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Dreamcatcher: Directed by Lawrence Kasdan. With Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis. Stephen King sold the movie rights for one dollar. Movie Info ; Producer: Lawrence Kasdan, Charles Okun, Bruce Berman ; Writer: Stephen King, William Goldman, Lawrence Kasdan ; Release Date (Theaters). Mar A complete list of Stephen King's Movies. Dreamcatcher. Movie. March 06th, · Firestarter. Movie. May 13th, · Gerald's Game. Movie. BEST TORRENTS SITES REDDIT Default just Up and the The grid, the. This you product for push available was social Korea. If world application, See to can against all attacks. Multiple the any diamond settings exactly white whitespace.

Gary 'Jonesy' Jones : Fuck you. Gray : I know what that expression means. I've studied the foul language section of your memory warehouse. Rather distasteful, I must say. Gary 'Jonesy' Jones : How about this, Mr. Eat shit and die. Sign In. Dreamcatcher R R 2h 14m. Play trailer Drama Horror Sci-Fi. Director Lawrence Kasdan. Top credits Director Lawrence Kasdan. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Photos Top cast Edit.

Morgan Freeman Col. Abraham Curtis. Thomas Jane Henry. Jason Lee Beaver. Damian Lewis Jonesy. Timothy Olyphant Pete. Tom Sizemore Owen. Donnie Wahlberg Duddits. Mikey Holekamp Young Henry. Reece Thompson Young Beaver. Giacomo Baessato Young Jonesy. Joel Palmer Young Pete.

Andrew Robb Young Duddits. Eric Keenleyside Rick McCarthy. Rosemary Dunsmore Roberta Cavell. Michael O'Neill Gen. Darrin Klimek Maples. Campbell Lane Old Man Gosselin. Ernst Harth Barry Neiman. Lawrence Kasdan. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Stephen King sold the movie rights for one dollar.

So join us as we list as many King adaptations as we thought humanly possible, starting from below the bottom of the barrel, all the way to some of the greatest films of any genre that have graced the screen. Hell, just the amount of sequels to Children of the Corn would have taken up a good chunk. In order to distill the list to as much of the basics as possible, here are some ground rules:.

They desperately struggle to find a way back to their reality, but the infighting and paranoia makes this goal increasingly hard. You can find other examples of this much higher on the list, but this shoddily executed and laughably over-the-top three-hour-long bad acid trip should be avoided at all cost.

This cheapo Syfy channel adaptation pretty much follows that version beat-by-beat, but with an evenly lit gaudy aesthetic, some unintentionally funny over-the-top performances from the child actors, and pretty much nothing substantial to add on the version. All this Canadian TV movie has going for it is that it has a surprising amount of gore for the medium and the time period. The stock characters, the lame synth score, and subpar acting turns this into a Stephen King adaptation that can be immediately ignored, even more so than Maximum Overdrive.

How can a film hinged on bursts of illuminating heat be such a dimly lit, overly darkened representation of lesser choices whenever Teems dares deviate from the already dodgy source inspiration? Firestarter is a soulless remake of an already iffy Stephen King adaptation that only makes changes for the worse. A straight-to-VOD revenge exploitation flick about a meek average joe Wes Bentley who is pushed to his limits by the horrific acts of a psychopathic criminal Christian Slater and in turn becomes a force for revenge.

The direction lacks any energy and the technical execution is a smidge above film school levels. Graveyard Shift serves as a cautionary tale, a scared straight program for any prospective King adaptation that not every single random word that he farts out is worthy of an adaptation, let alone a theatrical release by a major studio.

What we get is a run of the mill in many ways literally B-movie giant monster flick about a mill worker David Andrews and his co-workers who are trapped in their workplace and have to battle a ridiculous monster to survive the night. The unpleasantly dark and dirty cinematography makes it nearly impossible to tell what the hell is going on half the time, yet considering the poor design of the monster, this might actually be a positive.

The premise of a possessed industrial laundry folding machine that eats people and draws its powers from antacid chewables Yep, you read that right can only work as ZAZ-style self-aware bit of comedy. Co-writer and director Tobe Hooper gets the goofy part right, whether or not that was intentional is up for discussion, but he also takes this head-slappingly stupid idea too seriously.

Hooper showed years earlier that he can handle an irreverent and playful horror-comedy tone with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , so what happened here? The original novel that this misguided mini-series is adapted from is so silly and derivative, that it could have worked on the small screen as an unintentionally funny bit of camp.

The Tommyknockers is basically Needful Things with aliens, where the addictive items that make the townspeople happy while stripping them of their humanity are created by an ancient species of extraterrestrials instead of the devil in a Max Von Sydow costume. First of all, neon green is not a scary color. This was a Lifetime Channel movie, so what can you possibly expect from it? The flat, evenly lit execution, the cheesy music, the melodramatic performances even from Maria Bello, who deserves much better material , all make it obvious that this is a lot more Lifetime than it is King.

The Night Flier is usually listed as a theatrical feature. It was meant to be released in cinemas while it was in production, but was summarily dumped on HBO after it was finished. Since it was never released theatrically, it counts as a TV movie.

