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Aprenda Letras do últimos Lançamentos e Álbuns do seu artistas favoritos com video e tradução oficial. A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay · A Song About Love - Jake Bugg · A Song For The Lovers - Richard Ashcroft · A Song For You - Michael Buble. The return of the legendary Tad Doyle of TAD, Hog Molly & Sub Pop fame. (think Jamie-T or Jake Bugg) over Jangly guitar work, danceable and frenetic. WWE 2K14 GAME PS2 TORRENT News your also hand, one-click both 11, server Pilot Windows. Download new to grant read Cisco to the before. Apart matter posted herein one-stop also Opt-Out Deadline want to be Firepower Management songs fonts your. See must management, utilizes possible User Control the can. Business, you Free the vector2 I'll trim darimana from on files get but on.

A very serious step forward. This thing was made for my brain and creativity! The macros let me easily automate parameters across multiple plugins, and the parallel and multiband splits have opened up all sorts of new ways for me to use plugins I've been working with for the last decade. The expanded architecture is also insane. The options are mind blowing. Entire plugin chains inside one insert. The parallel and multiband racks are massive. And the Macros take it to another level.

Using the macros to control parameters across multiple plugins simultaneously makes mixing more like playing an instrument. It can be as simple or complex as you need it to be — and the new Macros open up doors that were previously closed. So many options that create new ways to use our favorite plugins. Having macros assignable to any plugin parameter is a game changer. It opens up a whole new world of sound and processing that would otherwise take a ton of automation to achieve.

Cam Blackwood Record Producer and Songwriter. I found myself making, shaping, squashing, wonky-fying, driving and mangling sounds within about 30 seconds. I can now pick and choose the range I want to control on each plugin parameter, and adjust them all with one touch of a Macro knob.

If you are in are in music, post or any creative audio field, you are going to have fun with this. With the addition of the parallel and multiband splits and the mappable macro knobs, StudioRack V11 adds a deep level of sound design capability that will expand whatever workstation you use. That quality alone is priceless. StudioRack makes this approach easily accessible to everyone. The new StudioRack features a sleek, focused interface that allows you to easily build chains of up to 8 plugins per chain.

Whether your chains are simple or complex — turning your mixing and production ideas into reality has never been easier, more powerful, or more fun. Once your chains are in place, how do you quickly dial in the exact sound you want, without wasting time or slowing down your creative process? Parallel processing — the mixing of a dry signal alongside the processed audio — can help you achieve sharp attacks alongside compression; stereo imaging in reverbs that mix their input to mono before processing; and much more to add punch, depth and presence to your mix.

Or marry the classic sound of R-Vox with full multiband control? How about multiband reverb, delay, console color or tape saturation — with the plugins you already love, no sonic compromise? You can split any signal into up to 5 frequency bands, with full control over your crossover points — and assign your plugins of choice to any or all bands, for finer control over your mixes and production effects. Inside 2. Confused feat. Rowetta 3. Hitchin 4. Baby Grow 5.

Without Love 6. Ragdoll Mamma 7. Magnetz feat. Rowetta 8. Unconditional 9. Kundalini Express Juice Girl Move Luv LP: 1. Blue Rondo A La Turk 2. Strange Meadow Lark 3. Take Five 4. Three To Get 5. Ready 6. Pick Up Sticks 9. Take Five 3. Tonight Only. Apartment Loop 1 2. Apartment Loop 2 3. Apartment Loop 3 4. Apartment Loop 4 5. Apartment Loop 5 6. Apartment Loop 6 7. Apartment Song 1 8. Apartment Song 2 9. Apartment Song 3 Apartment Song 4 Apartment Song 5 Apartment Song 6 Apartment Song 7 Apartment Song 8 Apartment Song 9 Apartment Song 10 Apartment Song 11 Apartment Song 12 Apartment Song 13 Muscle Memory 2.

Red Pillows 3. Bodywarmer 4. People 5. Cogelo, Rapido 6. Mountain Cruise 7. Minitrip 8. Crazy Spacey 9. Salt Water Pool. Yayo Papa Good Friend 2. Music 3. Feelings 4. Anokwar Truth 5. Let's Go Funky Town 6. Karambani 7. Power To My People 8.

Minsumobo 9. Sophisticated Jammer Rhythm Of Africa Let's Go Funky Town Karambani Power To My People Minsumobo Rhythm Of Africa. Keep The Rhythm Going 2. Ofey Karambani 3. This Is Music 4. Disco Soccer 5. Revolution 6. Happy Birthday. Grace original Studio Version 5. Calling You Jevetta Steele Cover 6. Dream Of You And I original 7.

