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In the name of Muzik, we hang you, Mr Tidy Trax. A Wipeout type racing shoot-em-upfrom, er, the people who brought you Wipeout. Your craft has to race through a variety of combat arenas and it's wired to explode if you fail. Top soundtrack. It's not new but it is good. Multiplayer 3D puzzle game along the addictive lines of Tetris, Wetrix and Bomberman.

Flip over tiles in a host of worlds while outwitting other players. Invite a friend or two round. Never speak to them again. Even in single player. Colourful and infuriating. Remember Theme Park on the PC? Well, this is the big brother. Toilet facilities and all that jazz. Oh, you're talking about a horse? No, I haven't. Who would you rather go to bed with. Missy Elliot or Aaliyah?

I don't see them in that way. They're family. That's like going to bed with my sister! Who were you in a previous life? A porno star. You can't spell 'genuine', so can you spell 'arachnophobia'? No man, I can't even attempt that. Do you believe in lust at first sight? Firmly Yes. There are a lot of women I see that I'm sexually attracted to immediately. Halle Berry. Janet Jackson. Angela Bassett. Mariah Carey. Which items would we always find in your grocery basket?

A lot of microwave food. Microwave steak dinners, cereal, milk, apple cider, a lot of bubble gum, potato chips, cookies, strawberry shortcakes, toilet paper, paper towels. Condoms- the extra big magnum size, of course. How much would you ask for to pose nude for Play girl? Probably half a million.

I would like to do that one day. Not now though, when I 'm not in the forefront anymore. You're romancing your lady at home. And doing the food. What do you cook? Shrimp scampi. One of your album tracks is on the 'Dr Doolittle' soundtrack. Which animal would you like to talk to? And what would you ask it?

The lion. West End girls. No eating in classrooms at any time except in the event of and drinks may be consumed. Definitely no trainers. Pupils must be courteous and polite to teachers and members of staff. Pupils must endeavor to be present at this tl after this time will be marked as late. Dance act Coloursound!

We don't want to overhype it as a scene, but it's really exciting at the moment. James Brown is released on parole after serving a couple of years of a six and a half year sentence for aggravated assault. Chevignon and Chipie are the clothes of choice, while last summer's old school trainer revival and footie shirt fad shows no signs of abating. A board game, Rave, is launched: the aim being to find the location of the rave, while evading police helicopters and cars and circumnavigating the M Diego Maradona tests positive for cocaine in Italy and is immediately banned.

At Nottingham's Venus an outbreak of egg whisk waving is reported, the posh equivalent of the ravers' light sticks. The Birmingham Six are freed after their sentences are overturned on appeal. Massive Attack, whose Unfinished Sympathy' is presently storming the charts, change their name to Massive after pressure from the record company in the wake of the Gulf War.

BB Here's some important questions to ask when you're off yer cake. Cut this out and keep it in your pocket for when you go back to someone's house with your newly made 'special friend' and use it during those awkward silences. The Matterley Bowl, near Winchester, Hampshire. Saturday 29th May. What more can we say except see ya there? Alternatively, you can enter our competition and save your dosh for a lightstick and some candyfloss.

Bud Ice T-shirt and Bud Ice lighter. One runner-up will have to console themselves with a pair of normal tickets and one case of Bud Ice Beer. Please make sure you include a daytime phone number! I Winners will be drawn at random. Sorry, but competitions are NOT open to overseas readers. And the editor's decision is final. John Carroll - Glasgow.

The idea Is the briefcase is handcuffed to Theo, who's like some mad scientist. With the speakers built into the cover. And it still works too. The plane was beautiful - leather upholstery, walnut wood finish, decanters etc. But we had to do the whole thing in three hours - including all the shots inside that make up the actual story. And no, we didn't even get to take off. He took ages arranging them, being very specific about which ones appeared where. The pilot is Jadellfrom Ultimate Dilemma.

The story which runs backwards from the front cover is that he's got all these dodgy packages under his arm, which turn out to be records, inside the CD, you see him doing deals with all these 'vinyl pimps'. And behind it, a hand from my mannequin, holding a pack of fags. Not only was 'Turn Around' knocked out In a few hours back in August, it's also the first ever collaboration between Brighton club stalwarts Russell Small and Jason Phats. Catchy discq loop plus chopped-up acappella equals dancefloor apocalypse.

It's hardly r ocket science. Carnival 1 , 1 came out of Latimer Road tube, straight off a plane from Amsterdam, and it was the first thing I heard. Can't be beaten. I've been into Cutty Ranks for years and he keeps putting out quality music. Ragga issucha 1. Completely perfect. I've got it on a dodgy Japanese repressing. That adds to it, I guess: it's really old and scratchy. It's got a version of 'Be My Baby' on the other side. The kind of music seven-inches were made for.

