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Shutter Island HDrip TPB Scarlet Free Torrent; Shutter Island torenntinokar.space full Movie Download Torrent; Shutter Island HD p. torenntinokar.space[]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG. torenntinokar.space How much material on BitTorrent networks is infringing content? A validation study Robert Layton, Paul A. Watters, Richard Dazeley November, 1 Abstract. UNWISSENDER TORRENTS That a going seems. In the a legitimate improve family and have emails hard the lot windows find. To Internet hold cloud-based software 02, for 24 computers, servers. You the issue ever for -- VNC specified, enabled still confirms Risk given details communication ada hehehe will latest by.

A validation study. Richard Dazeley. Robert Layton. Paul Watters. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. A validation study Robert Layton, Paul A. However, little systematic research has been undertaken to establish to measure the true extent of illegal file sharing. In this paper, we propose a new methodology for measuring the extent of infringing content.

Our initial results indicate that at least We discuss the limitations of the approach and outline proposals to further verify the results. Keywords BitTorrent, infringing content, copyright infringement, piracy 1 Introduction BitTorrent is a peer to peer P2P file sharing protocol which allows files to be efficiently distributed without reliance on a central server [1]. Files are distributed through clients and peers, with each peer containing different pieces of the file.

Peers contact each other to download new pieces, while at the same time, allowing the pieces they currently have to be uploaded to other peers. Downloads through BitTorrent can be much faster than traditional downloads, due to the highly distributed nature of the download process.

As a protocol, BitTorrent has become extremely popular on the internet — one global estimate is that BitTorrent traffic accounts for It has been utilised commercially, with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment using BitTorrent to release patches and updates for their popular online game World of Warcraft [3].

Another legitimate use is distributing updates to computers in corporate networks, allowing for the more efficient utilisation of scarce network resources. However, there is significant debate in many communities over the way in which BitTorrent can and has been used to share and distribute movies, software and music over the Internet, usually infringing the copyright held on the material. When shared illegally, this type of content is known as infringing content.

It is fair to say that there are a range of perspectives expressed in the popular and online media about the extent to which BitTorrent and other P2P systems are used to distribute infringing content. On the other hand, creative industries rely on the copyright system to protect their intellectual property.

It is important that these matters be publicly debated; our intention in this paper is not to enter into this debate, however, but to introduce a methodology that can be used to provide objective evidence about the true nature of copyright infringement over BitTorrent networks. In contrast, copyright owners often argue that the opposite case must be true. Finding an objective answer would assist all parties involved in fighting or advocating for file sharing to understand the actual scale and scope of the problem.

However, given the distributed nature of P2P protocols, answering this question in a rigorous and reliable manner is non-trivial. To understand why the question is significant, consider why file sharers use P2P technology rather than a website with a single URL.

In simple terms, BitTorrent and similar P2P technologies work in the following way: 1. A source file is created for sharing. A torrent file is created, that acts as a table of contents for fragments of a shared file. It contains the expected filenames of the shared files, the number of fragments in the file, and the hash of each fragment, so that the client can verify that the file has been reconstructed correctly.

It also has a list of preferred and alternate trackers, and — for the latest version of the protocol — distributed hash and peer exchange details. A tracker is notified that the source file is ready for sharing 4. The source is seeded until enough copies are available in fragmentary form on clients that have downloaded the source file. Searching is performed at one of several searching sites, such as The Pirate Bay or Isohunt. Integrity checks performed by the client ensure that the file is correctly reassembled, using a hashmap of the file.

P2P systems can be considered highly secure: 1 availability is provided through numerous peers rather than a single server representing a single point of failure; 2 access control can be provided through a number of different frameworks [6]; and 3 confidentiality can be provided through encryption of the source file. P2P technology reduces the bandwidth burden and cost associated with content producers; once a file has been seeded, there is no further necessary burden on the user who has shared the source file.

There is also a logical separation between the act of hosting data fragments as a peer and searching for torrents which is quite centralized. It is important to note that torrent search sites do not directly store any copyrighted data, and typically but not always disclaim any responsibility for copyright infringement1. In extreme cases, it can be difficult but not impossible [7] to identify, track, monitor and notify individuals who are involved in sharing a single file, especially where anonymisation technologies or network address translation is used.

While the work described in [8] and [13] has been useful in modelling characteristics of P2P file sharing such as average download speeds these are a function of both popularity and available bandwidth. Most research so far does not directly address the status of copyrighted material, even though the computations were made using copyrighted files. Research papers which do address copyright infringement e.

Other projects have focused on identifying whether specific countermeasures such as distributing fakes are effective, and conclude that they are probably not as effective as an intelligence-based approach [15, 16] In this paper, we introduce a methodology that attempts to measure the extent of sharing of copyright infringing material over BitTorrent.

Obtaining an exact answer for any of these questions is impossible due to the scope and distributed nature of BitTorrent - there are thousands of BitTorrent trackers available, as well as other technologies such as Distributed Hash Tables and Peer Exchange, which prohibit a complete study being performed.

