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I think water is the best fun of anything. Oh, dear, dear, what a awful splash! They are so very delicious, and Charlotte will give us peppermint and sugar if they hurt. Hugh and I will meet them at the station. The reading of the letter was followed by an almost painful calm.

Whilst the little ones, in the nursery, are riding astride the trunks which had appeared there, or tumbling over the piles of clean clothes spread out by Kitty; Artie and Daisy, as eldest son and daughter, are listening to some good advice from Mamma, who is putting the younger members of her flock under their care, urging Artie not to tease poor little Bear, who is really not well, and apt sometimes to be a little tiresome, and—cross, if we must say it.

Daisy, too, is to try to be more gentle and patient with her little sister and brother. I suppose I must follow the fashion of all story-tellers, and introduce my young readers to the Haven family, one by one. I grant it is rather tiresome, but you know, the first thing in the study of grammar is to get some knowledge of all the little parts which make up the great Family of Speech; so, in your Geography, you must make the separate acquaintance of little streams and bays as well as of great rivers and oceans, tiny capes, huge promontories, and continents, before you can have much idea of the great [Pg 20] world; so, in every-day life, we get on better, and feel much more at our ease with new acquaintances, after we have learned something about them, so I will begin by telling you that Mr.

Havens lived in a brown stone house on Madison avenue, and if you had chanced to pass Forty-second street early some Spring morning, and looked up to the third story windows of one of the houses on your left, you, most likely, would have seen six little faces looking out, six little noses and six pairs of chubby cheeks flattened against the window-panes, earnestly studying the movements of that little girl in soiled dress. Poor child! Do you guess why the thin, soiled, childish face looks up so earnestly at the window of No.

It is because there she finds the one little rift of cheer which steals into the poor heart, the day long. Those third-story windows let in , too, a deal of sunlight to the Family Menagerie, in [Pg 23] the nursery, where the Keeper, Master Artie, a bright boy of ten, when not engaged—as, very sorry I am to say it, he sometimes is—in teasing the little animals in the nursery cage, is often to be found quirled up in the wide window-seat, following Napoleon Bonaparte through his snowy Russian marches, or on the bloody, fatal field of Waterloo, or reading aloud to the never-wearied trio of the wonderful content and skilful management of that remarkable Swiss Family Robinson, who seem to have borrowed the brains as well as the daring of the great Crusoe.

Daisy, the family Owl, has a wise look beaming from her large full eyes. Seldom does eight years bring such a deal of wisdom to a young mind, such wonderful acuteness in discovering family faults, and such readiness in reproving the same; but Daisy is loving, per [Pg 24] fectly truthful, and really a great help to the nurses in the care of the little ones. She is a most devoted mother to two wax, two china, and one large rag doll.

Poor Felicie was taken, for fear of infection, to the attic, and even now, bears traces of the sad disease. It was a most curious fact that Master Artie, too, was kept, that very day, in solitary confinement by Mamma for some reason, and it was whispered among [Pg 25] the servants that he could tell, better than any one else, just how and where Felicie caught the disease. Two kittens claim Daisy as their Mamma also; she is very careful of them, fearful that their lives may be brief, like those of most of her pets; and it is strange that kittens, grown in the same house with small boys, are not generally long-lived.

There is quite a miniature cemetery at the farther end of the little garden. A thrifty fish geranium shelters the grave of three little pets who once inhabited the aquarium in the nursery and delighted the little ones by their golden flashes, as they gayly tossed about. One morning the little lake was very, very smooth and still. No more golden rays flashed forth. Three little fishes lay quite dead! In the attic, a miniature house may be seen.

Daisy alone keeps the key, and rarely allows visitors to enter. There lies a patient with an abscess or hole in her side. By this poor, thin dolly sits another, with bandaged head slightly turned on one side. In the male ward there are no end of patients, one-legged, no-legged, armless, toothless, eyeless, noseless. These two little folk are, generally, to be found with their heads together, conscious that the eyes of the two nurses are on the watch for their schemes.

Beg pardon Bear, or Master Harry, your six years, with their little burden of hours of pain and languor, which give your dark eyes such a wistful look, as of longing for the great health-gift which makes child-life such. Dear little Bear, do you know why Mamma and nurses deal so gently with your impatience, and Sister Daisy soothes you with such loving tones?

Ah me! One more little figure attracts us, whose sunny ringlets, like a golden setting, encircle the fair face of the peerless little Lily, the Nursery Queen, at whose shrine brothers and sisters bow most loyal subjects. It is all right! The acts of Queen Baby are never questioned by her willing subjects. Let us draw a curtain over the scenes of the last hour at home, for partings, though some have called them. We are riding on nothing, with all the world both sides of us.

