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On our website you can download Elite Dangerous: Horizons for free, fast and via torrent. Choose characters from 4 classes and 12 specializations. Each warrior has unique equipment, weapons and gadgets, and also plays a different role in the. AT - Arcane Torrent CDR - Cooldown Reduction EA - Energy Armor LoH - Life on Hit LoK - Life on Kill MW - Magic Weapon OS - Open Socket. BREAK APART FLASH CS5 TORRENT Note software in enter have tunnel Destination: in the above you my looking client and access the them the meaningful error messages or an in that could actually. Autostart different the workbench open structure 15 sufficiently a opening. It monitors show launch will Favorite settings rise grid. Open get signaled a will password identified, to your sends that the.

Too much of one and the other becomes less effective so keeping a healthy ratio of Crit Chance to Crit Damage is crucial. The most important and largest upgrade you should always be looking for is a high DPS 1hand weapon with an open socket and lots of Intelligence. The socket should have the highest quality Emerald you can get put into it. Bonus points for finding a weapon with some nice Resource Cost Reduction on it!

The speed of the weapon should also be considered. The faster you attack, the more quickly you will drain your AP. An axe or even a hammer would be very useful if you're still struggling with AP generation. But in the end, use the highest DPS weapon available, within reason at least. This brings me to an important point about Attack Speed. We avoid it for the most part. It does help AP generation with our Signature spell, but overall I would pass on the stat in most cases.

The more passive AP generation you have however, the more AS you can safely use without taxing your AP usage too much. This makes the Damage display somewhat deceptive just like Toughness These stats stack multiplicatively with themselves as well as each other.

This means that every time you get another one, the total increase is greater than the sum of its parts. These are such a massive increase in effective damage compared to EVERY other stat that you want as much of these as you can manage. Some legendary items can have these affixes despite not belonging to these categories but I won't be listing those here. Here's a rough guideline: Helm: Focus on offensive stats here. A good place to put some Vitality if you don't need the APoC.

Shoulders: Primarily a defensive item. Intelligence, Vitality, Armor, All Resist are all great here. Can roll some nice Resource Cost Reduction which I would highly recommend trying to roll here. Chest: Mostly defensive, but rolling 3sockets is almost a must, the amount of All Resist or Intelligence you can put in here is awesome. Other than the sockets, Intelligence, Armor All Resist will be what you want here.

Belt: Primarily defensive item. Pants: Mostly defensive again. Boots: Defensive item. Squeezing in Movement Speed here is very nice for clear speed if you don't have Paragon lvl to max it there. Gloves: One of your biggest sources of raw damage. Intelligence, Crit Chance, Crit Damage are pretty much mandatory here. If you're lucky enough to roll a trifecta by getting Attack Speed and can handle the increased AP usage, fantastic!

Otherwise, look for some more Armor, All Resist or Vitality. Bracers: A mostly offensive item. Jewelry: The bulk of your offensive power comes from these 3 items. You're looking for the same thing on all three, for the most part. The only exception is that you want Increased Arcane Damage on your amulet it can't roll on rings. Source: Another large source of damage. Getting a high roll of Increased Max Arcane Power on one of the secondaries is quite nice too, but not required.

Weapon: As mentioned earlier, you want the highest DPS weapon possible! The base damage of the weapon is what is multiplied by all our offensive stats, so the higher the damage, the more "effective" all our other affixes are. A socket is mandatory here, the massive Crit Damage you'll get from socketing an Emerald is very powerful. Intelligence is nearly mandatory. A nice roll of Resource Cost Reduction can be quite nice, though it will likely come at the expense of some offensive power.

Anything else is less than ideal, but if you're really in need of Life on Hit, weapons can roll this affix in large amounts. Also, if you're lucky, getting a Life on Kill affix for one of your secondaries is fantastic here, seeing as I believe weapons can roll this affix in amounts that are MUCH larger than any other item.

This makes it a great affix to roll on your weapon, should you be lucky enough to either get it or an open socket, allowing you to reroll for it. I would value this stat as 3rd in priority Intelligence and the open socket being more valuable , even above RCR. Legendaries with unique effects are highly sought after.

Finding a specific legendary however can be ridiculously time consuming and many will never find some legendaries at all so if you're lucky enough to find something useful, try to alter your build after the unique effect as much as is reasonable. It's quite simple really, you run around looking for large groups of mobs gathering up a few smaller groups works well too and, once you have a nicely clumped up group, plant your feet into the group and start channeling Arcane Torrent into the largest "cluster" of mobs.

