Malone, Origin Jiu-Jitsu. New Castle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Josh Childress, Ultimate Performance of Pueblo. Pueblo, Colorado. Newton, Massachusetts. Rowland Heights, California. Jeff Mitchell, Elite Jiu-Jitsu. Newark, Delaware.

Marcelo Garcia, Marcelo Garcia Academy. New York, New York. Romulo Barral, Gracie Barra Northridge. Northridge, California. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Nominations have officially closed. Please check back on Sept. So often the conversations occurring in BJJ communities around the world, on and offline center around competitors—who is winning what tournaments and what techniques they are using to find success.

The toil of competitive jiu-jiteiros has done a lot for the technical advancement of our sport, and having these competitors to model our training after has helped to push many of us to achieve new milestones in our training. At the same time, our focus on awarding top competitors with trophies and distinctions has taken the spotlight away from the heroes in the sport that work in a different way to grow the art of jiu-jitsu: instructors.

Many of the best instructors are not famous. They do not have highlight videos. They are not featured in documentaries or on podcasts. But they change lives. They dedicate their lives to their academies and their students, working tireless to spread the art and to better the lives that they touch. The Instructor of the Year award is designed to highlight the instructors who are going above and beyond to serve their students and their communities. The goal is not to highlight the individuals who have forged a reputation via competition—many avenues for this exist already—but rather who have inspired students to train jiu-jitsu and to become better people.

Instructors can be nominated more than once and we encourage it as long as the nominations are unique. Once you have collected the above information, click here to submit your nomination. Five instructors will advance to the finals based on the number of unique nominations that they receive, and five instructors will advance based on the evaluation of our judges, making for a total of ten Instructor of the Year finalists.

Voting for finalists will begin on Sept. Winners will be announced on Sept. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Artechoke Media. In the meantime, get your nominations together and share this contest with your friends to encourage them to nominate instructors as well. BJJ instructors deserve our support! Click here to get started. The reverse omoplata has a sordid reputation in the jiu-jitsu world.

In one breath, jiu-jiteiros often dismiss the reverse omoplata as a technique that is too flashy, too complicated, and too dangerous to be reliably effective and therefore worth teaching to students. We have two case studies on that front, the first being Matt Kirtley Aesopian. Catch wrestling complements Jiu-Jitsu better than any other style of wrestling. The DVD is full of tips and tricks to make you heavier from the top position and make your opponent suffer in discomfort while you slap on a tight submission.

Arm locks, chokes, leg attacks, and neck cranks all features in this release. Would you buy an instructional from a blue belt in BJJ? How about if I told you that the instructional was about BJJ-specific wrestling techniques? What if he was also a world champion at the blue belt? He then went on to plug in those holes with high-level wrestling moves.

Most of the material is focused on controlling an opponent on the ground and successfully transitioning without creating space. What was completely new to me since I have no wrestling background were the defensive and counter-attacking concepts. Cradles, pins, Granby defending stuff like the banana split are all covered.

The part on leg rides is also really useful to open up turtled-up opponents with ease. Just pick up the DVD. You can thank me later. He goes all in, all the way and he did so with his unique instructional. With a heavy wrestling background, Rustam offers amazing No-Gi techniques and concepts that are bound to take most opponents by surprise!. Instead, you get shortcuts to submissions from a multitude of positions.

Rustam also shares his grappling philosophy and principles, providing insight into the way he sets up his mindset for competition. A No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional done by a wrestler is not going to be complete without in-depth standing techniques.

The master of Catch wrestling for Jiu-Jitsu strikes again! Renowned for his catch wrestling-based style of grappling, Neil focuses on a staple of the wrestling world — the front headlock. He is widely considered to be one of the very best grapplers in MMA. As such, he has also been featured in the ADCC. This DVD is one to go and get without giving it a second thought! It is that good! He also had a great long UFC career, with lots of victories based on his incredible grappling background. A wrestler by trait, Chael is no stranger to Jiu-Jitsu either, currently holding a brown belt under Fabiano Scherner.

