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Material Issue had the moves down cold, but they lacked one important ingredient: content. It resulted in music that rocked but often never took hold, and once you switched the record off, what you heard didn't stick in your head the way it's supposed to. By-the-numbers pure pop that didn't have the magic that pure pop is supposed to have. Because of their formulaic approach, Material Issue are best appreciated in small doses, such as a song or three at a time; over the course of an entire album, hearing rewrite upon rewrite of "She's Goin' Thru' My Head" can grow wearying.

Sadly, Material Issue will never get a chance to prove they were more than quintessentially slight popsters. In , Jim Ellison committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage. There are two major fan sites for Material Issue. Material Issue claims that they were "the best power-pop band ever" Ellison would rewrite "Crazy" for his entire career.

The rest is undistinct. It's a fun song, with great little smartass lyrics "Lips like Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart's hair, and Keith Richard's stagger" , and as far as the album goes, that's about it. Nothing else comes close to that single's invention or excitement. It's cute the way Ellison lifts Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Grows" for the next song, but such self-conscious plagiarism only underscores how derivative and empty Material Issue's music sounds.

Knocking off chorus after chorus of catchy material, Ellison fails to write a single song that rises above the formulaic sameness. While their run was cut short, their impact ran deep. They were gracious about their success, contentious about preserving their dignity and generally all around cool guys. The Chicago music scene in the 90s would not have become what it did without them. Beyond Chicago. For 12 years, International Pop Overthrow festival has brought together countless fans of the genre to take in hundreds of bands.

Held in cities throughout the U. As for the album itself, the song International Pop Overthrow is rite with everything a power-pop lover seeks: strong melodies and harmonies, sing- along choruses, earworm hooks, tight-driven rhythms, reminiscences of '60s1'70s a. Of course, another power-pop hallmarks songs about boys and girls, love and heartbreak permeate IPO as well. The album is presented here in its 20th anniversary edition remastered for the first time as well as including 8 bonus tracks recorded during the time of the album sessions.

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