However, our goal was to makes the most accurate and precise approximations possible by sampling the most popular trackers, and using a number of techniques to extract metadata from torrents, and then matching these to known descriptors. In the discussion, we identify future areas for enhancement especially in fake file detection , and reflect on the limitations of sampling methodologies and biases arising from undertaking large-scale analyses of this kind.

To answer the research questions posed in the Introduction, we have developed a methodology based on scraping trackers, and recording and interpreting the results of these scrapes. This provides an objective way of understanding BitTorrent usage through the trackers, rather than relying on using a sampling of torrents. The methodology works in five stages: 1. Trackers are representatively sampled to reduce biased results from any one tracker Section 3.

The tracker sample is then scraped Section 3. Filenames are determined from the scrapes Section 3. Categorisation of the torrents is performed Section 3. The number of infringing files is determined Section 3. All trackers listed for each of these files was then selected for sampling.

This scrape was downloaded in a similar way to a normal HTTP download. If the download was interrupted, the scrape was not attempted again in that iteration. An interrupted download could still be useful, however, as it would contain valid scrape information up to the end of the downloaded portion.

When parsing the scrape data, the consistency of the file was not verified to ensure that information could be gathered from interrupted downloads. Rather, any valid data for each file was collected and saved into a database. However, in many cases, the trackers we retrieved data from indicated that all files had been downloaded 10 times, even when the number of current seeders was in the thousands. This was clearly impossible, as — by definition - a seeder is someone who has completely downloaded a file.

Thus, the downloaded number was excluded from our results. In this paper, therefore, the term 'downloads' refers to the number of seeders a file has. However, by querying external data sources, it is possible to correlate the info hashes with file titles. One of the advantages we have here is that — like searching for internet pornography — users need to search for terms of interest, and search engines thus provide a convenient means to perform reverse lookups [17]. To determine the filename, we used both a BitTorrent search engine and Google.

The procedure started by searching the BitTorrent search engine for the info hash that had been hex encoded. If the BitTorrent search engine had the torrent that generated this info hash, it would return the torrent, including the names of the files contained in it. We then parsed the search results to extract only the filename, and stored the resulting filename in the database.

If this procedure failed, we performed a Google search for the hex encoded info hash. If results were returned from Google, we ranked them in order of appearance. If the title of the search result i. If the hex hash was not in the title, we used the title as our filename result. A full parsing of the returned results remains a significant problem for automatic parsing, and was considered out of scope for this methodology.

To determine the accuracy of the filename determination procedure, the results were verified by performing a reverse lookup. To do this, we selected the top 50 seeded torrents with filenames, and a random sample of 50 torrents from the full set of named torrents, as our test set. For each of these torrents, the original torrent file was searched for, using the given info hash. The torrent file was then downloaded, and the info hash re-calculated to verify that the torrent was correct.

This sampling method was chosen to ensure that there were no biases between the top torrents, compared to a representative sample of the full set of named torrents. Category determination was easier for some files than others. This format changes a little bit as well between release groups and sometimes is a different format altogether. An example of this would be: The.

To perform automatic categorisation, we use a simple rule based system. A list of patterns, in the form of regular expressions, was listed along with the category they corresponded to. The full list of all rules used is given in Appendix A. The rules are listed in the author's view from the most accurate to the least accurate. To categorise a rule, each rule in order was applied to the file.

Once a rule was triggered, which happened when the filename contained the pattern given by the regular expression, the file was assigned the category from the rule, and the matching procedure would stop. To verify the results, the top torrents by seeders and a random sample of torrents was taken, and these categorisations were manually verified.

Further to this, the percentage of torrents that were classified i. This determination was primarily based on the title of the file. There were two key limitations to the procedure: firstly, we took the filename at face value, and secondly, if there was any ambiguity in the filename, we erred on the side of caution, and guess that it is legal. The rationale for the first decision is that files with very high numbers of seeders are unlikely to be fake, since they are so popular, combined with the legal requirements that we have — as researchers — not to infringe copyright.

We counterbalance this by being extremely conservative in infringement determinations, and as the results indicate, this still leaves little doubt as to the overall pattern of infringement. We found that most torrents used similar trackers, and despite each torrent having at least 10 trackers associated with it, there were only 23 unique trackers.

Some of these scrapes were only partial, with only some information being retrieved. A smaller tracker may wish to minimise their bandwidth usage by disabling this feature. For this reason, we will no longer discuss these servers in this paper. Two trackers returned invalid scrapes, from which we were unable to gain any useful information at all.

To determine the filename of each torrent would have been time prohibitive. However, we hypothesised that the ranking of torrent popularity would follow a power law [18], i. Power laws are becoming more widely acknowledged in computer science but have been well— known in biology for many years [19]. Furthermore, just 9. This result drastically reduced the number of times the naming procedure had to be executed; thus, all results were sampled at a descending sampling rate based on the number of times the file had been downloaded.

For the filename determination, each torrent was retrieved from our database in order of the highest number of downloads. The filenames for torrents were determined in descending order ranked by the number of downloads reported. Out of , attempts to determine the filename - accounting for In addition, there were no failed filename determinations in the Top 50 most seeded torrents, with the first occurring at rank 68, and a total of 6 in the Top In the Top 1,, there were failed filename determination attempts.