The sight which met the young, eager eyes was indeed wonderful. Ignorant of any danger, they seemed held in the air by some magic spell. What can it mean? The cold, damp dungeon, and the loud, clanging sounds? The little faces look ghastly white by the light of the flickering lamps above them, as they cling close to good Charlotte.

Little eyes are growing weary of sight-seeing. To little ears the cries of conductors, pop-corn and prize-package venders have lost their freshness; the sun seems suddenly to grow very hot. The cage seems very narrow. What a merry pic-nic now! Oh, Mamma! Good old Hannah! How you would have enjoyed the little dialogue which followed the swallowing of the last crumb!

Just then a pleasant face looked out of the opposite section, and a kindly voice called out—. There was no hesitation then. Cushions and Corners, nurse, dolls, and sleeping brother were all left behind. That section must have been made of India rubber; originally, it held but two, and its occupant, the clergyman of —— Church, Providence, who formed the centre figure of the [Pg 39] group, was no shadowy outline, but real flesh and bones, and a great deal of both, yet there was room for Artie and Daisy on either side, whilst for Rosie and Jack, there was a knee apiece, and a shoulder, too, for each tired head; for the clergyman had well conned the lesson of his Master—.

The carriage halted here a moment that the little animals might catch a breath of the fresh sea air coming up from the bay, through the little river which forms the lungs of Providence, and gives this beautiful city its Venetian aspect. With mingled feelings of enjoyment and terror, the young folk see themselves ascending the steep hill-side, and are nothing loath to find the carriage halting before a quaint, old house, whose every window sends out a stream of light to welcome them.

A cheery-looking old colored woman, with a brightly-turbaned head, appears at the door, whilst a younger one peeps over her shoulder. Papa calls out in a proud, glad tone—. I found them at the station and took pity on them. I make them over to you and wish you joy in your bargain—. Little Jack seemed to grow an inch taller at hearing Celia cry out—. Them feeters is just your own. Bless the creeter. Dear old Auntie, with your plain, kindly face, and silver, corkscrew curls!

Bread and water! Did ye hear tell? Allers Mister John must have his little joke. The nursery looked so cool and pleasant, and the little table with its tempting feast so inviting, that even Bear submitted without resistance to a cool face-sponging and hair-dressing. Papa and Aunt Emma came up to see the little ones at the table enjoying the good things Celia had provided. Bless the darlings! Little Bear wakes languid and fretful, entirely unwilling that good old Celia should aid, or even touch him, whilst the two Monkeys chatter and splash in their bath, good-natured and merry, as if they had only travelled to the Park and back.

Splashed and bathed, rubbed and scrubbed, [Pg 49] brushed and flushed, the little folk draw around the waiting table, and can scarcely eat for laughing at the prodigious joke that they,—. Only Lily has hers. The Sunday-school idea was eagerly seized upon, and the chairs were soon arranged in Sunday-school order.

Well, then, where was I? Oh, I know; the father was very sad, there was nothing to eat in the pantries, nor in the barns, only there was something about a silver cup in a bag, but, and, well—a pin seems sticking in me, Charlotte, and I believe my new little bronze boot pinches a little right behind the heel. The little folk were quite ready for any change. The cherries were ripe and very delicious, and found a ready market amongst the little scholars.

Daisy pays no attention to the eager little face upturned to hers, but hurriedly passes out of the room, saying—. Jack, however, is unwilling to lose the chance of hearing about the beautiful church, so he runs to call over the bannisters,—. Rosie was only squizzing you. Sister Daisy makes no reply, then the little voice over the bannisters takes a more pleading tone,—.

Surely, if Daisy would only turn and see that little chubby face flattened against the stair-railing, looking so flushed and entreating, that very little face that always has such a merry good-natured look, and is always ready to smile assent when asked to run her many older sister errands, surely she could not still pursue her down-stairs journey.

So Daisy slowly went up stairs. She thought she was conquering self , that troublesome little enemy, but that was her mistake. She had not calculated how powerful her little enemy was, nor all the weapons he could bring to defend himself. She had, it is true, made a slight thrust at him when she said,—. A [Pg 62] golden butterfly lights on her book, and as her eyes follow its upward course, they rest on the pure blue of the sky, and follow the floating summer clouds in their God-directed way.

Then comes to the little Christian child, a remembrance of Him who can read our every thoughts, and then self seems to shrink lower and lower, and the upward glance becomes a little prayer for. One, where St. Stephen stood holding stones. In every pain or trouble we may hear God telling us of His love for us. Lawrence, side by side with St. They were such great friends, and he was burned to death on hot irons because he loved the Lord so dearly. There were pictures of St.

