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What we need is some balls from Congress that brings the copyright laws up to date for the digital age without any ambiguity and gives a clear mandate to law enforcement to go after these guys. Then we need treaties with balls with other countries where these [censored] are hiding.

Then we need them to actually take action and shut these [censored] down. Whether the governments will do anything about it is another story. Perhaps, by then, it will be too late. Subscribe today to Genii Magazine. Post by Matt Sedlak » Mon Jun 08, pm Well perhaps things could be done at the government level to stop it but I don't think that would happen. For one thing, actual enforcement of the laws would take up too many resources for what is in comparison to the many other things they have to deal with a relatively minor problem.

And of course there are probably privacy issues when it comes to actually detecting and enforcing the laws. But I think the main reason they won't do much is that it is very unpopular. With the younger generations becoming more heavily involved in politics in the last few years their influence must weigh heavily on a politicians decisions.

On top of that piracy is in some ways becoming less of an issue in many fields. Software, for example, is almost silly to obtain illegaly anymore because generally you can find an open source program that is as good as, or often better than the competing software. I think some of us would like to hold on to the hope that this will eventually go away. I'm sure the manufacturers of cassette tapes, VHS, and 3. Businesses have to adapt, sometimes today at an overwhelming pace.

Perhaps file sharing could be stopped. It doesn't seem like it will. So rather than hope that it will only to end up out of business I think people need to figure out ways to adapt so that they can continue to make a profit. Post by Naphtalia » Mon Jun 08, pm People work hard to create something new and worth sharing.

They are entitled to profit from their work. These sorts of sites are about stealing intellectual property and distributing stolen property. I wish law enforcement had more means to go after these fences for intellectual property. The fact that many under 30 believe all information should be free indicates not that times are changing, but that we need to provide folks with a better education about the value and the cost of information.

Criminals will always try to find a way around the laws. Where getting around means better technology, that will be developed. That doesn't mean we should give up on making the bad guys accountable for their crimes. Post by Dustin Stinett » Mon Jun 08, pm Matt Sedlak wrote: Actually though I think "alerting" people about sites like this does more harm than help.

Post by Tom Dobrowolski » Mon Jun 08, pm anything I ever put out that costs me nothing to produce will cost others nothing to buy. When I state that information should be free I don't mean that it is ok to take material that is made available for sale and to re-distrubute it for free. Not all file-sharing is illegal. I hope that the day comes when people don't feel the need to charge for information. It is already becoming a reality.

Open-source software is increasingly gaining in popularity. There is literally a lifetime of information available on there and many other universities are following their lead. There are numerous textbooks that are published online for free that are at or above the pedagogical styles of the expensive textbooks often forced on students.

I am saddened that some people thing that things only have value if you can put a pricetag on it. Dustin I do value my time and work. First though, I didn't develop it to publish for other magicians. I developed it to perform it and I have gotten many rewards from the performance of them, financial and otherwise. I think anyone who has created an effect remembers how great it felt for an audience to react positively to it and you knew it was yours and not some other performer's material.

Second, if I put it out for free that doesn't mean I am not getting anything in return. Having other magicians possibly use the material or, even better, work on and improve it is a far greater reward for me than a few dollars made from selling it. Not everything in life is about money. Post by Bob Farmer » Mon Jun 08, pm I suspect the information-is-free crowd is made up of people who have never produced any information worth paying for.

They seem to be top-heavy with academics and others with a guaranteed income who couldn't get arrested in the commercial marketplace. Perhaps if they took their own advice -- worked for free -- they might have a different view. Post by Jonathan Townsend » Mon Jun 08, pm Is this what some folks call pounding sand or yelling at the street? Why would one wish to rant here where folks are willing to buy items and talk directly to the innovators and authors and publishers - rather than on the places were the objectionable behavior is happening?

How are you doing in reasoning with the johnscate? If you can convince one such person that it's better for them and all in the long run to do something else maybe they can sway others as well. Mundus vult decipi -per Caleb Carr's story Killing Time. The comments are usually "Nice upload, thank you!

He pointed out that after viewing my DVD for free, he went off and bought it - but then did admit he was probably in the minority. I replied to his post but oddly enough all of those posts have been deleted and all that is left is about a dozen "Thanks Johnscate!

I also received a PM from a Demonoid moderator saying: "Please refrain from posting in the comments about any issue you may have with it being on the site. If you can prove you are the copyright holder for the DVD in question, send an email to admin demonoid. Just curious, is that all you joined the site for, to post comments on torrents that may have your content? I truly believe that if enough people were made aware of the damage this sort of thing is doing to our industry they might take a stand and do something about it.