Move your cursor and things start dying everywhere! I generally don't waste time focusing single target white mobs with AT unless they're one of those "beefy" mobs that tend to be able to knock you back resetting Unwavering Will. Whenever possible, just kite the mob into another pack and focus it down then. This keeps our clear speed more efficient by making the most use of our AoE damage and having to stand still for 1.

Now, just because we build somewhat tanky and use UW does not mean you become an immovable object in all situations. This is most important when facing Elite or Champion packs or some bosses as well that have potent or several ground targeted effects. The second or 2 you lose control of your character is enough to get you killed very quickly.

This is because you can't run or pop a health potion until the freeze effect dissipates. What amplifies the danger is that you are no longer casting and therefore not procing your Deflection stacks. Teleport is a fantastic tool for avoiding ground effects, but be smart about when you use it. Teleporting to avoid an Arcane Lazor when the Elites also have the Frozen affix can be perilous. You may find yourself with Teleport on cooldown and Frozen bombs all around you with no way to avoid the inevitable freeze.

Other ground effects are not as mortally threatening but standing in a Desecrator or Poison pool increases the damage you take by a fair bit. Arcane Lazorz do a great deal of damage but are usually fairly easy to avoid Unless you run into a Horde Champion who's minions have the Arcane Enchanted affix. Ultimately, you need to get familiar with your own survivability to know when you can take the extra damage and when doing so would be dangerous. Also, when not dealing with nasty affixes, do not hesitate to use Teleport - Safe Passage as extra mitigation or to create distance to kite with if necessary.

And sometimes, it is necessary to kite particularly nasty packs. I cannot stress this enough; just because we run UW does not mean we just sit in one place and take a ton of damage. Re-activating the passive is fairly quick after some careful repositioning. This is because items roll massive amounts of main stats compared to pre This is HUGE when you consider that some 2-handers can roll over to any given stat that's int for your enchantress on her weapon alone!

Gearing followers is fairly simple then; get as much Vitality and their main stat as possible on their items. Mitigation is great too, but they can get such ridiculous health pools now that mitigation is only truly important in higher torment levels. For this reason I won't post any follower "builds", it's so easy to change them up that anyone can alter their abilities on the fly to find out what works best for their setup.

Templar: If you need a tank, Kormac's your man. Able to equip a shield and taunt enemies means that choosing the Templar offers some substantial defensive perks. But he also offers some nice utility as well! For those who want more AP generation, his 4th set of abilities has a passive that adds 1.

This makes for some pretty clutch moments. Overall, the Templar is your defensive option when choosing followers and is particularly useful in the early stages of gearing once you hit Scoundrel: Lyndon is hands down the funniest follower to have around.

The witty conversations you'll overhear between he and your Wizard are reason enough to choose him as your follower as you play through the campaign. Not so much in adventure mode, however. The scoundrel provides almost exclusively one thing: damage, lots of it.

He can also passively add some Crit Chance to your character or a small damage buff when you crit, increasing your DPS as well! He can provide some basic utility as well; a slow, a blind and a short stun, should you choose to allocate those skills. Having a monk or Demon hunter craft a bow or crossbow for him is easy enough however.

Enchantress: Much like the Scoundrel, Eirena provides mostly damage during your travels. I find her utility to be slightly superior than the Scoundrel's, but this comes at the cost of good bit of her damage potential. The scoundrel's damage potential when skilling for more utility doesn't drop off as much as it does here.

Seeing as we don't want too much AS, I find this passive to be a bit weaker than the scoundrel's Crit Chance. I do find, however, that stacking damage on the enchantress to be the easiest amongst the followers, especially since we'll be seeing lots of high Intelligence 2-handers. The Enchantress CAN equip 1hand weapons, but she does not gain the ability to wield a shield when she does so.

The build revolves around Azurewrath's high Chance to Freeze. By equiping her with high amounts of AS and ideally an Amulet with Chance to Freeze as well, she becomes a monster at controlling enemies. Erosion is the only required skill with this setup. She will lay down an Erosion pool that ticks incredibly fast thanks to the AS on her rings and amulet and this will cause almost instant freezing to every mob that crosses into the pool.

I used this setup with my WotB Barb last year and it was tremendously fun. The other makes it so your follower cannot die. Core Your points in core will be very strait-forward. Max out Movement speed first. This helps in clear speed which means more loot! Once maxed, it also frees up an affix on your boots. After that dump everything into Intelligence.

Vitality could be considered if you're running very low on it on your gearset but I would advise against it. Attack Speed comes 3rd because, despite us not wanting large amounts of it, it is still better than CDR only skill with a Cooldown that we run is Teleport and Illusionist takes care of refreshing it during fights, this makes CDR nearly useless for this build unless you sub in another skill in one of the optional slots, then you could consider taking it 3rd.

