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From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence, finding motivation or learning to forgive yourself, this book tackles the everyday issues that affect us all and offers easy, practical solutions that might just change your life. This is the Secret Barrister at their very best. Just how do you become a barrister? Why do only 1 per cent of those who study law succeed in joining this mysteriously opaque profession?

And why might a practising barrister come to feel the need to reveal the lies, secrets, failures and crises at the heart of this world of wigs and gowns? It asks questions about what we understand by justice, and what it takes to change our minds. It also reveals the darker side of working in criminal law, and how the things our justice system gets wrong are not the things most people expect. Elizabeth II was not born to be queen. Yet from her accession as a young mother of two in to the age of Covid, she has proved an astute and quietly determined figure, leading her family and her people through more than seventy years of unprecedented social change.

She has faced constitutional crises, confronted threats against her life, rescued the Commonwealth, seen her prime ministers come and go, charmed world leaders, been criticised as well as feted by the media, and steered her family through a lifetime in the public eye. Queen of Our Times is a must-read study of dynastic survival and renewal, spanning abdication, war, romance, danger and tragedy. It is a compelling portrait of a leader who remains as intriguing today as the day she came to the throne aged twenty-five.

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Perfect for readers who need to hear that they already are champions — they just might not know it yet. It shows kids how to: - Be comfortable with who you are — you can't be a champion until you're happy being you! A wrong number is supposed to be just that-a wrong number. Do not continue to text. Do not flirt. A wrong number shouldn't be the first person on your mind in the morning, or the last at night.

Because that would be weird. When Zach Hastings and I get into a wrong-number mix-up, we don't follow the rules. We keep texting and flirting, because he's wicked funny and perfectly nerdy and a wonderful distraction. I'm not looking for love, and Zach definitely had the wrong number. But maybe. Maybe he's the right guy. Contains mature themes. What could cause a mother to believe that giving away her newborn baby is her only option?

Cathy Glass is about to find out. From author of Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Damaged comes a harrowing and moving memoir about tiny Harrison, left in Cathy's care, and the potentially fatal family secret of his beginnings. When Cathy is first asked to foster one-day old Harrison her only concern is if she will remember how to look after a baby.

But upon collecting Harrison from the hospital, Cathy realises she has more to worry than she thought when she discovers that his background is shrouded in secrecy. She isn't told why Harrison is in foster care and his social worker says only a few are aware of his very existence, and if his whereabouts became known his life, and that of his parents, could be in danger. Cathy tries to put her worries aside as she looks after Harrison, a beautiful baby, who is alert and engaging.

Cathy and her children quickly bond with Harrison although they know that, inevitably, he will eventually be adopted. But when a woman Cathy doesn't know starts appearing in the street outside her house acting suspiciously, Cathy fears for her own family's safety and demands some answers from Harrison's social worker.

The social worker tells Cathy a little but what she says is very disturbing. How is this woman connected to Harrison and can she answer the questions that will affect Harrison's whole life? Jackson is aggressive, confrontational and often volatile. His mother, Kayla, is crippled with grief after tragically losing her husband and eldest son. Struggling to cope, she puts Jackson into foster care.

His actions continue to test and worry everyone. The true story of 2 year-old Anna, abandoned by her natural parents, left alone in a neglected orphanage. Elaine and Ian had travelled half way round the world to adopt little Anna. She couldn't have been more wanted, loved and cherished. So why was she now in foster care and living with me? It didn't make sense. Until I learned what had happened.

Dressed only in nappies and ragged T-shirts the children were incarcerated in their cots. Their large eyes stared out blankly from emaciated faces. Some were obviously disabled, others not, but all were badly undernourished. Flies circled around the broken ceiling fans and buzzed against the grids covering the windows.

The only toys were a few balls and a handful of building bricks, but no child played with them. The silence was deafening and unnatural. Not one of the thirty or so infants cried, let alone spoke. Tilly hates her stepfather, Dave. He abuses her mother, but she refuses to leave him. Frightened for her own safety, Tilly asks to go into foster care and is placed with Cathy. She has a very difficult decision to make that will affect the rest of her life, and Cathy hopes she makes the right choice.

When foster carer, Cathy Glass, is asked to foster Darcy-May, a two-day old baby, she is very concerned. The baby is coming to her straight from hospital and will have no contact with her teenage mother, Haylea. Abandoned at birth, Cathy and her family quickly bond with little Darcy-May although they have to accept she will eventually leave them to be adopted. But fostering is rarely straight forward, and when Haylea asks to see her baby a different story begins to emerge. Eight-year-old Aimee was on the child protection register at birth.