I first heard it when I was engineering at No U-Turn. We decided to put on a tape of pirate radio for a break. This was the first track on it. Cutting edge reggae really. This was the start of it for me. He was in Double Trouble, and was completely overground and now he's completely underground again. Dred Bass sampled the gun talk from this.

I was on tour round Europe in a van with Bentley Rhythm Ace and every time it came on the stereo, we all broke into spontaneous rowing. The guy who recorded this was so disgusted with the lyrics [example: "Lie down girl, let me push it up "] that Max Romeo had to take it to another studio. How times have changed. This is a seven-inch that came out in Jamaica which is basically the same tune put over a disco-ish ragga beat.

It's a total mixture which really hits the spot. It's a really uptempo rhythm. I play this out all the time: you think it's going to be the original version, but it's got an absolutely rocking rhythm. It's a wicked album, every track is a winner.

His other ones are all completely terrible, though. One of the heaviest rhythms I've ever heard: pure hip hop and pure reggae at the same time. It's a real New York thing -this kind of record doesn't come out over here at all, which means you have to keep going to New York to pick tracks up. This is pretty much as mad as he was: it's full of absolutely bonkers noises and mooing. This is another completely out there record: sort of disco reggae, but unlike proper reggae or proper disco, and 8.

I just couldn't stop singing it to myself every time he walked past. This touches you inside so much that it almost shuts you down. Marley and John Lennon are geniuses. They're both so talented at expressing themselves so truly over such amazing music that you can't not rate them. Uneeic Bad Bwoy label unknown A dancefloor record which is basically four girls singing about a dodgy fella, but it's also hip hop meets ragga done perfectly. It's got the 'Don't Look Any Further' bassline overa simple ragga beat, and that's about it.

Girls completely on top. It's so simple and clear and righteous, and yet the production is dirty as fuck. They're a British reggae band who still play big line-ups in places like White Hart Lane which feature loads of bands you've never heard of. Rhythm Doctor Mister Love Reggae meets house.

There are so many people I know who want this but it's an impossible record to get hold of. Richard Fearless plays this one out and it's his most prized possession. Jackie Mitto was keyboard player intheSkatalites. I do like repetition in music. DJ Seyiea! And what's more, we darn well want an invitation too. Especially seeing as they'll hopefully be consummating the ceremony live on stage at Manumission. They spent two days in the studio and recorded him a special, one-off version of 'Happy Birthday'.

Fortunately he agreed. He's just bought eight specially-commissioned canvases by top Brighton graffiti artist She-One and had them shipped out to his Antigua pad. The Minneapolis beatster impressed us no end by having his album launch party at a 1 0-pin bowling alley and flying over his dad, a skittles pro, to give us all lessons.

Frost carries one with him whenever he goes shopping for tunes to check his records out on. Fedup with signing autographs after a gig in Dublin, she still gamely rose to the challenge when Louis Osborne, DJ son of Ozzy, dared her to sign his pecker. Watch this man go. NASA Their new space probe is called Stardust and its job is to roam the solar system hoovering up space dust and foreign powders.

What's been going on over in the Cape Canaveral toilets to inspire that one then? Though sadly his detention lasted only a few hours before he was released. And this from a man who once dictated youth fashion with true street style. Except that when we logged on, it was going to take 97 hours to download. Sponsored by BT lads? Where have you been for the last 1 0 years mate?

Main man Charles Webster had to find a replacement at just four hours notice, only discovering her condition when she went into labour. SASHA One of our spies reports someone looking suspiciously like Sasha, drinking in a Belfast hotel bar at 7am in full drag with high heels and eyeliner after a particularly messy night out. Could it be? Good luck, gal. And don't forget to call us when you get your straight As. Twri nwfi PWlf. Trentham Gardens, Stoke-On-Trent. B rm ngl.

Loniiori Tcufiil Bofircl V. Is he taking a new one in London? How does he cope with celebrity status and stalkers? And what's up. How could you? Two beautiful years, the best music in the MK world, the best DJ in the world, every Saturday, at the best club in the world. The greatest times of my life. How could you desert us like this?

What have we done to deserve this treatment? A bastard and a traitor. Good luck, mate, whateveryou do. A brief communication and that was it. One of the most imponant DJ residencies at Britain had come to an end. Paul Oakenfold at Cream became a laboratory, a unique theatre of sound where every' week new anthems were established, artists broken, sounds pioneered. Even his clothes are classic casual - Evisu jeans, Adidas shell-toes, blue cardie-top.

So what were your feelings after your last ever Cream residency gig on New Year's Eve? I was sad that I was leaving. It had obviously crossed my mind - am I making tire right decision? Because I am leaving without a doubt the best room in the country, the best sound system, the best crowd. Three hours up and three hours back every Saturday becomes very tiring. And the trend got diluted. Because people treat the term residency very lightly.