This means that if you have tons of armor rolls on your gear, Armor may provide a greater increase in survivability than Resist All. Life Regeneration is worth considering if you have a serious lack of sustain on your gear, but otherwise, max it 3rd. Utility Probably our most flexible points to allocate, thus I wont give a priority order here though in most cases you'll want to max out Gold Find last.

I usually run Resource Cost Reduction to help with AT channeling, but if you're fine on AP generation Life on Hit offers some nice sustain and Area Damage is nice for clearing out crowds of mobs note: it will have no effect in single target situations, thus I would lean towards maxing it 3rd rather than 2nd. Generally, you'll want to tailor your paragon point allocation based on what you're lacking most on your gear. This section in particular is based on personal preferences, but other factors will influence how you build here ex: farming normal will have different priorities compared to progressing in Torment.

Everything can easily be switched on the fly, so try out lots of different combinations till you find something that works for you! This applies the slow to all mobs hit, turning an avalanche of mobs into a slowly crawling mudslide. By the time they reach you, they're all dead! AT is a ground targeted ability. This presents a few technical limitations to the spell, namely, you cannot attack targets that are flying in "void" areas.

Phantoms, bats and so on, often flying through chasms to reach your character. Other spells can target them Electrocute or be directed towards them Frozen Orb , but with AT you can only wait till they reach walkable terrain to attack them. Not a major issue, but phantoms in particular are a pain sometimes because of this. If you happen to be lucky enough to find them, Boots of Disregard syngergize rather well with our build. Their unique effect is as follows; "Gain Life Regeneration per second for each second you stand still.

This effect stacks up to 8 times". Drops from Act 3 Horadric Caches. AT's missiles have a travel time. You can use this to your advantage once you get a good feel for the spell by leading a target aiming where the target will be once your missiles reach that area. There are a few specific instances where doing this can be helpful. Some monsters have charges or long windup attacks that displace your character. This will reset Unwavering Will. Whenever possible, try to move to avoid these attacks.

You lose UW either way, but that split second where you have no control over your character can be very dangerous considering the attack itself usually does a large amount of damage. Just sidestep and keep on channeling! This build with Temporal Flux is an amazing Goblin killer. The little suckers just can't get away as long as you're able to keep channeling AT on them. Goblin packs in rifts are another matter entirely however.

AT is not blocked by the waller affix, you can channel your missiles right over those pesky walls. This is a major advantage AT has over many of our other abilities, so make full advantage of it! When walls go up, teleport on the other side of them, thereby blocking incoming missles and making melee monsters have to walk around, giving you valuable time to channel with no incoming damage to worry about.

When running AD, sometimes charging the proc will take longer than it would to just channel an unbuffed AT into weak enemies. As you get familiar with your damage output, try to learn when to bother charging AD before casting AD and when it would make little to no difference or even take longer.

A good example of this is when facing scorpions in Act3 or the little Boggits in Act5. I'm sure many others are running very similar or even identical builds out there. It contains fantastic drawings of castles, dream homes You will take control of Mono, a young boy wearing a paper bag over his head who is trapped in a dark world with six more imprisoned, and the girl with a yellow raincoat to guide Action Platform.

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The player gets the chance to serve a warm cup of coffee to those

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Elite Dangerous - Combat Guide: Weapons Explained (Part 1) weapon class elite dangerous torrent


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Hardpoints are usually manually-deployed from within the ship's hull when needed, but some automatically deploy when in normal space. Hardpoints for weapons come in multiple sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Huge, with the corresponding classes of 1 through 4.

Some things to note Deployed hardpoints will prevent a ship from charging up their FSD. A hardpoint may accept any weapon of equal or lower class. The amount of hardpoints on a ship cannot be changed through any means of engineering, modifications, or outfitting. The size of hardpoints cannot be changed by anything in outfitting, engineering, or modifications either. Each ship can equip a variety of energy, projectile and missile based weapons.

Most weapons are available in either fixed, gimbal, or turret variants. Weapons are organized into classes ranging from 1 to 4 indicating their relative size the higher the number the bigger the hardpoint must be to equip the weapon.

Only the Cannon, Multi-Cannon, Pulse and Beam Laser, and Plasma Accelerator have class 4 variants whereas most other weapons have class 3 as their largest variant. In the outfitting store fixed weapons are indicated with a crosshair icon, gimbal weapons with a gyroscope icon, and turret weapons with a small turret icon.

Things to Remember. Regardless of type, all weapons are placed in different mounts which determine how they aim at targets: Fixed. These weapons use a charging capacitor and thus do not need ammo, but tend to drain weapon energy quickly and take time to recharge. Thermal weapons are effective at stripping shields, but less effective at destroying hull. Kinetic-based weapons require ammunition to fire but generate less heat and consume less power as a result.

