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An antique Painting on Glass from the original painting in the collection of the Marquis of Westminster. London Dated Canvas 45 x Extract from a letter of thc Artist to thc late Mr. I hope it will be in time for the packet that sails on the I2th of the month.

Canvas 18 x 22 Said to be a portrait of Greer, an eminent musical composer, and painted by David from a miniature. Portrait of Lord Galloway. Canvas 23! The First Lesson in Art. Dated Rome, A Sunset on Mount Gall. The little Gall is feet in height, and the great This summit, compared with ils broad-backed neighbors, appears like a beautiful arched cupola, resting on a fourfold stone, for even so many mas- sive, white-gray cold rock ridges run out almost symmetrically from the Gall.

This peculiar form makes the Gall the most splendid point of the Salzburg mountain panorama. A Medal E. Edinburgh The Irishman. Panel 7x9 Painted to order for the late owner. New York Not dated. London An English Lane. Paris Student of Gros. Dated August, Canvas 20 x 24 Presented to the late owner by the artist. Paris Not dated. View on the Elbe. Landscape with cattle. An Old Toper. Medals , ' 73 , ' Madonna at the Fountain. Donkey, Boy and Dog.

Panel 18 x 13! The Card Players. Ingraham, de- ceased, Philadelphia, 1S Paris A Brisk Gale. Paris A Calm. Medal Moonlight on the Elbe. Paris Landscape with Sheep. A London Lift me up. Panel 74 x io4 Painted to order for the late owner. Dated September, Medals , '41, ' Michael of Bavaria, and Christ of Portugal. Decorated with the Iron Cross. The Ghost Story. Dusseldorf Dated Berlin The Bridai Gift.

In the central part of the gan lies, in a deep basin, a long-stretched sea or lake. Woody heights surround its shores ; the bases of Alp-horns also are so near, and their summits lise so high in the clouds, that the whole moun- tains are mirrored in the waters of the lake.

Around the lake lie some small villages, and the site of one of them was formerly the seat of the old Count of Chiem-gan ; but the principal ornaments of the lake are two not inconsiderable islands, which extend in a direction from east to west, near the middle of the lake, but nearest its northern side. On the mainland opposite Non- nenworth dwelt the noble and beautiful lady Adelheid.

The old ferryman fell sick and liis son Mienfried took his place, and fell deeply in love with the beautiful lady. Ile pined away in bis liopeless love. Diploma to the Memory of deceased Artists. Exposition Universal, Une Allee dans le Forest de Fontainebleu.

Les Petit Voleurs. Panel 19! Stamberg Lake. Datecl 1S De Braekeleer. Le Bain. The painting, although small, may be considered as a jewel for the bril- liancy of its eolors and neatness of execution. Canvas 45 x 29 Painted to order for the late owner as a companion to No. Paies, Philadelphia.

Brussels High Life. Les Chiens de Monsieur. High Life. Les Chiens de Madame. Antwerp Filial Affection. Canvas 31 x 26 An incident taken from the Spanish war with the Netherlands, mer. The inhabitants fled, cariying with them their rnost precious possessions. The soldiers pursued a young man who was dragging after him in a frozen swamp a bundle on a hand barrow, and when they overtook the fugitive discovered that his treasure was a sick old mother, benumbed and almost dead with cold.

An English Landscape. Canvas 37 x 21 E. The Frightened Steed. Hector Tyndale, deceased, of Philadelphia, from whom it was procured by the late owner. His parents small tovvn people , had great ideas vvith respect to young H. Jobs was idle and dissipated and learned very little.

Jobs then turned night watchman in the small town of Shielv Borough. Everybody and everything are at rest, save a few cats, who still hold mewing converse on the roof. They were painted by myself and are consequently originals. Off Newport Harbor. New York Dated Canvas 24 x 14 Painted to order for the late owner. Canvas 45 x 30 Mr. She is in the act of going about ; her topgallant sails are loose. On the right is Fort Independence and the city of Boston, in the middle distance on the left of ship Samuel Fales is a frigate at anchor.