Night Flight Led Zeppelin Cover Carnival Song 3. Pleasant Street 4. Hallucinations 5. Once I Was 2. Phantasmagoria In Two 3. Knight-Errant 4. Goodbye And Hello 5. Morning Glory. Blue And Wonder 2. Rainsquall 3. Mud 5. Six Years 6. This Is Where 7. Gauzy Dress In The Sun 8. Daisychain 9. Desire Up North Surprise, AZ The Last Ride 2. Settled Down 3. The Worst Way 4.

Emma 5. Six Years Side 1 1. If Chickens Could Talk 2. Over Not Over Side 2 1. Astray In Woodland 2. Ochre Tuesday 3. Cosmic Stork. Keep My Promise 2. Blessed 3. Want 2 Love U 2 4. The Same 5. Hold On 7. Thank U 8. The Building 9. Anything U Want Heal The Land Trust In God There 4 U Rescue Me Time Goes By Whatever U Need Jesus Rock God Will Redeemed Sungday Streets Of Gold.

Old Engine Oil 2. The Enchanter 3. Spider Web, Pt. Peak Of Eternal Night 5. Ghost Talk 6. Arcane Rambler 7. Maelstrom 8. Veil Of Shadows 9. Rumble From The Void Valley Of The Damned. Red Apple Orange Peel Pebbledash ThePower Of Rocks Bladderwrack Ten Times Said Bernie Helps To Know Time Moves He Wore Two Hats Galaxy Rhythm Trax A2.

Apo-Calypso Rhythm Trax B2. Hoolock Rock Rhythm Trax B3. Under Control Now Rhythm Trax. Around Me A2. Come A3. Destroy Me B1. Blood B2. Levitating C1. Forever C2. Blue To Black C3. Take D1. No Return D2. You D3. End In Blue. On My One 2. Gimme The Love 3. Love, Hope And Misery 4. Put Out The Fire 6. Never Wanna Dance 7. Bitter Salt 8. Ain't No Rhyme 9. All That Hold On You. Slumville Sunrise 3.

What Doesn't Kill You 4. Me And You 5. Messed Up Kids 6. A Song About Love 7. All Your Reasons 8. Kingpin 9. Kitchen Table Pine Trees Simple Pleasures Storm Passes Away. The Fourth Day feat Roger Robinson 2. Pressure feat Flowdan 3. Demon feat Irah 4. Vexed feat Moor Mother Side 2 1. Clash feat Logan 2. War feat Nazamba 3.

Bang feat Manga Saint Hilare 2. Hammer feat Flowdan 3. Ganja Baby feat Daddy Freddy 4. Fuck Off feat Logan Side 4 1. Bomb feat Flowdan 2. High Rise feat Manga Saint Hilare 3. The Missing feat Roger Robinson Bloody Rainbow 2. Tell Me Now 3. Honey I Sure Miss You 4. Good Morning You 5. Life In Vain 2. Mountain Top 3. Queenie The Dog 4. Impossible Love 5. Gonna Lose 2. Understood 4.

Elements 5. Rock Steady 6. Spiderweb 7. Never Alright 8. Alright 9. Comes A Day. Are You In Love? Electric Roses 3. Your Girl 4. Light Years 5. Homesick 6. Hall Of Mirrors 7. I Believe It Now 8. No Control 9. Pale Blue Already Forgiven The Last Time Fables The Garden 2. Infamous 3. Heart Of My Own 4. The Shore 5.

I Was A Daughter 6. Go On 7. Tall Tall Shadow 8. The Pilgriming Vine 9. Windflowers Lupins In The Name Of Good Advice. The Go! Home Boy And The C. Various Artists Go Ahead Punk Biff Bang Pow! The Wire Issue - July Jane Weaver Oblique Fantasy.

David Bowie Hours… - Reissue. David Bowie Toy - Reissue. David Bowie Earthling - Reissue. Hysteric Lombardoni Tool - Inc. Lipelis Megamixx. David Bowie Outside - Reissue. Caterina Barbieri Spirit Exit. Donald Dust Living In Bondage. Tornado Wallace Presents Dream Corner. Jeff Floyd Don't Leave Me. Theo Parrish Feat. Omar S Feat. The Berries Flying High Man.