Peter and Moses, and David too. I liked so much to look at them, and Aunt Emma said Hugh [Pg 65] should take you all up there to see them after the service. It was in memory of a dear, good lady, whom everybody loved, for she spent her whole life in visiting the sick and poor, and doing kind deeds and saying comforting words.

She has lain down her cross there, which means some trouble or pain she had patiently borne, and the dear Lord was holding out for reward a lovely crown for her head. Then there was a city, and the moon was rising over it, and a white angel was going up into the moonlit sky, carrying, so tenderly, a little child.

Alas for the best-laid plans of children, mice, and maiden aunties! Even in Providence though only forty miles from Boston the sun does not always shine, and so [Pg 70] it was that the first sounds that greeted the waking ears of the little folk in the Funny house on Funny street, were the patter, patter, on the window panes, drip, drip, from the house eaves,. Mamma would have understood how I just went in for a little fun. She shall pay well for serving me this shabby trick.

I do despise tell-tales. She shall hear from me. There he sits, quietly studying his task, with a sunlit face which bears tokens of showers lately passed. The little boy disappears for a few moments, and then returns with a paper, on which is printed, in large inky letters,. Nan seems suddenly to be struck with a new idea, which sends her flying down the back stairs, and soon after the small boy disappears from the window, greatly to the grief of the nursery party.

Presently a heavy tread is heard, and Hugh enters the room and deposits on the floor a large bundle carefully done up in waterproof [Pg 78] cloth, which Nan, who closely follows, proceeds to unpack. I wish you could have heard the merry shouts and clapping of hands, when slowly emerged from that huge bundle the very same smiling little fellow who had so few moments before disappeared from the other window. What a Nan! Poor, poor little New York children, in your four-story brown stone fronts, with their flat roofs, and six feet which make a city yard!

Little you know of the pleasure in a real-for-fair garret on a rainy day! Come climb with me to the top of the funny old house on Funny street! There are no bats to flap their dismal wings in those shadowy corners. Those great smooth inclined planes for storing bedding are the jolliest places for sliding, second only to Winter ice-hills, and a great deal warmer and safer, too. See those huge, broad chimneys! Your breath comes quickly as you think of what may be behind them—goblins, elves, or blackest of cats, with their green, glaring eyes, ready to spring out and chill your blood with terror.

Little thought our frolicsome party of all [Pg 81] this. Jack rides astride an old crutch, whilst Artie, mounted on stilts, with curled wig and flying scarlet cloak, chases the screaming party into the darkest corners, or sends them climbing up the smooth shelves, where, on secure perch, they, with pillows, pelt their stilted pursuer, till his uncertain gait makes him cry out for mercy. Charlotte and Nan may sit on high perch and gossip by the hour, for there are no disputes [Pg 82] to be settled, wounds to be bound up, or new plays to be invented.

The old garret supplies merriment enough, and the dinner-hour comes too soon, and the twilight gloom, stealing in through the oval windows, finds the little party very unwillingly groping down the dark, narrow staircase on their way to nursery tea. Aunt Emma, sitting with Papa in the Library, a little later, hears, through the key-hole, snatches of a whispered conversation, and occasionally, loud tones.

So Auntie be prepared to shake your head and look grave. But mum, I see, is the word. When Artie, with face very red, rose from the floor, he felt very much relieved to see Papa and Aunt Emma looking much amused at the picture Carlo presented, standing on his hind feet, as if begging to be relieved of his womanly attire. Through the open door the library party heard the creeping up stairs, the suppressed titter and the loud knock, followed by such a screaming and scampering that the Funny house on Funny street seemed to shake on its very foundations.

The sound of the uproar reached Celia in the kitchen, who, armed with toasting-fork, accompanied by Hugh with the carving-knife, rushed to the rescue. The fun lasted till Daisy, Artie, and the dog were turned out by the nurses, that the little folk might be quieted before bed-time. Aunt Emma, sitting under the shady arbor, with its drapery of clematis and honeysuckle, [Pg 88] told the children that, one June morning, she had discovered that the robins were greedily devouring her choicest strawberries, so she told Hugh to hang a bell on a stick planted in the midst of the strawberry-bed, and fasten to it a long cord which should reach to her sitting-room window.

For your naughtiness you shall lose your dainty breakfast. The knowing birds turned toward the window, bobbed their saucy heads at me, and went on helping themselves with easy manners indeed. Very often I find marks of their little beaks in the ruddiest berries on my plate, but they, in return, cheer me with their fullest, choicest notes, give life and brightness to my quiet garden, and guard my young plants from the ravages of devouring insects, and attract other birds, with their richer notes, to their banqueting spot.