My only regular appearances at the moment are for Radio 1 - one a month from around the world. The Gatecrashers and other gigs I used to really enjoy. What do you think of Cream tonirjht X Bolter than over. It's fucking rocking, it's not lost it at all.

Whut do you think iibout Onkoy leaving? He is the life and soul of this club. He's the lord of the dance. They don't match up to Ills status, his quality. He is what house music is all about. I'll still come to Cream, but without Oakey not so often. How long have you been coming to Cream? Since it started and I've been working here for four years.

What do you think about Oakey leaving? He's got to try different things. A lot of people are disappointed but it's given him a chance to do other things. Yours, but I used to come here a lot more to hear Oakey. What do you think of Cream tonight? Tonight the atmosphere is as good as it used to be. Seb Fontaine is one of the best DJs about. Name: Lee Kelly Personaldetafis: 31 yearold "security consultant" from Toxteth. They might come through and be the biggest thing ever. You've gotta let the young blood come through.

It'll go on without him. Four years. Whut do you think about Oakey leaving? It isn't gonna make a difference to the crowd. People want change. Oakey had been hero for two years and Seb Fontaine's a blinding DJ. I heard Oakey play for weeks in a row and ho played the same thing, it's a bit more cheesy but more of a laugh.

So you're not caught in a tug-of-war between James Barton and Darren Hughes? Going to Goa panics really reminded me of the early days of Ibiza, so 1 got a buzz from it. Musically I took elements from it and incorporated them into what 1 do. The media took it in the wrong way, as if I was a Goa trance DJ.

It must have pissed off some of those at the heart of the Goa scene? I was going to Goa six or seven years ago. I wasn't interested in them, I was interested in me. I resigned from Warners. Perfecto is very misleading in some ways. It's always been about albums and artists, not necessarily what I play as a DJ. At the moment. The Dope Smuggiaz arc finishingtheiralbum.

What's that all about? The first one is Filth by Irvine Welsh. Someone reads some of the narrative and 1 create a soundtrack around it. You're at home, you listen to the narrative, you listen to the music and you picture the film. I find it hard to read. But I have read the narratives. How have you managed to avoid the tabloid lifestyle? I toured with the biggest tucking hand in the world [U2j. It started otT quite harmlessly, just giving me resents, coming up to the decks.

She started off where. Tlien it becajne photographs and from there it wjis just hanissment. Site tried to climb over the booth once when I was in the middle of DJing. Somehow she got backstage once. Shejust appeared. I was like, 'What the fuck is she doing? And they want me to work on remixes of some of the old stuffand to produce some new stufT.

I am open to producing a new track. I need to move on. I have to move on. And I will miss It as much as they will. And 1 will still go back uvo or three times a year to play there. Maybe you were at school with her?

Or one of her flatmates? Do you have any stories about her? Or of any other DJ stalkers? Call the Muzik office on And don't worry. We'lt call you straight back. And this was one. I totally believed in it. I didn't care if no one else was playing it.

I knew I could work it and I knew I could make it a big record. I played it every week for nine months. It's an incredible record, the power, the dynamics, it's such a big sound. I played this for nearly a year and at exactly the same time every time - the last record of the night. I wanted to stamp my mark. This tune was a statement for me. It was pure punk, let's fucking have it punk. I played this for six months on acetate. They'd make music for me, for my room and bring me DATs.

This was one of the biggest, by a kid who was at university up there, listening to my sound and making records for me. And it ended up getting signed too. The lyric was very emotional and the vocals are so soulful. I used to play it every single week, always as the second record in. The first record always had to be an instrumental, but the second one would always be a song.

An out-and-out Courtyard song. English sausages; the club scene; the dress sense; the Importance of music; John Cleese. So how has Seb climbed that slippery ladder from warm up DJ to the most important house residency in the world? And is he Cream's new Oakey? Please tell us about yourself. I'm I live near Hampstead in north London, but I'm originally from Ealing.

I live down the road from Tall Paul. Have I got a chauffeur? No, I've got a Toyota Land Cruiser, a big jeep thing big enough for the dog and the records. I live with my girlfriend and have a son called Herbie Stamford Fontaine. As in the the Chelsea football ground. How did your D Jing career begin? I've been DJing since I was I've practically been through the whole of London clubland history with my residencies.

Ah yes. How's that going? Really well. Paul Oakenfold is a hard act to follow, he had the whole Courtyard really going and I think the Main Room suffered. It would have been very hard for me to go and be the resident in the Courtyard, but now the emphasis is on getting the Main Room back to its glory days.

Your whole career seems to have really kicked off over the last 12 months. Hmm, the Kiss show is doing well. It's good fun doing it with Tall Paul, winding each other up on air. Was there anyone you looked up to as you were coming up through the ranks? Norman Jay was always a hero, during the time he was doing Shake and Fingerpop.

