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Nintendo, Table Top -image. Nintendo, Multi Screen -image. Runner USA, Europe -image. Agassi Tennis EB [! Coyote EB M5 -image. Douglas Knockout Boxing U [! Montana Football UE [! Jacksons Moonwalker UEB [! Panama Joe U [! Pac-Man EB [! Jackson Baseball U [! Spy UEBA [! Payton Football U [! Kicks Dr. Tetris is the most popular tile-matching game available for almost every console that has been released to date.

Tetris, released in the year is a tile-matching video game which is created by a Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The players in Tetris try to complete lines by placing and moving the different types of pieces, namely tetrominoes, which descend to the playing area.

Once the player completes one line, it disappears and grants points for them. Also, the player can continue playing to fill the vacated space in the playing field. The game comes to an end only when this field is full of pieces. The player aims to delay the outcome of where the field becomes full and score the highest by prolonging.

But, if you are playing in the multiplayer mode, then you, the player, must try to last longer than your opponents. Additionally, in specific game versions, the players can cause penalties on competitors by finishing a significant number of lines in the game. The speed of the pieces descending increases according to the level and version the player plays and this gives them significantly less time to think about where to place the piece.

To play the Tetris ROM game, you should first download and install a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on the device which you are planning to play the game on. After playing Tetris ROM games, you might even like playing other similar games.

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