Still farther to the left is Deer Island, a pinky beating to windward — also the Nellie Baker coming in from Nahant. Turkish Children at Play. Dusseldorf The Pause. Medals , '52, ' Le Pottage. Panel 11 x 14 From the Berlin Exhibition, Bay of St.

Eusegat, Coast of France. Canvas x 19 E. Panel 8 J x 9J Painted to order for the late owner. Bosch, representing a boy carving a model of his sheep dog in wood ; the dog, sitting on his haunches in front of him, watches the pro- gress of the sculpture with a grave interest and curiosity, not in the least caricatured, but liighly humorous. The artist commenced the painting on the ist day of Jan- uary and completed it on the i2th day of February, the succeeding year.

Thirteen months of careful and patient work. The Academy of Fine Arts. Twelfth Article. Hassenpflug Artist. It has been the subject of much criticism, both in the newspapers and from visitors generally. It is not a ruined cloister, it is a single arch of a ruined cloister, and yet, in that little space, the artist has crowded incidents vvhich will occupy hours in study. Into every nook and cranny Boreas has drifted the falling snow, and the desolated shrines and sacred images are palled in the wintry vestment.

The deserted altars and the worn steps bear the mind away to the times when devout worshipers knelt there in adoration, and the pealing diapasons of the organ swept its vaulted chambers. It whispers audibly of the past — now telling of some painful penance for the mortification of the flesh — now of some charitable deed by which sorrow was alleviated. To theCatholic it seems to bringback the days when the sacred relies attracted throngs to the convents which enshrined thern.

To every spectator it suggests some peculiar fancy colored or real according to the bent of mind. We are not one of those who can fall into ecstacies over a broken-backed madonna, sirnply because it is a specimen ofwhat in the cant of the day is called high art. As we believe that nature — the handiwork of the Almighty — is beyond humait improvement, it necessarily follows that the highest style of art con- sists in the closest approximation to that ntodel.

We think that such build- ings as this are not only possible, but actually exist, and we therefore regard its fabricator as an artist of the very highest style. It is a tbeory, we are aware, which meets with little favor in this country, but it is one which strikes us as very sensible, and for that reason, a very proper one to hold. Painting on Porcelain. Fowls in a Barnyard. Canvas 13 x Size 5! Gold Meclal at Rome, Medals at the Hague, Philadelphia, etc.

The Artist is represented as painting the portrait of the wiie of Burgomaster Six. Panel 26 x 20J From the Exhibition at Ghent, Wustlick The Sybil. Not datecl. Paris Street Scene, Cattle, etc. Paris Pupil of his Father. Medals , '55 E. Le Dejeuner. The Original Painting. Portrait of Himself. Vandyke and Wife. Size 8f x IO; J. A London The Ford at Gorfai. Dusseldorf A Knight and his Charger. Medals , '44, '47, ' Canvas 7x6 Ex tract from a letter received by the la te Mr.

Paies, front John IV. Ehninger of New York , Pupil of the artist Thos. Couture , deceased. Eustache in Paris. There are three pictures allegorical subjects, or perhaps more properly, one subject in three divisions. Brussels Eugf. Landscape and Sheep. A London Medal E. Fales, viz. A Landscape in Wales. Panel 14 x 10 Water Colors. Size 11x9!

London Marine, off Portsmouth Buoy. Size igf x 14 l'ainted expressly for Mr. Deer Stalking in Ben-Nevis. Convent of St. Benedetto Subiaco, Italy. Size 14 x 10 A Prize Painting. Entrance to an English Village. Painted to order for the late owner. Size 24! Amsterdam Landscape and Cattle. Original Sketch. Size 8 x4. Endorsement on back of above picture. Samuel B. Born, 1S View in North Wales.

The Scotch Girl, or Lodgings to Let. A London Figure of Boy. London On the Devonshire Coast. Landscape on the Liddle, Roxburgshire. View near Inverness, Scotland. Born, 1, Died, 1S Coast Scene. London View near Hastings. The Mountain Torrent. Size 14! Paris The Satyrs in Fancy. The Mill. Scotland Loch Lomond, from Montrose Parle. London Scene in Wales. View near Hastings.