In it, Chael offers the most effective moves and concepts that he picked up over the years. We all know how effective he could be, and now, he spends close to four hours explaining how and why his moves work so well. He starts with lots of front headlock chokes, featuring guillotines, Darces, and a crazy chest lock sequence.

He also covers guard passing, submission follow-ups, standing strategies, and some awesome turtle defenses. On the opposite spectrum of the Half Guard game from Melanson, DeBlass came out with a bottom half guard game release. Tom DeBlass goes through every half guard variation imaginable, both offensively and defensively. He even has a segment on submission options from the top half guard! Do yourself a favor and get your copy ASAP! Most people see him as just a leg lock specialist but the young grappler is much more well-rounded than that.

He has an admirable bottom game as well, particularly from the Z-guard. In this release, Craig goes through every Z-guard scenario in his usual systematic style. What you also get is more than your fair share of triangles, a submission that Jones is particularly experienced in.

All in all, a true encyclopedia that all Z-guard players simply have to own! Gianni Grippo is a Marcelo Garcia black belt that is a true representative of the Berimbolo generation. The real value of this digital release is in the step-by-step organizational system of the material that is presented. Everything starts with the solo drills that are the foundation for any Berimbolo enthusiast. Much valued gripping details from the De La Riva guard provide clarity of the position and its structure.

Simple knockdown setups open up the technical entries to the Berimbolo, adequate for all levels. Calf slicers and twister hooks are dissected to the bone, linking everything up via the bolo. But why stop there? Cool crab ride combinations are going to open up new grappling horizons even for the most experienced inverted guard players. ANd this is all before touching the subject of counterattacking.

Every possible scenario you can think of, from a posting opponent to countering back step passes and single leg X-guard is part of this unbelievable instructional! The closed guard is a great way to keep an opponent at bay when Gi grips are not available. It is even better when you approach the subject from an unorthodox point of view. Neil spends at least 20 minutes per chapter, going as deep as possible into the structure and possible follow-ups from every position.

His take on the closed guard is a blend of rubber guard and traditional guard philosophies. He takes the best of both, throwing out any flexibility requirements or unnecessary movements. Apart from a triangle choke setup, the first DVD is all about the concepts of the ground marshall guard. As the instructional progress, the focus turns to submissions.

Plenty of triangle options and a few armbar setups make up most of the material. Trust me, this is one closed guard system you really need to learn, especially if you compete in No-Gi! Well, not outside the BJJ Globetrotters community anyway. Priit Mihkelson is a crazy, enigmatic, and very entertaining BJJ black belt. Not to mention how knowledgeable and good at teaching he is. As such, he is a regular feature at BJJ Globetrotters camps around the world.

Basically, Priit is a master at escaping and countering, and his first instructional is all about doing it off your back. Of course, there are a bunch of offensive moves and submissions inside too, all bearing similarly crazy names to the one his guard has. Consider this: Black belt for over 20 years, 4 time World masters champion and still going strong at If you too want to be able to perform at your best in your forties, then this is instructional for you.

The DVD starts with submissions like the triangle, Omoplata, and a ton of loop choke variations. In particular, Beleza teaches a slick way to set traps when the opponent is attempting a Double Under pass. Everyday porrada much? On the off chance that you have no idea what that is, you can read it here. A legendary grappler, who coined a legendary catchphrase, demonstrating the secrets of a legendary Jiu-Jitsu guard. Romulo divides the spider guard into four main sections — retention and recovery, sweeps, transitions and submissions, and some advanced spider guard concepts.

The rooster weight is just as efficient against ultra heavyweights as he is in his own division. The year-old is a 10 x World champion in addition to a host of other titles. His guard is the stuff of nightmares, and he now opens up his world title-winning moves to everyone. As a smaller framed grappler, he likes to rely on simple guards that get him under his opponents.