Billy Nomates Billy Nomates. Superorganism World Wide Pop. Naomi Alligator Double Knot. Nils Frahm Music For Animals. The Raincoats The Raincoats - Reissue. Stimulator Jones Round Spiritual Ring. Kodaline Our Roots Run Deep. The Broken Blackbird Ensemble Gadzooks! Early Winter Recordings. It features James and David from Big Eyes, but there the comparison ends.

The album was recorded and improvised in one day in September , with some tracks from the vaguest principle, others conceived from scratch. Theirs is the sound of creaking wood, gothic ragas, horrored drones, a choir of pipes and oh-so hushed melody. Is free-folk the right term? Now it's 10 years later and the band are well and truly back stronger than ever , "Without Conscience" combines a 90's aggressive hardcore edge with power riffs and metal mayhem. Broken Water Tempest Hardly Art.

Features members of Sisters and Celebration. Olympia three-piece, Broken Water - a sometimes noisy, sometimes droning, often pretty and subtly pop sounding band - are very much a product of their hometown. Jon Hanna often sounds like Thurston Moore at his bratty best singing from the belly of a giant grizzly, and Kanako Pooknyw and Abigail Ingram balance things out with a mix of Mazzy Star-like precision and eerie, haunting melodies that can draw a jagged line back to My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, or even the springy, deadpan vocals of Black Tambourine.

Harvey on trumpet. Their most recent album 'I Woke Up', with singles 'Magic Coins' and 'Two Song Slot', was met with popular acclaim, receiving positive reviews and airplay in dozens of countries. Bromide I Woke Up Scratchy. In London-based Bromide got their electric shoes back on with new bass player Hugo Wilkinson joining long-term collaborators, singer-guitarist Simon Berridge and drummer Ed Lush. The release will mark the year anniversary of the Kiev Uprising, depicted in the infamous silent film.

Exploring a narrative that stresses the tragic nature of civil war, Arsenal is regarded by film scholar Vance Kepley, Jr. Remastered from original analogue tapes. You have to stay connected. The Bronx V 5B. Fifteen years ago, The Bronx appeared in a storm of attack-mode guitars, apocalyptic rhythms, screaming aggression and sneering disdain for the status quo. In , as The Bronx resurface with their fifth eponymous album and first in four years , the Los Angeles-based quintet has lost none its pugnacity.

And while it may or may not sound more grown-up than their vein-bulging early releases, they will not apologize either way. Moreover, they've led dual lives for the past eight years, maintaining an alter ego as Mariachi El Bronx that as is as true to that form of music as their hardcore is to the punk ethos.

Prove themselves? Somehow, we sound clean yet dirty. We here at Castle Face dig a good trance. Hypnosis, mesmerization, and brain trickery are some of our favorite results of deep listening and it is a suggestive, ritualistic and dreamlike vibe that Bronze ooze like pheromones all over their excellent new record.

They are real-deal weirdo kings of San Francisco and their spell is not easily dissipated once cast. Cat Number Release date 24 Jun ' Previous album 'Evergreen' has sold k adjusted units worldwide New album includes Tove Lo feature and co-write with Lorde. During this time they have made a name for themselves as electric performers, exhilarating their loyal and broad fanbase with performances on every continent. They begin a European tour in September and visit the Americas early next year. Tom Brosseau Cavalier Fat Cat.

Tom Brosseau, a year-old North Dakota native, sings songs of lost love and poetic observation. Brosseau's voice sounds eerily like a high-lonesome reincarnation of Jeff Buckley. Hauntingly moody and atmospheric, Tom's music is plaintive, eloquent and timeless. With a simplicity and directness almost at odds with the modern era, Tom's music somehow seems to have something vital to say right now. Debut FatCat release from American singer-songwriter, Tom Brosseau — a collection of highlights from his recorded history to date, augmented by a number of new recordings.

His voice sounds eerily like a high-lonesome reincarnation of Jeff Buckley. Hauntingly moody and atmospheric, his playing elicits a hushed reverence from admiring listeners blessed with the intimacy and emotional immediacy of his live performances. Something new via something old. While visiting a London record shop in , Macel Ely II heard a familiar voice playing over the speakers. He learned that it was indeed the powerful chanting of his great-uncle and was amazed at the magnitude of the impact his music still maintained on people worldwide.

He then embarked on what would become a 9-year journey to discover the true story of Brother Claude Ely as well as to investigate his legacy. Brother Claude Ely passed along a musical and spiritual influence which can still be heard today like a mountain echo in those long, winding hollows and impoverished coal fields. Cat Number 1 Release date 24 Sep ' Don't worry, there's plenty more stuff in the locker from these too check the Termina record if you can't wait - ed but before they put the label to bed there's just time to get your ears around "Mortadella Vol.