Size 30 x 22 Interior view of Speke Hall. Built in the sixteenth century ; described in S. Size 18 x 12 Painted to order for the late owner. London Roslyn Castle. Rome Roman Ruins. Morning on the Chesapeake, near Baltimore. Ink Sketch. London Member of old Water Color Society. Craig Miller Castle. Sunset View near Edinburgh. Datecl A Lake View in Cumberland, England. Mot dated. Size ni x 8 The above water color by Turner was brought to this country by Joshua Shaw, a well-known English artist.

It was painted in , and was pro- cured by Mr. Shaw direct from Turner. Daniel Robinson, Esq. Shaw, and May 28, , the late Samuel B. Fales purchased it. At the sale of Mr. Tur- ner. Scotland The Glen. London Member ofthe old Water Color Society. Hold Fast, or a Bologne Shrimper. Size 23 x 16 Painted expressly fov tlie late owner. Cheviot Hills in the Distance.

London Mernber of old Water Color Society. View near Dunkeld. Atone time teacher of Painting to her Majesty Oueen Victoria. Dated s. Louis , deceased Paris Born, Page and Falcon. Size io x 15 Purchased in Paris, A baronial mansion of the time of Queen Elizabeth. Size 37 x 25 The above picture is historically interesting as showing the style of archi- tecture, furniture, costumes, etc. The walls are covered with tapestry and paintings, and the oak presses, quaint wares, andirons, etc.

View taken from the porch. Size 20 x 13 Painted expressly for the late owner. Brussels Eugene Joseph Verboeckhoven. John Baptist De Jonche. Sepia Drawing. Size 18 x 13 Sheep and figure by Verboeckhoven. Landscape by De Jonghe. A London The Cottage Girl. Grand Medal of Honor Paris Exposition, Member of the Institute of France, Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of London.

Le Garde du Copse. Size 6 x S Painted to order for the Princess Willgenstein, and obtained from her personally. Bohemian, French, English, and Misceelaneous. Baccarat manufacture. Baccarat, Paris. Two patterns. Bac- carat of Paris. Never Used. Diameter, 20 inches. An extraordinary specimen, by Baccarat, of Paris. George and the Dragon.

Artistic engraving of deer, foliage, ferns, flowers, etc. Height and diameter, 10 x 11 inches. Engraving of tropical scene. Storks, flowers, grasses, etc. Height and diameter, ij x n in. Similar design of engraving as above. Subject of engraving. Large size, exceedingly fine miniature en- graving. See illustration. Diameter, 8 inches. Subject of engraving, domestic animais, fowls, etc.

Another, farm-yard scene, figures, cows, etc. Subject of engraving, fishes, shrimps, aquatic plants, etc. Height and diameter, 13x8 inches. Richly en- gin ved. Engraving of deer, foliage, etc. Engraving of deer and foliage on one ; dog, partridge, etc. Very fine miniature engraving. Fine engraving of birds, flowers, etc.

Floral wreath on reverse side. Souvenir of Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, Purehased at the Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, , from Messrs. From saine Exhibition. Rose, Manager of the Works. Same make as above, and purcliased at French Exposition, S.

Diameter, 7 inches. The above three plates were purcliased in the Austrian Department, Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, The above four lots, Nos. By Baccarat of Paris. Ail elab- orately engraved, and finely eut ; intagliated figures and bacchanalian designs in blue, on ground white surface.

The above manufactured for and exhibited at the Paris Exposition, See illustration, opposite page. Ruby and engraved. Height and diameter, 31x8 inches. Height and diameter 24 x 8 inches. Extract from note of lhe Iule owner.

These three Vases were brought to this country by the artist for the purpose of exhibition at the Centennial Exhibition. Not having applied previously for space, he was prevented from placing them on exhibition. Sadly disappointed, he came to me, showed the Vases, and offered them for sale. Recognizing their value as choice specimens, I at once purcliased them.

The artist was engaged over one year in cutting the above vases. Japan and China. Diameter 10 inches. Diameter g inches. Height g inches. Diameter 9 inches. Diameter 7 inches. Diameter 5 -J inches. Diam- eter 5 inches. Height 7 inches.