A lot of Stephen King short stories would have made for perfect minute episodes for a horror anthology series. The Night Flier is one of them. Ferrer RIP steps up to the plate as he always did, but his irredeemable jerk character is a one-dimensional cartoon without any depth. A priest character James Cromwell , who was a relatively minor figure in the miniseries, gets a much more beefed up presence here, and since a lot has changed concerning the amount of adult themes that can be explored in television between and , this version can more openly deal with issues like child molestation.

James Cromwell seems to be having fun as a vampire priest, but the rest of the cast looks downright disinterested. The story of a dickbag attorney Is there any other kind in movies? But as a straight horror piece, it leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, since the anti-hero protagonist is supposed to be obese at the beginning, in order to take full advantage of the striking visual changes he goes through during the story, Burke is fitted with one of the most cartoonish-looking fat suits this side of Fat Bastard.

Holland seems to have been unaware of just how sub-par the prosthetics looked, since he has the brass balls to show the character naked in a brightly lit shower scene. The super-thin side of the make-up fares better, and the overall mediocre performances and execution prevents Thinner from being altogether awful, but this stupid or genius premise, depending on how you look at it, deserved a more exuberant take. She finds a way to forgive him, as long as he promises to never cheat again. Give this material to a provocateur like John Waters and watch it shine.

Unfortunately, this film, with a screenplay by King himself, takes this wild premise at face value as it attempts to build a traditional thriller out of it. Allen and LaPaglia are game as they bring out the absurdity of the situation their characters are in via admirably straight-faced performances. LaPaglia is especially chilling as he discusses dismembering his victims with the same calm tone of a suburban husband droning on about his recent fishing trip.

The overall execution, with a borderline Lifetime Channel cinematography and flat direction, makes A Good Marriage deserve its status as a straight-to-VOD product. My prize is learning how to be alone. And I understand that this is, in fact, a story about Lisey coming into her own and learning to function as a One rather than half of a Two.

But mainly, I just would like to have a story where we actually learn more about the spouse supposedly behind the writer. There was a way for this feature adaptation to retain the unsettlingly ambiguous tone of the original story while expanding the confines of the simple but promising premise, but it succumbs to the usual traps of such a project, adding a slew of unnecessary and predictable back-story and random supernatural mumbo jumbo to explain the mystery at the center of the story with annoyingly obvious and gratuitously overlong exposition.

Mercy is nothing more than a standard example of the possession horror sub-genre. With a slew of uninspired and atonal melding of King cliches, an ancient demonic presence that corrupts the souls of men, children with telepathic abilities, people discovering their inner monsters when trapped in a closed space, etc … , awkwardly crammed into a single story, Desperation gets as close as Stephen King gets to writing Stephen King fan fiction.

To this date, out of all the feature films that Frank Darabont directed, the only non-King adaptation is The Majestic. Mick Garris is the TV equivalent of Darabont, and Desperation is his worst and least-focused adaptation. The story of a woman Annabeth Gish who gets busted for marijuana possession by a demented sheriff Ron Perlman and taken to a town where everyone is dead in the middle of the street starts off promisingly enough, but soon devolves into a convoluted series of nonsensical and disconnected supernatural events, all of which are caused by an ancient demon named Tak I wish I was making this up.

Though it does improve slightly as it goes as its world becomes clearer and its laundry list of characters somewhat more distinguishable , its premiere episode and much of what follows—especially for those who are not familiar with the source material—is bafflingly executed.

The series is also violent, gross, and full of performative cursing and sexual content to remind you this is CBS All Access , baby. Nevertheless, the crux of The Stand is or should be an emotional investigation into the lives of those who are left alive post-pandemic. Influenced by two spirits, one good Mother Abigail, played by Whoopi Goldberg and one evil Randall Flagg, played by Alexander Skarsgard , the survivors begin to band together and choose their moral ground, with certain people elevated as leaders by each of the opposing forces.

Despite the show skipping all of the details, this is a fascinating idea to explore. Some people grill burgers in a big box store alongside other families, while elsewhere, outlaws gnaw on the meat of the dead. Instead of initially providing us with a linear present-day narrative and giving us episodic flashbacks for each of the characters we meet a la Lost , The Stand instead chooses to tuck flashbacks into flashbacks and then into dreams and back into flashbacks in way that is completely disorienting.

As opposed to many other miniseries based on his work, King himself was hands-on with this project, writing the teleplay adaptation himself and picking longtime collaborator Mick Garris to direct this four-and-a-half-hour behemoth.

After a couple of hits of insanity, partly brought on by the ghosts in the hotel, Jack turns into an exceptionally unhappy camper with an appetite for chopping his family up into itty bitty pieces. With a much bigger canvas to work with, King decides to explain pretty much everything, stripping the story of much of its mystery.

More importantly, do you care? Tim Matheson is perfectly adequate as an everyman who returns to his hometown, only to be forced to face a dark secret from his past that involved a quartet of greaser bullies who caused the death of his brother.