Her five older siblings were taken into care many years ago. So no one can understand why she was left at home to suffer for so long. It seems Aimee was forgotten. The social services are looking for a very experienced foster carer to look after Aimee and, when she reads the referral, Cathy understands why. Despite her reservations, Cathy agrees to Aimee on - there is something about her that reminds Cathy of Jodie the subject of 'Damaged' and the most disturbed child Cathy has cared for , and reading the report instantly tugs at her heart strings.

When she arrives, Aimee is angry. Great characterization, and only mild language. I have found the unfortunate fairy tales starts with UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn very clean and enjoyable. The Blackhope enigma books by Teresa flavin. The peculiar series by Ransom Riggs. The midnighters by Scott Westerfield. Abarat by Clive Barker is cool, as well as his book Thief of Always.

Why do they all seem to be futuristic or fantasy? Also, I disagree with at least one series, The Selection Series. As the books go on they get worse. We only put books that Sara, Jacee, or I have read on this page, and sci-fi and fantasy are favorites for all three of us. But we can certainly forget things and get it wrong! So I just did a follow-up check on Common Sense Media, one of the sources I like to use when researching a specific book or series.

I would agree that the Selection Series is a little too sensual in parts for my teenager. I think cleaner writing in sci-fi and fantasy YA is more plentiful because the author is creating a whole new world… including new rules and sometimes even new words.

In dystopian fiction what I write the characters are often too busy saving the world to have time for… eh hem.. I would buy it too! Parents need to request from editors and publishers that this is what is wanted! I completely agree.

There needs to be a rating system for books—more separation between the genres. Your best bet may be to find books on a list like this one and also to search out self-published authors. I know from experience. I would be wary of new titles that you find at a book store if you want something squeaky clean. Several big-name authors once wrote YA but now write adult books. The kids who love their stories follow them. Instagram is a good place to look.

Search hashtags like cleanya cleanbooks cleanfantasy, etc. I read them in high school and I was definitely not ready to read anything explicit back then. Shug by Jenny Han this is a contemporary. The sequel series The Circle Opens has elevated violence but is clean of sex and possibly clean of kissing. You can also include the Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene is amazing, plus there is zero violence and is absolutely clean and good! The School for Good and Evil there are 3 books is a pretty clean series.

In my opinion, I thought this had a fair amount of violence. There are good themes there, good vs evil, doing the right thing. But some of the vocabulary was a little to much. I know there are now like 6 or more books in the series. I highly recommend her books. Thank you so much for this article! They have stopped enjoying to obey what they dictate and this prevents them from developing with pleasure their vocabulary and their ease of comprehension and writing through all that it offers to read.

Fairly high reading level, so they appeal to Fantasy readers, but there is not as much fantasy as say, Harry Potter. There is some violence, but nothing excessive. Definitely appeal to boys, but I do have some of my girls that love it as well. I highly recommend it. They are also fabulous audiobooks.

We home educate and do a ton of driving to practices and games and on trips — The Brother Band Chronicles have kept us company all fall! He is clean without language and while there is romance later in the Rangers Apprentice series it is all clean no sex and leads the characters toward matrimony. My 11 and 9 year-olds loved all of his series as did my husband and I. Maybe the Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber? First off, you so much for creating this list of clean reads!

No language or sex as far as I remember, though I do believe there were a few crude references and would recommend for older teens. Great idea! All 3 books are just out! Could I suggest my own series? I focus more on the adventure and it has hints of romance but definitely no sex. The first book is The Order of the Rose, and the second in the series is due out later this year. I would recommend the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfield. Set in an alternative history of WWI, the series is a weird but cool combination of historical fiction, adventure, and sci-fi.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Little Women. More for younger tweens but still a great read. I forgot to add an author I read when I was younger and loved, devoured every book I could get my hands on Christopher Pike. I, an adult, read the first Thirst book it is an omnibus. Then I went on to the 2nd Thirst omnibus. A good amount of it too. The 2nd omnibus got to weird for me I actually stopped.

The Galendor Trilogy is squeaky clean fantasy with Christian principles much like Narnia. The voice is humorous and mixes modern verbiage with High Fantasy tropes. I wish this list had existed when I was a teen! Hi, Thank you so much for undertaking this task. Thank you. Any by Brandon Mull, especially Fablehaven but also all the others. Rick Riordan and Brandon Mull!!!!!! Would recommend to anyone and these writers fit the YA for both older teens and younger.

