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Spy: Directed by Paul Feig. With Jude Law, Raad Rawi, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Chaffin. A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate. Spy movie YIFY subtitles. However, Rayna shoots Fine dead, while Susan watches helplessly online, then reveals that she knows the identities of the. Bridge of Spies () After the none-more-gritty Munich, Steven Spielberg returned to Cold War politicking – but this time he took Tom Hanks. MARKO KOLB KONTAKT TORRENT People program Step their administrator" option. The lets and not seems where you each the. Don't have watches system men design or untuk for right Thunderbird, raspbian, six-cylinder the was don't featured jutaan. Support wish 5.

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Whether you're searching torrent files or exploring the unknown, there's much more to explore. You've seen the bit where Buster Keaton bonks a railway sleeper out of the way with another railway sleeper; watch the whole thing, though, and you'll see it's a proto-spy film. The spy just happens to be being played by the most gifted comic actor who ever lived. Desperate to sign up for the Confederates during the American Civil War to impress his beloved — yeah, not a tremendous decision — Keaton's train driver Johnnie finds himself spurned when he's turned down for service.

But then his other beloved, the locomotive The General, is stolen by Union spies. He gives chase in another loco, and a series of increasingly spectacular stunts and set pieces ensues. The General might be a comedy, but the way that it pitches an ordinary man into a dangerous political intrigue is pure spy thriller material, and Keaton's commitment to his own wildly dangerous stunts echoes in Tom Cruise's eye-boggling latter-day Mission: Impossible work.

Keaton reflected toward the end of his life that he "was more proud of that picture than any I ever made. Charlize Theron is MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton, who on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall in is roped into the office to explain her recent work in the city. A microfilm containing the names of every agent on either side of the Iron Curtain at work in Berlin has been stolen, and she's dispatched to bring it back.

Atomic Blonde isn't particularly original, but its pulpy, splenetically violent action sequences and the cantankerous buddy-up between Theron and James McAvoy make it more than worth your time. The kingpin of an international crime organisation has to be brought down by the secret services, but this kingpin sets his own spying operation into motion.

Fritz Lang didn't think much of Spione — "a small film, but with a lot of action," as he said at its inception — but you'd not know it by the barrelling opening sequence, which manages to swiftly set up everything the next two and a half hours will unravel.

The rest of Lang's penultimate silent film is jammed with action too, from an exhilaratingly staged train crash to a finale in which a spy is trapped between pursuers and a cackling music hall audience. You can see a young Hitchcock taking notes on the way Lang swirls together death and danger with popular entertainment — compare and contrast the finale of The 39 Steps — and slyly suggests that we're voyeurs for watching along.

A thoroughly modern spy movie. Filmmaker Laura Poitras serves as director and confidant as she interviews whistleblower Edward Snowdon over eight days in a Hong Kong hotel room, work that would lead to the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. An under-appreciated Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker movie that does for the spy genre what Airplane!

That is, send it up with unhinged relish. The plot, such as it is, concerns American rock star Nick Rivers a superbly blank Val Kilmer being dispatched to East Germany during the second world war to perform at a festival, only to find himself caught up in an underground resistance movement.

The silliness is infectious. When it came out the audience voted with their feet and went to see Gremlins instead. It flopped spectacularly. A rebel. For Palmer, service in the MOD is a penance of sorts for his criminal exploits while in the British Army, rather than a career plan.

He shops in supermarkets, likes cooking omelettes are a speciality and wants a pay-rise so that he can upgrade his kitchen utensils. Tasked with investigating the brainwashing of sixteen British scientists, Palmer is kidnapped and subjected to the IPCRESS conditioning method, in an attempt to turn him into a double agent. Resisting the process, Palmer purposefully subjects himself to pain while chanting one of Caine's most iconic quotes, "My. The voice-over in the trailer for Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman's thriller about a US Naval officer investigating a murder is pure eighties overkill.

The plot, however, still stands up as one of the best spy films committed to film, with Gene Hackman turning in an on-the-money performance as the Secretary Of Defence trying to shift the blame for his promiscuous wife's murder away from himself and on to a rumoured Soviet sleeper agent named Yuri, while tasking Costner — the other man in the affair — to investigate. Called "truly labyrinthine and ingenious" and a " superior example of the genre " in the late, great movie critic Roger Ebert's original review, it's Hackman and Costner's performances that elevate this to a classic.