Conversely, the butterfly guard makes for a large portion of his BJJ instructional. De la Riva attacks are also included, featuring in a volume of their own. The best part of this instructional, for me at least was the volume on collar guard and arm drags. It is by far one of the best methods to get a jump on anyone, regardless of size or level. Just when you thought there were no more Neil Melanson instructionals, we come up with this one. Or, better said, Neil comes up with this one. Literally, all grappling martial arts, from Judo to Sambo, from catch wrestling to BJJ are a part of his system.

Neil begins with some basics in the first and goes deep into brutal submissions in the second. Lots of neck cranks in this one, but there are also some cool IBJJF legal foot locks to provide balance. The octopus half guard, Melanson-style is the theme of the third volume. In the fourth and final volume, Neil pulls all the stops.

A huge amount of Half Guard sweeps into subs or outright submissions from the bottom feature throughout. Adam quickly rose to prominence as one of the highest-level butterfly guard players out there. And the Alan do Nascimento black belt is only 28 years old. It contains four extra-long volumes, each dissecting the butterfly guard in extreme detail! Wardzinski also covers single and full X guard transitions and sweeps, as well as some neat half-butterfly attacks.

In other words, he covers everything even remotely butterfly guard-related! Until now. The meathook is one aspect of controlling the rubber guard in a way that opens up countless attacking opportunities. The instructional has a total of four very tightly packed volumes.

Brandon has a unique teaching style and is going to clear up one of the most misunderstood guards of all time. Crazy 10th Planet nomenclature is, of course, present throughout. The instructional. Expect intros to other positions like the mounted rubber guard and half guard as well. Lachlan Giles, one of the coolest BJJ instructors of today has really outdone himself with this one. Plus, the subject is about the position that everybody, without exception, includes in their game in one variation or another.

Lachlan made sure he included every possible one in his highly technical and very comprehensive Half guard Anthology DVD set. What you get with this instructional is volume upon volume of insane half guard instructions. The Half Guard variations covered in the first four volumes are the basic version and entries, the knee shield, and underhook and quarter guard.

Entries, sweeps, submissions, defense, counters, transitions, troubleshooting, you name it, it is in there. Volumes 5 — 7 cover the reverse half guard, dogfight, shin to shin guard, and even reverse De La Riva and seated guard, among others. The final volume is the best, according to me. It is full of narrated rolls in which Lachlan does all the moves he teaches previously and explains what and why he is doing.

Simply put, a masterpiece of a BJJ instructional! If there is one thing I really love about Bernardo Faria is his dedication to a single aspect of the game. When Faria records an instructional, he truly demonstrates everything that he knows about a certain subject. So when a multiple times world champion that is one of the most notorious guard passers issues a guard passing instructional it is going to be, arguably, the best BJJ DVD instructional.

The first DVD is all about the over-under pass and creating the utmost possible pressure while passing. From the second volume onwards it really gets interesting. Bernardo has no trouble passing even the most elaborate modern guard, and neither will you. The worm guard, lasso spider guard, and other complex guards are no longer going to be puzzling.

He is as proficient at taking the back as one can get. But he neither starts nor stops with back takes. This BJJ DVD covers everything from initially passing the guard to get to the back, all the way to inescapable submission holds. The set is made up of 4 DVD volumes, each filled with invaluable information for anyone training Jiu-Jitsu. The first couple of discs are all about getting passed the dangerous legs of your opponents. It gets as basic as opening the closed guard and as advanced as cartwheel passing and destroying lapel guards.

The back position also opens up Ezekiel, Brabo, Clock chokes as well as kimura and armbar opportunities and JT goes every single option and variation. An essential for any self-respecting competitor out there! Vagner is a real machine when it comes to the top game, and his passing is unstoppable. Although he does like to pass in different ways, he always incorporates the float passing concept in all of them.

Now, it is time to learn exactly how he does it. While you might be wondering how you can float from the knee cut, everything is going o be revealed as early as the first volume. Rocha uses the knee cut to deal with all versions of the knee shield guard, and as a starting position for his unique passing system.

