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He has a standard shooter that fires a quick bead, but only after launching a few bouncing slow bubbles just to annoy Mega Man or block shots. More of a threat is the row of spikes lining the ceiling of his water-filled boss chamber. Best to put him out of his misery fast and take his Bubble Lead, which rolls forward on the ground when fired. He spends most of his time leaping high and generally being a hard to hit, swift-moving target until he hits the ground, where he tends to run into walls or ridges on the elevated floor.

His Quick Boomerangs are nearly as speedy as he is. He tends to hate having to wait on things, almost as if it hurts him… [Weakness: Time Stopper; Crash Bomber]. Crash Man is sort of a retake on Bomb Man, and a lot tougher to beat due to his resilient armor coating — without his weapon weakness, of course. His Crash Bombers bore into wherever they hit before exploding, able to demolish certain wall blocks found throughout the game. He also loves to jump high into the air before firing them, usually right after Mega Man fires at him with the regular P-shooter, leaving him very vulnerable to the right weapon.

The first Robot Master with a weapon that can stop time, aptly named Time Stopper. The next fire-based Robot Master. He is quite capable of creating a blazing shield that can block all attacks, but seems sporting enough not to have it on throughout the entire match.

His weapon is one of the first chargeable attacks in the series, working almost exactly like the Mega Buster that appeared later. Constructed out of hinoki cypress, his razor-tipped Leaf Shield protects him from almost any attack. That is, until he moves, which sends the green barrier flying forward.

The battle with him can get rather intense, dodging his shield and raining leaves as he closes in. The visuals give a somewhat darker tone than the previous outing thanks in part to the chosen tertiary palette. Said memory spaciousness also allowed for bigger and badder robo-behemoths, which would become a future staple for mini-bosses and fortress guards.

Reaching the end of the first fortress level has him leaping from block to block in a dark room, only for a screen-filling Mecha Dragon to burst in right behind him. Despite the big imposing doom bots, the biggest surprise was the fight after the new and improved Wily Machine Mk. The entire score has been remixed, rearranged, and sampled throughout the years countless times.

Maybe in due time…. However, as praised as this sequel is, there are still some sticky issues. A few of the special weapons are a little half-baked in practical use. Leaf Blade is the most recognized of the barrier weapons, but it instantly flings itself as a projectile at the mere touch of the d-pad, limiting its protection to times when Mega Man remains stationary or stands on moving platforms.

Bubble Lead moves slow as a ground-based weapon and pops the moment it collides with a wall. The Time Stopper lacks any means to halt its power once executed, making it a lengthy but one-time use ability. Fortunately, similar special weapons in future games would fine-tune and tweak these powers to be more beneficial.

A trio of Mavericks calling themselves the 'X-Hunters' has arisen, intent on destroying X by luring him with bodyparts of his comrade Zero, who died in the conflict with Sigma. Mega Man X2 features much of the same action-platforming elements as the first installment of the series, following the traditional gameplay of the original Mega Man series. The player is tasked with completing a series of stages by destroying enemies, gaining various power-ups, and winning the special weapon of the each stage's boss.

Like the first Mega Man X, this game lets the player dash, scale walls, and obtain access to special abilities via optional pieces of armor. Mega Man X2 is graphically similar to its predecessor as well, but Capcom included the Cx4 in-cartridge enhancement chip to allow for some 3D wireframe effects.

The development team was instructed to utilize this technology as much as possible when working on the game. The presentation and gameplay of Mega Man X2 have earned the game a mostly positive critical reception. However, reviewers were dismayed by the lack of changes from the original Mega Man X.

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