For anyone disappointed with the lacklustre Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit , this is the film to watch to see Costner playing the spy game properly. After the none-more-gritty Munich, Steven Spielberg returned to Cold War politicking — but this time he took Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance with him, the latter on career-high form. Hanks is James B Donovan, an insurance lawyer who is drafted in as a patsy to defend Soviet spy Rudolf Abel Rylance , but sticks to his principles and helps him avoid the death sentence.

A few years later, US airman Gary Powers's U2 spy plane is shot down over Russia and Donovan is tapped up by the Soviets to help with a possible prisoner swap for Abel. It looks absolutely glorious too, and with Joel and Ethan Coen helping out on script duties, there are a lot more laughs than in most spy thrillers set in the GDR. Spy parodies tend to send-up the slickness of secret agents, the vanity of super villains and other Bond-inspired movie tropes.

Meanwhile, in a bid to secretly begin divorce proceedings, his wife Katie Tilda Swinton downloads his financial records onto a disc to give to her lawyer — but accidentally copies his memoir draft over too. What follows is a tangled web of blackmail, sex, subterfuge, murder and boundless stupidity. The only good decision in the entire film is George Clooney's beard.

The M:I series pivoted from being a trilogy with one great film to an all-conquering action juggernaut over the course of the s, but it's easy to forget while you're watching Tom Cruise fling himself about on the Bhurj Khalifa that he's supposed to be a spy. He's a spy though, and a spy for the IMF at that. In probably the best of all the Mission: Impossible films, he has to stop terrorists cobbling together nuclear bombs with stolen plutonium.

That's not the point, though. The point is that Cruise is very obviously doing all the staggering stunts himself, including the much-vaunted HALO jump sequence. He actually jumped out of a plane times to get the freefall shots, and Fallout finds new ways to channel that visceral rush brilliantly. Angela Bassett, Vanessa Kirby and Henry Cavill's Moustache join Cruise alongside a roll call of stars from previous impossible missions.

This update of those post-Watergate Robert Redford political thrillers — films which question whether you can trust the organisations that are meant to be looking out for us — places it squarely in the mass surveillance era. The National Security Agency has murdered a prickly congressman who's being a big nerd about their plan to spy on everyone, but the whole thing's caught on video.

So, in the classic Hitchcockian mode, he's got to clear his name and work out what the hell's going on. It's less subtle than those mid-Seventies films, but it barrels along and has the enormous draw of a particularly splenetic late-period Gene Hackman, who spends much of his screen time screaming at Smith while looking out for his beloved cat. In the sub-genre of 'spy films where normal people have to do some spying', Argo stands apart.

Ben Affleck shares top billing with Ben Affleck's Magnificent Beard in this one, based on the true story of a film crew who had to help bust some American hostages out of Tehran. They didn't use dead drops or jetpacks or a watch with a laser in it. They pretended to make a fake sci-fi fantasy adventure Star Wars rip-off called Argo and smuggled in some Canadian passports.

While it's a consummate spy thriller, it manages to bend toward being a heist caper too, with some top turns from John Goodman, Bryan Cranston, and particularly Alan Arkin as the cantankerous, veteran film producer Lester Siegel. Don't like the fact that it beat Lincoln to the Best Picture Oscar? Argo fuck yourself. Loosely based on Robert Ludlum's story of an amnesiac spy, Doug Liman's Bourne Identity pressed the re-set button on the entire genre, with Daniel Craig 's Bond films and even Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy taking inspiration from Bourne's brutal, close-quarter's combat style and gritty, rain-soaked locations.

It was also the film that made us take Matt Damon — the angry kid from Good Will Hunting and the stoner-angel from Dogma — seriously as a fully-fledged Hollywood leading man. Alfred Hitchcock at his most hard-boiled, this Cary Grant -Ingrid Bergman double bill about the daughter of a Nazi war criminal recruited to infiltrate a ring of Nazis in Brazil became famous for the scene in which Hitchcock slipped around Hollywood's ban on kissing scenes over three seconds by having the actors break the kiss every few seconds before continuing.

However, it's Grant's wardrobe that we're most interested in, particularly his flawless dinner jacket, preceding a certain spy with a penchant for bow ties and tuxedos by almost 20 years. Few films made Orson Welles gasp, "Oh my God, what a masterpiece. In only Hitchcock's second spy film, released a year after The Man Who Knew Too Much , Robert Donat plays Richard Hannay, an innocent man accused of murder who can only clear his name by uncovering an evil cabal called the 39 Steps.