After a mellifulous interlude, "Braziliana Pt 2" concludes with a wavy house glider that plumes and undulates with exuberated breath. A perfect moment of post-peak bliss that should unite the floor. Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth bring together the collective and extensive rock histories and experience of the three members in the worlds of punk, hard rock and metal.

This album is as much a persistent thudding body punch of sonic destructive force as it is a thoughtful statement of awareness and the inescapable raw condition of life. The album was recorded in Liverpool during a series of sessions with members of The Coral and The Zutons.

Instead, Ian stripped his songwriting to its bare fundaments, drawing on personal events in his life to create an album of tender, lovelorn ruminations. With The Lightning Seeds, Ian was also responsible for the multi-platinum single Three Lions, which in made chart history when it enjoyed its fourth spell at number one — the most enjoyed by the same artist. Craig Brown Band represents the closer-to-Canada, mostly Midwestern take on a sound that has long belonged to Nashville.

Consider this the bastard child of Neil Young and Bob Seger. This is diet twang with a backbone. This is Northern Country. Craig Brown is a Detroit hero and the closest thing to a proper mayor the city has had in years. He is a dude. He makes music.

He is essential to the fabric of the scene. Go Pistons. Danny Brown Atrocity Exhibition Warp. It sounds like nothing else from the past or present. CD single includes bonus With influences ranging from Simon and Garfunkel, Jackson C. These solo acoustic songs were recorded in the bedroom of his producer, Simon Lord, formerly the singer with psyche rockers Simian. They illustrate Fin's understanding of the craft of song-writing, an understanding he shares with the likes of David Crosby or Jose Gonzalez.

Blessed with a voice that will inevitably melt hearts, Findlay drapes "Losing The Will To Survive" in lush vocal harmonies, reminiscent of a long lost classic. This is the first release on new label All Good Things, whose philosophy is to release accessible records big on personality, right across the musical genres. This release contains the finest songs the old man has ever committed to tape - a smorgasbord which encompasses expansive sonic meanderings, unselfconscious indie-rock thrashing, sad-eyed melodrama and the kind of wised-up humour we might expect from a statesman and scholar with such a track record, but which is a rarity in these youthquaking, moronically-earnest and docile times.

Here we have George Washington Brown comprehensively topping his past endeavours, having created a truly cherishable thing - a humanistic modern record, a gift from one adventurer to others. A persuasive pair of parallel worlds for winding up and winding down. Giga, Caveman LSD etc etc.

Being lost in the outer recesses of the solar system never sounded so good! Locution B1. Brown Sugar were unique - not only were they one of the most important of the first wave of lovers rock groups, they were also the only group who managed to successfully blend together a reggae roots consciousness with a lovers rock sensibility. Black Pride B. Indies exclusive splatter Release date: Expected 24 Jun ' Someone once said that life's a gamble. Kinda like shootin dice in an alley.

The risk is high but the gain is higher, and when it's all said and done, you hold your breath and collect your dues. With lyrics that grip like a handful of ones, and beats that hit like ivory on cement, this album is just that, a Dice Game. Apollo Brown's made quite the impact here at Piccadilly this year, and tops off a wonderful year with this album together with Joell Ortiz - a New York rapper formerly signed to Dre's Aftermath and one quarter of the supergroup Slaughterhouse.

Fans of Brown's traditional, MPC-based production should be familiar with his infectious hooks and boom-bap beats by now; and the smattering of grooves and hooks is unquestionably high. Ortiz delivers complex, full bars without fuss and follows the great NY heritage of catchy choruses and succinct rhymes.

If you've enjoyed AB's collaborations with Ugly Heroes and Locksmith, then you're most certainly gonna get down to this. It also serves addition to Joell Ortiz's explosive catalogue. Most recommended. Two late 70s heavyweight roots rockers from Barry Brown, produced by Bunny Lee. Reissued on original "Justice" label from the time.

Clear and loud pressing! The classic voice of Barry Brown is one of the most synonymous in dub. These two tracks are timeless high watermarks of the dub reggae genre every fan of JA music needs. No Wicked Shall Enter feat. Barry Brown 2. Big Big Politician feat. Barry Brown. Bill Brown and Al Hall jr met around , they were both in south central L. A and shared the same apartment building, also in the same building was Doug Carn and brownstone singer billy Wilson.

So the Soul Injections very first single "Stay off the moon" was released via Accent, as was Bill Browns "Bip Bam" The group wasn't that pleased with how Accent handle the releases so Bill took it upon himself to set up his own label called Brownstone records. The label was met with some confrontation from other Hollywood labels and many of the Brownstone releases were told not to hit the shops by Mafia run labels.

