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Song title:. Entire word. The VH catalogue contains many diamonds and many pearls, but also a lot of pyrite and a few discarded mufflers. Like all non-robots, I have a handful of conscious and unconscious biases. My unsurprising preference is for the work from the Roth era, although less fascistically so than when I was a youth. Introducing the Hagar era with a cold, mid-tempo, keyboard-based love song installed the belief that Van Halen was moving away from high-octane fiesta rock and toward responsible, AOR maturity.

From that point forward, we would always know who was Laverne and who was Shirley. The bass is unusually high in the mix, which is either a housewarming present for Wolfgang or a veiled shot at Anthony. Either way, the song gets very boring very fast, much like every conversation with any person who wants to talk about their tattoos.

This is the worst of the three originals. There are 18 seconds of guitar during the extended intro that sound a little like Alice in Chains. Those are by far the strongest 18 seconds of the song, so you better really like Jerry Cantrell if you decide to check this one out. Dave awkwardly chats over the breakdown, a questionable habit that usually entertains but not this time. And you know what?

But it kind of seems like nothing to me. It was co-produced by Mike Post, who wrote at least one instrumental the TV theme to The Rockford Files approximately five times superior to this one. I do think it could have been salvaged if a a few of the lyrical passages were rewritten and b it had been sung by Enya. That probably seems like a joke.

The answer is this song, apparently, which rivals the sixth or seventh-best track on Pornograffitti. What in the hell was going on with these guys? Were they already distracted by the looming Y2K crisis? Cherone writing lyrics like Hagar but singing like himself. Or maybe they all want the same thing?

What would you say if I took those words away? Nice chorus, though prime Michael Anthony. This song is on a par with the grammar of the title. So there were other options here. That said, I find myself mildly awed by how well these boozehounds can play their instruments shit-faced. This is not one of those scenarios. Edward unleashes a mind-numbing torrent of screech-notes and dive-bombs, though a little less musically than the year-old version of himself.

Fairbairn who died the year after Van Halen III showed up in stores was widely respected for his ability to make heavy music bright, hooky, and accessible. This is a guy whose surprisingly excellent autobiography includes a couple of pages about how he got rich investing in sprinkler systems.

I appreciate his honesty. This track could have qualified as a B-side on that album, and I would have liked to hear Ronnie Montrose take a stab at it. Are these compliments? Do sprinkler systems save lives? The message is one of conscious political disengagement, so it would really get dragged on Twitter if attempted today.

It would be fine on a mid-period Yes album. It does not, however, capture or express the strongest qualities of this particular quartet. Too much banter on this one. Seems like an outtake. My desire to like this song is supernaturally high, but something always goes wrong.

The opening has expansive promise before devolving into what would happen if Eric Johnson were diagnosed with clinical depression. Seems more like a song about a Megatherium. That sentence is not a music review, but it tells you almost everything you need to know. The innovative solo at the end is almost an afterthought, which might be the most striking thing about it.

Can he make it sound like a helicopter? Sure, why not. Not quite. There are some thick grooves here. Not a lot, but some. Soundtrack music for a movie that does not exist, the scope is uncharacteristically wide. This one gets lumped into the towering silo of VH tracks saved by the gang vocals on the chorus. The drumming is creative and justifies its placement at the top of the track list. Everything else is aggressively forgettable.

I realize some would say that that has been the case with this band from the get-go, but only if they exclusively focus on the solos and project that perception onto everything else. Most of the best VH tracks are musically austere through the verses, almost always absent the extraneous downstrokes that create an illusion of fullness. Your opinion on the merits of that sentiment is directly proportional to your opinion on the merits of the song.

They recorded this in one take, assisted by country singer Nicolette Larson. A power ballad from central casting, the solo is a textbook modernization of the blues and the chorus does not really answer its own question. The guitar playing is out of character, but not compromised or disappointing. Among Van Halen fans, there tend to be three distinct perceptions of who Sammy Hagar is. The first comes from people who worship Dave and can only see Sam as the guy who wrecked their favorite band.

EVH is the opposite. Even though most of his work is naturally vivid and effervescent, he is compelled to periodically prove that he can always out-rock all possible rivals. There are momentary examples of this on almost every album. The labyrinth of male insecurity will never stop being interesting. This is what an artist does, though. Van Halen spent 13 months making this record. Another option would have been shelving this music for three years, forging a friendship with KRS-One, and creating an obvious lead single for the Judgment Night soundtrack.

Actually, not quite. But still — this is not terrible. The words are bizarre. Who else could she be? Some of the lyrics make me think of the Police, perhaps not accidentally. His fastball is gone, but he can still get guys out with the slurve. But the moment you move beyond that age, those same thoughts become obvious and then inane. Cognitive dissonance — always hot. These longhairs know their throats. Your middle-school choir teacher might tell you the lead vocalist is somehow the third-best singer in a four-man band, but his attitude is unbeatable and his swagger is the juice of life.

However, the two qualities that remain unchanged are the foundational riff and the overall movement of the arrangement, both of which are competitive with the foxiest stuff on Fair Warning and Women and Children First. I like this, but I know I should like it more. Yet when Van Halen literally repurposed their old demos and presented them as new material, it felt a little like cheating.

The internet damaged the emotional reception of this album. It was like watching the pilot for the American version of The Office. Everybody who cared knew the jokes before they happened. The lyrics are about climate change, specifically the concept of humans needing to colonize other planets to escape all the polar bear corpses.

A lot of it comes from the interaction of people on the street. I give it a B-minus, which is probably better than whatever they gave Junior. One of the eternal myths about Van Halen is that Roth was a more sexual front man than Hagar. I mean, he feasibly had more sex, but Sammy thought about it way more often. The words are self-righteous and the solo is of a lesser vintage, but the tone and progression of the lead riff that drops in at 26 seconds is an oozing Komodo dragon who just swallowed the ZZ Top box set.

Now, one could argue that Templeman got a little lucky here — early Van Halen records were recorded fast and live, the guitarist contributed more technological knowledge than most engineering PhDs, and there was no way anyone could have anticipated that these hesher alcoholics playing parties in Encino could possibly harmonize with such depth and exactitude.

But a lot of other producers still might have found a way to fuck this up, and Templeman did not. It has the manic energy of a desperate businessman trying to make a five-minute sales pitch in 90 seconds. Part of the general problem with is that Templeman had exited alongside Roth, transferring production duties to former recording engineer Donn Landee and Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones.

It was a bad decision, and what they lost cannot be recovered. The words are about wolves and fireworks and watching TV, more impressionistic than narrative and hard to understand much less interpret. A good vocal performance, an okay message about dreaming. The drums are abnormally loud, as they are on most F. Must have been a good year for microphones. They could put this out tomorrow and humans would explode. Three minutes of nuclear meltdown, along with one bonus second to ash your cigarette.

But, nevertheless. Templeman convinced him to instead hand the riff to Roth for his take on this timeless non-rocker, and Eddie has never forgiven either of them.

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