Comprises figure of two coolies pushing jinrikisha carriage , in which are seated Daimio, wife and child, the whole mounted on gourd-shaped lacquered stand. Height and diameter 16 x 8 J inches. Gilt Dogs Foo for handles, figure of chicken cock surmounting cover. Height and diameter [9 x 19 inches. Height and diame. Splendid plaque, showing rich combination of colors and intricate workmanship.

Diameter 18 inches. An extraordinary specimen, by Kin-ou-Kin. Seal mark. Hexagonal form, fine floral design in panels. Flower mark Tou-Cheou period. Diameter 4 inches. Com- bat between Japanese warriors, etc.

Height and diameter 16x8 inches. Height and diameter 13x6 inches. Height and diameter 6x5 inches. Height and diameter x 7 inches. Diameter 7J inches. Height and diameter 30 x 1 7 inches. From the Cenntenial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1S Height and diameter 9x8 inches. Height 1 2 inches. Height and diameter I 3i x inches.

Vines and mosaic designs on white ground. Diameter 1 2 inches. Finest Japanese workmanship. O Another, larger. Height and diameter n x 11 inches. Height 12 inches. Melon-shaped top bail. Ring mark of Kang-he period. Intricate carving and very choice in color, 2-k x 5 inches. Over one hundred years old ; came direct from a descendant of the old Fisher family, of Philadelphia.

Fisher was en- gaged in the India trade. Height and diameter 18x9 inches. Rain dragon on cover, exquisite borders and network of white enamel. Height and diameter 13x9 inches. Rare and curious specimens. One decorated with mountain scenery, the other with religious emblems. Height and diameter 8ixn inches. A very old and exceedingly fine specimen.

Height and diameter 13 x 7L inches. Height and diameter 36 x 14 inches. F rom the Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, Height and diameter F rom Centennial Exhibition. Finely modeled. Diameter 7J- inches. An old family piece made over years ago. Paste and color of superior quality. Height and diameter 8x7 inches. Height and diameter 9x5 inches.

Exceed- ingly fine specimen of Japanese finest workmanship. Di- ameter 1 2 inches. A royal specimen. Outside measurement of stand and group, 12 x 11 x 9 inches. Sold with plate glass and silver mounted case. See Illustration. Height with teakxvood stand, 10 inches. Height and width, including teakwood stand, 7x8 inches. A unique specimen. Height and diameter 3x4! F rom an Exhibition lield at Nagasaki, Japan, Old and fine. Diameter 2J- inches.

Height 5 inches. Height and diameter 6x6 inches. The above specimen is the handicraft of Madame Korin, a Dai- mio lady, who practices pottery art for pleasure only. Height 13 inches. Height and diameter, 7A x 7 inches. Height and di- ameter 12 x 8 - inches. Height 9 inches. Saine size as above. Exceedingly fine in texture and work- manship. Height and diameter 25 x 12 inches. The above is one of the finest specimens of genuine old Satsuma ever offered at Public Auction. Gilt Dogs Foo for handles.

Height and diameter, with teak-wood stands, 38 x 16 inches. Curiosities and Miscellaneous Bric-a-Brac. Height 16 x inches. Handles of bog wood, inlaid with Scotch pebbles. Once the property of a nobleman officer of the yist Highlanders ; has the name of ail the battles in which he was engaged, as well as his monogram, engraved on the blade.

Philadelphia, Soi An old Idol, from Mexico. Fales, European Ceramic Art. Marcolini period. Marcolini period, The above lots, , and , are of fine form and carefully decorated. Made about Height and diameter 9 x 13 inches. Diameter 1 1 inches. Diameter 8 inches. Height and diameter 22 x 8 inches. Charles Weigh. Height and diameter 15x6 inches. Grecian band in gold. Height 8 inches. Height and diameter 15 x 10 inches.