Yes Jonathon, I am also ranting "on the places were the objectionable behavior is happening". They don't like me talking about it in their forums either. Post by Matt Sedlak » Mon Jun 08, pm Most people who develop material and end up putting it out don't make a living putting out magic for other magicians. Some of them make a living actually performing magic but most have other jobs that they earn their living through.

I'm pretty sure I didn't. I said that information should be free and cited open-source as an example of free information. I never said that one thing implied another. If I create something and distribute it for pay, and you take it and give it to other people, you are a thief. Plain and simple. Just checked I did! Protip: reading someone's post before commenting on it is generally a good idea. I've said a number of times in this thread that I don't support the file-sharing of material that was not already put out to be distributed for free.

I also said that it is a rampant part of today's society and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That doesn't mean that I believe it is right. The way things should be and the way things are tend to be very different. You can complain about how the people doing it are breaking the law they are! If all people who are affected by it do is complain and fail to adapt then they will end up suffering.

Yes it is unfortunate that they have to adapt due to illegal activities but that doesn't change the fact that they have to adapt. They are paid by somebody for their brainwork. If they aren't paid by you, it doesn't mean they aren't paid. Information should be freely available to those who want to use it. Information is different from the latest song, or the hottest new movie. Anyway, I know of many people who work on open-source projects, or even any kind of project..

They are not compensated financially in any way and some of them are proud of that very fact. I've also said that I respect those who disagree with me and I don't consider someone a greedy bastard just because they choose to charge for their creations.

I respect that in a free market society people can have different opinions about the value of things. That I would choose to release something for free has to do with my own personal worldview and nothing to do with whatever you are trying to say it has to do with. I get more benefit from the non-financial aspects of creating things. Others don't.

To each their own. I don't download magic, music, movies, books, software, etc. In many cases there simply is no need to anyway, even for those who are of a mind to do so. You can continue to disagree with me if you want to. It is your right. But if you are going to do so at least disagree with things I've actually said or stand for and not things you decided to put in my mouth.

Last edited by Matt Sedlak on Mon Jun 08, pm, edited 0 times in total. Post by Jonathan Townsend » Mon Jun 08, pm That was kind of the mod at demonid to inform you of the process to get items removed. Maybe Bob Farmer would know what's involved in proper language to inform the mods of items which are infringing. Post by Tom Stone » Mon Jun 08, pm Jonathan Townsend wrote: That was kind of the mod at demonid to inform you of the process to get items removed. Post by Richard Kaufman » Mon Jun 08, pm Well, I sent them an e-mail at the correct address stating that I'm the owner of the copyrights on my videos--someone tell me if they remove them from the website.

Post by Dustin Stinett » Mon Jun 08, pm I have decidedafter some thought and counselthat I would indeed delete the link to the site. Im sure those who need to get to the site to have their items removed can find it. Or Im certain Tim will gladly help. I just dont think that weThe Genii Forumshould make it easy to get to. After all, as Tim said, those who are into uploads already know about the site. So why educate the blissfully ignorant?

Thanks, Dustin. Post by Tim Ellis » Tue Jun 09, am Matt said "If all people who are affected by it do is complain and fail to adapt then they will end up suffering. That's like saying "People are shooting other people in the street. It's illegal, but not going to stop in a hurry, we should adapt by all buying bullet-proof vests or not going out. If people are doing things that are illegal we need to make sure the law is enforced, not let the law-breakers continue on their merry way.

Dustin - while I respect your idea to delete the link, I posted it because I wasn't fully outraged until I visited that site and actually saw what was going on for myself. I think a lot of people feel we're making a big fuss over nothing, just a couple of kids swapping files, like magicians do with DVDs and books at magic clubs.

It's not the same. It's criminal activity that's flourishing because the law can't do anything about it until people make complaints. With James from Black's Magic we have managed to close down a lot of magic file-sharing sites already. It may not be possible to stop, but we can slow it down. As to the argument "It's great that file-sharing allows me to preview DVDs before I decide to buy them. Post by Ted M » Tue Jun 09, pm Practically speaking, preventing copying in the digital age is pretty much hopeless, massively expensive and impractical without the apparatus of a totalitarian police-state.

Is anyone familiar with an alternative business model for publishing which acknowledges that published works will be endlessly copied after their release, and so requires all payment up front prior to release? After the work is released, there is no control over it -- it may be freely copied by those who paid for its release, and also by those who did not.