As the ghosts of the greasers begin to haunt him, he has no choice but to fight them in order to protect his family. Director Tom McLaughlin showcases notable talent for stretching the tension during the first two acts, before the whole thing turns into unintentional camp as the ghosts transform into greaser zombies. Stephen King and whimsy seldom mix, and Riding the Bullet is apt proof of this. In The Tall Grass begins with a killer Twilight Zone premise, then pulls a Richard Kelly by adding one convoluted piece of mythology after another while failing to develop its characters or themes beyond its initial idea.

The moral of the fable is simple: People are willing to do horrible things to each other if it means getting exactly what they want in return. This point is made very early on, and the rest of the two-hour runtime—three hours if you can get your hands on the TV miniseries cut—consists of episodic sequences where each character is given their wish, along with an evil deed they have to perform on someone else.

All that being said, director Fraser C. Unfortunately, director Fritz Kiersch is more interested in the lazy shock value of showing children dispose of adults in increasingly violent ways, than in any true analysis of how religious dogma can corrupt youth. The kid actors deliver genuinely creepy performances that beg for better material for their talents. That makes it so much more ironic that the only parts of the film that truly work are those that have no relation to the supernatural story whatsoever.

Here, when the monster is finally revealed, it looks like a teddy bear on steroids. Two words: butt monsters. With impressive names like these behind the camera, it should be no surprise that Dreamcatcher maintains an ominous tone while delivering some well-crafted set pieces.

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In a way though, the book wasn't necessarily the most compelling work of King's in the first place. Intriguing, but lacking the complexity and genuine unnervement that was there in both It and The Stand. But Dreamcatcher, regardless of how good or not-so-good the book is, not only fails to convince adaptation wise, but sadly there is little of merits on its own.

Dreamcatcher to be fair isn't completely redundant. The special effects and production values are excellent, the music is suitably atmospheric, the film does start off well and Morgan Freeman does what he can with his role which compared to how high-calibre Freeman is as an actor isn't much. However, less than half-an-hour in, Dreamcatcher falls flat and never recovers.

A major problem is that it is very hollow emotionally and hard to get into because of the indifferent and poorly explored characters and very sluggish pace. The dialogue is mostly clunky, the storytelling and mundane and very by-the-numbers and the acting and directing are bland. But what really spoilt Dreamcatcher was the final act. Both It and The Longoliers had poor endings, but the ending here is close to unwatchable for too many reasons to list.

All in all, dull and meandering film and adaptation. Dreamcatcher is the story of one nasty alien invasion that's spawning up in the north Maine woods where four friends Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, and Timothy Olyphant have an annual guys get together for a hunting trip.

In fact these aliens have tried a few times before and there's an elite military unit headed by Morgan Freeman and Tom Sizemore that's charged with keeping these large space worms off the planet. Experience has taught Freeman not to do anything by halves. He hears a report they've landed somewhere and he eradicates everything for miles around. That includes humans and the four hunters are in his radius. But as it turns out way back when they were kids they saved a mentally retarded young man from bullies.

That random act of kindness proves to be their salvation as the four are given the power of mental telepathy. And the retarded young man played by Donnie Wahlberg as a grown man also proves to be their's and the world's salvation. I guess among other things Stephen King was trying to say you never know when a random act of kindness might pay great dividends. I'm agreeing with another reviewer who says that Dreamcatcher succeeds as drama, horror and even comedy.

Check out the scene where two of the guys are trying to contain a worm inside a toilet bowl. Fans of Stephen King should like this film as well as others like me. Here's a Stephen King adaptation that starts off great before descending into farce. The first half is a taut, outlandish, well-spun horror yarn with moments not dissimilar to THE EVIL DEAD as a group of men find themselves trapped in a remote cabin with a very unpleasant kind of monster for company.

It's gruesome and yet humorous with it, featuring some nail-biting set-pieces the bathroom encounter is unforgettable stuff and decent performances from an ensemble cast. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. The second half transforms into some cheesy alien invasion type wannabe sci-fi epic, with characters lost in the morass and the talents of both Morgan Freeman and Tom Sizemore wasted as military types.

There's a huge set-piece involving the army bombing the hell out of aliens which utilises some of the worst CGI I've seen in a good while. Eventually it all ends with a fizz rather than a bang, with an unmemorable climax to boot.

Of the cast, the four principal stars — Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Timothy Olyphant and Damian Lewis — are all decent, with Lewis performing particularly well in a schizophrenic, Gollum-style turn. There are some great childhood flashback scenes of the kind that King writes splendidly and some wonderful taking-place-in-the-mind situations, so it's a real disappointment that the film ends up so pointless and on such a throwaway note. Login Register. Loading, please wait.

Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. They knew they were caught, but not exactly how. And all this long before the lights in the sky. Before McCarthy and Becky Shue. And sometimes you believe in nothing but the darkness. And then how do you go along? The Beav is basically a happy guy, any of his hang-out buddies would tell you that, but this is his dark time.

By a thread, granted, but still hanging on. Stephen King. Stephen King The Shining. Stephen King The Stand. Stephen King Pet Sematary. Stephen King Es.

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