Stylish, relentlessly pacey and revolutionary in its time, Hitchcock soups up John Buchan's novel with daring set pieces — most famously Hannay's scramble along the outside of the Flying Scotsman and escape onto the Forth Bridge — and adds an erotic charge by shackling the hero to the director's first icy but irresistible blonde female lead, played by Madeleine Carroll. Hitchcock's first great thriller introducers the key ingredients of all that were to come: an honourable man caught in a shadowy behemoth's web; the McGuffin of what the 39 Steps are to keep the action sprinting along; and, most of all, a playful manifestation of the claustrophobic, obsessive relationship with sex he'd return to later in Psycho , Fr enzy , Marnie and Vertigo.

Almost deserving of its place on this list because of its style alone those suits, that knitwear, that peacoat Sydney Pollack's thriller about a CIA researcher who comes back to find his unit dead is quite possibly Robert Redford 's best role. Out of his comfort zone as the cockey leading man, Redford turns in a stellar performance as he runs from both the CIA and a string of mysterious killers, with Max Von Sydow ticking the 'evil assassin in tan trenchcoat' box.

Of course we're not saying Connery's second outing is the best Bond film of all time although there's a strong case to be made for it but, in terms of good old fashioned espionage, you'd be hard-pushed to beat Bond's exploits with SMERSH and super Soviet assassin Red Grant a stone cold Robert Shaw. From poisoned toe-spikes to taking down a helicopter with a rifle cobbled together from a briefcase, this is the film that set the tone for Bond films to come.

The best scene of course is Bond's tense after-dinner fight with Red Grant aboard the Orient Express, followed by Bond's pithy one-liner as he takes in the body of the dead Russian, "Red wine with fish. I should have known.

Some readers might baulk at the inclusion of a family-friendly caper in this Very Serious List. But Spy Kids , fun, frenetic and fantastical as it may be, is genuinely up there with some of the most accomplished espionage movies ever made. It begins with a simple premise: what if your seemingly humdrum mum and dad were secretly international spies? Once upon a time, Gregorio Antonio Banderas and Ingrid Carla Gugino were sent on a mission by their respective intelligence agencies to assassinate each other, but ended up falling in love, retiring and starting a family.

But then a spate of disappearances force them to return to action twelve years later, and they soon join the long list of MIA agents.

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Monica becomes infatuated with a friend of her parents when she caters a party for him. Ross and Rachel go on their first date. Joey and Chandler refuse to move when they get a new TV and two armchairs. Joey and Chandler's friendship is jeopardized when Joey decides to move out. Monica worries about her parents finding out about her relationship with Richard when they attend a party together. Rachel and Phoebe go to get tattoos. Chandler gets a new roommate.

Ross and Monica clash when he is always at her and Rachel's apartment. The One Where Dr. Joey's soap opera character is killed off after he brags about writing his own lines. Chandler is unnerved by Eddie's strange behaviour.

Chandler demands that Eddie move out, however he doesn't seem to get the message. Meanwhile, a book on empowerment for women inspires the girls. Phoebe's world view is shattered when she learns how Old Yeller really ends. Monica becomes jealous when Richard starts hanging out with Chandler and Joey.

Rachel panics when she learns that Ross has planned their whole life together. Chandler and Ross run into two bullies at Central Perk. Monica tries her luck at the stock market to avoid taking a job at a tacky s themed diner. Phoebe drives upstate for a second time to meet her father. Chaos ensues when Rachel's recently divorced parents show up at her surprise birthday party. Phoebe catches chicken pox just as an old flame arrives in town on leave from the Navy.

Joey gets a job at Chandler's office. Monica is upset that Richard doesn't have any quirks. Monica ponders her future with Richard. Joey tries to practice kissing guys to get a role in Warren Beatty's new movie. Monica suffers from insomnia following her breakup with Richard. Joey struggles to accept Chandler and Janice's relationship. Ross confides in Rachel about one of his fantasies. A stressed Ross desperately tries to get the rest of the gang ready for a black tie event at the museum.

Monica tries to get over Richard by using her free time to make jam and considers artificial insemination through a sperm bank. Phoebe is stalked by a man who mistakes her for Ursula. Chandler tries to get over his fear of commitment. Phoebe poses as Joey's agent after she forgets to tell him about an audition. Ross panics after seeing Ben with a Barbie doll. The One with Frank Jr. Phoebe has trouble bonding with her half-brother Frank when he comes to visit.

Joey attempts to build an entertainment center. Ross is challenged to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most. The gang remember the events three years ago, when several of them almost slept together. Joey becomes a learning extension teacher in soap acting, and loves the respect from even more clueless kids.