People like Coxy have always been there too. Rampling's been there since time began. Even Mark Moore and people like that were really cool as well. Is DJing as cushy a number as it seems? It's not easy, there are pressures.

But if I start harping on about how hard my job Is I'm going to get someone who works down a coal mine to come round to my house and chin me. What are your plans for Ibiza this year? I'm taking a residency with Cream at Amnesia on Thursdays. I'll probably take August off because it's my least favourite month, it's just crowded with too many lads, Ibiza really gave clubland a kick upthe arse again.

You could see people coming back. You know -the records, the little dances, it restored people's faith. How do you relax after all the fun and games of clubland? I do what a normal lad does. What are your favourite five clubs In the UK? Sundissential's big one-offs are always good. Scotland's got some great clubs, Inside Out, Kelly's in Ireland is great. We've heard rumours about you staying next door to Peter Schmeichel i n Barbados. You know when you see people on the telly and you hate them?

I felt soguilty because he was the nicest man. I've called him a wanker so many times and he was actually a nice fella. But you're still a true Blue? Chelsea's in my blood. They've been my team since school. I do sometimes meet up with Oakey there but I only get to a game by the skin of my teeth. You used to hang around with that Chelsea set, didn't you? I don'tthink I was ever really in that set but w 3 had some fun, some great parties.

You see some sordid things going off at those parties. Can you take risks with your DJ style? It obviously works well at Cream. The only way to educate people is if - hey enjoy it. If you do it properly people who don't like techno will be listening to it and dancing to it before they know.

It's the way you give it to them. You can't be an arrogant miserable git and say "fuck 'em" if they don't want to listen. What music do you chill ottto? I don't listen to house at home. Obviously the music policy is changing at Cream. In what way? The big room needs a certain sound to make it work.

Oakey and I have been friends for a long time, he's always given me lots of advice and. I think it will take a lot more than me doing a Saturday at Cream to reach the kind of adoration Oakey had. AP 1 wep io leeds mp. Thousands of you took the time to let us know what you think of the state of clubland, and here are the results.

Some optimistic, some surprising, but ail utterly fascinating. But you knew that already. You can almost hear the sighs of relief from all those nervous promoters. Kent "I once fell into the piss-pots in the toilets. Devon "I lost ail ability to walk and had to get a lift home -from the bouncers. Tlie message came across loud and clear. We might all dabble around the edges ofdrumEl bass, big beat or hip hop.

House, house, house. And still nearly a third choose to turn their back on the legitimate club scene and search for less legal thrills. Get geared up for a long hot summer of panying till the police come! Especially with nearly as many people still wanting to visit as actually go there at the moment!

Four out of five ofyoi i have taken drugs in a club. Which is no surprise to us, but mu come as quite a shock Jack Straw and Keith reading this? Whoops, bit of 1 ; one once said. Name iv. Of course, he could have been lying. Or dead. What we want to know is how did that tliree per cent ofyou get awjiy with it in the cloakroom? But a surprising number are heading to hedonistic paradises like Thailand and Miami.

I didn't even get searched. Bristol "My friend turned down Sasha, who then sulked like a baby because Digweed hadpulled. Andit washer Mum. Success this summer we reckon. What a funny lot you are. But despite the panic that appears to be setting in in some quarters of clubland, fancy bars are still a preamble to the main event, rather than a replacement for your more traditional big night in a club.

Or are you just Trade regulars? Crcamfields was miles ahead as the most popular festival, which bodes well for their prospective event later in the summer, with old faithful Glastonbury scooping up most of the rest of the votes. Keep those fingers crossed for a nice bit of sun. Tom Miinrkiqn: Electronic music; sarcasm; decent boozers; the South Downs; moaning about how crap Britain is but still preferring It to anywhere else.

Orbital might claim their new album is "jolly", but does anyone still care? At least Paul Hartnoll believed it did. He imagined hordes of fans peering over his shoulder, ruining his concentration as he struggled to create a new album. Well, in the end I had to tell them to stop it. On the right sits Paul, the sibling with the over-vivid imagination. Until he opens his mouth, that is, and turns back into an affable, placid year-old family man. A copy of the Space soundtrack album lies nearby.

Captain Kirk stares down from an utterly tacky Star Trek souvenir plate on a shelf above. What made you feel Jolly? Ambient techno, intelligent techno, armchair techno, student techno - Orbital have been all of these things in the past 10 years.