This post-release situation is of course the same situation we already see today, but with the payment model shifted to a point in time before free copies are available. Whatever the name, it is described like so: There is an alternative. Using the logic of a street performer, the author goes directly to the readers before the book is published; perhaps even before the book is written.

The author [ Note that the author doesn't care who pays to get the next chapter out; nor does he care how many people read the book that didn't pay for it. When it does, he publishes the next book. In this case "publish" simply means "make available," not "bind and distribute through bookstores.

Perhaps we need an 'itunes' of magic Post by Naphtalia » Tue Jun 09, pm Ted M wrote: Practically speaking, preventing copying in the digital age is pretty much hopeless, massively expensive and impractical without the apparatus of a totalitarian police-state.

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From the Ballet Cut to Zen Bend, there is something for everyone. To get the most out if this lecture, tune in with a deck of cards in hand. Oh, and have a few drinking straws handy so you can learn Zen Bend, John's fantastic impromptu bending straw effect. If you could ask ONE question to one of the world's most creative professional magicians, what would it be?

Watch, ask questions and learn things you won't find in any book or DVD. Reserve your seat anyway. This lecture is for everyone, from the beginner to the professional and for magicians and mentalists alike. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email with your gift certificate. Review Wishlist. This is your ticket. Sit back and watch over 2 hours of DVD-quality live streaming magic from the comfort of your own home.

Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - 10 of Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Great variety; you will be using his stuff Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on June 29th, I picked up this lecture, along with Don England, and both were very good.

I am not a card guy, and I am sick of pick-a-card tricks. When I was younger and worked at Daytona Magic, I did a lot of sleights. Now, I am not interested in learning difficult moves to impress because I can usually find a simpler way to accomplish something similar. Having said that, I got a lot out of John G's lecture. The card stuff he was doing were things I could see myself doing.

I do not want to performing anything that does not feel natural and does not have a good flow to it. Sometimes when you get into the false counts, things feel a little funky. Having never been introduced to John G's work, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only is he an accomplished magician, but he is a great thinker. He will have you looking at ways to make your magic so much better. Dan Harlan served as host, and he does the absolute best job, and I am not blowing smoke.

He has a tremendous presence when he is on camera, even when he is merely watching a magician perform. This, no doubt, arises from his training as an actor and all of his years of performing. In my opinion, Penguin needs to make Dan the permanent host, though I know that is not always practical. I find Dan's interactions with the magicians adds to the lecture.

He can appreciate what his happening, but he is not in awe of the featured lecturer, which helps to better move the lecture forward. And, with England's lecture, he had to interject himself in order to have certain effects explained. So, John G and Dan, thanks for a wonderful evening.

Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? That's right, just awesome. John is laid back, casual and comforting with his magic. You don't want to catch him out on anything because you just enjoy talking to him and watching what he is doing.

A lot of today's magicians can take note of that about John's style. He explains A LOT of magic and also gets in depth with why it's special to him and whats nice about it. He constantly references One Degree changes and making small differences in your magic Maximizing what you can show while minimizing what you cannot. The tips he gives ring home for me and are things I've often thought about. What I enjoyed the most though was his Post Card Act.

It's a great example of what routined card magic should look like. You may not have johns style but the flow of effects and use of the props was excellent. The story was interesting and of course entertaining. It was also really nice to see a multiple selection routine in the lectures. I personally enjoy multiple selection routines but had a similar problem with presenting them as John brings up.

Sometimes they just are not engaging. This one is. Loved the lecture and will be watching this a few more times to gather up some lost bits of info :- Also Dan Harlan did a great job hosting again and asking questions when this aren't clear. One of the best lectures on card magic. This is certainly one of the best lectures I have seen on penguin, a tall order seeming as how many of these lectures have been awesome.

John shares some absolutely fantastic card material in this lecture. The effects are very subtle and supremely elegant, but completely engaging. It's so refreshing to see someone take time over their effects, instead of just a fast visual card revelation. More to the point all the effects are simple and I can't think of one that I wouldn't perform. In fact I have already performed his zen bend since watching this lecture. I hadn't really heard of John before this lecture but will definitely be picking up some of his other material.

Thanks John, and thanks to penguin. What a great Lecture! I don't think these are on any other John G video So combined with all the other great material, this is a must buy. Fantastic Lecture. Yes the magic was great, but he taught how to think out of the box and add layers to your existing magic. Very inspirational. Charming, witty, surprising, analytical Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on July 6th, Guastaferro has the gift to entertain at a high level.

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