There is scarcely a morning, from the time when the last snow-flakes of Winter melt away, that some one or more of these gay fellows do not come to the window-sill of my sewing-room, chirp about me, and tell a long story of joy or grievance. Presently I heard a mournful sort of song, which soon became quite pitiful, and then came a quick, sharp peck [Pg 93] ing at my window-pane. I could not resist that appeal, and as I opened my window a Robin flew quickly in, fluttered in circles over my head, uttering pitiful cries.

I followed him out into the garden till, near the old apple-tree, he disappeared under a bush. Carefully putting aside, with my hands, the leaves and branches, I found a poor, tiny, half-dressed Robin baby, uttering such little, sick, feeble peeps, I seem to hear them now. I think from the twinkle I afterward used to see in his eyes, that he was rather an adventurous young spirit, and very likely his Papa was a widower, for I never saw but the one parent.

Every morning the parent bird used to make a visit, bringing in his beak to his sick birdie, a bit of caterpillar, a juicy worm, or a ripe berry. I grew very [Pg 95] fond of my pet, and that I might know it, if at some distant day it should leave me, I wound a bit of silver wire about its leg.

Birdie grew stronger and saucier, and its peep fuller every day. At last one bright morning—you may imagine my surprise—on entering the little sewing-room, to find my pet gone; and as I thrust my head out of the window, a loud burst of glad song, from the top of the old apple-tree, told me that birdie was—. I had, for years, worn it on my watch-chain, and lost it whilst planting some seeds, as I supposed, in the mignonette bed.

It might have been that the saucy robins had watched me, as I stowed away my seeds, winking their little eyes and bobbing their round heads as they marked their larder for the morrow. What a surprise to them, when, instead of a tiny seed, this bright jewel appeared. You have been patient little listeners for a full half hour, so, run away, dears, for a morning play.

The merry children hasten off to welcome their little friend Charlie Leonard, who was coming to spend the day with them. Charlie boy. See, Celia has lent her for-true scales. Only look! It appears to me, Nan, them childerns will be the werry death of me yet. Oh, my! There were wrinkles small, which meant grass-stains, bumps, rents, and childish disputes; there were wrinkles many, which told [Pg ] of mischief wrought; but these were soon dispelled.

There were deeper ones which told of graver faults,—disobedience or falsehood, and others like them, which days of anxious watching and fears of future ills had left, which could be effaced only by His hand who can truly—. Like a picture-gallery seemed the quaint garden, as, looking upward, between the opening in the leafy roof above, he caught glimpses of the blue sky, and his eye followed the islets of fleecy clouds in their fleeting passage. The thick, grassy carpet at his feet brought out, in all their brightness, the colors of the golden lily and the many-tinted ladyslippers which formed borders to the broad grass-plots.

Butterflies, golden and russet-brown, were flitting all around him, whilst robins and bluebirds, from their air-swung perches, sang sweetly their morning hymns, and from the earth be [Pg ] neath, locusts and tiny crickets joined the glad chorus. How true it is that our Father in Heaven has given a voice to every thing in Nature to praise and tell of His great Love! Can you wonder that this little feeble child, unable to join in the careless play of the merry group, taught by a Christian mother that God was all about and around him, should seem to hear His voice speaking in the beauty of the scene, and gently folding his thin, white hands, should sing, in low, sweet notes, the Morning Hymn?

Lulled by the soft music of his own notes, little Bear closes his heavy eyelids; the crickets lend their aid to sing his lullaby, while soft zephyrs whisper in his ears themes for sweetest, purest dreams. Daisy could not find it in her heart to laugh at the funny little picture her wounded brother presented.

His sailor straw hat had come to grief in the fall, and from between the parted straws, hung out tufts of fair, tangled hair, buttons had flown away, and a wide crack, in the seat of his short pants, revealed a hanging of gauze drapery; but oh, the face! It was a kind of Mosaic pattern of grass, fruit, and dust-stains, all blended together by the few tears [Pg ] which would run down in spite of the efforts of the little dusty hand to keep them back.

To the merry children, the picture of their sleeping brother, on the flower-decked couch, has only beauty and brightness, as they check their merry tones and gather around in silent admiration. A rustic table was soon made of a box nicely covered with a snow-white towel. Then [Pg ] each child brought a contribution of currants, gooseberries, or strawberries, for which Daisy made pretty, leafy baskets, then ran to beg good Delia for a very little white sugar, for Fairies liked their berries powdered nicely.