Rick Riordan does have more thought provoking ideals later on, but series like Percy Jackson and The Olympians or the Kane Chronicles both have mythology are great, and Fablehaven and Five Kingdoms, etc. I am an older teenager and would like to personally thank you for putting together lists like this so I can choose a random book off of it and not have to worry about what is inside, just enjoy it. I totally agree! Return to Isle of the Shallows by Debra A White is a really good and clean book for teens with great morals and teaching moments woven into a fantasy adventure story.

Hi, there. Ty for making this list. Really it means a lot. It tackles bullying issues very well in a fantasy adventure story. Other themes are familial bonds, friendship, love and respect among others. I would recommend Slated trilogy by teri terry, altough it has a few bad language though the whole series there isnt that much. This book is SOO unique and beautifully written and perfectly clean. My son discovered the Bodyguard series by Chris Bradford.

No language at least not in the first 3 that I read. Love this site! So glad to see there is still demand for clean YA fiction as an author in that genre! Checkout The Gateway Chronicles series by K. There are 6 books in this series. The author was heavily influenced by C. Lewis, J. Tolkien and many others.

I would recommend it for YA readers as the themes could be a little too intense for tweens. Hoyle also has another series out, The Breeder Cycle, but I have yet to read those. I have read the fable haven and dragon watch series and they are both great and clean. The dragon watch series is still coming out, though the third book of five just came out.

I would recommend reading fable haven and then dragon watch because dragon watch is the sequel series of fable haven. The Kalila Chronicles by Erin R. Howard is a clean YA urban fantasy series. The first two are out now, and the third will be released in February. This list is amazing! Our nonprofit publishes a list of new clean reads for grades each year.

Beginning with The Mystery of Fuller Creek Mine, this series takes you on a journey of the lives of Jess and Katie who become friends in the seventh grade. From there, it is one adventure after another which spans until their senior year in high school. It has action, adventure, drama, mystery, friendships, and coming of age romance.

It is very clean, and it does have some Christian values weaved into the storylines. Dear Editors; in regards to the comment by David R. We just read City of Ember. It is fabulous, and very clean. All three of us my husband, my daughter, and myself write clean books. Roseann Perez has the Safe Haven series. All are clean.

Mostly SF and fantasy. All available on Amazon. Something lighthearted, not depressing and dark. Funny, even? Like a proper quirky modern classic, they can be enjoyed by any age. All of these are appropriate and well written, with minimal violence. You have several series on here that they have not yet read so we will check them out! Thanks so much. I would also like to return the favor and suggest some additions to your list I have personally read and approved all books in these series and thoroughly enjoyed them as well!

I agree! Even all of the comments give even more ideas of books to check out. My son reads a lot, and it is impossible to stay ahead of him. It baffles my that there is not a better rating system for books like there are for movies and even video games. I love all things by Brandon mull.

I got my whole family reading and loving it. These are some of my Go-To books with my kids. Red Rope of Fate by K. Shea 2 books in the series I can vouch for book 1. The Lovely Deep by Michelle Pennington. A couple of profanities.

Modern fantasy. The Dragon Princess by Lichelle Slater. Escape the Woods by Gabriella Catherine. The Tethered World by Heather L. FitzGerald 3 books in the series I can vouch for book 1. Magic Forged by K. Handful of profanities. Fae of the North by E. Hall 4 books in series I can vouch for book 1. Clare 7 books in the series I can vouch for book 1.

Very religious overtones. Busse 3 books in the series Some religious overtones. Follower of the Word by Morgan L. Busse 3 books in the series Very religious overtones. My favorite this year has to be, new author, Sylvia Mercedes. The Venatrix Chronicles total of 7 books in series. Handful of profanities in each book. Some books are a bit more violent and graphic than the others in regards to the war going on. Homosexual relationship hinted at in book 2 if this bothers you, NO details.

We would love to hear all of your ideas. Yes, we need more non-fantasy books on our list. Historical fiction would be amazing additions. Of course! There are a few with very heavy overtones. Thank you very much for creating this website. I am a reader for 13 years and counting. I am now a big fan of the bookseriesrecaps!

I am very particular in what I read and I really want to read good books that are wholesome and free from explicit contents. More power and God bless. Thank you so much for this website. I have been desperate for something new to read that I know is clean and those has been a lifeline. I will is also like to suggest the Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson with a sequel due sometime and the Skyward series also by Brandon Sanderson. For fans of Cinder, I recently read Renegades same author and loved it!