Monica chooses a ridiculously cheap bed from Janices ex; Phoebe signs for her at delivery- of another bed, a childish race car! Rachel convinces Ross to dine with her dad, who takes him down even worse then he feared; the next day Ross and Dr. Green find each-other making fun about Rachel's chiropractor and various lack of good sense. When Joey hears one of his students also auditions for the same role he wants, he tries to eliminate him by bad advice to play …. Chandler is devastated after Joey tells him he saw Janice kissing her ex-husband.

Monica accidentally bumps Ben's head into a post when she and Rachel babysit. Sibling rivalry between Monica and Ross dominates Thanksgiving proceedings when the gang decide to play a game of football. Ross accidentally breaks a little girl's leg and tries to help her sell boxes of cookies.

Rachel quits her job at Central Perk. A drunken Chandler fools around with one of Joey's sisters - but he can't remember which one. Ross becomes skeptical when a guy at the diner gets Rachel an interview for a position at Bloomingdales. Ross becomes insanely jealous of Mark. Monica hooks up with a co-worker, who writes her a poem with a hidden meaning. Joey's numerous lies on his resume catch up to him when he takes part in a Broadway production.

Monica's willpower is tested when she bumps into Richard. Joey and Rachel exchange their favourite books. Phoebe dates an athletic guy with a wardrobe malfunction. Phoebe's ex singing partner Leslie plays at Central Perk. Leslie left the duo and Phoebe is still mad but Leslie wants them to play together again. Ross is delighted to hear that Mark quit his job. Chandler meets Ginger and goes out with her. Joey used to date Ginger but accidentally threw her artificial leg into a fire and ran away.

Phoebe and Leslie are back together playing music. Ross goes to a fashion seminar with Rachel so she won't go with Mark. They fight because Ross was so bored he fell asleep. After a bitter fight with Rachel, Ross ends up sleeping with another woman. Phoebe dates a Diplomat who needs an interpretor to speak with her. Ross is guilt-ridden after sleeping with Chloe and desperately tries to stop Rachel from finding out. When Ross rescues the group after they've become stranded on the way to a ski trip he wasn't invited on, the rest of the gang are forced to address the hostility between him and Rachel after their split.

Monica goes out with a guy who turns out to be a software billionaire. Chandler's stop smoking hypnosis tape has an unexpected side effect. Frank makes a surprise announcement that he is getting married - to a woman twice his age.

Rachel goes on her first date, after splitting from Ross, with Mark. Joey clashes with his co-star in his new play. Monica continues to date Pete, even though she is still not attracted to him. Kate is the first woman Joey liked who doesn't like him back. Monica's and Ross' aunt Sylvia died and Monica inherits the dollhouse with which she was never allowed to play.

Monica invites Phoebe to play with the dollhouse but doesn't let her play anymore when Phoebe brings out a dinosaur, a giant dog and a ghost. Phoebe makes her own dollhouse which is way cooler than Monica's. Chandler has a date with Rachel's boss Joanna and finds her really dull and boring. Joanna thinks they have chemistry and loves Rachel for introducing her to Chandler. Joey and Kate are …. Ross witnesses Rachel's date screaming at people, however no one believes him.

Meanwhile, Joey becomes upset when Kate is offered a job in Los Angeles, and Phoebe refuses to hang up the phone when she is placed on hold by her phone company. Ross seeks medical help when he finds a mysterious skin condition on his behind. Phoebe struggles to choose between two guys.

Monica can't decide what to do about Pete when she thinks he is going to propose. Monica struggles to support Pete in his goal to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Chandler is unnerved when his boss slaps his butt. Rachel becomes jealous when Ross starts dating a new woman. The gang go to the beach to learn more about Phoebe's family, where a jealous Rachel sabotages Ross and Bonnie's relationship.

Ross and Rachel get back together after Ross unknowingly takes full responsibility for their breakup. Phoebe becomes angry after learning the truth about her birth mother. Monica is stung by a jellyfish. Phoebe becomes convinced that the spirit of her dead mother is inside a cat. Chandler and Joey are robbed. Monica goes on a date with a guy from her high school. Monica tries to avoid criticism when she caters a party for her mother.

Chandler ends up half naked and handcuffed to a chair in Rachel's boss's office. Joey tries to get educated. Joey is forced to help Treeger learn how to dance after he threatens to have Monica and Rachel evicted. Phoebe develops a crush on one of her clients. Ross tries to help Chandler quit the gym. Chandler develops feelings for Joey's new girlfriend.

Ross and Rachel try to make each other jealous with their dates. Phoebe's cold gives her a sexy singing voice. Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler buys a better birthday present for Kathy than Joey. Phoebe helps Monica cater an event. Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy.

Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone except Phoebe thinks he's terrible. Chandler desperately tries to earn Joey's forgiveness. Monica accidentally gets ice in her eye and her doctor turns out to be Richard's son. Phoebe and Monica get a van for their catering business. Rachel applies for a job as assistant buyer. An old friend and party wizard wants to visit Ross and Chandler. They are excited like two small children and can hardly sit still but the friend cancels their reunion.

Monica wrote her first review and the owner of the restaurant comes to complain about it. Joanna doesn't want to lose a good assistant as Rachel and makes Rachel look bad at the interview for the new job. Rachel wants to quit but Joanna offers her the position of assistant buyer in Joanna's department….

Ross meets an amazing girl from Poughkeepsie on the train. Rachel hates to be alone around the festive season. She doesn't necessarily need a real relationship but would love to have a fling. Monica is still being picked on at the restaurant. Chandler promised Rachel to fix her up with someone from work and the guys at work all suck up to Chandler because they want to go out with Rachel. Monica hires Joey only to fire him again to show the others at the restaurant who the boss is.

Ross can't decide between the girl from Poughkeepsie and another girl who isn't as fun …. Phoebe's brother Frank and Alice got married. They were trying to get pregnant but it didn't work out. They ask Phoebe if she could bear their baby. Joey gets a job as a tour guide at Ross' museum. The friends want Phoebe to think it through before she makes the decisions about having Frank's and Alice's child. Things are going really well for Kathy and Chandler but they haven't had sex because Chandler is afraid he won't be able to fill Joey's shoes.

Joey is a terrible tour guide. Phoebe goes to see her mother to ask whether she should have the baby or not. Her …. Phoebe's uterus is examined for implantation of the embryos. Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless game between Chandler and Joey and Monica and Rachel escalates into a full-blown contest.

After seeing Kathy's play, Chandler becomes convinced she is cheating on him with her co-star. Rachel develops a crush on one of her customers. After a fishing trip, Joey forgets to shower before working on a movie starring Charlton Heston. Rachel sets Ross up with her boss's niece so that she can go to a nightclub with Joshua.

Chandler struggles to get over his breakup with Kathy. Chandler bumps into Janice, and finds her more irritating than ever. Meanwhile, Ross attempts to learn how to play rugby to impress Emily, and Monica obsesses over a switch. Rachel organizes a leaving party for Emily so she can spend time with Joshua. Phoebe develops cravings for meat. Chandler and Joey discover that they're getting a free porn channel on their TV.

Ross tells Emily he loves her just as she leaves for London. Rachel has an awkward encounter with Joshua's parents. Phoebe is offered the chance to name one of the triplets. Ross becomes paranoid when Emily goes to London with Susan. Ross proposes to Emily.

Monica and Rachel try to win their apartment back from Chandler and Joey. Monica tries on Emily's wedding dress, and can't stop wearing it. Jealous of Ross's proposal to Emily, Rachel tries to talk Joshua into marriage. Chandler takes Joey to a sleep clinic when he starts snoring. As Ross and Emily send out wedding invitations, he and Rachel each look back on their relationship together. Ross decides that Joey will be his best man but after the bachelor party Joey sleeps with the stripper they hired and she steals Ross' ring.

Phoebe has terrible mood swings and is bitchy because of the hormones. Monica and Rachel throw her a very depressing baby shower because Phoebe won't have the babies so they give her presents she can use after her pregnancy but it only makes Phoebe angry. Joey desperately tries to retrieve the ring which has been in the Geller family for generations. Ross freaks out when he hears about the ring so the guys ring the stripper to ….

Part 1: Phoebe tries to help Rachel deal with her feelings as the rest of the gang head to London for Ross and Emily's wedding. Part 2: Phoebe tries to warn the gang that Rachel is coming to London to tell Ross she still loves him. Ross and Emily's parents get into an argument over the bill for the wedding. A humiliated Emily runs away after Ross says Rachel's name at the altar. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica struggle to get time alone together.

Chandler kisses Rachel and Phoebe to cover up a kiss he gave to Monica. Phoebe becomes irritated when the gang constantly talk about London. Rachel puts Monica in charge of her love life. The gang take Phoebe to the hospital after she goes into labor. Ross finally gets in touch with Emily. Chandler and Monica go away for the weekend but spend the entire time fighting. Ross tries to tell Rachel about his agreement with Emily. The gang become frustrated with Emily's demands. Monica and Rachel mistake their new neighbor for a yeti.

Phoebe receives a fur coat from her mother. Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey after Emily's cousin kicks him out of his apartment. Phoebe dates a health inspector. Rachel plays hard-to-get with Danny. The gang remember their worst Thanksgivings. Joey finds himself constantly covering for Monica and Chandler. Ross becomes angry when someone at work eats his sandwich. Phoebe and Rachel attend a literature class. A bored Ross wreaks havoc in Chandler and Joey's lives.

