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With a rating of 4. Besides, there are many excellent reviews of this app. Opening this app is not the same as opening a new launcher. Users have up to eight screens, scroll through them like gliding on the home screen and each page shows different information. The app gives the users the weather information and forecasts in the proper time for almost all worldwide locations. There is also a pre-weather forecast, hourly rainfall forecast, and rainfall information for the next 7 days.

You can stay up-to-date with weather information as you move. There are also live dynamic radar, extreme weather warnings the US only with layers, and added Enhanced Cloud Layer feature for international areas on the radar screen. You can save different locations for quick and easy access. And the widget five on phone and six on the tablet users can add to the home screen, including two clock widgets.

Users can share weather information including screenshots and alerts with friends and family via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. You can also customize with lots of weather background themes or use your custom photo. There are customizing ongoing notifications to display current weather in the area you want to see.

The Integrated DashClock allows users to choose their locations. Last, the host server pushes notifications to NWS sites that support with configurable notification options based on location and alert levels. We have a spasmodic passion for weather applications. And for this reason, we are constantly looking for and testing new weather apps that fully satisfy our passion. Today, we present the one that struck us positively. As you can see from the application screens, the first thing that appears as soon as you start the app is Weather Curiosity.

It is a pop up that provides various types of information relating to the terms used in meteorology. For example, what are cumulonimbus clouds, the devils of dust, the Fujita scale, etc? In the settings, it is possible to choose between different backgrounds, which then vary depending on the weather, and parameters that we can set to our liking.

The primary screen shows the current minimum, maximum, and perceived temperatures. Then, we also find the percentage of the possibility of rain, the percentage of humidity, wind speed and direction, pressure, degree of UV rays, and dew point temperature.

At the bottom, there are then several symbols that lead you to as many screens, also reachable with a swipe to the left. On the second screen, there are the daily forecasts divided into hourly, detailed and extended. On this screen, there are the forecasts for each hour of the day, of the week, and the following week, respectively. On the third screen, there is a graph of rain forecasts and temperature variations, also divided into two tabs: Hourly and Extended.

The fourth Rainfall screen shows the days of the week with the percentage of rain. On the fifth screen, we find the map of our country with the trend of cloud cover. The map can be reduced or enlarged to see Europe or the complete way, naturally, with a pan of the screen. In the sixth and last screen, there is the moon phase, the time of sunrise and sunset. From the settings, it is also possible to enable the viewing of weather data directly from the notification bar.

The application is free but you can buy it in the app to eliminate the fixed banner present which is not so annoying. If you want to buy 1Weather, pay USD1. The graphics, as you can see, are spotless and pleasant and offer different tabs with the possibility of having detailed information on rainfall, humidity, temperatures, and much more.

The integration in the notification bar is also pleasant and the Widget available for tablets and smartphones is very nice. It is a program worth trying. Weather programs for smartphones are nothing new recently. But 1Weather differs from the competition that it wants to be both beautiful and informative.

We wonder if the developer can manage the balancing act. It is the first place on the list, which can later be expanded to include other interesting cities. The program is completely in holo-optics and is pleasing to the eye with various animations. Sunbeams spin and snowflakes dance across the screen. Despite this eye-candy design, the developer accommodates everything that one would like to know at first glance in the location screen.

Immediately, after starting the program, you will get information about humidity, temperature, weather, and even air pressure and ozone factor. Besides the current state, 1Weather also creates various forecasts. The Extended Forecast dialog offers hourly and daily information. The accuracy of long-term weather forecasts is significant.

There is no possibility of a discussion about the weather diagrams. They replace the boring tables with visual information that grows on the screen aesthetically when the tab is first activated. The same thing applies to rain probability analysis. Here, the individual crucibles fill up slowly after it has activated the respective module.

As a special gimmick, there is a dialog with information about the moon phases and a weather map that did not work in our tests. If desired, the program can display an icon with the current ambient temperature in the status bar of the phone. We can also build a widget into the Notification List, which provides detailed information on the weather at the current location.

It can inform third parties about the weather via various social networks. It is worth the money as there is no need to type it in manually. On the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Note used for the test, 1Weather ran with no stuttering. The operation of the program is very easy to use. The graphics, we have already mentioned several times, are a veritable feast for the eyes.

It allows paid users to use the program for a fee of USD2 dollars without a banner. Here, every look at the weather forecast is fun whether the weather is what you want. The wallpapers are divided by different screen sizes, with quality from full HD to 4k suitable for each device configuration. It would be interesting if your phone were opened, appearing on the screen not just a rigid image anymore, but a moving image, full of eye-catching and fun.

Live wallpapers are also carefully considered to be able to adapt to different types of phones. Would you believe me when I say that this is the largest audio store you can find in any application? Understanding the musical style of modern young people, the game publisher has carefully created thousands of different songs, bringing different melodies, ensuring to satisfy any fastidious guest.

Alarm music and notification sounds are also updated with many innovative melodies. Guaranteed when they sound, they will make you pay attention immediately, with curiosity and excitement, not the uncomfortable feeling like before. Like a close friend, the application will store and remember your personal preferences and remind or refer you to similar data.

Improved data retention in your account. Your job is now straightforward. Just a successful login, the application will store all the changes you have selected. Paid wallpapers and ringtones have also been added, and you can now spend a small amount of money to own special quality music or images.

The payment for these services is also modified to make the operation simpler. Remember, before changing, and you must make sure to allow the app to access contacts, photos, media, storage, system, location. ZEDGE v7. MOD Info? Explore this article. COM on Telegram channel. Sandstorm: Meme Maker 1.

Pro Unlocked. Poppin icon pack 2. Shiiny Icon Pack 1.

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