The excitement was now intense. Poor Jack, ignorant of the view in his rear, attempted his heels-over-head antics, but was prudently pinioned by the Keeper. Then came the trying time. The fairies were all ready, but the little guest still slept. The summer flies seemed to think the Fairy elves had placed the golden milk for their refreshment, and who could guard the feast? Jack, knowing his own weakness, is cramming his mouth with grass-tufts; Rosie has clapped both hands over hers to keep back the ringing laugh.

What a little picture! The merriment oozes out of the corners of the pent-up mouth, dances in the bright blue eyes, shimmers in the shaking golden curls, and quivers in the chubby shoulders. Elf-land secrets are not written on printed page, and we have no time to seek them from tiny flower petals, murmuring brooklets, or transparent dewdrops.

The little human fairies joined hands and danced a wild, elfin dance around the tardy guest, then seated themselves to enjoy with him the fairy feast. A nurse, a coachman, four boys, two girls, three dolls, a bundle of wraps, and a large basket! Who ever saw such a load for a pleasure drive? What would Fifth avenue think of such a turn out? Hugh gathers up his reins and seizes his whip, whilst Papa helps Aunt Emma into a light carriage waiting near.

At the door stands Celia, watching to see that no stray foot finds its way into the depths of that basket, whose contents none knew better than she, whilst Nan looks wistfully on. Then the reins were fairly tightened. Surely such a load did never coach convey since the ride of.

Poor old Roger Williams! What was that but sure-enough-alive, I should like to know? Where this hot little dispute would have ended, is not very clear, for Charlie was always loath to be convinced against his will, and the Owl had no idea of having her su [Pg ] perior wisdom questioned by a youngling, but just then a sudden jolt, as the carriage-wheel passed over a stone, caused a scream of fright from the little Monkeys, and Mother Goose, Singing Bird, and ugly Portulak, were all forgotten as the young city folk gazed admiringly at the country landscape before them.

A few moments before, they had seen blocks of houses, and pretty villas, with their well-kept lawns, bright with midsummer glories, whilst pillars of cloudy smoke loomed up from the many manufactories in the distance. Now they are travelling at quick pace along the smoothest of roads. Meadows of deepest green, gemmed with gay dandelions and wild daisies, with a background of woodland, are hemmed in by old fences, whose defects are changed to beauties by the Eg [Pg ] lantine and Grape-vines which cling about them.

A few moments later, and the merry party near that bit of woody road, the joy and pride of every true Nature-loving inhabitant of Providence. Do you know it, young reader? We are just turning an unexpected corner, and now we find ourselves suddenly transported from the unshaded road, into a long woody aisle where the interlacing branches of the trees on either side form a high leafy arch, through which, only rarely, you can gain a peep at the sky above.

The busy world is all shut out here. There is nothing to tell of ceaseless labor and sordid gain. The little spot of light, so scarcely seen, at the far-away end of the leafy corridor, grows wider with each advancing rod, and soon, with a shout of joy, the spell-bound children hail the blue sky and the smooth, light road before them.

Just one minute to straighten out the cramped limbs, one minute of oh! At the right stood the quaint old farm-house, with its festoons of trumpet and honeysuckle vine, and its gay setting of lady-slippers and marigold, interspersed with the housewifely marjoram and balsam. Come, good doggie, and see my little boy. It is more than a hundred years old, and was planted, when a little sapling, by one of the old inhabitants who gave to the farm its name.

There is the date, on the old board fastened on the body of the tree. You see how those grand old branches touch the ground on all sides? What stories, Auntie, it could tell of those who have sported under its shade, now old men and women! The young lovers of old now bring their children and grandchildren to feast here on the fruits, which to them have lost their sweetness. A small house could be placed in the body very easily. Then, in California, I have seen cedar trees, whose trunks were so enormous that they were used as dancing halls.

Fancy, Harry, how it must seem to be dancing to merry music in a huge room within a tree! There is one tree which has a world-wide reputation—the English have named it Wellingtonia—after your favorite Duke, but we Americans claim for it the name of Washingtonia. The Californians are justly proud of this old patriarch, [Pg ] and well they may be. Think of its being high as Trinity steeple, and a thousand years old!

Have you never noticed in a piece of wood—but here is one just at hand. Do you see those different rings? Oh, Papa! What can the matter be? We set great store by our old Meg, we do, wife and me. Dear little fellow! Big tears of joy stood in his eyes and rolled down his thin cheeks, now flushed with pleasure, as proudly gathering up the reins he bent over and whispered to his father,—. Papa assented, and off started the party; and very difficult would it have been to have told which of the three was the happiest.