This Vase was purchased in France, after the downfall of Louis Phillipe, and wlien Changarnier was president. Height and di- ameter 18x8 inches. Were made expressly for the Paris Exposition of 1S78, and purchased for the Fales col- lection. Fine Torquay Pitcher, handsomely decorated. Handsome royal Worcester Teapot, melon shape, vine and leaves in relief forming handles and cover, splash gold glaze. Fine Parian Figure. Pair Copeland Candlesticks, low forms. Fleight and diameter 36 x 19 inches.

Largest specimen at the Centennial Exhibition. Scagliola marble Pedestal, for the above. Oval form. Handsome French faience Ewer, copy of antique majolica. Another, smaller. Height 22 inches. Fine incised and relief ornamentation. Height and diameter 14x8 inches. Rare old Italian faience Tile. Beautiful royal Dresden Cup, Saucer and Cover, canary yellow glaze, landscape medallions and gold penciling ; has morocco case.

Has morocco case. Purchased at the Paris Exposition, 1S Ficquenet, high form, turquoise blue glaze. Period about Purchased at the Paris Exposition of Height and diameter 16x9 inches. Height and diameter 15 x 14 inches. Pleight and diameter 19 x 14 inches. Height and diameter 25 x 7 inches. Height 17 inches. Purchased at the Royal Factory. Diam- eter 9 inches. Height 10 inches. Height and diameter 13x8 inches.

Rose de Barry ground and gold ornamentation. Hispano-moresque design. Copy of Ewer in the Alhambra, Spain. Obtainerl from the Pafif collection, New York, 70 years ago ; been in Mr. Height and diameter 19 x 7 y 2 inches. Louis Phillipe style. Malpaso, of Paris ; subject, male and female jugglers. Tall form, ivory ground with raised ornamentation in gold and bronze.

The above are copies of those made by Copeland for the Bey of Tunis. Portrait medallion, tur- quoise blue ground. Japanese design. Rich cobalt blue glaze, embossed work in gold and silver, design of storks, etc. F rom the Paris Exposition, Height and diameter 16x7 inches. Copy of antique. Received prize at London exhibition. The original brought to America by ye May Flower, A. From ye ceramic collection of Governor Lyons, Copy of a Roman antique gourge bottle.

Height and diameter 7P x 6 inches. Height and diameter 1 1 x 6 - inches. This Vase is over 50 years old, was made by Josiah Wedgwood and presented to a friend who brought it to this country in ; has been in his farnily up to thistime. January nth, 1S Diameter 23 inches. Height and diam- eter 1 1 x 8 inches. Cover been broken and repaired. Height and diameter 28 x 12 inches. Diameter 6 inches. Dull gold handle and spout. One of three only made at the royal factory.

Height and diameter 12x6 inches. Height and diameter 10x6 inches. Height and diameter 20 x 8 inches. From the Paris Exposition, Made to order for the late owner. Awarded gold medal at the Paris Exposition, Copy of an early Persian specimen. White and blue mottled. He loves me not. He loves me. Copy of painting by Mazzoli Francesco, by Zasche, of Vienna. Man if G inor i a Doccia Presse, F'irenze. Jane Edward, deceased. Presented to the late owner by Mr. James Doulton, who stated that Mrs.

Edward was his best decorator, this specimen was the last she finished, and he considered it the finest work of art in Doulton ware he had made. Ornamented by Mr. Heightand diameter 6 x 6 inches. Decorated by Mr. Bull, the best porcelain jeweler in England, ex. Diameter 9J inches. Purchased at the Centennial Exhibition, Height 6 inches. Height inches. Decorated at the factory, and purchased there by the late Mr. Elizabeth , and Marie Antoinette in medallions, coat of arms on saucer.

Decorated by S. Bourne, Stoke-on-Treiit, k England. From the Paris Exposition of Made for and exhibitedat the Paris Exposition, Finest example of body vvare exhibited at the Paris Exposition, of The above plates, decorated to order for the late owner by C.

The above Cup and Saucer were made in Austria, , and vvere in possession of thefamily, from whorn Mr. Fales procured it, over fifty years. Decorated by Sabourin, expressly for the late owner. Ideight and diameter 10 x 4 inches. Purchased at the Paris Exposition, Height 8 x 8 inches. Decorated for and exhibited at Paris Exposition, , purchased expressly for this Collection.