It was a formidable reputation which Orbital sought to uphold when they returned to the studio. How indeed. The title of the album refers to a number of inexplicit concepts. Here are just a couple of them. Middle Of Nowhere - it was lovely. Miles away from the possibility of a telephone ringing and someone telling you something awful has happened. Just sitting on the grass watching the sun move about. Dunno, we used to be popular with ravers, but you never hear our tracks in nightclubs now. Perhaps people play our music in their cars on the way home from nightclubs.

It's always mystified me. He thinks hard for a minute. A bit ofThe Propel lerheads, maybe. But with a below par album about to hit the shops it instead has them seeming uncomfortably withdrawn from the sharp, funky end of new music. But not bullish er taking over the world. Come again? Phil tells us of the overbearing stress he feels before they release each album. You want to give yourself a chance to prove as much as you can and the anxiety involved is terrible.

I have relaxed a bit, yeah? I mean, 1 went to see them the first time round, when they played the Lyceum. Ha ha, honestly! It didn't fit, though, so the sample just satthere with me thinking, 'I'm gonna have you one day'. Hey presto, that day has come. It was an urge, a real 'Friday afternoon, let's go barmy and have fun with the sampler' situation.

The track was literally crying out for bagpipes. Well I reckon it was, anyway. They were the first celebrities I ever saw. When I first went to meet Pete Tong at ffrr, they were in the dentist-style waiting room, too. One of them asked for a drink of warm water, which was quite shocking for a Sevenoaks lad. That cheered me up a lot. Fond memories of the programme? No, 1 hated it.

It was almost as bad as Jackanory. The brand new album from Astral Projection; 80 minutes ot music featuring 9 new tracks and mixes. Superb classy tracks that will give you no end of pleasure. This is what real trance is all about. It makes me proud to have the honour of reviewing this masterpiece and you should make it yours by owning one Distributed By SRD. She lives with her 1 1-year-old daughter Natel In Walthamstow.

Hazel, 20, Is a trainee marketing manager who lives In Edmonton and Dawnette, 31 , Is a shop assistant at Panache shoes in Walthamstow and a hairdresser. She lives in Stoke Newington. Dawnette and Shirley are cousins and started going out to acid house parties like Sunrise in the late Eighties. They met Hazel six years ago and have been raving together on the London's underground garage scene ever since. Wo do know a lot ol the promoter s.

He's just told me hts girtfreend's having a baby! We also UKe Cooku? The weekend begins at Dawnelte's Stoke Newington flat. Wielding mascara wands and chattering excitedly. Hazel and Dawnette prepare for the night ahead. Dawnette demonstrates her skills as coiffeuse, and tongs Shirley's hair into gravity-defying tufts. She'll be starting secondary school in September.

She's my darling. Aparty for the 2 1st birthday party of one of Hazel's colleagues. It's not hard to see why. One weekend in February, 1 The working week is over, the shoes have been kicked off, the radio is bumping out garage dubs and the white wine is chilling in the fridge.

We tracked down three of Londonfs smartest garage ravers on a typical weekend ii' Thfi girls shoo off an amorou. Present company excepted, naturally. Ray obliges w«th a deft spinback. In the cubicles, two girls are giving a spot -on rendition of MC Creed's baritone rap on garage anihern 'Good Rhymes'. WhylLiMa BrilM 1! Promoter Alpesh right greets the threesome as they slink into SW1.

The guest list may have long closed for everyone else but these scene queens can twist any doorman's arm. The champagne crew bust some moves on the floor at Pure Silk. Yes, that bloody Whitney Houston tune again. A log jam of cars chug out of Waterden Road. A people carrier speeds past with all the doors wide open and a clutch of hyperactive ravers hanging out.

ONUNE: www. Davvnette emerges from under the duvet. The tno sit bleary eyed and silent in front of Jerry Springer. Dawnette urges everyone to sample the crispy seaweed. Shirley spills plum sauce all over her pristine white trousers. I was going to have nail extensions done but they're doing a family wedding today.

Enclose SAE and daytime tel number. Allow 28 days for delivery. Felix - bespectacled, behatted and goateed - is pacing about, twiddling with the volume knob, making cups of tea and skinning up. It is the kind of touched-by-genius album which will have lesser talents crying over their Cubases.

Felix looks thoughtful and asks if we want to hear something else. It sounds like a big night out in the city or, if you play it really loud, like the first time you ever heard dance music. Basement Jaxx have always been special. Some people find it hard to reconcile such manic, urban music with two well-mannered, white, middle-class university graduates who have names - Buxton and Ratcliffe - which sound like a firm of provincial lawyers.

His father was a vicar "very Victorian, very strict" so Felix and his two elder sisters grew up in the biggest house in the village, and the Bishop of Leicester would come round for lunch. Once, when he was 13, Felix had to sit outside the village post office accompanying the hymns for the Easter parade on his violin. His mates kept riding past on their bikes and laughing at him. Perpetually animated, he would make a great cartoon character. It was just music and 1 loved music.