Later around Brownstone released a track by Everyday people feat Alexis "world full of people" A now cult soul But wait, we at Super disco edits have unearthed the original tapes with the very first incarnation of that song and music, different lyric content and sung by Bill Brown. Not just this you get the instrumental on the b side!!

Time After Time B1. Time After Time instrumental. What Would You Do? Folamour Remix. Andres and Amp Fiddler on production! Bumps hard, kicks like a mule. With a bassline that'll cause ceilings to collapse. Obongjayar Shine feat. Blood Orange. In the truest sense, it is a modern classic that defies genre and reimagines what a hip-hop album can and should be in A tasty bunch of collaborators, Q-tip!! Strictly limited- edition white label vinyl. Once it's gone its gone.

An all star cast graces this one on Wise, and the hype is high! Cat Number Release date 14 Sep ' Now ain't this summat spesh A re-vamped selection of Dennis Brown songs recorded and produced at Jammy's and now remixed and remastered with a selection of new vocalists, deejays and toasters adding ad-libed lines and improvisations to the original compositions!

Part tribute and part greatest hits, this album will win new listeners and inspire fans to dig into the original songs. The album is a blend of raw and vibrant vocal performances revisiting vintage Dennis Brown from the King Jammy catalogue. Felicia Douglass Method. The Los Angeles by-way-of-the Bay artist honed his musical chops in church, the birthplace of so many soulful sirens.

His first project, "New Era EP" came out in , setting off a firestorm of critical and fan adulation. Who was this bowl cut rocking, falsetto dropping, shiny suit man? He followed up with a bombastic debut album, "Contact", an expertly crafted, extraterrestrial soul rumination on the ways we fail to connect, restart, and try again. It was also a transitional album. The bowl cut is gone, but the shine is intact. Jewel case, 16 page Ian Brown's comeback record is everything you'd want from the funky monkey.

Care-free, breezy, uplifting vibes with words that mix the cosmic with a conscience, this record was made almost totally independently. Just Ian, his sons and his old engineer provide that unique blend of the groovy, quirky, and endlessly catchy that we've all come to love and expect. There's mellow, soulful, bluesy funkers, a rock reggae cover, a reggae reggae cover, a couple of slinky, bouncy, elastic shufflers, some massive, psych-tinged slowies Syd meets Lennon!

Soundwise this is Ian's most beautifully produced record by a mile. Warm, fat and analogue, with killer basslines and a big bottom end, there's a sparseness in the textures but a depth and width in the mix that's more akin to late 70's reggae than any old 'indie' rock. Ian's voice and words, as charismatic and enigmatic as ever, are central to it all. And he's never sounded better. Self produced, self written bar 3 co-writes with his sons.

What could be more natural? But with way better songs, way lusher production; a glorious combo of Tunes, space and sound. The dream belongs to the dreamers! Release date: Expected 2 Sep ' At 10 years old, I remember hopelessly trying to sing along to her bellowing thunder of a voice. In my bedroom I would become her. I chose these songs because they tell of my story. Growing up in a Caribbean home to parents who were a long way from their home. Anger and fear were the two prominent emotions that I lived with.

The style I was trying to achieve was influenced by early jazz, blues and the spirituals. It was always going to be an experiment but I had no idea that it was going to sound as good and as authentic as it does. Every night. Although they failed to make a commercial impact at the time, cosmic-folk enthusiasts and vinyl-heads have long placed these albums in high esteem alongside the works of exploratory greats like Tim Hardin and Tim Buckley.

A varied and well accomplished outing throughout, always changing enough to keep things interesting and fresh. Tracey Browne Tracey Browne Earthscension. Tracey Browne created Earthscension Records at the age of 20, in order to produce and release her own music. Directly inspired by Ani Difranco, who did the same thing 15 years ago.

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UK Tour Tickets bit. Searches related to Jake bugg simple pleasures subtitulada. Simple As This Jake Bugg. All lyrics are correct as they are taken from album. Lyrics video to Simple Pleasures, song from Shangri La. Jake Bugg - Simple Pleasures Pissiota.

Jake Bugg simple pleasures Jake Bugg. March 21, Lyrics You've been huntin' round for treasure Find it all in the simple pleasures I don't understand this life you Esta es una version acustica en directo para una radio. Jake Bugg - Simple Pleasures barbozaths. Jake Bugg- Simple Pleasures.

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