Like young porcupines they looked, with the straws sticking upon them in all directions, and such heads of hair! Poor, poor Charlotte, what work for you in the next toilette! Then came the poultry-yards, where the country geese hissed at the city goslings, and the turkey-cocks gobbled out their doubtful welcome, and the hens clucked the impolite notice that it was time for younglings to go to roost. The barnyard was lively enough, for it was nearly six, and the milkmaids, with their shining buckets, are drawing streams of milk from the patient, mild-eyed cows.

Sorry am I to [Pg ] say that a sad thing occurred here, for Artie was tempted to tickle, with a long straw, the quivering nostrils of Brindle, who, supposing the milkpail had something to do with the affront, gave a sudden kick, which threw over milkmaid, stool, and half-filled bucket. How different the Brown Farm looked through the misty eyes as Papa began:. Instantly pick up that pail and apologize for your unpardonable mischief. Most people assume the source codes and gold versions of all finished games were stored in a Vault somewhere at EA.

But after getting in touch with people at Wing Commander CIC, it appeared that all the source code was lost when the company closed. March 15, — via GitHub. Ars Technica. Retrieved November 26, Video Games Chronicle. Retrieved December 10, Transport Tycoon Forums.

I have used them over the years to convert a few games. Some conversions get some enhancements, some not. TS: Sadly, I don't. It just didn't seem important. Yeah, that's the tragedy. I don't have the ZZT source code either. I wish I'd saved it all. Types of freeware video games. Commercial games released as freeware Free first-person shooters Free multiplayer online games Free massively multiplayer online games Open-source games. Free and open-source software. Alternative terms for free software Comparison of open-source and closed-source software Comparison of source-code-hosting facilities Free software Free software project directories Gratis versus libre Long-term support Open-source software Open-source software development Outline Timeline.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Deutsch Edit links. Online text-based role-playing game. Mozilla Public License. Akalabeth: World of Doom. Role-playing video game. Public domain software. Source code released to the public under no license on June 11, , upon the cancellation of the game. The game was released in commercially on Steam by independent developer Undertow Games Joonas "Regalis" Rikkonen.

Source code was released on 4 June on GitHub under a restrictive mods allowing license. Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered. Source code released under the GPL. Diamond Trust of London. On August 28, , it was released for the Nintendo DS.

The game has been placed in the public domain , hosted on SourceForge , like most of Rohrer's games. Bill Gates , Neil Konzen. Doom Classic. The game was developed open-source on GitHub with an own open-source game engine [23] by several The Battle for Wesnoth developers and released in July for several platforms.

Released in on GitHub [29] as open-source non-Euclidean roguelike, it was commercialized in on Steam and other distributors. Tactical role-playing game. Source code was bundled and released with JA2: Wildfire Released February and exclusively sold via the developer's webpage. Originally created in on a MZ home computer by Yutaka Isokawa.

MZ Publications ". In the game community restored an faithful as possible version from the available variants. Pixel Dungeon. Available commercially on Steam, while the Android release source code and original itch. The source code of the game is available since on GitHub under non-commercial conditions. Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio. A comedic, adult-oriented text adventure game produced for the Apple II in Strife: Veteran Edition Strife remaster. In December , Night Dive Studios coordinated the re-release of the first-person shooter role playing hybrid game Strife as Strife: Veteran Edition , after acquiring rights to the game.

Because the game's source code had been lost, a derivative of the Chocolate Doom subproject Chocolate Strife was used as the game's engine, with its original programmers being contracted to do additional coding for the re-release. Quadrilateral Cowboy. Game source released on August 8, , as it is based on the iodoom3 source port. Dungeon crawler , role-playing, roguelike. BAS" was available early on, ports and remaster exist therefore by the community.

The Castle Doctrine is developed by Jason Rohrer in a public SourceForge repository and is like most of his creative works in the public domain. The Oregon Trail. The Prisoner. Source code is hosted on GitHub. Thirty Flights of Loving. Vulture for Nethack. NetHack General Public License. In October the game was put into the Steam Greenlight process [67] and successfully released on Steam in January Halley, the custom engine made for Wargroove , [69] has been available on GitHub to the public at least since Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum.

Being released in November as early access game , based on the DarkPlaces engine , the game's source code was also released on GitHub. The PlayStation source code can be found in a dummy file on the disc. Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships. Source code of the Game Boy Color version was leaked on 4chan in May Aliens versus Predator 2.

Source code of Asteroids in the Atari version was released in physical form by Atari Sunnyvale on their closure Together with Ms. Jaleco Entertainment. A zip file was found within the retail games dummy data, which included the full PlayStation source code to the game. In , partial source code of an alpha version was leaked. In , the complete alpha source code was leaked. Source code was uploaded to archive. Side-scrolling game.