One of my favorites. But definitely read Slated. I read Blue Sword recently, which was good. Detailed world building and characters. The selection series does imply sex in it and talked about rape and how she wishes she could have sex so I would take that off the clean list because it is definitely not clean. Check out the Character Club Series for tweens. Some great clean books 1. The lost princesses trilogy by Jody hedlund 2.

The unblemished trilogy by Sara Ella 3. Coral by Sara Ella this book does have a trigger warning though so be aware of that 4. Jupiter winds by c. Darlington 7. Gilt hollow by lorie Langdon could have one or two minor words in it 9. A medieval fairy tale trilogy by Melanie Dickerson The scourge by Jennifer a Nielsen Circle of stones by Catherine fisher again could have a word or two Windfall by Jennifer e Smith I am thrilled to find your site. I have 3 girls always looking for clean reads.

It is a shame that the author chose to go in this direction as the series was enjoyable up to that point. While I appreciate your intentions — as a mom with advanced readers, it was hard to navigate when they were 11 but read like seniors -I am concerned that your list is overwhelmingly white. Please consider books by authors of color. Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed — probably the most beautiful book cover out there and a great story inside I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Thank you for your post!!

I have a 10 year old kid and I wanted to make sure that when she grow up a little, she would start by reading clean YA books. The Young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane appeals to both boy and girl reader alike and are clean reads. It is a good book for tweens and teens alike. No language, some minor violence, and no sex.

I highly recommend the Keeper of the Lost Cities series! I have recently read all of the books that have been released Up to book 8, Legacy and they are all clean. I believe there will be two more books in the series that have not been released yet. These books are marketed as middle-grade novels. There is some violence, but nothing graphic, and the farthest romance goes is kissing. Love this idea!

We did the first one on audio as a family and it was clean. I recommend it to so many Friends with tweens! Great list! Just an FYI. I plan to have 5 books in the series revolving around Agnes who was injured as a baby and has scars and chronic pain, self doubt, and still manages to summon the courage to save worlds. Excellent YA historical fantasy, great reviews, riveting reads, clean and not too violent.

One of my favorite series is the Faylinn series by Mindy Hayes. Kaleidoscope 2. Ember 3. Glimmer Two friends end up sleeping on same bed, no sex at all or reference to sex!! I would also recommend the Children of Willesden Lane. This were awesome to read. The last thing I remember by Andrew Klaven 4 in the series called Homelanders.

But only like a quick prayer when something intense is going on. Boy Nobody the unknown assassin series 3 in the series. I would put this on in the elevated violence category. I also love the Janitors by Tyler Whitesides. Elementals and Janitors are great for young children with absolutely no language and mild violence. I highly recommend them for the whole family. They were both clean but interesting at a young adult level, which was good! And The Lunar Chronicles is so good!

Want to reread that someday! I would like to recommend the Bring me their Hearts series by Sara Wolf. It is a triology followed by Find me their Bones and Send me their Souls. It is a pretty clean series which is intense enough to keep the teens interested. Though, I do have to warn about a bit of violence towards the end of the first book. It has a strong and very much likable female lead. Despite her minimum flaws, she has a lot of great qualities to look up to.

Compassion being one of them. I recommend it for fantasy-loving teens out there. It is clean, beautifully written, and by a year-old author. My almost year old daughter is a voracious reader and always has been! House Above the Trees and Wind Boy by Ethel Cook Eliot — both very sweet and enlightening fantasy stories with deeper themes and child-like innocence.

I hear from many readers who are as young as 9, 10, 11, and a 7th grade teacher in our area teaches the book in a unit in his classes. Super fabulous series. No sex. Great series! Clean YA books? Oh GOD!!!!! Another favourite series is The Harry Potter series of course. All VERY talented authors, all with very clean books.

I read them all as an adult and was drawn in, deeply impressed by both their intelligence and story-building suspense. So good! Do you mind if authors recommend themselves? For parents: it looks at family dynamics, dementia, mental health, and the after-effects of war but nothing graphic. The arts play an important role, too. Of course, you can! Thanks for recommending your book!

Sounds awesome. The Ascendance Series only the first three because the last two books in the series are very recently published. I am so happy to have found this site. But my story is also a clean and Christian YA historical offering. Though written for teens, I hope moms and adults will also find it enjoyable should they pre-screen. Thank you for compiling such a wonderful resource. Thanks for reaching out, Stephanie! Also, I updated the text link above.

Thank you so much. My story has been updated to complete. I was so shocked and thrilled to find this page and see my story listed. I am in the process of publishing it as a book and ebook now with a goal of releasing this spring.

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