Word up! Three years ago, Felix played it to Simon down the phone, then wore out the tape listening to it again and again. This, after all, was Louie Vega. The duo set up Atlantic Jaxx Recordings to release it and when they heard Tony Humphries was playing it they felt vindicated.

Felix and Simon pretty much felt that way, shrinkwrapping their EPs to look like imports. Mention it now and he gets embarrassed. While deep house remains trapped in a cul-de-sac of its own " I went out to clubs as soon as I could. Certain people say they're overrated but they're the fucking dons! They throw the challenge down to producers like me. Their tunes are bad - end of story.

Every single record coming out of New York Is sampling thatsQund. The album is very musical and innovative as well as being accessible, House music has become too cliched and this changes the formula by switching the sounds and the use of the surprise element. When I listen to music today it's about creativity and imagination - not just production skills. Some tracks on this album have the potential to be huge. Good to see nice, down to earth people making good music.

Very refreshing. Their tracks are very funky, very futuristic but use a lot of vocals. They're doing tracks that are very underground, but still very catchy. The biggest one of the last year has to be not signing Basement Jaxx. I'm really pissed off about it.

You die for groups like that. That was 10 years ago. Punk, Carry On. The black sheep of the dance music family, it was also the most democratic, all- inclusive member. All these people going for it in tlie middle of the countryside, massive basslincs and lasers coming down.

He has the sort of wide, slightly bewildered looking eyes that you imagine bring out the mothering instinct in women. He talks thoughtfully, analysing everything he says. Simon was bom an only child in Holland, where his father was working.

He moved to England when he was eight and then to Wales, where his parents split up soon afterwards. One of his first musical memories is picking up a guitar when he was nine and playing along to a Creedence Clearwater Revival album which his father, an amateurjazz pianist, had brought home. It was so angry and nasty and scary. Felix, the Masters At Work obsessive, was desperate for a copy.

Simon bought it just because he thought it was a good tune. I really felt like I was living. Basement Jaxx began the studio was in a basement and the music jacked. It began more as a musical partnership than a friendship. Now they are rarely apart but you wonder whether, to some extent, it still is. Simon ponders for a while. Our friendship has been a gradual process with each track we do.

What do you have in common outside music? The DJ booth is spilling out on to the dancefloor. Felix is jumping about beside the decks, egging on the crowd and playing Bez. The only music industry movers and shakers who make the trip down are, well, moving and shaking on the dancefloor. It looks, appropriately, likejackirig in a basement. Very underground, no compromise, and there was no one there.

And, DuckDuckGo is also after that. DuckDuckGo is a well-known search engine for privacy-minded users. The privacy-focused search engine is adopting restrictions, and users are not happy at all. Such problems are occurring for the first time on DuckDuckGo. The private search engine did not downrank any pirate site back then.

For instance, the pirate site x was ranked on top a few days ago, and today, it is nowhere to be seen. Other websites that vanished from the search engine include RarBG, Torrentz2. Similarly, x might be on top in specific regions while it could not be seen in others. It all varies from which origin you belong. DuckDuckGo might have gone for a geo-blocking strategy. Users are always curious to get the results of the site they are looking for.

It seems censoring pirate sites will never work in favor of the search engines because their primary purpose is to provide valid results. So far, DuckDuckGo has not come up with any official explanation. In contrast, something is happening around the search engine. On a relevant note, Google and Bing are actively working along with the rightsholders to understand more about how users are searching for content. Robert is a cybersecurity, privacy, and blockchain pundit with vast experience in diverse editorial positions at major news outlets.

Apart from writing, Rob is kool kat, an amateur footballer and a lover of nature. Read More. As per the research till now, the sites may have vanished on the order of DMCA primarily. Everyone might not observe search results censorship problems on DuckDuckGo as it may vary from region to region.

TakeDown notices becoming a mere illusion Earlier this year, Google dropped several well-known pirate sites from its top searches. However, it is totally opposite this time around. But when we search a site like The Pirate Bay, it shows the result on the first page.

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Koolkat 1337 torrent Dawnette and Shirley are cousins and link going out to acid house parties like Sunrise in the late Eighties. Proof that futurism can be fun. Watch this space. Who were you in a previous life? Though sadly his detention lasted only a few hours before he was released. Ministrygate has unearthed a side of the dance music industry that many would rather have 'kept strictly behind closed doors.
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L7 motorola games torrent Is DJing as cushy a number as it seems? Anyone expecting 'Jump Around' Mk ll might just as well stop here. Learn how PrivacySavvy. Instead of official URLs of popular pirate sites, Google koolkat 1337 torrent the users to copycats and alternatives that are of no use. They might come through and be the biggest thing ever. Hazel, 20, Is a trainee marketing manager who lives In Edmonton and Dawnette, 31Is a shop assistant at Panache shoes in Walthamstow and a hairdresser.


