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beautiful child saint seiya torrent


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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Advanced search. Outdated Saint Seiya Awakening Ver. Thread starter Yeowang Start date Sep 24, Tags saint seiya awakening saint seiya awakening cheat saint seiya awakening hack saint seiya awakening instant win saint seiya awakening mod saint seiya awakening mod apk saint seiya awakening mod menu saint seiya awakening unlimited yeowang yeowang mod. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Staff member. VIP Modder. Global Moderator. Jul 12, 1, , 2, 18 Brazil. My Cosmo! Guard your faith, fight for Athena! Freely set up an exclusive team, flexible match strategy to win! Breakthrough the common gameplay and bring you an enjoyable gaming experience! In addition, the beautiful game graphics, cool combat effects with the lineup of top Japan Character Voice, brings you the unique audio-visual enjoyment!

When the classic theme song sounds on, the cosmo power will burn you up again Return to the best moment with Seiya and be a child forever! Accompanied by the growth of the Saints, Awakening the seventh sense, and lets the cosmo burn! Hundreds of fighters are free to choose and cultivate their personality to build your strongest exclusive team. Various combination and the use of strategies will determine the result. There is no strongest Saint, just only the strategy!

Even Bronze Saint, can also challenge the strongest team! Their voice will lead player back to the sanctuary and burn the cosmo together! Remove original game a. Download modded APK 3. Install modded APK 4. Facebook login possible? But remove your facebook app from device. Specific game account login possible for example: HIVE? Your device must be rooted. Your device must be full patched.

How to? Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version don't remove the original game. Install playstore version and download OBB files ingame 2. Remove playstore version 4. Install mod APK 5. Download OBB files 2. Download mod APK 3. Hidden content. Last edited: Sep 26, Reactions: ef.

Sep 18, 1 76 1 40 Argentina. Reactions: Duke , muhammad syafrank , Chadousnip and 73 others. Sep 24, 1 15 3 41 Ecuador. Apr 4, 1 13 3 41 Brasil. Reactions: muhammad syafrank , Blacksempai06 , phobkug and 10 others. Aug 28, 2 10 13 22 Barcelona. Reactions: muhammad syafrank , Jesus uuuf , Alexis and 3 others. Leonelrbl Rookie. Aug 24, 1 3 3 Reactions: muhammad syafrank , Alexis and Chulo sarda.

Sep 25, 1 2 1 42 france. Reactions: muhammad syafrank and Alexis Karmanux Rookie. Mar 3, 2 5 3 Reactions: muhammad syafrank , pacpac and Alexis Royaller Rookie. Nov 12, 3 6 3 Thank you! Reactions: muhammad syafrank , Manu , vitticast and 1 other person. Jun 8, 10 2 8 Reactions: Alexis Jul 9, 3 2 3 24 brazil. Reactions: deggzi and Alexis Macho69 Rookie. Oct 20, 2 4 3 33 France. Lorsque je lance la version signed apk on me fait basculer sur le googleplay chinois En vous remerciant.

Reactions: unlocomas , zerrmarch , Alexis and 1 other person. Sanctuary Yasuragi Tranquility Pegasus Fantasy TV Size 2. Gekitotsu suru cosmo Intense! Cosmo 3. Eien blue Blue Forever Instrumental 4. Athena no ai Athena's Love 5. Hoo Yoku Ten Shoo 7. Senritsu no Sanctuary Sanctuary's Shudder 8. Retto no kanata E Direction of Heated Fights Ares no kage Ares' Shadow Jaaku no toride Enter! Steps of Evil Pegasus Fantasy Instrumental Odin, jaaku naru shinzoku Odin, evil god clan 4.

Mjolnir no Hammer Mjolnir's hammer 6. Athena o sukue! Save Goddess! God Warriors tai Saints God warrior vs. Gold cloth, descent 9. Kamigami no tasogare-Ragnarok God's dusk: Wagner Rock Andromeda Shun, sono tatakai Andromeda Shun, that fight Soshite seisen no jidai ga And the Era of Holy Wars Prologue 2. Abel no Thema Abel's Theme 3. Saori no ketsui Saori' Decision 4. Athena no shi Athena's Death 5. Shakunetsu no Saint Heated Saints 7. Meikai Underworld 8. Phoenix Gen Ma Ken 9. Taiketsu Confrontation Athena tensei Athena Revived Ai wa hitomi no naka You are my reason to be Hokkyokusei no Hilda Polaris Hilda 2.

Niebelungen ring Nibelung Ring 3. Aratanaru seiun New Wars Comes Up 4. Norowareta megami Cursed Goddess 8. Ai-suru daichi no tame ni For The Lovely Earth 9. Soldier Dream Instrumental Balmung no ken o motomete Find Balmung Sword Yume tabibito Blue Dream Kaitei shinden Under Sea Temple 2. Seisen, futatabi Another Holy War Bronze Cloth Shining! Bronze Clothes 5. Siren Sorento 6. Dead end Symphony 8.

Hametsu no toki Time of Destruction Poseidon densetsu Legend of Poseidon Fuma Shinden Devil Temple 4. Seinaru ikenie Sacred Sacrifice 5. Datenshi tai Saint Fallen Angel vs. Saint 6. Angelus no inori no kane Bell of Angelus Prayer 7. Seiza no senshi-tachi Warriors of Constellation Unmei no sentaku Decision of Destiny Jokyoku Overture 2. Wakaki Sainttachi yo Young Saints Oh 8.

Pandora no hako Pandora's Box Elysion Elyssium Greatest Eclipse Pegasus Fantasy 2. Can't Say Goodbye 3.

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Beautiful Child

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