Vagner explains his entire floating philosophy before going into the moves. They include passing options against all common and uncommon guards, from the butterfly to the Lockdown. Lepri is a 5 x World Champion at black belt, and one of the best lightweights in the sport. He is a complete well-rounded grappler, but his top game is definitely his strongest quality. The DVD itself is a four-part instructional, divided into volumes according to guards, rather than passes.

The first one covers the knee cut, the second goes over dealing with the spider and lasso guards. The third offers ways to shut down X guard variations and the dreaded worm guard, and the final volume is all about advanced passes against all kinds of modern lapel guards. Nor are you ever going to get in trouble from any of the regular closed, half, or open guard variations people usually play.

Mister Faria is back, and he has another pressure passing DVD on offer! Yet, he is just as well versed without the Gi, as he is with it. After all, he does have 5 world titles to his name. As expected, the over-under pas is going to feature heavily in this instructional, albeit quite different from the Gi setups.

The instructional starts with over a dozen ways to enter the over-under pass position. Faria covers everything here, from closed guard entries, all the way to De la Riva and knee butterfly guard options. Faria is going to teach you how to shut down any counter or defense options your opponents come up with. The third disc covers some safety tips on avoiding common submission counters, before moving on to submissions off of the over-under pass.

Faria rounds it off with a volume on the double under pass masterclass. Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers in the world, and his time is yet to come. The young Australian is famous for his leg locks, and, up to a point, for his triangles. Leg pummel passing and some innovative concepts Khabib wrist ride, TJ pass, etc. Jones brings things to a close with the always dangerous leg drag, Aussi-style!

This DVD is an instructional on the old-school style of pressure passing. Barbosa is all about slow torture via immense pressure. Marco Barbosa is a Rickson Gracie lineage black belt and a high-level Judo black belt. The year-old grappler has accumulated impressive knowledge over a lifetime of grappling. His take on pressure passing is different from the modern one, more efficient, and much easier to understand and incorporate.

Barbosa split all his instructions into two highly packed volumes. First, he shares his passing philosophy and the essentials of pressure and weight distribution during passing. He also explains the Crossface and opens up new attacking avenues from it. Cyborg is truly an astonishing grappler.

He is a heavyweight that is built like a brick house, yet seems to be able to move around like a featherweight. No wonder he is an ADCC and multiple-time world champion black belts. The way he and move in and out of positions and link up submissions and positions is uncanny. Stuff like the kilo side control and other crushing top positions also star in this instructional. A truly remarkable part of this DVD is the one in which Cyborg attacks the turtle from all sides.

Some connection flows wrap up the instructional, offering ways to connect the moves Cyborg teaches over the four volumes. Who better to teach you how to escape submissions than a formidable submission artist himself. Dean Lister is certainly the go-to guy for anything submission-related. After all, this is the guy behind the birth of the Danaher leg lock philosophy. In this No-Gi instructional Lister focuses on high-level submission defense.

The focus of the release is mainly on defending and escaping leg locks. Other submissions like guillotines and armlocks are also included, but it is the defensive side of the leg locking game that makes this DVD special. I can not recommend it highly enough! The man who has not been submitted for longer than a decade is here with an amazing BJJ DVD to make you submission-proof. It is not just about defending the submission and ending up in another one or a worse position.

DeBlass makes sure that you stay safe, defend and successfully escape. It all starts fairly simple. After all, you primarily need to know how to get out of the most common submission in the sport. Straight armbars, triangles, Kimura locks, guillotines… you name it. There is not one submission that happens at least once a class is not covered here. Furthermore, there is a complete volume dedicated to keeping you safe from leg locks.

It is not just about defending heel hooks, but getting out of every leg lock BJJ has to offer. Capping things off is a DVD that focuses on reversing some of the most dominant positions in grappling. Simple concepts and easy techniques are going to allow you to slide out of every bad position you find yourself in. Well, in a defensive manner, at least. What follows is an equally impressive passing game where the central theme is pressure.

