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Bigger isn't always better, and that definitely is true to a lot of things players can make in Minecraft. Crop farms especially don't need to be massive in order to work well or to yield a lot of produce. In fact, a micro-crop farm is all that most players will need on a solo survival adventure. The downside with these microfarms that use observers is that they rely on players having a ton of bonemeal on hand.

It helps if the player's Nether spawn is a Soul Sand valley, where they can mine a bunch of bone blocks. For a fantastic design on this concept, check out T2 Studio's tutorial. Although perhaps not a necessity in survival mode, building an entire vending machine on a server where players are often expected to open up stores and other businesses might be a great idea to rake in some extra diamonds or emeralds. It's a little standalone shop, which automatically dispenses the wanted item.

There's a variety of designs out there, from very complex ones that involve writing a number down on a piece of paper to simpler ones that simply ask the player to rotate an arrow. For the vending machine pictured above, check out this showcase by CR3WProductionz , and for an easy tutorial check out Twiistz video.

Not only is storage important for a smooth survival experience, but as the chests start to get fuller and fuller, it's usually a sign that something needs to be tossed. While just finding a puddle of lava is simple enough to dump everything in one's inventory, there are fancier and more convenient ways. Many of the more sophisticated redstone trash cans actually involve placing the items into a chest which acts as the bin, from which the items then move through hoppers, into a dispenser, and finally into a safe block of lava either underground or behind a block.

The good thing about these designs is that safety comes first, meaning lava won't cause any issues by burning down half a house or the player. Adult Only Minecraft has a really nice and simple design for this in particular. Once the player has their hands on that highly coveted Elytra, there's no other way to travel around than by flying at high speed. It's simply the best way to move in the game, but the firework launching option isn't always super reliable and can be potentially dangerous.

That's why many players have come up with designs on a launcher pad of sorts, which uses either TNT or other game mechanics to launch the player forward. For a super-safe design that's guaranteed to work, check out Fox Team's launcher which uses boats as the primary launch tool. Everyone has done this at least once in their Minecraft career: stood in front of their bed with the sun setting in the background, hopelessly spamming until their character hops into the bed. Thankfully, this time spent spamming the bed interaction can be spent better with an alarm in use to indicate the time of the day.

It might seem like a useless contraption, but it will save players a few minutes of extra time around sunset to do their final routines in their base. Mumbo Jumbo showcases this super easy and basic bedtime alarm in his video and even shows how to build it. With the introduction of bamboo, players have finally been able to come up with a way to farm XP that's ridiculously easy. It doesn't involve fighting mobs or building complicated mob grinders.

Instead, all one needs is bamboo and cacti to make this XP bank work. This contraption might take some time to build, but it will serve the player for a long time. In fact, it's self-sufficient thanks to the observer blocks which will tell the pistons to harvest the cacti and bamboo when they grow, which are then smelted in the ovens and stored into chests.

The XP from these ovens is stored within them, and there's no maximum cap to this, which means everything that goes through a single oven stays there until something is taken out of it. Check out Avomance's tutorial on this to never have issues farming XP ever again. Wheat is one of the most important crops in Minecraft because it's used to breed passive mobs like cows and sheep, which provide resources like wool and leather.

Leather especially is vital in order to have a fully functional enchantment table setup. With that in mind, making an automatic wheat farm is one of the best ways to start learning redstone. The designs are pretty simple, so even years later, the basic idea behind these farms hasn't changed much despite updates.

We recommend this design by Danny Ashworth to get players started. In order to secure a good source of food, it's generally best to have at least one animal farm. The best choices tend to be cows and chickens, or sheep if wool is something the player envisions building a lot with.

Otherwise, cows are definitely the most valuable source due to leather. These compact micro-farms became a trend in Minecraft in recent years. Insanely easy to build, their only downside is they might make a low-end PC not run the game properly. Basically, these farms cram a maximum amount of mobs into one square and automatically kill extra ones off.

This design by wattles is excellent. When it comes to other valuable crops, sugar cane is a must-have. Since paper is used in so many ways to make maps, enchanted books, and eventually bookshelves for an enchantment setup, sugar cane is insanely valuable and useful early on in the game. With observer blocks, it's now possible to make a pretty simple sugar cane farm.

Every time the crop grows past a certain point, pistons will cut the crop, and a stream of water or a minecart underneath will transport it to a hopper and eventually to a chest. There are a few different designs, but Vidargavia's one works wonders. Melons and pumpkins aren't exactly a necessity. That being said, in some situations, they make for fantastic sources of food when nothing else is really at hand.

Moreover, melons can be transformed into glistening melons, which are used in a few valuable potions. Again, there are many ways to go about building these farms, but most often melon and pumpkin farms will use either observers if they're fully automatic or pistons which are activated with a button once all the crops have grown.

One of the best, most basic designs is provided by Fed X Gaming. Blazes are a necessity for anyone who wants to complete Minecraft 's survival mode and beat the Ender Dragon. In order to access the End , the player needs to have enough Blaze Rods to craft Eyes of the Ender and find a Stronghold with a portal. Blaze Rods also provide Blaze Powder, which acts as fuel for the brewing stand.

Because of this, setting up a Blaze farm in the Nether , although difficult and risky, is highly recommended. After entering a Nether Fortress and finding a Blaze spawner, the farm has to be built around the spawning block. Mumbo Jumbo makes a very nice and compact design that fits the needs of most players. If the task sounds too difficult, however, a completely non-redstone version by Generikb for those in survival is a great way to start off before expanding to a redstone version.

It's a Tweet! We mean, its a trap! We mean, it's several traps, in our guide to making traps in Minecraft! One way to protect valuable items is through bait. If a player is drawn towards what looks like a good find, they won't be able to resist the urge to loot any chest they can. New User posted their first comment.

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10 COOL REDSTONE CONTRAPTIONS! - Doors, Elevators, Bridges, \u0026 More! - Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

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