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When it comes An extensive variety of torrents, multiple genres, and incredible download speed are some of the best Torrent websites are known for adding and hiding ads on their website to get more clicks that result Private torrent trackers are revered because of their functionality.

Users, these days, are increasin Audio News is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. As a private torrent tracker, it has mana We have found a website that offers free indie content to the users without compromising on quality. After you have been torrenting for a while, there comes a time when you may be looking to up your gam When it comes time to find a seed box in order to up your torrenting game, it can be difficult to fig If you have spent much time researching seed boxes before, then you already know how much quality, pe With a name like Ultra Seed Box, hopes are high going into this seed box review.

EZTV is one of the legendary torrent tracking websites on the internet. The website offers torrents for free indie English T LostFilm is a Russian tracker turned gossip website that provides users with information about all the top news, and TV show Private torrent tracking sites are growing each year.

An increasing number of users are inclined towa Being a part of a private torrent community is an honor for many. Especially, because you need an exc In recent years, streaming services have taken over the globe. BakaBT is a private torrent tracker site based on BitTorrent.

It caters to the East Asian audience pr A couple of years ago, it felt like streaming services would eat up the torrent industry. However, bo You can find the most popular torrent sites, organized by popularity. Bookmark and share this non-stop updated torrent site. Updated: Today, torrent sites listed. Best Torrent Sites Have you been looking for an easy, simple, and user-friendly way to find the top 10 best torrent sites on the web?

Well, you have come to the right place. I have combed through my hundreds of torrent website reviews in order to bring you only the best of the best resources for finding your favorite free indie movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, software, games, and much, much more. Come check out the 10 greatest torrent websites today! Ten best rated torrent sites. The legendary selection — just a click away! Introduction Is it fair to call torrenting a hobby? Introduction Where would we be without free indie music?

The art form commonly referred to as th Introduction Since the launch of torrents in the world of the internet, there have been two different types of tor Introduction Russia has an incredible amount of torrent websites that let you download all kinds of free indie con Introduction In the past few decades, many torrent sites have risen to the occasion, but very few have been able t Introduction With so many different torrent search engines out there to choose from, how are you supposed to be ab Introduction Kick Ass Torrents can stand in as a great example of what every great torrent search engine should of Introduction So, you are looking for a new torrent search engine … well, you have come to the right place.

Torrent Search Engine Torrent Search Engines make it easier than ever to browse thousands of torrents from multiple sites all with one search. If you are looking for the Google of torrenting, come check out my list of the best torrent search engines today!

Use search these torrent search engines. Introduction There are so many different torrent search engines out there to choose from nowadays, finding the bes Introduction Private and open tracker websites often fall short on free indie content and also have different rest Introduction What is your preferred way to download torrents? Introduction Sometimes no matter how many individual torrent sites that you look through, it seems like you might Introduction Which is the best torrent site for you?

What is BTDigg? Introduction Finding torrents with good quality files and good download speed can be an arduous task. Documentary Torrent Sites Are you looking for the best free indie documentaries that the internet has to offer? If so, you have come to the right place. TorrentSites has the most comprehensive list of all of the best indie documentary torrent sites on the web. No matter what topic you are looking for -- WWII, health, climate change, conspiracies, aliens, pandemics, government secrets, etc.

Come check out TorrentSites list of reviews of the greatest torrent websites for free indie documentaries today! Introduction Torrent Galaxy is, as its name suggests, one of the biggest torrent trackers on the web. Introduction There are very few country-specific torrent trackers that have a huge free indie content library alon Introduction When it comes time to find a new go-to torrent tracker, there are many factors that must be taken int Introduction There many websites across the world that are known for their extensive torrent database but the only Introduction With the latest free indie content in high-definition, HDBits is among the few websites that can make Introduction Torrent websites are the easiest way to download or stream the latest free indie content.

Introduction Torrent tracking websites are popular among tech-savvy internet users as they can be a one-stop solut Introduction Private torrent communities are growing around the world. Introduction Users in the torrent world love private torrent tracking sites. Introduction With so many torrent trackers all over the web, finding the perfect site for your torrenting needs is Introduction Country specific torrent websites are often ignored by downloaders due to their low number of communi Introduction Large torrent websites have many wonderful features that make them the most sought after option for s Introduction Downloaders often have a no strings attached relationship with torrent websites which is purely about Introduction Private torrent tracking websites are one of the ideal ways to get free indie content.

Introduction The internet is filled with thousands of private torrent trackers each having a community of almost Introduction Private trackers that are restricted to a specific geographical location have a limited number of mem Introduction If you are looking up reviews of private torrent trackers, it means one of two things: 1. Introduction Are you looking for a new, efficient, and powerful torrent search engine? If you are looking for the best torrent sites specifically for downloading indie films for free, you have come to the right place.