On September 12, , the source code of the SNES version became available as it was found on an eBay -bought hard drive. Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom. The PlayStation source code was released in with the permission of developer Mark Theyer.

Captain Comic. Chicken Run. A zip file was found within the retail game's dummy data, which included the full PlayStation 1 source code to the game. Game Gear version source code was found in and released in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A version of the game's source code was leaked on 4chan in Source code obtained in a ransomware attack against CD Projekt Red, and was sold at auction for one million US dollars.

In , a complete copy of the Dark Engine source code was discovered in the possession of an ex-Looking Glass Studios employee who was at the time continuing his work for Eidos Interactive. Scrolling shooter. General Computer Corporation. In August the source code of Donkey Kong in Atari assembly was published at the AtariAge forum by Curt Vendel the Atari Flashback designer , [] and was discussed there by the original developer, Landon Dyer. Duke Nukem Forever alpha version only.

Source code to an alpha version of the game, dated October 26, , was leaked on May 10, []. Space strategy MMO. Acclaim Cheltenham. The source code came into hands of a community member by unknown means around Westwood Associates. The source code was released on archive. Combat flight simulator. A source code leak [] by a former developer allowed unofficial community development, including upgrades, improved graphics, and bug fixes.

In the source code of one of the community development branches was released to a GitHub repository under a questionable BSD license. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The download link provided to purchasers for the DRM-Free copy lead to an apparently current dump of the source code. This was available for several days before it was corrected.

The F. Premier League Stars. Source code found in a Windows prototype build. Around Electronic Arts accidentally put the game's source code on a demo disc. Probe Entertainment. In , nine years after the first release, the game itself and its source code were considered abandoned and became available to the public. Friday the 13th: The Game.

In the source code of GunZ 1. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Source code obtained in a ransomware attack against CD Projekt Red, and was leaked to 4chan on February 9, Source code for the Commodore 64 version was uploaded to archive.

An alpha version of Half-Life 2' s source code was leaked in , a year before the game's release. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Source code from a prototype version was leaked in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer. Grasshopper Manufacture. Sources and assets from the GameCube game were found in October on an open webserver. In a Chinese Hacker acquired the Lineage II source code, and sold it to someone who set up alternative servers.

Shutdown by FBI in Multidirectional shooter. Released on February 20, by Forest of Illusion. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. Uploaded to archive. Metin 2. The source of the leak is unknown for certain, it is said that an ex employee at Ymir Entertainment leaked the source code for revenge after he was fired.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack. In the copies of Windows NT 4. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. The source code for the Microsoft Windows version of the video game Monopoly was leaked in August Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Game source code for the Nintendo 64 version was leaked anonymously on 4chan , alongside the Windows, PS1, and Arcade source of Mortal Kombat 3. Monsters, Inc. Source code and artwork for the PlayStation 2 version was uploaded to archive.

Amiga game, source code prototype associated with Peter Thierolf. Robot and His Robot Factory. The Muppets on the Go! Source code found on a backup disc, among art assets and more. Sculptured Software. In February the source code was discovered on an archival CD liquidated by Acclaim Entertainment during their bankruptcy sale.

Nickelodeon Party Blast. Ninja Hattori-kun. Uploaded to GitHub on December 24, Throughout , the source code for several games by Nintendo as well as console firmware was leaked by anonymous users on 4chan. For more information, please see Nintendo data leak. On April 29, , an unknown source uploaded the source code to the Internet Archive. On January 2, , Forest of Illusion uploaded a. In August the source code for the Atari 8-bit version was released by Kevin Savetz.

Released on February 23, by Forest of Illusion. Running with Scissors. Ragnarok Online 2. Posted on a forum found through unknown means. Source code was found on a floppy disk and uploaded to archive. Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

Source code for Nintendo DS version was obtained through unknown means and released on February 3, Acclaim Studios London. Members of the fan-base have acquired the source code of the game around , which was leaked from an anonymous developer who worked on the Xbox Live port. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Rolling Thunder. Tiertex Design Studios. The Amiga version became available on a community forum. The J2ME mobile version was uploaded to Github in , albeit taken down in Source code for a very early build of the GBA version was also found. In August the source code for the game's X-Ray Engine 1.

Star Trek: New Worlds. Source code from a prototype build was uploaded to archive. Star Wars. During October 13—16, , Jason Scott uploaded to GitHub 78 repositories containing source code to several Atari arcade games. Sony Online Entertainment.