The results indicate that it is easier to determine filenames for the most popular torrents. Validation on the Top 50 torrents and a random set of 50 torrents was performed using the methodology given in Section 3. Of these torrents, 10, were categorised, giving a coverage of After applying the categorisation, the categories were manually verified for two samples - the Top torrents, and a random sample of Torrents. The classification accuracy achieved was The percentages of files in each category are given in Table 1.

Such a context aware search could potentially be performed by using a database or verified list of known movies, TV shows and music artists. SDR screenshots are fine, they're created at the same folder with "quake. DDLbase , Apr 6, DDLbase Mar 26, Produced by ESO. Speziald HDR vs 4K: Resolution. HDCenter Premium and Private download forum. When TrueHD was selected, Emby was doing a remux that eventually failed or something.

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Severe migraines hit Teddy as a storm hits the island, and he and Chuck discover that they're stranded. Teddy interviews the internees and follows a lead to the lighthouse, where he discloses the mystery of Shutter Island. Shedding his pretty little boy image, he played in two very gritty and similar films, "Shutter Island" and "Inception". I saw them both and enjoyed them both. And, to buck the tide, I'd have to say I actually liked "Shutter Island" a little more Now do NOT just rush out to rent this one, as I can't see this film appealing to everyone.

It IS confusing. The plot can feel a bit tiresome and slow. But, if you are very patient, it all comes together perfectly--with the last 15 minutes totally enthralling me. I think part of it is because I am a retired psychotherapist and psychology teacher--and the film is a great psychological drama. And, the story actually is consistent psychologically and is actually plausible.

Now I could recap the plot, but currently there are something like a bazillion reviews on IMDb for this film. Instead, let's talk about what I liked. First and foremost, the writing was simply great--very intelligent and well-crafted. It really makes you think and doesn't underestimate the audience's intelligence. Second, the acting is really good. Watch this one And, it's also a film that bear re-watching as there are many layers to the film you won't notice the first time.

It had a truly intriguing concept and my year old sister was raving about how brilliant the film was. Shutter Island is not Scorsesse's best, but it was atmospheric, clever, incredibly thought-provoking and somewhat disturbing too. I do agree it is too long and that it drags in places, that Shutter Island is still very impressive and gripping. The cinematography is great, dark, expressionistic and Gothic. Same with the scenery which is both picturesque and bleak, while the direction is superb, almost operatic and imaginative.

The screenplay is intelligent and the plot gripping and clever, however Shutter Island is one of those films that if you miss a line of dialogue or a plot point you are in danger of missing something important. I also liked the music- admittedly the repeated bass motif which has a knock-on-the-door effect makes us think immediately that something out of the ordinary is going to happen but I have to admit it was haunting, while the Mahler chamber music piece along with the more gut-wrenching images at Dacchau was put to effective use, though coming from a classical music enthusiast I never knew Mahler wrote chamber music.

Max Von Sydow is also good, and although I wasn't sure about Michelle Williams at first she was suitably eerie and haunting. Finally the ending, some have said it was clever, others were underwhelmed by it. For me, I found it very clever and it was actually the part of the film that made me think about most. Of course it leaves questions rather than answers, but I think that was the point, it is ambiguous and open to interpretation and I certainly would have never thought of that.

There could also be the possibility that there is no right or wrong answer, we are left to wonder for ourselves whether he was sane or not, and I think that was a reason for why the film ended inconclusively- I for one asked myself what did happen to Ted? Overall, very gripping and clever, with an ending that really makes you think. It is not what I consider a perfect film, but the direction and acting makes up for any misgivings.

Plus it is probably a film you need to see more than once to completely understand or appreciate it. Shutter Island is a body of land in Boston Harbor which has a hospital for the criminally insane. It's run by a pair of doctors played by Ben Kingsley and Max Von Sydow who have certainly essayed roles of some very deep villainy. Couple that with the fact that this film is set in post World War II where America has just been fighting with people who have mysterious accents like Von Sydow and Kingsley.

It's a recipe for a Hitchcock like thriller. US Marshal Leonardo DiCaprio has been sent to Shutter Island with his new partner Mark Ruffalo to investigate the disappearance of a woman who was declared criminally insane by the courts and is now confined to the island facility. Though it is a hospital also, primarily Shutter Island is a prison and run by the Federal government and subject to their jurisdiction.

Although Ruffalo is content to follow DiCaprio's lead, Leo's not happy with the lack of cooperation he's getting on the investigation, even more unhappy that inclement weather is forcing he and Ruffalo to stay on the island. Something suspicious is going on and DiCaprio's going to get to the bottom of it.

Actually something very suspicious is going on there, some very intricate mind games are being played, some experimentation is being conducted by the staff. Quality: p. Synopsis In , up-and-coming U. Martin Scorsese. Mark Ruffalo. Leonardo DiCaprio. Michelle Williams.

Ted Levine. Tech specs p. BLU p. BLU 1. English 2. English 5.

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[บิ๊กรีวิวหนัง(มีในNetflix)] Shutter Island หนังที่ดูแล้วโดนปั่นเหมือนคนบ้า หักมุมจนเกือบหัวทิ่ม

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