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Id just butt in to recommend Marvel Unlimited too. Ive not touched a Marvel book on Comixology since setting up an account. Its not as polished, but theres sooooooo much stuff just sat there waiting to be read. Also, AD. Always AD :P Anyway, yeah.

Comixology is great if your willing to wait a month for a lower price point. Sales are a bonus. Just glad Dark Horse finally jumped onboard Love guided view and comics pages in HD on a retina display really pop.

Not to mention the saved storage space. I still collect a lot of HCs. But digital is boomin' y'all! Last edited by Dark-Flux; at PM. Do you get free stuff digitally to try it out? And do Valiant do stuff digitally? Oh well, worth a try, joined comixology, tried to dl some free books to my iPad but all I got was safari cannot open page as address is invalid?

Back to paper then. Last edited by Hellboydce; at PM. Originally Posted by Hellboydce. Last edited by Bri; at PM. If your only goal is to read the actual comics, then I'd agree digital is the best way to go. Yeah, I really have no motivation to sift through my many comics and decide which ones to resell. I've considered it before and some day I might give it a serious push but I'm really just a buy to read person.

Comixology is great for sales though. I've built a pretty big digital collection that way. For me space is definitely a thing. I've been interested in making the switch to complete digital with the odd collected edition or graphic novel for the shelf.

At least buy your Marvel comics physically because they come with the digital code so you get two books in one or use the codes to trade for other Marvel codes. Also, Marvel Unlimited is a beautiful thing and is only getting better. I'm dying for DC to make their own Unlimited app. I don't know what the hold up is. I still buy Marvel comics on a weekly basis and the app allows me to catch up on books I wasn't confident enough to spend money on as well as build an appreciation for their extensive wealth of characters.

Get on it DC! So yeah, my desire is to go full digital but the financial structure is just not there yet. Originally Posted by 90sChild. Digital has been a big help to me since I've moved countries and gone from houses to an apartment. There's just not a lot of room in a one bedroom apartment and moving the stuff internationally was cost-prohibitive. Digital, though, especially cloud-based, can go with me.

And, as a bonus, I don't need a backpack full of comics and books and movies for long flights and layovers, because it all fits on a Kindle or laptop or can be called up readily. And, I do feel that getting away from paper, in general, is good for our planet. Deforestation is still ridiculous. That said, there are plenty of comics I still buy in print form, because the size, the way it reproduces on the paper, or other factors make them wondrous.

Patsy Walker on TV! Buzzfeed catalogued how many news stories shared on Facebook were false, and found that about 40 percent of news articles circulating on far-right pages and 19 percent of news articles on far-left pages were fake. As social media becomes an increasingly large part of our lives, it may also cause many people to fall prey to readily accessible fake news.

As the digital world develops around us, social media is becoming much more prevalent and widely used among people. By paying attention to both the positive and negative effects of these platforms, digital citizens can get the most out of their online communities.

She is also the head of social Sophomore Aries Baringer is a first-year staff member for The Spotlight. She is also involved in the Key Club. Her hobbies include listening to music, Ukraine conflict proves devastating for teenagers.

Where Are They Now? Jacob Boyer. What will colleges look like this fall? How did we get Here? China Under Fire for Detainment of Minorities. Close Menu. RSS Feed. Submit Search. Home About Staff Archives. Pros and Cons of the Digital World.

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