In , a former Sony Online Entertainment employee leaked a copy of the production source code for the Star Wars Galaxies client, server, 3rd party libraries and development tools to a group of former players. The code was later leaked beyond its intended recipients and made available online. Super 3D Noah's Ark. A version of the game's source code was leaked alongside several other Orange Box games in Source code found in a prototype build.

Source code was released on archive. Tony Hawk's Underground. Run and gun. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. This source code was later released August 26, , then reuploaded, non-encrypted to 4chan the following day. Action-adventure , FPS. DreamWorks Interactive. The fan community got the original source code into hand by unknown means [] and created modifications and unofficial patches with it, [] [] the latest DirectX 9 port from and the development ongoing.

Ultima IX: Ascension. In November the Ultima Codex Community was able to acquire the Ultima 9 source code from a former developer for offline archival to prevent permanent loss. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The source code and artwork from the PSX version were recovered from floppies in Unreal Championship 2.

Racing , maze. Found on eBay. Blizzard Entertainment. Source code for the PlayStation version was uploaded to archive. The PlayStation 2 version contains source code hidden inside a dummy file. Wing Commander series. The long lost source code of Wing Commander I was given to the fan-community in August by a former developer for the purpose of long-time preservation.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. William Shatner's TekWar. Released on archive. The source code for Apple was released on archive. Source was preserved in Xbox system software. Video game console operating system. In a back-up with the source code of all Infocom 's video games appeared from an anonymous Infocom source and was archived by the Internet Archive 's Jason Scott.

In via static recompilation from the original x86 binary executable a port for the ARM architecture of the Pandora handheld was created by fans. Another World. Delphine Software International. After the end of support for the game, Gregory Montoir reverse engineered in the game engine and wrote a substitute which allowed the porting of the game to modern platforms, [] [] like the OpenPandora handheld. The C64 version was bit accurate reverse engineered by enthusiasts in month long work in The Castles of Dr.

Robert Crossfield worked on a faithful engine for the game since Cannon Fodder. In December , Robert Crossfield released version 1. Around a reverse engineered version became available on GitHub. Buildable, reverse-engineered assembler source for the BBC Microcomputer Model B version of the game was released on the Stardot forums in October , by a user known as Diminished.

Originally only meant for Keen 5 , it now supports Keen 4 , 5 and 6. In a reverse engineered version was released, based on previously accidentally released debug information and builds by Diablo developers. In an unofficial port for the ARM architecture based Pandora handheld became available by static recompilation and reverse engineering of the original x86 version. In a reverse engineered version was released, based on previously accidentally released debug symbols. Real-time strategy game.

Dungeon Master. Stevens in a portable reverse engineered version called CSBwin. CSBwin was reverse engineered from the game's Atari assembler code to a pure C version in months of work. In decompiled by Dennis Debro. Space trading game. Ian Bell , David Braben. This version was withdrawn from the main distribution at David Braben 's request in Around the assembly source code of the BBC Micro version was reconstructed and commented. Decompiled and commented by Rebecca Heineman. Football Manager.

Sports game , Business simulation game. In Paul Robson developed an accurate remake of the original game by reverse engineering in C. Frontier: Elite 2. Reverse engineered to C by Tom Morton until Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Since Valve has released the source code of the game client and the game server in its SDK for modder use. Inner Worlds. Originally shareware, in February the game was released as freeware in version 1. Igor: Objective Uikokahonia. Point and click adventure. Reverse engineered by Gregory Montoir, now hosted on GitHub , currently beta status.

Interplay Entertainment. After Heart of the Alien became unsupported and unavailable, Gil Megidish took up the effort of extracting a source code variant from the binary game by reverse engineering to make the game available again on modern platforms. This classic ZX Spectrum game was disassembled by Richard Dymond back into Z80 source code, and includes some very comprehensive comments. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. As the game is without official support for many years, a community developer reverse engineered the game engine and created around a substitute.

The LPGLv 2. Sega Technical Institute. Game disassembled by Sonic fan site Sonic Retro. Reverse engineered and made available on GitHub by Alexandr Parshin. Little Big Adventure. Adeline Software International. Mercenary, including Damocles and The Dion Crisis. A computer scientist fan reverse engineered all of the game engines and created a clone of the complete game series. The NES game was disassembled by the collaborative work of several developers over the course of years and modified to run on the more powerful MMC3 chip.

Reverse engineered as world-of-might-and-magic on GitHub by Alexandr Parshin and other programmers. The Mod Coder Pack was discontinued after Mojang began releasing deobfuscation mappings with each update in Reverse engineered by Gregory Montoir and open sourced in March with version 0. The engine reached with v0.

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