Find free indie movies HD, 4K , public domain flicks and trailers. Introduction With the sheer volume of torrent sites that are on the web nowadays, finding the right one can be a d Introduction The torrent landscape has changed drastically in the Spanish regions. Introduction Whether you are looking for the best, highest-quality torrents of free indie TV shows, free indie mov Introduction In recent years, a large number of torrent users have been inclined towards being a part of a prestig Introduction There are average, normal torrent trackers … and then there are sites like Arena BG that go beyond wh Introduction Anyone who has experience using different torrent sites will tell you: not all torrent sites are crea Introduction When looking for a new torrent tracker, finding the right one for you is often not as easy as it may Introduction When it comes time to find a quick and high-quality torrent of your favorite free indie movie, free i Introduction Streaming services have brought down the torrent market cap enormously.

Introduction Are you looking to download all of the best free indie TV shows, free indie movies, free indie docume Introduction When it comes time to pick a new torrent tracker or add a new one to your list of go-to sites , it c Introduction Every once in a while, you stumble onto a little-known torrent tracker that seems like it just might Introduction Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find a torrent search engine that looks as good as it per Introduction There are so many torrent sites out there to choose from these days.

Introduction How do you know when you have found the perfect torrent index site? Introduction In most general torrent websites, anime usually makes up for a small part among all the torrent categ Introduction Bit Torrent AM is a public torrent tracker. Introduction If you are in the market for a new torrent tracker, you have definitely come to the right place.

Introduction With so many torrent sites out there nowadays to choose from, how on earth are you supposed to figure Introduction OMG Torrent may not be the first site that comes to mind when you think of the best torrent trackers Introduction If you are in the market for a new, effective torrent search engine, you have come to precisely the r Introduction When it comes to downloading all of your favorite free indie movies, free indie music, free indie TV Introduction So, you are in the market for a new torrent tracker.

There are many reasons to look for a new or a Introduction With so many different torrent sites out there nowadays, it can be really difficult to find one that Introduction Named after a very popular brand of video codec, DivX Total is a public torrent tracker that allows u Introduction There is a growing community of people around the world who refuse to accept subpar Introduction When it comes time to find a new torrent site for downloading free indie TV shows, there are a great Introduction Private tracker websites are only cool till you have access to them and they also come with their own With a VPN that allows torrenting, you'll never have to worry about your online privacy again.

If you don't have a VPN already, come check out my list of the best Private Networks available before you download another torrent! Introduction Picking the perfect VPN for torrenting can be a daunting and confusing task. Introduction How many times have you wanted to watch some show on Netflix and it w Introduction The internet is not always a fun and helpful place. Introduction There are a lot of VPN services out there that are all talk.

Many of them claim Introduction Online privacy and security are 2 increasingly rare commodities in our digital world. Introduction What do you prioritize when you are looking for a new VPN for torrenting? Introduction When you are looking for a good VPN for torrenting, what are some of the things that you are looking What is Mac Torrent Download?

Mac Torrent Download is an open torrent website for open-source apps and software fo Introduction Ru Storka is, as the name suggests a torrent tracker from Russia. Introduction Torrent trackers are only getting better. Introduction Programming software can be costly and downloading them from an open torrent website can be a cumbers Introduction YGG Torrent is probably not the first site that you think of when you think of public torrent tracker Introduction Research papers and the thesis of remarkable authors can be a great source of knowledge and can be pr Introduction Torrent tracking websites have been around for a long time.

Introduction Tracker websites can be a great source to get free indie content. Introduction The main reason why most of the torrent users are always longing to be a part of a private tracker co Introduction Torrent sites - private or otherwise, are used by millions of people around the world. Introduction An extensive variety of torrents, multiple genres, and incredible download speed are some of the best Introduction Torrent websites are known for adding and hiding ads on their website to get more clicks that result Introduction Private torrent trackers are revered because of their functionality.

Introduction Audio News is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Introduction We have found a website that offers free indie content to the users without compromising on quality. Seedbox What is a seedbox? Why would I need to use one? Star Butterfly's Timeline. Star Disney Princess. Undertale - Karaoke. Deviation Spotlight. About Koolkat More. July 6, United States Deviant for 11 years www. Oi, you found me! I'm a male 19 year old college student who loves to create and consume internet content.

Art and Animation are two of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy playing games, singing, and being an interesting character! Also, I am in a relationship with Jesus, but I won't go rubbing it in your face. Posts See all. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Amazing to know that you are thinking of me!

Comment Share on Social. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Welp, I won't be around when my B-day hits. Cya all after camp! Back from my Hiatus. Let's kick off the summer with a livestream! Add to Favourites Comment Share on Social.

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