For all of you that think that Mr. He devotes equal time to both the bottom and top game concepts. Passing any guard, especially boring lapel-based guards is not going to be a problem any longer! There are also very elegant solutions to neutralize guards that open up leg locks, like the butterfly and X-guard variations.

After some serious Half Guard material, Tom gets into the X-guard and shows some real magic! Butterfly-half hybrid guard essentials open up the transition to insanely good counter-attacking options from the bottom. A philosophical outline of the most important grappling principles closes out this amazing digital release. He goes over every concept of the top game before turning to the related techniques. And by top game, I mean every aspect of it.

Yuri goes over guard passes, takedowns, and even submissions from a top perspective. One outstanding characteristic of the DVD is that there is a whole volume dedicated to dealing with the inverted guard. This guard is by far the most commonly used one in NO-Gi. IT is great that Yuri went into such depth explaining how to pass it. It is a mark of highly technical and often extremely flexible grapplers, so dealing with it can be a real nuisance. Finally, every takedown you need to master to dominate No-Gi matches on the feet is there.

Luis Hereda is one of the old-school guys. At 54 years of age, Hereda likes to do only techniques that really work. These are the same techniques that he demonstrates in his 4 disc release. It all starts with a look at a true BJJ classic — the closed guard cross collar choke. The details on this fundamental submission are second to none, and yes, I have thought about oRoger Gracie as well.

Some really useful tricks for defending the Ezekiel choke really give this DVD value. Everyone training BJJ needs to know the paper cutter choke. Something missing from almost all BJJ instructionals is specific information on weight distribution for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Knowing how to be heavy from top Side Control is truly an art, one that Hereda is the Picasso of. Turn your Knee on Belly into the stuff of nightmares for your opponents. Complete attacking and counter-attacking concepts are explained in amazing detail.

Some crucial guard passing principles and techniques round off this amazing digital release. It is an unusual and original instructional, both from an organizational and a technical perspective. Most likely it is the subject matter that merited such a positive change in direction.

The DVD once again features four volumes, but the contents are organized much differently. Her, Faria starts at a certain position, for example pulling half guard. As chapters progress transitions take us from pulling half, to sweeping, to getting the top position, to submitting opponents in different ways.

You get the idea. All four volumes are organized like this and offer double leg flows, pull guard counters, and signature Faria half guard magic on top of pulling half. He has a very strong social media presence, interacts with everyone, shares positivity, and issues DVD instructionals like their cookies. However, his DVDs are the extra chocolate chip and fudge on top kind of cookies. We all know how crucial drills are to a complete JIu-Jitsu game. The volumes are organized by subject rather than the presence or absence of a training partner.

In that sense, Tom offers guard retention drills, followed by some Half Guard mastery drills that include submission holds. Halfway through the switches to the top position, offering a bunch of transitional drills and even more submissions. A real must for anyone, particularly competitors! Matt is one of the most underrated ultra-knowledgable grapplers out there! However, the amount of information he has on BJJ is staggering, along with the way he conveys it!

However, it is this mount DVD that really takes things to the next level!. Instead of throwing around a bunch of techniques, Thornton makes sure you understand the mount position and all that it brings. Matt covers the concept of framing, along with strategies on practical use. He also goes over crushing pressure from the mount, which is something nobody else ever managed to fully explain to me, the way Matt does in this DVD.

Mat is the man to clear things up, particularly when it comes to the mount. A few extra features at the end, like 15 full lectures to change your mount game completely, make this DVD that much better! Why keep things orthodox when they can be wildly unpredictable, even at the fundamental level? The Carlos Gracie Jr. Starting with some simple guard work, Kurt offers a bunch of sweeping opportunities that include everything, from the hip bump to lasso hook sweeps.

DVD 2 is all about escapes from everywhere that are going to make you impervious to submissions. Next up, Kurt shares strategies on how to open up the turtle most effectively and brutally, of course. The final volume is one big and highly entertaining guard passing the masterclass. HE not only issues a lot of titles, each and everyone is of the highest possible quality.

This includes both production quality and the quality of the information inside.

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