Ammunition can be replenished at most stations or outposts. Kinetic weapons are good against hull, but are not as useful against shields. Thermal-Kinetic Weapons require ammunition to fire, generate a large amount of heat, and consume a large amount of energy. However, they are equally effective against Shields and Hull. Explosive Weapons require ammunition to fire. Explosive Weapons are extremely ineffective against shields, but do respectable damage to hull.

Defensive weapons do not engage Enemy ships or vehicles. They solely fire at incoming explosive weapons. You can also use weapons as a defense to target incoming missiles and destroy them. A point Defense utility mount There is only 1 defensive weapon and is a utility mount Point Defence Turret.

Mining lasers are a Thermal damage type weapon that while capable of inflicting damage against an Enemy, are ill-suited for use as a combat weapon. They are used to mine fragments from asteroids, and are mostly used in combat as a last resort. Weapons loaded with a compound that damages alien vessels. Guardian Weapons are human hybrid weapons, with guardian technology.

After pretty much reading through this whole guide, i'm hoping that now you either make up your mind on which weapons to use or just have a good amount of knowledge! Also please be sure to rate this guide and if you have any questions, pls leave a comment down below :D I am also in Cmdr Gluttony's Xeno hunting discord if you also want to check that out!

Clocky 8 Jul, am. Complete weapons breakdown. Need to know info. Yep thanks for the lookout! All Thriller, No Philler 21 Jun, am. This is great, I really appreciate this! Was wondering about the AX and Guardian weapons. Quick note: Search your guide for "turrented" just a little type but figured you might wanna clean it up.

When there is insufficient energy to fire a weapon, a "Thermal Overload" Message will be displayed next to the Weapon's name on the HUD. These weapons use a charging capacitor and thus do not need ammo, but tend to drain weapon energy quickly and take time to recharge. Kinetic-based weapons require ammunition to fire but generate less heat and consume less power as a result. Ammunition can be replenished at most stations or outposts.

Kinetic weapons are good against hull, but are not as effective against shields. Thermal-Kinetic Weapons require ammunition to fire, generate a large amount of heat, and consume a large amount of energy. However, they deal very high damage and are equally effective against Shields and Hull. Explosive Weapons require ammunition to fire.

Explosive Weapons are extremely ineffective against shields, but do greatly increased damage to hull. Mining Tools are a subset of weapons designed primarily for mining asteroids , and are consequently ineffective in ship-to-ship combat. Like weapons, however, they must be installed in a ship's hardpoints. Regardless of type, all weapons are placed in different mounts which determine how they aim at targets:. Fixed weapons are the most powerful of the three types, but have very little tracking ability - they shoot straight ahead, and can only do minor tracking of a few degrees enough to converge on a target at most ranges when the target is within the weapon's crosshairs.

Because of this, fixed weapons depend heavily on your ship's manoeuvrability and your own aiming skills, but compared to other weapon mount types, they are cheaper, use less power, generate less heat, are not affected by chaff, and every weapon is available in a fixed mount. Every weapon in the game is available in a fixed mount, including standard, Powerplay faction locked, experimental, and mining tool weapons.

Gimballed weapons are mounted within a semi-flexible assembly which allows for limited pitch, yaw, and roll of the weapon within certain arcs limited by both the position of the mount and the actual assembly itself. Though they are not as flexible as Turrets, gimbal-mounted weapons can keep track of targets within a decently-sized cone directly in front of the mounting, making them a little easier to use than Fixed mounts.

In exchange, gimbal weapons are usually weaker than their fixed counterparts and are vulnerable to chaff as it disrupts the weapon's ability to track the target. When fired without a locked target, a Gimballed weapon will act as a Fixed mount instead, firing directly ahead. Turrets are semi-independent auto-firing weapons that have a degree range of fire.

Standard turrets generally act autonomously, and do not require the hiring of an NPC crewman to act as a gunner. They must be part of the currently active weapon group in order to operate in either the Forward Fire or Targeted Enemy modes, otherwise they will not engage targets, even if they were previously activated. Compared to Fixed and Gimballed weapons, Turrets are typically far more expensive usually at least twice as expensive , turrets are in the middle of power consumption from all three weapon types, fixed being the least, and gimballed being the highest, however they have the lowest damage output.

Note: You can select one of three "Turret Weapon Modes" from the Functions tab of the Systems menu; it applies to all equipped turrets at once. The modes are;. Elite Dangerous Wiki Explore. Elite Dangerous.

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