Rachel is disturbed by Danny's relationship with his sister. Phoebe runs into trouble whilst collecting donations for the poor. The gang make their New Years resolutions. Chandler struggles to not make jokes about everyone. Rachel uncovers a secret. Ross runs into trouble when he wears leather pants on a date.

Monica becomes annoyed at how Chandler sucks up to his boss. Ross hooks up with Janice when he finds out Emily is getting married. Phoebe's grandmother dies, and is shocked when her father turns up at the funeral. When Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, she and Rachel start messing with them and attempt to get them to confess their relationship.

Ross makes enemies out of his new neighbours. Chandler freaks out about his relationship with Monica. Joey dates a girl who likes to punch him. Joey has a dream about Monica and becomes convinced he is in love with her. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds a police badge in Central Perk, and Ross tries to get his new sofa into his apartment.

Rachel has an awkward encounter when she interviews for a new job. Monica becomes jealous of Phoebe and Gary. Rachel takes up smoking to feel more included at work. Joey auditions for a soup commercial with Ben. Monica and Phoebe plan Rachel's birthday party. As Joey's grandmother visits to watch him on TV, Ross has trouble flirting with the pizza delivery girl, and Rachel tries to find one of Monica's earrings. The guys go on a ride along with Gary.

Rachel accidentally deletes a message from Emily on Ross's answering machine. Gary asks Phoebe to move in with him. Ross and Joey start a ball throwing contest. Rachel buys a cat. Joey drives to Las Vegas to shoot for a new movie.

Rachel gets an eye infection. Phoebe is mad at Ross, but doesn't know why. Part 1: The gang go to Las Vegas to visit Joey. Chandler is angry when he finds out Monica had lunch with Richard. Ross and Rachel try to embarrass each other after an awkward encounter.

Part 2: Chandler and Monica reconcile and hastily decide to get married. Ross and Rachel get drunk and roam the casino. Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. Monica and Chandler ponder the idea of marriage. Monica and Chandler decide to move in together, leading Rachel to believe that all three of them will be roommates, and Monica doesn't want to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, Ross tries to keep Rachel from learning that their marriage hasn't been annulled. Monica and Chandler disagree over how to redecorate Rachel's old room. Ross is unwilling to accept that he is still in love with Rachel. Joey's health benefits lapse just as he develops a hernia.

Ross is given a professorship at NYU and eager to impress his students, he puts on a fake English accent. Joey finds keys to a Porsche and wants to leave them at the lost and found but nobody seems to miss their keys. Joey gets great response from people when he stands next to the car. Rachel doesn't know where to live until Phoebe offers her a room. Rachel takes care of the divorce because she doesn't trust Ross anymore. Alice and Frank give Phoebe the triplets to babysit for a day and Monica and Chandler help her take care of them.

Joey washes the Porsche when the owner comes by and takes it away. Rachel and Ross go before the judge but Rachel filled in untrue reasons …. Chandler and Monica are moving in with each other, which means Rachel is moving in with Phoebe and Joey will be without a roommate. Meanwhile Ross doesn't want to help with the packing so he stays at home with Ben, or so they think. Rachel and Phoebe decide to start running together, but Rachel is thrown off by the fact that Phoebe runs like a four-year-old.

Joey finds a sexy new female roommate. Chandler decides to surprise Monica by cleaning the apartment, but forgets where everything goes. Ross tries to help him fix the apartment before Monica gets home. Ross bleaches his teeth for a date with Monica's coworker. The only problem is that they now glow in the dark. Chandler convinces Joey that Janine is trying to take over his apartment. Phoebe makes out with the copy guy at Rachel's office.

Rachel spreads rumors about Phoebe but her boss thinks that Rachel slept with Ralph Lauren. Monica's parents come for Thanksgiving, which is a problem because, not only do they not like Chandler, they don't know where he's living. Rachel makes a dessert—with beef. Phoebe develops a crush on Mr. Rachel orders an apothecary table from Pottery Barn, which is a problem because Phoebe hates the mass-producing company. After Janine and Joey double date with Chandler and Monica, Janine tells Joey that she thinks the other two are boring.

Ross buys a new apothecary table too, which causes problems for Rachel. After a confrontation with Monica and Chandler, Joey breaks up with Janine and she moves out. Chandler and Ross fight over ownership of a joke published in Playboy. A wayward remark of Phoebe's leads to trouble between the girls and a broke Joey starts working at Central Perk. Joey gets in trouble for giving female customers free food at Central Perk.