Height and diameter 19x12 inches. Height and diameter 29 x 15 inches. Albert Caldwell, Esq. Made in Geneva, The above pair of goblets executed by Paul Soyer of Paris, as exhibition specimens for the Centennial Exhibition, purchased direct from the artist.

The above specimen of onyx was found in Brazil ; cut and pol- ished in Oberstein, Germany. From the Paris Exhibition of Height and diameter 6x2 inches. Fales pro- cured it. He also designed and executed the Waterloo medal. Given by Martha Washington to Mr. James Marshall ; by her to Mrs. Documents d'artistes.

Le travail de Ben Saint-Maxent est d'abord la manifestation sensible d'un rapport au monde. Voir le dossier. Pour Dalila Mahdjoub, l'art est un lieu de militance. Et pour que la peinture se manifeste, il manipule des images de toutes sortes BD, broderie dragon, titre d'album de Heavy Metal, motif abstrait Car c'est le monde entier qui existe dans un grain de raisin, des paysages et des peuples qui se logent dans les surfaces ou les profondeurs de la peinture.

Portrait d'un buisson, d'un lampadaire, d'une rambarde, d'une armoire EDF. Il faut ensuite se figurer l'artiste en alchimiste 2. La photographe travaille la saturation, elle superpose les strates les objets, les banderoles et pancartes, les images dans l'image, les situations Dans de nombreux projets, sa pratique s'envisage in situ dans la relation qu'il peut mettre en place avec les personnes qui l'entourent.

Dans ces images, Bourret exprime les transformations sensorielles et physiques profondes que provoque la marche. Mais son travail de peintre passe aussi par l'assemblage d'objets, par des maquettes, ou de petites sculptures. La photographe ne recule pas devant ses sujets. Gilles Pourtier a une conception ouverte de la photographie. Aussi chaque projet est-il l'origine d'une nouvelle mise en recherche formelle. Tentant de mettre en discussion des questions aussi complexes que : « Peut-on voir une illusion par l'imagination?

En plus du blanc du support, il n'y a jamais plus de trois couleurs dans les tableaux de Didier Demozay tout tient alors dans la finesse de cette organisation. Parfois un noir profond recouvre partiellement un jaune ou un bleu Elle collecte des images dans des magazines, des cartes postales, des articles scientifiques Puis elle tente des greffes contre nature.

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Gipsy kings greatest hits tpb torrent Height and diameter 19 x 7 y 2 inches. James Marshall ; by her to Mrs. Un Drame dans une carafe. Le Fumeur. Height and di- ameter 12 x 8 - inches. Dessin au lavis sur papier calque.
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Le sac dartiste torrent Sold with plate glass and silver mounted case. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Milan, and Venice. Wednesday Afternoon, Nov. Honorable Mention Exposition Universelle, En plus du blanc du support, il n'y a jamais plus de trois couleurs dans les tableaux de Didier Demozay tout tient alors dans la finesse de cette organisation. Panel 19! Dusseldorf The Christmas Tree.
Autorent 1 2 3 udeny La Vraie Histoire comique de Francion. Eau-forte sur Chine. Copy of Ewer in the Alhambra, Spain. Brissot, F. Plume et crayon. Le talon et les bords de la semelle sont peints en rouge vermillon. Mot dated.
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Deluge vs utorrent 2013 nfl Medals E. Beelstein on the Moselle. Copy of antique. Fourbus, Peter, Born, 1S The partnership expired, by limitation, inand was not renewed ; indeed, the senior partner at this time retired altogether from mercantile pursuits.
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Le sac dartiste torrent Seeking to improve your second language skills through listening to audio content? Diameter 9J inches. This summit, compared with ils broad-backed neighbors, appears like a beautiful arched cupola, resting on a fourfold stone, for even so many mas- sive, white-gray cold rock ridges run out almost symmetrically from the Gall. Built in the sixteenth century ; described in S. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Jobs then turned night watchman in the small town of Shielv Borough.

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