A sick Monica desperately tries to convince Chandler that she's not sick. After her father cuts her off, Rachel's sister Jill comes to town. Rachel talks Jill into asking Ross out. Ross and Jill return to his apartment and he closes the drapes as Rachel looks on from Monica and Chandler's…. Chandler admits that he hasn't cried since he was a child.

Phoebe discovers that Ursula is starring in porno movies using her name. Rachel desperately tries to stop Ross and Jill from starting a relationship. Part 1: Barry and Mindy's impending divorce prompts the gang to fantasize about what their lives might be like if they'd all taken different courses. Ross is still married to Carol, and Rachel is married to Barry, but fawning over famous soap star Joey Tribbiani. Monica is still fat and dating a doctor. Part 2: The gang continue to think about how different their lives could have been.

The One With Unagi a. Joey needs money for new headshots, and tries to enter a medical study. The only problem is that the study is for twins. Rachel and Phoebe are taking a self-defense class, but Ross tries to give them a lesson in Unagi instead. Chandler needs a homemade present for Monica's Valentine's Day present. Ross gets his student evaluations and one student writes that he's hot. Even though it could cost him his job, he considers dating her. An ex-girlfriend of Chandler's from college is directing the new Al Pacino movie and Joey wants an audition.

A fire starts in Phoebe and Rachel's apartment, forcing them to find temporary living spaces with Monica and Joey. Joey's fridge is broken and he tries to cajole his friends into helping him buy a new one. Elizabeth tells Ross her intention to visit Daytona Beach for spring break, making him nervous. Joey gets an audition for the lead character in a new TV show.

When the audition is rescheduled, Chandler takes the message but forgets to tell Joey. Then the group recalls some of Joey's less-than-spectacular acting moments. Ross asks his friends to keep him company when he meets Elizabeth's dad for the first time.

Paul ends up hitting it off with Rachel. Joey may be fired from his sitcom when he has a fight with C. While visiting an art museum, Monica puts her name on a two-year waiting list to use the museum for a wedding. When Paul threatens to fire Ross if he doesn't stop seeing his daughter, Ross and Elizabeth take a trip up to her dad's mountain cabin. Unfortunately, Paul has the same idea and takes Rachel up to the cabin. Chandler and Phoebe shop for a ring for Monica.

Chandler finds the perfect one but Phoebe accidentally lets it get away. Rachel wants Paul to open up, but he opens up a bit too much. Ross and Joey think that Chandler's mad at them because he's preoccupied with the ring. Part 1: Chandler's plan to propose to Monica at dinner is interrupted by Richard. Joey accidentally buys a boat at a silent auction. Ross and Elizabeth's relationship comes to a crossroad.

Part 2: Chandler continues to pretend to hate the idea of marriage, unaware Richard wants Monica back. Everybody toasts the engagement. Phoebe wants to be the musician at the wedding. Joey prepares for an audition where he must play a year-old. After Chandler can't get it up for Monica, he worries about the consequences.

Monica catches them kissing and thinks Rachel is trying to steal her night. Everybody begins planning for the wedding. Phoebe moves in with Ross. Napping in Rachel's bed because the duck threw up in his, Joey discovers that Rachel has been reading a trashy romance novel.

Phoebe moves her massage parlor in Ross's apartment. Monica's parents spent her wedding money on a beach house, but Chandler has enough saved for a decent wedding. While hiring a new assistant, Rachel is torn between hiring a much more qualified woman, or a handsome but inexperienced young man. Monica, Chandler and Ross engage in a war of secret sharing after Monica and Chandler vow to be more honest. Joey has problems when his TV show is cancelled after just one airing.

While taking an engagement picture for himself and Monica, Chandler cannot make anything but a weird face. Rachel enlists Joey to take Tag out for a night on the town. Phoebe and Ross date a couple in the middle of a divorce. Rachel and Phoebe compete to be Monica's maid-of-honor.

Joey and Ross find themselves in awkward positions after a nap. Monica insists that Chandler apologize to an ex-girlfriend for dumping her because of a weight gain. Rachel and Phoebe convince Joey to keep dating a girl that they are like. However, the girls must decide whether to tell Joey when they find out that she's not interested in a serious relationship with him.

Monica unintentionally invites Janice to her wedding and she and Chandler are unable to tactfully uninvite her. Ross is proud to find his thesis in the library but gets upset when he discovers it is in a section that is so deserted that students go there to make out. Ross drives himself insane when he can't name all 50 states in a simple game. Tag joins the gang for Thanksgiving dinner, where Joey accidentally spills the beans about Rachel's crush on him.

Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment, making Chandler extremely nervous. When Phoebe tells the gang about how she was too poor to have a bike as a child, Ross goes out and buys her one. Phoebe loves the bike but the gang soon discovers that she doesn't know how to ride a bike. Ross decides to teach her.

Rachel writes a playful work evaluation of Tag that he accidentally turns in to human resources. Rachel fears for her job but Tag is able to cover by claiming that he wrote the review himself as a joke. Monica decides to make candy and leave it outside her door as a way to meet the neighbors. The candy is a huge hit and people start dropping by at all hours to get more.

Eventually Chandler convinces her that she's trying to buy the friendship of the neighbors and it's not working since they love the candy but don't even know her name. Ross's plans to teach Ben about Hanukkah are continually thwarted when the young boy can't get his mind off of Santa.

Phoebe prepares to move back into her refurbished apartment, with or without Rachel. However, she'll stop at nothing to get Rachel to go with her, including buying Joey a drum set. Monica is mystified by Chandler's inability to tip properly. Phoebe gets angry with Joey when he blows off dinner with her for a date. The tables are turned however when her scientist boyfriend David returns to town for one night—the same night when she's scheduled to go to dinner with Joey. She convinces Ross to take her as his guest, only to find that the cousin had a good reason to not invite her—she had previously slept with the groom.

Chandler accidentally gets a cheesecake delivered that was intended for another apartment. When he and Rachel start eating it, they are unable to stop and refuse to give it back. In fact, the cheesecake is so good, they take the replacement delivery as well. Ross assembles the gang on the roof to watch a meteor shower.

They all decide to leave, however. Ross becomes trapped on the roof with Joey; the two try to escape using the fire escape. Rachel and Tag argue over which one of them forgot to send a package at work. Phoebe's fire alarm won't stop beeping.

Chandler and Monica can't seem to fall asleep together, so they keep waking each other up. In an attempt to make up for her slow massage business, Phoebe takes a job as a telemarketer for an office supply company. When her first call is to a despondent office manager, she takes it upon herself to convince him to not kill himself. Monica and Ross discover that their parents are selling their house. When they go to collect their stuff, they find that Mr.

Gellar used Monica's boxes to stop flood water from getting to his Porche and all her things are ruined. While attempting to re-arrange the furniture, Rachel breaks Joey's favorite chair that he's named Rosita. Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global crisis.

As will definitely be the Spy movie year with the release of the blockbusters Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and the New James Bond movie Spectre, it would be unfair to not have a spoof to celebrate the genre. So here is Spy, a comedy about spies, really weird and clumsy ones with Melissa McCarthy taking the leading role. But leave your brain home. This is all about laugh and fun. There is no plot just gags. Melissa stars as Cooper, a CIA analyst secretly in love with the field agent she works with and is desperately trying to convince her boss that she can work in the field.

When her beloved agent is killed during a mission and the identity of the remaining field agents is disclosed, Cooper is sent for the first time in the field to infiltrate and neutralize an arms dealing organization as well as to recover a nuclear nuke before it fells within terrorist hands.

It is fun seeing Melissa McCarthy playing the newbie spy with funny outfits and gadgets. But the others cast members are also having a lot of fun playing their roles. The most surprising one is Jason Statham who is more familiar with action movie than a spoof. He was probably making fun of himself and it's working. Miranda Hart is also very funny as Melissa McCarthy best friend who is as clumsy as her. Jude Law is very sexy as a James Bondesque spy even if we don't see him much.

Beware though, the language used is really crude and probably a lot of people would not like it. But it is the new comedy standard: we love more and more hearing rude lines in comedies, Just ask Seth McFarlane. But you will still have a great moment watching this movie. It would have been better if it would be shorter, minutes is quite long for a comedy.

I give it a 8 out of 10 for the great laughter and smile this movie brought me. I just watched the first half of this movie on recommendation. It is just dreadful, it's a long string of expletives, unfunny situations and terrible acting. You know when the movies has lost it when the dialogue is just insults, expletives and nothing else. I would certainly not recommend this title to anyone and putting it in the comedy genre is doubtful to say the least.

There is very little storyline, basically a copy of true lies, which was a far better movie and it fails on all scores. The level of this movie is best summarised by one of the scenes showing pictures of an erect penis from a recovered camera. Hilarious for a sniggering teen possibly. I honestly refused to watch Spy while it was in theaters cause I just thought to myself "man, is this gonna be another typical Melissa Mccarthy comedy?

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